Debbie’s Challenge

By wolfboy

Debbie makes a comeback as she responds to a challenge from a new fighter

The email had totally intrigued Debbie from the start. She’d been retired from really competitive catfighting for quite a while now, yet she had been challenged to a match completely out of the blue. Now in her early fifties, she was still in good shape, that was for sure. Helping to train Claire had kept her hand in a little so to speak, and I was pretty sure she still took part in the occasional, more friendly match. This was different though, a full on challenge which I could tell had her wondering ‘do I still have it?’

She handed me her tablet and said ‘read this Steve, see what you think. Do you reckon she’s genuine?’

I did exactly as I was asked, reading the challenge that Debbie had received.

‘Debbie, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kensi Welsh and I am 18 years old. I am looking for my first official catfight and I wanted to challenge you for it.

I say official as I have had a couple of matches with girls my own age but they weren’t really organised matches, they just happened. My mum used to catfight and has been training me. She says that I have to take on an experiences opponent in my first match to see if I really am up to it.

I’d like the match to be a five fall match with all of the falls being fought regardless of the score. I’d like anything goes rules except for striking the head with anything other than slaps. I can host at my mum’s house as she has a room set up for apartment style fights.

Please accept my challenge; I look forward to taking you on!’

‘Difficult to say from that’ I said to Debbie as I reached the end of the email. ‘It sounds plausible but who knows. Do you want me to look into it some more?’ I asked her.

‘I think so thanks Steve’ Debbie replied ‘the whole thing has me interested at least. Maybe start with her mum; if she used to fight, maybe you can find out something about her from the usual sites?’

I agreed to do that and was pleased to fairly quickly turn up a profile for a Tasha Welsh on a couple of sites. A couple more hours saw me able to find some pictures of her posing in a room set up for apartment catfighting as well as a few more action pictures. It all looked to be fairly genuine so far, so I reported back to Debbie that Kensi was probably a serious contender with about as much certainty as I could and as Debbie was seemingly keen to meet the challenge, I set about making arrangements.

Given that Debbie hadn’t fought competitively for a good while, I agreed that the match would take place in 6 weeks time to allow her a bit of time to prepare. It was going to be an intriguing clash for sure. Debbie had age, experience and a little bit of size on her side. At 52 years old, Debbie could still pass as ten years younger, she was still in good shape and although not active recently, she knew exactly what she was getting in to. Slightly heavier than her old fighting weight, Debbie would tip the scales at 150lbs for the match. Her opponent had youth on her size, possibly fitness too but was shorter at 5 feet 2 inches and she was giving away about 15lbs to Debbie. I felt that the match would depend on how Kensi coped with Debbie in the early going; if she dealt with that, youth might become decisive later in the fight.

The rules were also finalised for the match over the period of the 6 weeks. The match would be 5 falls as requested. Each fall could only end via submission and would be followed by a two minute break. It was agreed that if the fight ended 3-2 after the five falls, the loser would have the option to ask for one more fall to try and even the match up at 3-3. Clothing was also agreed on for the fight. Fall 1 and 2 would be fought in dresses and lingerie, bikinis would be the chosen attire for falls 3,4 and 5. If round six happened, the fighter that was behind would fight naked, the fighter in the lead would have choice of whether to keep their outfit on.

I could see that the challenge had really given Debbie some purpose in the build up to the match. I had to be honest, I was really looking forward to seeing Debbie in action again. She cut a confident figure as we arrived at Tasha’s house and were directed to a bedroom for her to change for the match. ‘I’ll have Kensi ready for you in about 15 minutes I guess Debbie’ Tasha told her. ‘When you’re ready, just come downstairs and into the door on the left at the bottom of the stairs. That’s the fight room’ Tasha said before heading off to get her daughter ready for the match.

‘How are you feeling about it now that you’re here?’ I asked Debbie as she stripped off before starting to put her fight outfit on for the first part of the match.

‘I’m a bit nervous I suppose’ she admitted as she rolled a sheer black stocking up her leg. ‘I mean, not nervous like it’s my first time or anything, but it’s been a while and she’s a complete unknown.’

‘Makes sense’ I agreed ‘Just remember, she’ll almost certainly be more nervous that you are. I think things will come naturally to you once the match gets going. I think you’ll find something she doesn’t know how to cope with at some stage as well; make sure you capitalise on it when you do’ I suggested.

‘I will do, don’t worry’ Debbie smiled ‘now , how do I look?’ she asked as she stood in front of me. I took in the view; a mature yet still very attractive woman, Debbie was wearing a black strappy mini dress over sheer black thigh high stockings and a black lace thong. She also wore a pair of three inch stiletto heel shoes to complete the look. Her long brunette hair cascaded loosely around her shoulders. ‘Like you’ve never been away’ I smiled ‘shall we get down there?’ I asked her.

‘I think we might as well’ Debbie agreed, so we were first to enter the fight room where we found a set of thin mats completely covering the area between two sofas. There was a small unmatted area where the seconds would sit and it was agreed that there would be no referee; in truth the relatively small area would have left little room for a third person on the mats. We waited a couple of minutes, Debbie talking though her strategy for the fight before we were joined in the room by Kensi and Tasha. The teenage blonde certainly looked confident enough as she entered the room. Shorter than Debbie, she was curvaceous and well built. Her blonde hair was tied up on top of her head and she wore a pink skater style mini dress over a pair of pink fishnet tights. A pair of black ankle boots with a small heel completed her look. There was a quick recap of the rules from Tasha for both of the fighters before she started the two cameras she had set up in the room and encourages both women to meet on the mats and give their stats.

Debbie was first to reel off her details; ‘I’m Debbie McArthur. I’m 5 feet 6 inches tall, 149lbs and 52 years old. My measurements are 36D-27-36 and my official record is 26 wins and 10 defeats. Kensi followed her immediately; ‘I’m Kensi Welsh. I’m 5 feet 2 inches tall, 135lbs and 18 years old. My measurements are 36DD-26-38 and I am in my first catfight.’ Debbie motioned to kick off her shoes, but Kensi said ‘why don’t we start in the shoes as well?’ and Debbie nodded her agreement, going back to the mats to face her young blonde foe. I fancied that Kensi might have thought the lower heel on her shoes might be easier for her to fight in than Debbie’s stiletto heels; it wouldn’t be the first time that Debbie had fought in heels though and it also gave her an added height advantage which she used to get both of her hands straight into the blonde’s hair as Tasha told them to start. Using that leverage, Debbie quickly forced Kensi back to the wall and caught her with a knee to the stomach. Kensi grunted but she was powerfully built and took the knee well enough before waist locking Debbie and forcing her back to the centre of the mats.

Kensi caught Debbie flush in the face with a hard slap but Debbie fired back, catching the young blonde with a punch to the stomach and as Kensi reeled from that, Debbie again used her hair to force her back to the wall. A second punch to the body seemed to weaken Kensi’s resolve before Debbie ripped at her hair once more, taking the tie out of it and throwing it from the mat as she allowed the blonde’s hair out to it’s full length midway down Kensi’s back. A hair held throw followed before Debbie drove her knee into the middle of her seated opponent’s back before wrapping her thighs around the blonde’s body in a tight rear body scissor. Debbie wrapped a hand in Kensi’s long hair, slapped her hard in the face and then as she flexed her thighs, she asked the blonde if she wanted to give up. ‘No way’ came the determined reply from Kensi who planted her feet in to the mat, forcing her body up into a bridge position as her pink dress rode up to reveal a pair of pink lace booty shorts. They also revealed a pair of thick, powerful looking thighs that I thought Debbie might need to watch out for later on in the match. For now though a bigger concern for Debbie was the blonde’s pink painted nails that she now found sunk into her thighs. Debbie replied with a slap to the face, but she also broke off from her scissor hold to get clear of her opponent’s talons.

Back on her feet, Debbie moved quickly across the mats despite her high heels and once again controlled the teenager by her hair before slipping a hand between her legs and lifting her to deliver a body slam. Seamlessly, Debbie followed up a falling head butt into the pit of Kensi’s stomach, a chop to the blonde’s breasts and then Debbie secured a grapevine before plunging forward and looking to secure a breast smother on her young opponent. Although the move seemed to be well applied, Kensi still looked to fight back by pulling Debbie’s dress up before grabbing the back of her thong and pulling hard on it. Debbie was unconcerned by that though and simply grabbed hold of the blonde’s hair, controlling her head as she forced her face right into her well applied breast smother, and now it was just a matter of time as Debbie rode out her opponent’s wedgie attack all the while slowly edging towards an inevitable submission which came just after the 6 minute mark of the first fall as Kensi tapped out.

Both fighters left the mats for the two minute break during which it was agreed that the shoes would come off for the second fall. I congratulated Debbie on a job well done in the fall one; she had dominated much of the action not really allowing her young opponent into the action so far. While it was unlikely to stay that way through 5 untimed rounds of action, it was exactly the start that Debbie needed. Indeed, round two started in similar style, Debbie once again using her height and reach advantage to get a good hold of Kensi’s long blonde hair again and she controlled the first minute or so of the action against the wall as she landed a couple of good punches to the body. It was also evident that Tasha had advised Kensi well between rounds as she fired back with kneed to Debbie’s thighs that forced Debbie into a brief rethink of her strategy as she backed away from the blonde. Still, the second round continued in more or less that same style for a couple more minutes; Debbie would gain the upper hand with her reach and experience advantage, Kensi would fight back with knees to the body forcing Debbie off her. Debbie once again drove her teenage opponent back to the wall, but perhaps a little frustrated, she swung a wild body punch that Kensi blocked before she landed a hard uppercut to the chest that saw Debbie reel across the mats.

Kensi chased her, running into a straight kick to the body as she did so but as she fell back to the mat, she grabbed the strap of Debbie’s dress, tearing it as she pulled the older woman down on top of her. A raised knee caught Debbie in the stomach before the untidy pile up on the floor resolved itself, Kensi using her strong legs to get out from underneath Debbie before she trapped her in a schoolgirl pin sat across her stomach. A double handful of hair was the prelude to Kensi bouncing the back of Debbie’s head off the mat three times before she followed up with a slap to the face. Satisfied that Debbie was suitably stunned, Kensi switched her attention to Debbie’s left breast which was on show due to her torn shoulder strap. Digging her nails into the underside of the sensitive breast, Kensi punched down sharply with her other hand twice. She may have been inexperienced, but judging by the expression on Debbie’s face, Kensi knew how to maul breasts. She left herself open though as both hands worked on Debbie’s breast and Debbie caught her unaware with a straight punch to the stomach. A second stopped the blonde in her tracks, sending her rolling off Debbie to the mat. Debbie took a moment before getting to her feet and she wasted no time in looking to take advantage of her fallen opponent.

A diving elbow drop crashed into the blonde’s chest, a second landed lower in her stomach and then once again Debbie was able to secure the grapevine and breast smother combination that had served her well in the first fall. This time as well Debbie had control of Kensi’s arms, pinning them to the mat above the blonde’s hair, and once again it was just a matter of time for her to grind out the submission. This time, Kensi held out for a little over a minute before she was once again forced to give as she was unable to dislodge Debbie. 2-0 to Debbie on her comeback and in little over 10 minutes of action, it seemed things couldn’t be going much better for her.

It was time to change outfits now for the remainder of the match; both women doing so in the break between falls. Debbie had opted for simplicity; a black string bikini top and matching black thong her choice of outfit. Kensi had chosen something a little more spectacular - a gold and black snakeskin look halter neck bikini. There was little time for anything else though before fall three got underway, but this time it was the younger woman who took the early advantage. Debbie’s grab for her hair had perhaps become a little predictable and Kensi swatted Debbie’s arms aside before driving a knee into her stomach. Debbie was winded as an elbow struck home across her shoulders and she was sent sprawling to the mat on her stomach. Kensi followed up, locking Debbie briefly into a camel clutch before converting to a double breast claw which had Debbie moaning in pain before she was able to dislodge her blonde tormentor. Debbie rolled to her knees, but Kensi was quick and was on her fast with a knee to the side which bowled Debbie back to the mat. It seemed Kensi was cautious to follow up, but she timed her approach well, catching Debbie in a front choke hold just as she tried to get to her feet. Kensi delivered a straight kick, aiming for the crotch but catching Debbie’s thigh before she forced Debbie back to the wall and gracefully monkey flipped her across the room.

This time Kensi followed in quicker; a mistake as it turned out as Debbie caught her low with a punch, her knuckles landing flush in the front of the blonde’s bikini thong as she crashed to the mat clutching her womanhood. This time, Debbie took her time to follow up, perhaps sensing that the youngster was in some trouble now, something Debbie was keen to add to as she peeled the blonde up off the mat by her hair. A waist lock followed and was quickly converted to a pussy pounding atomic drop which saw the stunned blonde crash back to the mat in pain. I knew enough of Debbie’s fighting style to expect her to press home the advantage now, perhaps looking to deliver further punishment to the younger woman’s crotch. Instead though, she seemed to be content just to take the submission once again as she put her opponent into a reverse face sit from which there was no escape. As Debbie’s fingers eased aside her opponent’s bikini top and started to deliver a double breast claw, a muffled shriek of pain from Kensi was quickly followed by her signaling a third submission. In short order, Debbie had guaranteed that she couldn’t lose the match now; so far the short falls had worked well in her favour. During the break in the falls, I told her to keep on her young challenger and to try not to give her any opportunity to get back into the match.

For the first minute of round four, Debbie did just that; a double handful of hair backing Kensi up to the wall where Debbie latched onto her breasts with a double breast claw. Kensi howled, but she used her hands to get hold of Debbie’s hair causing Debbie into a change of plan as she slapped her in the face. Kensi reeled to the side, opening her rib cage to a well placed body punch from Debbie, but the blonde was quickly able to grab Debbie in a clinch but as she looked to force Debbie’s face into a standing breast smother, the more experienced brunette was able to force her way clear of Kensi. Back in the centre of the mats, the two women sparred for position, Debbie looked to jab to the body while Kensi, unable to land with punched as she was out of range was able to respond with kicks to the thighs. The kicks forced Debbie onto the back foot, but she was able to counter Kensi when she needed to with a stinging slap to the face or a stiff jab to the body. It was difficult to tell who had things going there way; Kensi appeared to be stalking Debbie who equally looked content to allow the younger woman to come on to her and pick her off as she did so. Kensi stayed patient though and eventually she was able to corner Debbie. Faking a kick to the body, the young blonde instead cracked a slap off Debbie’s cheek and as Debbie raised her hands to block a possible follow up, Kensi struck hard to the body.

It was an effective attack, clearly winding Debbie with her one-two to the body before she used her strength to tie Debbie up in a bear hug before tripping her to the mat on her back. Kensi came down on top of Debbie as she kept the bear hug in place and started to punish Debbie down on the mats. Debbie’s problems intensified as Kensi used her thick powerful thighs to apply a grapevine as well, but it still seemed unlikely that Debbie would be forced to submit. Indeed, Debbie was already working her opponent’s bikini into position to deliver a wedgie that caused Kensi some discomfort. Debbie did leave herself open to a head butt to the chest though which Kensi was more than happy to deliver, dropping Debbie to the mat as she did so. Kensi moved away from the bear hug, but at her mother’s instruction to ‘stay on her’, Kensi pulled Debbie up by the hair before felling her again with a knee lift to the stomach. The young fighter was warming to her task now, spreading Debbie’s legs before stomping the pit of her stomach. Debbie rolled on to her side, but the young blonde continued her attack with an elbow drop to the ribs before she pulled Debbie back upright and into another bear hug. There was no doubt that the blonde was powerful enough to make it pay, but Debbie had plans of her own, lowering her head and sinking her teeth into Kensi’s breasts.

The blonde shrieked but instead of as Debbie expected, breaking off her attack she instead wrapped her arms around Debbie’s head, forcing her face into the smothering pillow of her 36DD breasts. It was the move of a more veteran fighter and Debbie, who had been so intent on her biting attack quickly realised that she was in trouble from the standing smother even before a straight knee lift to the crotch put her down on her knees and in big trouble as Kensi tightened her grip on the breast smother. Now it was the young blonde who held the upper hand and she continued to pour on the pressure before, sensing Debbie was weakening, she looked to put her away. An elbow to the back of the neck would have dropped Debbie but for Kensi keeping a solid grip of her hair which she used to get Debbie back to her feet where she easily lifted her into a powerful body slam. Kensi followed up with a full body splash across Debbie’s stomach and then she quickly moved into a reverse face sit and she just had time to relieve Debbie of her thong before applying a crotch claw that saw Debbie forced to tap out and give the teenager her first taste of success in the match.

Kensi left the mat, taking Debbie’s thong with her to her corner ensuring Debbie’s pussy would be a readily available target during the fifth fall. It was nothing new to Debbie who responded calmly enough to the predicament in the corner before heading back onto the mat for the fifth fall. Kensi seemed to have a new found confidence about her as well now though, and it was with the extra confidence that she now looked to boss Debbie around the mats, forcing her older foe back with some well aimed jabs to the body. Debbie looked to push forward, taking a couple of well placed punches to the body before she was able to tie Kensi up in a side headlock. Immediately Kensi went to Debbie’s hair, but she was unable to prevent Debbie from hip throwing her to the mat. Kensi was quick to roll clear of Debbie, and as she got back to her feet, she rushed Debbie managing to waist lock her before driving her back hard to the wall. Debbie blocked an attempted knee lift to the crotch by the blonde, but warming to her task, Kensi caught Debbie with a knee to the body and then planted her foot in Debbie’s stomach before delivering another monkey flip. Debbie landed hard and Kensi was on her, a double handful of hair secured as she looked to help Debbie back upright only to be surprised by a sharp uppercut to the stomach. The look of shock on the youngster’s face betrayed that the blow had winded her, and as Debbie followed up with a second punch right on the waistband of Kensi’s gold bikini, the blonde teenager dropped to her knees next to Debbie.

Kensi wasn’t finished though, firing back with a punch to the chest which rocked Debbie before she responded with a head butt to Kensi’s chest that put the younger woman on her back. Debbie grabbed a double handful of hair now, bouncing the back of Kensi’s head off the mat before bringing her upright and looking to deliver a big body slam only for Kensi to block it and put Debbie down with a crushing forearm across the back. Kensi adopted a less subtle method of attack now, a couple of kicks catching Debbie’s legs before she dived on top of Debbie, the two women rolling on the mats with their hands in each others hair as they searched for the advantage. Debbie freed a hand from Kensi’s blonde tresses to slap at the younger woman’s body and that seemed to be turning the tide in her favour. Kensi gritted her teeth and found a target for her knee which she drove into Debbie’s side causing her to moan with pain. Kensi picked up on the fact that move had been effective enough as she repeated it and with Debbie a little subdued, she looked to step up her attack.

A forearm to the chest released Debbie’s breasts from her bikini top before Kensi roughly mauled her into a body scissors, using a combination of hair pulling and slaps to position Debbie between her legs. I’d noticed the youngster’s powerful looking thighs earlier on; now I could see that she knew exactly how to use them too. Debbie cried out in pain almost immediately from the effect that the teenager’s rippling thighs were having on her. A handful of hair saw Kensi pull Debbie into a more seated position before she once again slammed the back of Debbie’s head into the mat. Bikini top askew, Debbie’s breasts also made an attractive target for Kensi who wasted no time in twisting Debbie’s nipples to draw more cries of pain from the more experienced woman. Indeed it looked like the potent combination of the crunching scissor hold and breast attack might just get the job done for the teenager. Instead, she elected to look for an arm bar on Debbie, a move which she paid for as Debbie’s elbow quickly found it’s way hard into her crotch.

Completely taken by surprise by the blow, it was the beginning of the end for the teenager as she turned Debbie loose from the scissor. Immediately taking advantage of the opening, Debbie spread Kensi’s legs and drew a shriek of pain as she connected with a knee drop to the pussy. As Kensi rolled into a ball, she failed to spot Debbie getting herself into position to trap her in a naked reverse face sit, and as she trapped the youngster in that move it was payback time for the previous fall. Debbie ground her naked pussy on the blonde’s face while sliding her gold bikini bottoms down her wildly bucking hips to allow her to apply a crotch claw of her own. Kensi looked for a way out, but none was forthcoming and she was forced to submit, going down 4-1 to Debbie on her return to competitive action.

Debbie helped her fallen opponent up from the mat and hugged her, telling her she ‘did well for her first match’. It looked to me that with a bit more experience, Kensi had the ability to be a bit of a force in the world of rules catfights.

Tasha was also quite impressed with her daughter’s first effort ‘You were in there with a really experienced opponent so there’s no embarrassment in losing Kensi. You’ll be in good stead against opponent’s of your own age and experience for this. Who knows, maybe Debbie would be kind enough to give you a rematch sometime in a few months?’ she asked.

‘I’d be up for that’ Debbie admitted ‘it’ll be a good challenge in a couple of matches time I think. In the meantime, I might just look for someone more my own age for a match’ she mused.

‘I might just be able to help you with that’ Tasha said. ‘I’ll come and take you on if you fancy. Give you a few weeks to get over this match and then let me know if you want to give me a go’ she said.

‘I think I’d like that’ Debbie agreed, and with that, it appeared that Debbie’s comeback was going to be extended to at least three matches.

On the way back home from the match, Debbie told me that she enjoyed her return to action. ‘It reminded me of when I took on Emma before she started catfighting’ she said before continuing ‘you didn’t know about that one did you Steve? It was before you started to manage me and Emma. I think I might have it on DVD somewhere’ Debbie continued. ‘Remind me to show it to you sometime!’

I think I’d probably enjoy that’ I smiled.....