Emma goes down under

By wolfboy

Emma travels to Australia to take on a local champion in her latest scouting mission

For the first time, both of my fighters, Emma and Claire were going to be fighting at the same event and as this coincided with Emma’s latest scouting mission, both matches were going to take place in Australia. Emma was going to be taking on Outback Catfight Association champion Taylor Magee, then in the main event of the evening, Claire would be defending her Smythe lightweight title against Taylor’s sister, Erin.

We had flown to Australia a well before the fights were due to take place, and for the first time, I thought that I detected a little tension between Emma and Claire in the build up. Nothing I could really put my finger on, but there just seemed to be something. With the two matches rapidly though, it wasn’t really something that I had time to focus on, preferring to get both women focused on their forthcoming opponents; anything else could wait for now.

The Outback Catfight Association turned out to be something of a traveling show that visited a number of small towns around Queensland. The current owner had inherited the whole show from his father who had run it as a traveling boxing show where the locals could challenge a number of fighters for a cash prize. One night, two local women had asked him if they could fight on his show to settle a score, and while that match had still been a boxing match, the reaction of the crowd to the two women had quickly sent the show in a different direction. Now a few years down the line, when the big top of the Outback Catfight Association came to town, the locals were queuing up to watch the local women fight. The best got to take on the current champions; the sisters Taylor and Erin Magee. Tonight though, that honour would fall to Emma and Claire.

First up, Emma was waiting on the mats, anxious to catch a first glimpse of her opponent Taylor, the OCA open-weight champion. The fight, in keeping with her first scouting mission would be a non-title contest, but with the local girl fighting in front of a packed house, I doubted it would lack in intensity. Emma looked ready and I expected she would need to be in what would be a one submission anything goes catfight. Taylor had a reputation as a tough girl who fought at a high pace, usually tiring out her challengers pretty quickly. I thought that Emma might fare a little better than most of her challengers did, but she would still need to meet the challenge head on if she was going to slow Taylor up. Emma looked pretty hot too; a tiny plaid bikini coupled with a pair of daisy dukes her chosen outfit for the match. Her opponent Taylor appeared now, making her way through the crowd to the mats. Tall and powerful looking, the blonde wore a purple thong bikini with a pair of daisy dukes herself. The show was about to get underway and there was a distinct buzz in the tent as the MC for the evening stepped onto the mats. ‘Ladies and Gentlemen; welcome to another evening of catfighting here in the outback catfight association. This opening contest is a non-title anything goes, no time limit catfight scheduled for one,verbal submission only. On my left is the current OCS champion Taylor Magee. She is 30 years old, 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 177lbs. She measures 38C-26-39 and has a record of 22 wins and 3 defeats. Her opponent is Emma Baines from England. She is 33 years old, 5 feet 10 inches tall and 164lbs; she measures 40E-27-37 with a record of 32 wins and 12 defeats.’

The MC left the mats and from somewhere in the tent, a ring bell sounded to signal the start of the match and the two women clashed immediately at the centre of the mats. AS expected, the home fighter started the match at a ferocious pace swinging some solid looking body punches at Emma who blocked the majority, standing toe to toe with Taylor as she looked to fire back. Taylor landed a solid right hook to the rib cage that looked to have hurt Emma, but Emma replied with three jabs to the chest that looked to have slowed the big Australian up a little, but Taylor shot back, a knee to the stomach followed by a uppercut to the chest that staggered Emma. Taylor went straight to Emma’s hair, delivering a stinging slap to the face before throwing her roughly across the mats. Emma slid to a halt at the feet of the crowd who were tightly packed in to the tent and she quickly got upright before Taylor could follow up. Taylor instead stood on the centre of the mats beckoning Emma to come to her, and Emma was more than happy to oblige, rushing back in behind a flurry of punches and slaps to the head as she forced Taylor to back up. Now it was the Australian blocking successfully for the most part as Emma forced her on to the back foot; she had no answer for a two punch combination to the stomach that crashed home and dropped her to her knees.

Anxious to get it back to more of a grappling catfight, Emma wrapped Taylor up in a front headlock while she was still on her knees, using her position as she stood over her to grind the choke hold in. Taylor was quick to try and get back to her feet, forcing her way upright while Emma held the front headlock, still able to trouble Taylor with it. The Australian responded with a nail rake down Emma’s right thigh, but Emma held on to the front headlock before lifting Taylor to deliver a bodyslam. It was clear that Taylor’s nails had raked an angry furrow on Emma’s thigh but Emma was untroubled by it as she followed up with an elbow drop across Taylor’s chest. Emma seemed to be in charge as she took a double handful of the blonde’s hair pulling it hard in two directions but Taylor responded in kind from her position under Emma and pretty soon the two fighters were wrapped in a ball as they rolled across the mats tearing at each others hair. Neither was going to gain the upper hand from that position, but that didn’t stop either of them from slapping and snarling at the other before Emma finally seized some kind of initiative as she delivered a short headbutt to her opponent’s chest.

Knocked on to her back, Taylor quickly found herself trapped in a schoolgirl pin as Emma sat high on her chest. Grabbing a double handful of hair, Emma pulled Taylor’s face straight into her crotch, adding a smother into the mix, and with the match just three minutes old, it seemed that Emma was firmly in control for now. Indeed, as Taylor swung her legs up to try and dislodge Emma, she found herself in more trouble as Emma caught her legs and folded her forward, now using her stomach to keep the smother in place on the local champion. Almost disdainfully, Emma asked Taylor ‘do you want to give up; are you done?’ There was no reply from Taylor, but a moan of pain from Emma suggested that the answer was no; Emma was forced to break off her smother attack at least to avoid the teeth of her Australian foe. Emma replied, a slap to Taylor’s face as she maintained the pin followed by a double handful of hair used to bounce Taylor’s head off the mat before she elected to release the pin, instead using her shock of blonde hair to hurl the big Australian across the mats.

Now it was Taylor who found herself sliding to a halt at the feet of the crowd, and Emma was on to her quickly with a handful o hair to bring Taylor upright, but Emma’s attempt at a knee lift to the body was blocked. Catching Emma’s leg in mid-air, Taylor was able to force Emma to hop backwards while she aimed kicks at her thigh before finally sweeping Emma’s standing leg away to send her sprawling to the mat. Emma landed in a seated position, and was just about able to block a snap kick aimed at her chest. She was unable to stop a second follow up by Taylor though, a knee which crashed into her chest and dropped her on to her back. It was a powerful enough strike from Taylor who sensed a chance to keep up the attack as she spread Emma’s legs before diving in with an elbow drop to the pit of the stomach. The elbow struck hard, winding Emma who now found herself trapped in a pin; Taylor preferring to lie full length down Emma’s body, knee grinding into her crotch as the blonde looked to secure a breast smother as well. Emma was able to prevent that move, but three short knee strikes to the crotch soon had her in trouble even before Taylor moved position, looking o claim a face pin now. Frantically, Emma folded her arms across her chest to block that move, but that left her wide open to a series of slaps to the face and as she moved her arms to block that, she howled with pain as Taylor’s nails went to work inside her bikini top.

Indeed, Taylor decided that Emma’s bikini top was pretty much surplus to requirements now, and she pushed the fabric of the string bikini top to the sides of Emma’s breasts to allow herself easier access for a continued breast mauling attack. ‘You like that, you pommie bitch?’ Taylor asked as she continued to work Emma’s breasts over, but this time it was Emma who had the quick reply as she delivered a double handed thrust to Taylor’s stomach. Taken by surprise, Taylor was dislodged from Emma, but she recovered quickly and was able to control Emma as she rose off the mats straight into a rib cracking bear hug. Showing great strength, Taylor lifted the semi topless Emma’s feet off the mat and Emma cried out in pain for a second time as Taylor worked on her body with the powerful bear hug. Emma looked to force an arm into her opponent’s anaconda like grip around her body but that was to no avail as she could find no way in as the strong Australian continued to punish her. Emma switched plans, slapping Taylor’s face and chest as she looked to get free. In the end, it took a double handed slap to the face to stun Taylor enough for Emma to get free, and as Taylor looked to quickly get back on top of Emma, she fell victim to what would prove to be the decisive moment of the match. Emma ducked under her blonde opponent’s grasp before delivering a powerful knee lift to her crotch with pin point accuracy. Stunned, the Australian was frozen in place, at least for as long as it took for Emma to waist lock her and deliver an atomic drop that only went to add to the searing pain between her legs. Emma let Taylor slide off her knee and allowed her to roll to the mat clutching her pussy before she delivered one last devastating blow to her opponent as she spread her legs and delivered a hard elbow drop to the crotch.

Taylor was well and truly in trouble now and Emma knew it as she positioned the blonde perfectly to trap her in a reverse face sit. On it’s own, that might well have been enough to gain Emma the victory but she was leaving nothing to chance as she also started to work her hand inside the waistband of Taylor’s daisy dukes. With that accomplished, Emma soon had her opponent howling out a muffled submission thanks to a combination of crotch mauling and face sitting. It was an impressive and quick win for Emma against the tough local champion. She left the mats to some fairly muted, perhaps stunned applause from the local crowd, surprised at just how their local champion had been handled by Emma, More importantly, on this form, perhaps Emma was finally ready for her rematch with Sara....