Big Top Bitch Fight

By wolfboy

Claire defends her title against a tough Australian challenger

After Emma’s ultimately comfortable and impressive victory over Taylor Magee, I had little doubt that her little sister Erin would be out to restore an element of local pride when she took on Claire for her lightweight title. Prior to that match, there was a spirited battle between two local women which gave me a little time to prepare Claire for the test ahead. As ever though, my lightweight champion seemed to take it all in her stride.

‘Sure, she’s going to come at me early on Steve’ she’d said as we waited to be called to the mats. ‘I’m the champion so that’s kind of inevitable regardless of what’s happened earlier on. I’m ready for that though; let’s see what she’s got when that early fire wears off a little though’ she smiled.

‘Fair enough’ I admitted ‘try not to let her get to you early on though. No point taking punishment for the sake of it just to prove you’re tough’ I suggested.

That was about as far as the tactical discussion got though as we were then called on to the mats for the evening’s main event. Claire’s opponent Erin was there waiting as she strode confidently on the mats, the Smythe lightweight championship belt wrapped tightly around her waist. Erin looked at Claire; looked through her might have been a fairer description in fact. Claire simply smiled at her, looking supremely confident and relaxed about the whole thing. The same MC from Emma’s match appeared on the mats and started to make the introductions for the match.

‘Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the main event of the evening which is for the Smythe Lightweight championship. It is a no time limit, anything goes catfight with just one submission required for victory. On my right is the current OCA fighter Erin Magee. Erin is 5 feet 7 inches tall, 135 lbs and measures 34B-25-33. She is 26 years old and has a record of 9 wins with only 1 defeat. And her opponent on my left is the current Smythe lightweight champion Claire Voss. Claire is 5 feet 2 inches tall, 124 lbs and measures 34DD-24-35. She is 23 years old and has a perfect record of 6 wins from 6 fights.’

The MC left the mats, replaced by a referee who immediately called the two women together, getting the fight started for the crowd who were eagerly anticipating a close, tough fight. I fancied they were also anticipating a home victory as the women circled each other, looking for an opening as they exchanged a couple of long range slaps; Claire slapping at her opponent’s thighs and receiving a sharp stinging reply that cracked off her cheek as her opponent smirked, clearly satisfied with her early success.Indeed, it was the tall, rangy Australian who enjoyed the better of the early exchanges, her extra reach advantage allowing her to land the better blows as the fight remained at distance until Claire was able to block an overhead right from her opponent. Stepping in to close the distance down, Claire drove an elbow into her ribs and sensing that she had winded Erin, she went to the hair looking to take her to the mat and negate that height advantage. Erin was able to block that move though, and she took advantage of Claire being off balance as she drove a forearm smash between her shoulder blades and Claire pitched forward landing on all fours on the mat. Erin was quick to try and take advantage of that position too as she straddled Claire’s back and looked to sink in a rear choke. Claire defended, tucking in her chin to block the choke and earned herself a cross-face forearm as Erin looked to get the choke on properly.

A second cross-face from Erin seemed to stun Claire, but as she looked to wok the choke in more, Claire caught her in the side with a flailing elbow and the Australian was knocked off her and to the mat. There was no time for Claire to recover though as Erin was back on her with a firm handful of hair pulling her to her feet before a powerful forearm smash across Claire’s DD’s bowled her back to the mat. The first mistake that Erin made in the match very nearly proved to be her last then as she launched herself through the air at Claire, attempting a full body splash. It was too early in the match though; Claire saw her coming, raised her knees and the air was cruelly driven from Erin’s lungs by the inevitable collision. Claire was becoming better schooled with each match thanks to Debbie’s work, and she knew to keep the pressure on Erin now, wrapping a tight body scissor around her torso and her powerful thighs immediately went to work punishing the Australian.

Claire raised her hips from the mat, adding to Erin’s pain and drawing a first cry of anguish from the pained Australian who moved her hands to push ineffectively at Claire’s legs. That left Erin wide open as Claire sunk a right hand into her stomach before pushing her bikini top aside and sinking her nails into Erin’s pert B cup breasts. Erin gritted her teeth and grabbed Claire’s wrist, trying to prise her breast claw off but Claire once again took advantage with a right hand to the stomach. Then Claire was back with the breast claw again, punishing Erin as she expertly worked on her breasts, nails sunk into the sensitive flesh. Through all of that as well, Claire’s powerful scissor hold stayed firmly in place, steadily sapping Erin’s strength until the Australian was finally able to break free off the hold as she jabbed her elbow into Claire’s crotch, forcing the scissor hold to break. Erin rolled to all fours, still struggling to catch her breath and Claire was in no mood to let her as she landed a hard kick to her ribs which sent Erin crashing back to the mat once more.

It looked like Claire was warming to the task now as she finished removing Erin’s bikini top which she threw to the crowd before pulling her from the mat and delivering an across the knee back breaker. Holding Erin across her knee, Claire pushed down on her chin and thigh, bending her a little across the knee and once again drawing pained cries from the home town girl. This time though, Erin’s flexibility helped her to escape as she was able to bring her leg up, kicking Claire in the shoulder and getting herself free of the hold. Erin needed to mount some offense though to find her way back into the match properly; Claire had dominated the exchanges for the last few minutes with a couple of punishing, energy sapping moves and looked to continue in that vein as she tried to secure a bear hug. This time though, Erin was waiting on the move and used her height advantage to drive an elbow down in to Claire’s shoulders. Claire dropped to her knees and Erin delivered a knee to the chest that bowled her onto her back and now it was my fighter who was in a little bit of trouble as Erin moved in to pin her, sitting on her stomach. Claire locked her ankles, trapping Erin’s left leg at the last second to prevent her from being able to move further up her body with the pin. Erin set about making Claire regret that decision though as she delivered three hard body punches, each one reducing Claire’s resolve until the third saw Erin break free, quickly moving to sit high on Claire’s chest.

Erin’s intentions were pretty clear as well as she looked to soften Claire up with a series of slaps to the face before she tried to move forward to get into a face sit. A well timed bridge by Claire rescued the situation though, catching Erin unawares and sending her sprawling off her to the mat. Claire scrambled partly to her feet as Erin came in on the attack again, and her semi-upright position worked well in her favour as she was able to deliver a head butt to the pit of Erin’s stomach. Claire followed with an uppercut to the chest which set Erin reeling, and Claire pressed home the attack with a series of jabs to the body to force Erin back almost into the crowd. Sensing her proximity to the fans, Erin tried to push forward and as she did so, Claire caught her with a perfect one-two to the jaw that instantly sent the home fighter crashing to the mat. Erin had walked straight on to the punches, and it had cost her dearly as she was still a little glassy eyed as Claire followed up with an elbow drop to the chest. Claire now lifted Erin, delivering a hard body slam and now she carried the look of a woman who was confident that she had the match well under her control now.

Spreading Erin’s legs, Claire cruelly delivered a falling head butt to her crotch and as Erin clutched her womanhood on the mat, Claire strutted around into position to press home her advantage with a leg drop across the throat. That was well delivered and then Claire converted it quickly into a side head scissor, using Erin’s red hair to pull her into the hold. With the Australian’s bikini top already in the crowd, Claire was able to add a nipple twist to her powerful scissor hold, and as she poured on the pressure once again, Erin was letting out cries of pain. She made a desperate attempt to escape, bridging up to try and relieve the pressure, and in doing so, effectively presented Claire with the perfect opportunity to end the match. As Erin’s crotch came into her range, Claire gleefully applied a crotch claw slipping her hand inside her opponent’s Daisy Duke shorts and within a matter of seconds, Erin was tapping out, giving Claire a quick and ultimately very dominant victory in her latest title defence.

Indeed, it had been a successful trip down under for both Claire and Emma as they each recorded impressive victories. We would head back home to find that there was an interesting offer on the table for Emma to take on her arch nemesis Sara for the third time....