Squash Match

By wolfboy

A private challenge sees Emma and Sara face off for the third time

It was never going to be long before Emma would meet her arch-rival Sara for a third time. Left to myself and Sara’s manager Danny, both women would have probably fought once more before the rematch happened, but a group of rich catfight fans had got together to form their own club and they had made an offer to host the match that neither woman could refuse. The match was to be held in a neutral venue and would be funded entirely by this group. Both women would receive $50,000 for taking part in the match; the winner would receive an additional $50,000. The rules were to be simple as well, no rules, no time limit to a knockout. There would be no rounds, no submissions, no breaks in the action; just two powerful, beautiful women slugging it out to decide who was the best fighter.

It didn’t take long for a venue to be found; we would travel to Hong Kong where the match would take place out of hours at a private squash club. The fight itself would be held inside the perspex walled exhibition court where wrestling mats would be put down. The two women and the referee would be locked inside the court with the crowd able to move around the sides of the court to get the best possible, up close view of the action. Attire (or lack of it) had been decided on too; the two women would face each other naked apart fro a pair of knee high converse boots each.

We arrived in Hong Kong a few days early to allow time to acclimatise to the sultry, humid conditions. We knew that the squash club would not be air conditioned for the match, so the hear might play a part if the match became a long one, so the more used to the heat Emma was, the better in my view. Doubtless Sara would be following the same plan. Emma also planned to come in a little heavier than normal for this match, reasoning that she could tire Sara out if she made her carry the extra weight around. I wasn’t convinced that approach was the best and was concerned it might backfire, but Emma wouldn’t be swayed from that idea.

On the day of the match, we arrived at the venue where we were shown to a locker room for our use. It was about 45 minutes until the scheduled start of the match and with little to do other than lace up her long converse boots, I tried to talk tactics with Emma but I was far from convinced that she was listening to me. She was ‘in the zone’, ready to mix it up in an anything goes brawl; I think her only tactic was likely to be to try and hurt Sara more than Sara could hurt her. Time passed slowly until we were called out into the main room, Emma entering the squash court first while I took my seat in the raised seating area. A small crowd of no more than 30 was crowded close to the walls of the court anxious to get the best view of the action. Emma looked composed and ready as she stretched a little and then leaned against the wall of the court, naked apart from the long black converse boots, she looked a curvaceous powerhouse who was itching to get the match started.

She wouldn’t have to wait long either as Sara emerged from a locker room on the other side of the court; the blonde American strutting confidently on to the mats to face Emma. The two women eyed each other across the mats as the MC for the evening started to make his introductions. ‘Gentlemen’ he addressed the entirely male audience ‘this is the ultimate catfight grudge match. It will be fought, not time limit, no holds barred and it will be fought to a knockout; a count of 20 will result in a knockout victory. Out two fighters for this grudge match have fought twice before with each claiming one victory. First of all, on my left from England is Emma Baines. Emma is a former Smythe catfight champion; she stands 5 feet 10 inches tall, weighs in at 172lbs and measures 40E-27-38. Her catfighting record stands at 33 wins and 12 defeats.’ Polite applause filled the room as Emma stepped forward to acknowledge the crowd; the MC continued ‘and her opponent on my right from the United States of America is Sara. Sara is a former Southern Belles catfight champion, she stands 5 feet 9 inches tall, weighs 160lbs and measures 38DD-26-38. Her catfight record stands at 26 wins with 8 defeats.’
With that, the MC left the court, the referee symbolically locked the door, and the fight was on. If the court side fans had expected Emma and Sara’s familiarity as opponents to lead to a fast paces start to the contest though, they would have been sorely disappointed by the slow, cautious start from both women. Painfully aware of the others abilities after their two previous meetings, the two women circled each other warily for a full minute before Emma attempted the first attack of the fight as she snapped out a kick at Sara’s right thigh. The kick landed, but Sara fired back immediately; a slap catching Emma flush in the face before a second caught Emma in the ribs. The circling continued, Emma again aiming a kick that Sara blocked and Emma was forced to skip out of range as Sara looked to unload on her with a right hook this time. Emma found herself pressed in against the wall of the court as Sara pressed forward and was able to land with a couple of solid body punches before Emma pushed her away, buying herself space and time to get her back off the wall. Sara stalked Emma across the mats as she looked to press home an early advantage but she walked straight into a pretty solid slap to the face that stopped her in her tracks. Emma looked to deliver a running clothesline to take Sara down but the blonde ducked under that attempt, instead catching Emma with a forearm to the kidneys before grabbing a handful of auburn hair from behind to help her pull Emma into a tight side headlock.

Sara immediately flipped Emma off her feet to the mat, lying herself across Emma’s chest as she cranked on the headlock, keeping a hold of Emma’s hair as she did so to keep her under control. Sara planted her feet in the mat, cranking hard on the headlock once more as she asked Emma ‘you like that bitch?’ I was pretty sure the answer was no, but Emma preferred to reply by trying to buck Sara off her instead. The American had a solid base down on the mat though and Emma was unable to shift her as Sara once again cranked the headlock. A change of tactic from Sara saw her take a double handful of hair to bounce the back of Emma’s head off the thin mats twice before using the hair to bring Emma back to her feet. The court-side crowd got their first really close up view of the action as Sara whipped Emma hard into the unforgiving wall of the court. Emma looked to cover up as Sara whipped in a couple of punches to her rib cage that she blocked well enough, but a clever downward thrust by Sara broke Emma’s defences apart and left her open to Sara’s straight knee to her stomach. That struck home and Emma seemed to sag slightly against the wall as Sara pressed home her attack with a two punch combination to the body that left Emma on her backside. Sara seemed determined to work Emma’s body over in the early part of the match as she looked to sap Emma’s energy.

A handful of hair helped Sara roughly yank Emma to her feet, and the blonde continued to work on Emma’s body with a knee lift to the stomach. As Emma doubled forward from that blow, a double fisted smash across the shoulders dropped her to her knees at Sara’s feet. A football style kick to the side saw Emma roll across the mats, coming to rest flat on her back. Sara gestured disdainfully at Emma , glancing at the crowd with a knowing glance before she looked to deliver a full body splash on Emma. The hesitation cost Sara though as Emma rolled clear at the last second and Sara’s splash caught nothing but mat. For the first time in the fight, Sara had made a mistake and it looked like the advantage might switch to Emma. Sara’s missed attempt at the splash had left her winded and as Emma got to her knees, she caught a rising Sara with an uppercut to the jaw which put the blonde American back down on the mat. A leg spread and falling head butt to the pit of the stomach followed soon after, and Emma looked to have things going her way as she went for her opponent’s blonde hair to bring her back to her feet. A hand slipped between Sara’s thighs and the American fighter found herself lifted and body slammed to the mats as Emma continued her attack.

Emma’s next move was well thought out, designed to quickly sap an opponent as she placed her shin across Sara’s throat, leaning her weight onto it to effectively choke the blonde. A handful of hair helped Emma to really add the pressure to the hold, and for a brief moment it seemed that Emma might even be able to put Sara away quickly with the move. Sara pounded her legs on the mat as she groaned under the weight of Emma’s hold, but she was resourceful enough to find a way out as she grabbed Emma’s boot clad ankle and was able to twist it into a painful ankle lock, and just like that, it was Emma on the receiving end again as she cried out, surprised by the pain caused by Sara’s impressive wrestling move. Impressive wrestling move or not, Sara wasn’t above adding some catfighting back into the mix as she cruelly raked her long nails up the back of Emma’s right thigh. That drew an extra shriek of pain from Emma but she quickly found her way out, thrusting back a kick which caught Sara in the stomach and broke the painful ankle lock.

This time, both women were back to their feet, Emma favouring her ankle a little as they circled, exchanging solid slaps to each others faces as the match passed through the ten minute mark. The crowd seemed to be anxious for the action to pick up again, and they didn’t have to wait long as Sara feinted with a slap to the face and instead drove her shoulder into Emma’s stomach, pushing her back into the wall of the court. Once again, Sara launched an assault on Emma’s body, landing some solid punches to the stomach as Emma first looked to cover up, then fire back with some punches of her own but Sara held the upper hand, forcing Emma to tie her up in a loose bear hug. That slowed Sara up briefly, but she was soon able to break that hold, delivering a head butt to Emma’s chest and as Emma’s arms broke free, Sara whipped a fast uppercut into her stomach dropping her to her knees up against the perspex wall. Emma found herself trapped in a front headlock almost immediately, her powerful blonde nemesis towering over her as she punished her once again with the choking headlock. Unfortunately for Sara, she also found herself in the perfect position for Emma to retaliate with a crotch claw; something which hadn’t escaped Emma’s attention as she quickly got her fingers into Sara’s pussy bringing a cry of dismay from the American.

‘You fucking bitch!’ Sara shrieked out before adding ‘You’ll pay for that cunt!’ through gritted teeth.

‘Really?’ Emma smiled as she brought Sara up on to her tip-toes with the claw hold before delivering a head butt of her own to the American’s ample chest which bowled Sara to the mat. It seemed to me that Emma finally had things going in her direction as she confidently strode after her grounded opponent, pulling Sara to her feet and into a crushing bear hug which she quickly converted into a pussy pounding atomic drop that put Sara on her back once again as she clutched at the pain between her legs. Now it was Emma who looked confident that she had the American under control, as she grabbed her hair and slapped her face while pulling her to her knees. ‘Waiting for you to make me pay bitch...’ she told Sara as she pulled her up and into another bear hug. It seemed like a perfect move, but in fact, it proved to be a case of going back to the well once too often as her blonde foe was waiting on the move as she drove her knee up hard into Emma’s crotch bringing an immediate yell of pain from Emma with the perfectly timed knee strike. Worse was to follow for Emma as well as she doubled forward following the knee lift and found herself caught with a second hard knee lift into the face, and Emma crashed to the mat clutching her face as Sara asked her ‘how does that feel you bitch? Think you’re starting to pay for it now huh?’

Emma was clearly dazed, coming back to her feet with Sara’s ‘assistance’ only to be floored instantly with a hard forearm smash to the chest. As Emma rolled across the mat and got back to all fours I could see a steady trickle of blood had started from her nose, presumably from the knee to the face. It was the least of her immediate worries though as a football style kick caught her in the ribs again, putting her on her back for as long as it took for Sara to bring her back upright and floor her again with another forearm smash to the chest. This time, she hovered above Emma until she got to all fours once more and found Sara straddling her back to trap her in a vice like standing body scissors. Emma screamed out with pain as Sara’s hands went straight into her long auburn hair to pull a clump of it out, brushing it from her fingers before she tensed her thighs once more to crush Emma’s body. The hands were back in Emma’s hair again now, more to control her head this time as Sara continued to punish Emma with the scissor hold. Sara couldn’t resist the chance to deliver a cross-face forearm smash to Emma’s face which connected solidly, but with both women’s bodies now slick with sweat in the heat, it also caused Sara to slip as she was slightly off balance and more from luck than anything else, Emma was free from the scissor hold.

Sara got back to her feet quickly, catching Emma with a knee to the side of her face, and as she landed face down on the mat, a handful of hair enabled Sara to drive her face hard into the thin mats. Emma was still dazed, the flow of blood steady from her nose as Sara brought her back to her feet and delivered a big bodyslam in the centre of the mats. From the match having been on a even keel only a few minutes earlier, Sara had total control now as she delivered an elbow drop across Emma’s chest. That struck home effectively, and Sara wasn’t about to waste any time as she grabbed Emma in a double nipple twist which she used to bring Emma to her feet as she stretched and twisted the nipples painfully. A headbutt followed, this time Sara landed it straight in Emma’s face, and Emma crumpled back to the mat, clearly now in big trouble in the match. ‘Come on slut!’ Sara taunted as she slapped Emma around the top of the head ‘I thought you were a tough girl?’ she laughed as she brought Emma to her feet, parading her towards to the wall of the court by her hair.

Emma tried to fire back, a weak punch catching Sara in the stomach, followed by another, more solid looking punch, but with Sara controlling her by the hair it was in vain. Sara took back control, once again leveling Emma with a knee lift, this time to the chest. Emma crashed to the mat only to find herself quickly back on her feet as Sara pulled her upright before whipping her hard, chest first, into the perspex wall. There was no give in the wall, and Emma visibly sagged as she hit it; Sara allowed no respite either as she nailed Emma with a solid kidney punch, and then she grabbed Emma’s hair, pulling her back into a rear body scissor which she clamped on tightly up against the wall of the court. Adding to Emma’s discomfort, Sara managed to get her feet inside Emma’s thighs, spreading her legs slightly to give the crowd a good view of her crotch as they gathered close to action. ‘You worthless, weak slut’ Sara spat in Emma’s ear ‘spreading your legs for the crowd, little bitch!’ she continued before continuing her assault as she took advantage of the proximity of the wall to press the outside of Emma’s right breast into it before delivering three shard punches to the inside of the breast drawing a cry of pain from Emma.

‘Aww, does it hurt?’ Sara teased as she sunk her long, sharp nails into the sensitive breast flesh, still holding it against the wall as she punished a disheveled and slightly desperate looking Emma. ‘Try this cunt!’ Sara continued as she raised her hips and flexed her thighs to crush Emma with the body scissor once more, Emma crying out in pain again before SAra clubbed her across the shoulders with a hard forearm and then went back to work on her right breast, this time sinking her fingers into the sensitive flesh. Emma gritted her teeth, grabbing Sara’s hands to try and prise them off her; Sara used her teeth to further punish Emma as she sunk them into her shoulder blade before wrapping her arm around Emma’s throat to pull her back into a choke hold. All the time, Sara’s thighs continued to grind away at Emma’s body, and as she passed a couple of minutes in the choke hold as well, I was beginning to worry that Sara was simply going to be able to choke her out to claim the knockout win. In fact, Emma had at least been able to defend a little against the choke, tucking her chin in, but Sara’s thighs were drawing pained noises from Emma on a pretty regular basis now. That seemed to convince the blonde that she might be able to secure the victory there and then as she delivered one more cross-face forearm and then released Emma before telling the ref to ‘count her.’

The referee stepped in and started to call out the count. ‘one.....two.....three’ he began as Sara hovered menacingly in the background, preparing to step back in if Emma could beat the count of ‘nine....ten.....eleven.....’ the count continued, but finally Emma starting to show some signs of movement and as she made it to her feet, Sara stepped in again, using a double handful of hair to lift Emma to her feet. Back against the wall of the court, Emma couldn’t defend as Sara bounced the back of her head of it and then drove another knee lift into Emma’s stomach. That tactic had been a constant from the blonde; she had worked on Emma’s body at every opportunity and it seemed to have paid dividends in sapping Emma’s stamina. Emma started to crawl, on all fours, as looked to put some distance between herself and her blonde tormentor. Sara strutted after her now, taunting again ‘Look at you, you worthless cunt, reduced to crawling away now. Your husband must be so proud of you....’ she teased before pushing Emma over with a foot to her backside.

Sara still wanted to do more damage, pulling Emma to her feet to deliver a big bodyslam. A second slam drew a cry of ‘noooo!’ from Emma as she was effortlessly lifted and driven hard to the mats. A third time Emma found herself lifted as the powerful American continued to put the exclamation point on her dominance; this time by delivering an across the knee back breaker. As she pushed Emma off her knee to the mats, Sara grabbed her own breasts, standing over Emma and asking her ‘remember these bitch?’ before she dropped herself down hard on to Emma’s stomach. If she wasn’t already, that move totally winded Emma and she was able to offer little resistance as Sara easily parted her legs with a grapevine. ‘You know what comes next bitch....’ Sara reminded Emma as she pinned her hands to the mat above her head.

The look of fear in Emma’s glassy eyes betrayed the fact that she knew exactly what was coming. Before Sara had chance to plunge forward, Emma was pleading with her ‘please, no..... I....I give ummmfff’ she was cut off as Sara’s DD’s expertly enveloped her mouth and nose. It was Sara’s signature move, the super smother grapevine, and she had it on perfectly as she reminded Emma ‘no submissions you stupid little bitch; you’re going out!’ Emma had nowhere to go either; hands pinned to the mat, legs entwined and painfully spread by her opponent’s powerful legs, the American’s naked body pinning her flat to the mat and apparently devoid of the energy to do anything about it, she was in big trouble now. Sara knew it too, toying with Emma as she let the smother off her briefly to allow Emma to sob ‘please, please, I give up, please get off of me mmmmffff’ as Sara once again plunged her breasts into Emma’s face. ‘Don’t get my tits wet with you tears, you fucking cry baby bitch’ she chided Emma as she reached back to deliver a punch to crotch. It was total dominance now from Sara; Emma had not reply and indeed the smother was so firmly applied that she was very quickly in danger of getting smothered out. Sara knew it too, delivering one more crotch punch and then she rolled off Emma instructing the referee to ‘count the bitch out; she’s done now!’

The ref again stepped in to start his count ‘one......two......three......four’ as Sara paraded around the court, proclaiming what she felt was now a certain victory. I had to admit, I thought she was right too’ I couldn’t see Emma beating the count. I wasn’t entirely sure I wanted her to at this point as it looked like it would only delay the inevitable. ‘Ten......eleven.......twelve’ the count continued and there were some vague signs of movement from Emma down on the mat. Not enough to stop the count, but enough for Sara to start paying some interest as the count reached fifteen and Emma looked to get on to her knees. Sara was poised, ready to strike again just out of Emma’s field of vision should she beat the count. At the count of eighteen, Emma got to her knees on the mat, and she simply never saw the punch coming as Sara exploded a perfect right hand off her jaw and she pitched to the mat on her side, totally bewildered by the perfect, power packed strike that had put her there.

This time there was no beating the count; Emma not even moving as the referee counted off the twenty seconds it took to declare Sara the winner. Sara paraded around the court once more, drinking in the applause of the crowd as they congratulated her on her dominant thirty minute victory. In contrast, Emma was helped from the court by the referee; Sara casting a satisfied glance in her direction as she continued to celebrate her win.

I was glad to find Emma was fine physically as I got back to the locker room to see her. After that, I was more concerned about the effect this defeat might have on her if she was going to continue fighting. She had been almost completely dominated in the end by her arch rival, and I couldn’t see that it would sit easily with her in her future matches. The only positive I could see was that the private nature of the match would mean that only a limited number of people were going to be really aware of what had happened. For now though, we would stay in Hong Kong for a couple of weeks for Emma to have time to recover before the flight home....