Mature Cats Battle

By wolfboy

Debbie’s comeback gathers speed against a more experienced opponent

A date had been readily agreed on by both Debbie and Tasha for the two women to catfight in the wake of Debbie’s comeback victory over Tasha’s daughter Kensi. There was no bad blood between the two women after that match; indeed it had been Tasha’s who had set that match up for Kensi to give her a testing start to her catfighting career. I arrived back from Australia with Emma and Claire though to find out that Debbie had set everything up with Tasha for the match to take place in three days time. My services were required to second Debbie; Kensi was going to second Tasha and it was deemed by both women that a referee was going to be surplus to requirements. It would be strictly woman to woman on the mats in a battle between two experienced fighters.

Debbie explained to me the rules that they had agreed to fight to. It would be a three round match. Round one would be five minutes long and there would be no submissions counted in this period. Bother women would hitch their suspenders to each other during this round to ensure close contact at all times. Round two would be ten minutes long with unlimited submissions and no breaks. Round three would be fought naked with the first submission winning the match. Closed fist punching to the head was off limits throughout. All other holds and moves would be considered legal. Debbie’s basement wrestling ring was still being refurbished in light of her sudden comeback so it was agreed that the venue would be Tasha’s house again and we arrived for the match on the day for Kensi to show us to the same room that Debbie had used to change before she had fought the young blonde.

‘I think Mum’s already prepared for the match Debbie’ Kensi told her ‘so we’ll be waiting for you as soon as you’re ready’

‘Great’ Debbie smiled ‘give me five minutes or so and I’ll be down there with you.’

‘I get the impression you’re looking forward to this one Debbie?’ I asked her as she started to strip off and prepare for the match.

‘Do you know, I think I am’ she agreed ‘I haven’t had a real, nasty, dirty catfight in years. Kensi was a nice re-introduction for me, and she’ll be a tougher proposition next time around, but I suspect this one will be a whole different kind of fight’ she smiled.

Debbie certainly looked the part again for this match. She’d had the benefit of another four weeks to prepare so was in good shape for the match. That shape was shown off perfectly by her choice of outfit; a silver lace bra, thong and matching suspender belt. A pair of silver fishnet stockings finished off the look to perfection. In accordance with the rules, Debbie left the front garter on each leg unfastened, her hair loose, and then she slipped on a pair of 4 inch heel shoes before making her way downstairs. I had no doubt that she looked the part, but I felt sure that Tasha was going to provide her with a much stiffer test than Kensi had just a few weeks earlier.

We entered the room to find Tasha also ready to fight and looking very much the part. Tasha was still semi-active as a private catfighter too so she probably held a slight advantage I thought. She also had her blonde hair hanging loose around her shoulders. Her outfit for the fight was a red satin sequined bra and g string with a matching suspender belt and sheer red stockings, In her heels, it was clear that she had a slight height advantage over Debbie as well.

‘Shall we get started?’ she asked Debbie ‘I’ve got the cameras rolling again so would you mind introducing yourself as you did against Kensi please Debbie?’

‘No problem’ Debbie agreed, stepping on to the centre of the mats. ‘I’m Debbie McArthur; I’m 5 feet 6 inches tall, 148lbs and 52 years old. My measurements are 36D-27-36 and my record is 27 wins and 10 losses.’

Debbie stepped to one side as Tasha took her place on the centre of the mats to introduce herself. ‘I’m Tasha Welsh; I’m 5 feet 8 inches tall, 155lbs and 48 years old. My measurements are 38DD-26-39 and my record is 22 wins and 12 losses.’

With the introductions out of the way, Kensi stepped on to the mats carrying two white suspender belts which she used to attach the front garters of both women’s outfits to the other fighter. The first five minutes would be fought at close quarters and a quick flash of well manicured, long nails on both women confirmed that both were well armed to make this five minutes count if they got the chance. Kensi stepped off the mats and Tasha asked Debbie simply ‘You ready?’ Debbie replied ‘Yes; are you?’, Tasha nodded and with that the match was underway, Tasha grabbing a double handful of Debbie’s hair while Debbie countered with a slashing nail rake across her opponent’s toned stomach before joining the hair tug-of-war. ‘Bitch!’ Tasha spat at Debbie as she felt the fiery pain from Debbie’s nails burning across her stomach; she twisted Debbie’s head painfully by the hair though and as she delivered a stinging slap to Debbie’s face it seemed that she held the early advantage. Indeed, Tasha was able to force Debbie back to the wall, using her hair as a lever to force Debbie in the direction she wanted. As Debbie’s back hit the wall, Tasha whipped a hard right hand into the pit of her stomach. Debbie responded; a handful of her opponent’s hair helping her get some breathing room in which to reply with a right hand of her own into Tasha’s breasts.

The blonde’s impressive breasts were barely contained by her red bra as both women went back to double handfuls of the others hair as they re-assessed the situation after the early exchanges. Tasha again appeared to be the stronger as she forced Debbie around the mat by her hair, but Debbie was able to switch position as she got close to the wall and this time it was Tasha who hit the wall hard. Debbie aimed a knee at Tasha’s belly which the blonde blocked responding with a slashing nail rake across Debbie’s stomach. Both women already showed the effects of the others nails. Worse for Debbie, she tried to back up only to be stopped by the two suspender belts that held the women together, and caught off balance, she took a hard slap to the face before Tasha struck with a knee of her own. That saw Debbie winded and Tasha wasted no time in grabbing on to her brunette hair again to bend her double at the waist and with Debbie’s rib cage a little exposed, Tasha was able to land some solid punches before Debbie was able to tie her arms up in a clinch. This time though, it was Debbie’s knee that found a target as a it landed flush in Tasha’s crotch, and at that point, the first five minute session of the match swung in Debbie’s favour.

Debbie took full advantage of the surprise and pain that Tasha felt from the knee strike, landing an uppercut to Tasha’s breasts, and as her left breast came free from her bra, Debbie instantly landed a second, chopping blow to the top of the breast. Tasha cried out as the underside of her breast was squashed painfully against her bra by Debbie’s chop. She cried out again as Debbie latched on to the same breast as she pressed into Tasha against the wall, putting her full weight into a breasts mauling attack. After a few seconds, I noticed Debbie was working her other hand inside Tasha’s g-string as she looked for the crotch claw as well. Tasha tried to press in tightly against Debbie as she looked to deny her the space to apply the crotch claw fully. Tasha was successful in avoiding the worst of the crotch attack but with time running out in the short five minute session she could do nothing to stop Debbie from methodically working her left breast over until the round ran out. As time expired, the two women stopped fighting, allowing Kensi to unhitch the two suspender belts that had held them in close proximity during round one.

Back in the corner, Debbie fastened her own suspenders to the front of her stockings now while I attended to the nail marks across her stomach, In her corner, Tasha was doing the same as Kensi tended to her. ‘Try and keep the pace high at the start of this round’ I offered Debbie as tactical advice. ‘You had the best of the end of that first session, so she might look to try and buy a bit of time at the start of this round?’

I think Debbie took it on board as she went back on to the mats. Indeed it seemed that way as Debbie swarmed forward in the early going as she crowded Tasha against the wall where she looked to work the blonde over with a series of body punches. Tasha was able to catch quite a few punches on her arms, but Debbie still landed enough telling, hard punches to the body before going to the hair to throw Tasha across the mats. Tasha slid to a halt against one of the sofas, and Debbie tried to trap the blonde in a kind of face sit against the sofa, but Tasha was able to slip away between Debbie’s legs. In fact it was then Tasha who took the upper hand as she caught Debbie as she rose from the mat in a front headlock, quickly taking her to the mat in a tight body scissor and head lock combination. Debbie gasped as Tasha’s strong thighs went to work on her body and she slapped hard at Tasha’s body looking to weaken the crushing power of the red stocking encased thighs. That was to no avail, and I thought Debbie might be forced to concede the first submission of the fight, but she had one more move up her sleeve as she applied a stomach claw to Tasha. Instantly, the power of the scissor hold was lessened and as Tasha turned loose the head lock to try and get herself out of the claw hold, Debbie caught her with a clubbing forearm to the chest and she was free.

Debbie went to the hair, puling Tasha to her feet before flooring her with a head butt to the chest, A falling head butt to the stomach followed and with Tasha winded down on the mat, Debbie took back control of the fight.

Down on the mat, Debbie was able to wrap Tasha up in a side headlock, adding a good tight grip of her long blonde hair to the mix as she started to grind away on the headlock, punishing Tasha. Debbie rode her body high across Tasha’s chest drawing a first groan of pain from the blonde as she cranked her neck painfully. Keeping the headlock on with her left arm, Debbie was able to push Tasha’s bra up and latch her right hand on to Tasha’s left breast, quickly twisting and pulling the nipple to draw another cry of pain from Tasha. There was no respite for the blonde as Debbie maintained the headlock, partially smothering Tasha as she shifted position slightly again. It was the breast attack that was really doing the damage though, Debbie expertly torturing her opponent’s DD’s as she slowly but methodically worked them over to claim the first submission of the match.

Debbie released Tasha, allowing her almost back to her feet before trapping her in a front headlock. The blonde showed her power though, forcing Debbie back until she fell onto one of the sofas with Tasha pinning her by sitting on her stomach while Debbie maintained her headlock. Tasha clenched her right fist, driving it into Debbie’s ribs; the first punch tested Debbie’s resolve to keep the headlock on, the second and third broke the resolve and the fourth winded her enough to allow Tasha the chance to gain control by wrapping her up in a pretty effective breast smother that looked destined to even up the score until Debbie got free thanks to some body punching of her own. Tasha still maintained a semblance of control though as she peeled Debbie off the sofa and into a side headlock which she used to roughly flip Debbie to the mats. That didn’t last long though as Debbie was quickly able to get a hold of her long blonde hair, using it to pull her into a side head scissor which gave rise to a battle of attrition that ran through to the end of the round. Debbie’s thighs perfectly framed the blonde’s pained face as she went to work on her. Tasha bucked and bridged and twisted, looking for a way out until Debbie tightly wrapped a hand into her blonde hair to keep control. Tasha gritted her teeth though and took all of the punishment Debbie’s thighs could throw at her until round two expired. Debbie had trapped her for over five minutes in the grinding head scissor though and I felt sure that might tell in round three.

Debbie felt that way too as she stripped out of her outfit in the corner before the start of round three. One submission either way would win it now and Debbie was itching to keep up the pressure and put the curvaceous blonde through some further punishment. ‘I don’t know why she didn’t submit then Steve’ Debbie told me as we waited for the start of the third round. ‘It wouldn’t have mean anything for the match if she had of submitted and in the end she just took some punishment she really didn’t have to.’

‘I know’ I agreed ‘I think you need to get right on her again now though Debbie. She seems ripe for picking off now after that punishment. Work her breasts if you get the chance again; she didn’t seem to handle that very well earlier on’ I suggested.

Debbie had clearly taken that advice on board early in round three as the two naked women faced off and Debbie landed two fast, stinging slaps to the breasts that had Tasha flinching a little. The blonde replied though, pulling Debbie in close in a clinch and trying to work some knees into Debbie’s body. Debbie blocked that pretty well, but Tasha did get through with on to the side before she was caught herself with a knee, this one a knee lift straight up into her crotch again that sent her crashing down to the mats and with less than a minute gone in round three, it was Debbie who was firmly back in control of the match. Although well in control, Debbie was in no immediate rush to put Tasha away as she pulled her off the mat, whipped her into the wall and followed in to gracefully monkey flip the blonde hard to the mat in the centre of the room. Debbie got back to her feet, delivered a stomp to Tasha’s chest and then she once again tied up the blonde in the same side head scissor and hair pull combination that she had found herself trapped in at the end of round two.

Debbie raised her hips and flexed her thighs as she quickly increased the pressure on the blonde who in turn bridged, trying to ease some of the pressure of the scissor hold. That worked into Debbie’s favour as well as it brought Tasha’s stomach into range for her to apply a stomach claw. Debbie’s fingers and in particular her long nails went to work, probing Tasha’s abs for a weakness that she could exploit. Tasha groaned with pain as Debbie punished her, but she defiantly reached to grab a handful of Debbie’s long brunette hair. Debbie moaned but soon put paid to that move, clubbing two hard punches into Tasha’s stomach. It seemed that might have broken the last bit of resistance from the blonde, but Debbie was taking no chances as she pulled her off the mats to deliver a bodyslam. Tasha hit the mat hard, quickly followed by Debbie as she sat down squarely on her face in a reverse face sit. To that, she added a double breast claw which quickly saw Tasha tapping the mats to signal her surrender.

It had been a more comprehensive victory for Debbie that I would have expected. She had looked impressive on her return to action as she beat a young newcomer in Kensi, and now a more seasoned campaigner in impressive fashion, Next up for Debbie would be a rematch for Kensi in what seemed likely to be a tougher challenge that their first match had been.