Return to Action

By wolfboy

Emma returns to action in a private match after her tough defeat to Sara

After her defeat against Sara in the Hong Kong challenge match, I’d been more than a little worried about Emma getting back into action. I wondered if she’d want to fight again and had felt it would almost certainly take some time before she did. In fact, it was almost the opposite and as soon as we’d got home, Emma had been pushing me to get her a private match in our garage ring for her to get back into it. I had stalled a couple of weeks to make sure she was ready for it, before I had tracked down what I felt was an ideal challenge for her in Swedish catfighter Myra Strom. The Swedish blonde was a young up and coming catfighter who was starting to build a bit of a reputation after 7 wins in her first 8 fights. I felt that she would provide Emma with enough of a challenge, but not one that should prove insurmountable if she was truly up for the match.

It would be the first match held in our garage ring for a little while, so i busied myself in the build up with getting that into prime condition. I sensed it was better to let Emma look after her own preparations this time somehow, I figured that this approach had worked well enough; Emma certainly seemed pretty focused on the matter at hand on the day of the fight. The same could certainly be said of her tall blonde opponent as well though. Myra seemed very focused and confident as she arrived for the match along with her boyfriend who would be her second for the match. The match was going to be fought to Emma’s usual house rules of two ten minute rounds followed by one untimed round fought naked to a finish. Myra had requested that there would be no referee, suggesting that she was confident and comfortable with whatever might come from that request, It wasn’t an issue for Emma either, so the two women prepared to face each other without any censure from a referee.

From organising the match, I knew Myra’s stats well enough. The blonde was 25 years old with a record of 7 wins and 1 loss.; the loss had come in her second match. She was 5 feet 10 inches tall, 155lbs and measured 36C-25-35. Beyond that, I knew little as her 8 matches so far has all been private affairs. The blonde looked relaxed and confident as she slipped between the ropes in the garage to take on Emma. The Swede leant on the ropes, casually testing their tension. Her lightly tanned skin was set off nicely by her choice of a metallic gold triangle bikini top and thong along with a matching gold micro mini skirt. Emma, back to her more usual fighting weight of 164lbs now had unwittingly selected an outfit that contrasted almost perfectly with her opponent’s choice; a silver crop top and thong along with a pleated micro skirt. Both women were barefoot, both had long hair that was bound to be a target and both were itching to get the match started. Without a referee to stop them, the match started the second that Emma slipped through the ropes, so I started the timer and settled back to enjoy the first round action.

Myra had jumped Emma as she had slipped between the ropes, grabbing her long auburn hair and running her across the ring by it to slam her head first into the padded corner post. She quickly followed that by whipping Emma into the walled side of the ring, Emma hitting hard and having no time to recover as the young Swede followed up with two body punches and a hair throw across the ring. Emma landed in a seated position, quickly receiving a sharp kick across the shoulder blades that pitched her forward, face down on the mats. Myra stood back momentarily, almost to admire her early work it seemed, but as Emma got back to all fours, the blonde was on her again, back into Emma’s hair to pull her the rest of the way to her feet before running her head first into the corner post once more. This time though, Emma reversed the attempt to whip her into the wall and it was the young Swede who collided with the unforgiving surface. Emma looked to give her a taste of her own medicine as she drove home two good body punches but Myra shot back with a slap to the face and was able to slip away from the wall and out of Emma’s range.

The first couple of minutes of the round had past in something of an action packed blur, and it was only now that the two women seemed to slow up and take stock a little as they probed each others defences. Tall and rangy, Myra used her reach to catch Emma with a couple of stinging slaps to the face before she strayed into Emma’s range and a handful of blonde hair saw her pulled into a side headlock. Emma used her free hand to deliver a slap to Myra’s face now before flipping her to the mat still in the headlock. Myra showed good skill and speed though to roll Emma on to her back though and despite still being trapped in the headlock she found the opportunity to try and apply a crotch claw on Emma who was now in a folded position on her back. Myra’s fingers were easily able to slip Emma’s flimsy thong aside as she started to punish her with the claw hold, but Emma managed to get herself back on top of Myra and she quickly trapped and scissored her hand to prevent her from continuing the crotch claw, Now Emma looked to go on the attack herself, a punch to Myra’s stomach followed by an elbow to the Swedish fighter’s breasts broke off any immediate plans Myra might have to counter attack as Emma piled on the pressure. Myra was calm under the attack of the much more experienced woman though, securing a handful of hair to prevent Emma from really getting the advantage.

Emma sensed that she needed to move on to another attack as she pulled Myra from the mats roughly by the hair, and threw her hard into the corner post. As Myra staggered out of the corner, Emma looked pick her up for a body slam; Myra blocked that attempt though, firing two sharp, piston-like knee lifts into Emma’s stomach. A short right hand to the jaw dropped Emma to her knees and Myra was on her to apply a front choke hold. With Emma on her knees, the 5 foot 10 inch blonde was able to really apply some pressure to the hold, quickly forcing Emma to look for a way back to her feet. In trying to do that though, Emma left herself wide open to a sharp kick to the stomach and stunned from that move, she had no defence as Myra lifted her to deliver an across the knee back breaker. That hold quickly became a test of Emma’s ability to withstand pain as, keeping her stretched over her knee, Myra applied combined breast and crotch claws to Emma before asking her ‘submit?’

‘No’ Emma replied, somewhat less than convincingly as Myra twisted her breast hard once more before electing to deliver a straight punch to Emma’s crotch. If Myra had gone straight back to the claw hold combination at that point, I think she would have claimed the first submission of the match, but she had something else in mind for Emma at that point. Pushing Emma off her knee and to the mat, Myra got to her feet and used Emma’s hair to move her into a standing head scissor, at least I thought that was her plan. Then, levering both of Emma’s arms up behind her back, she quickly delivered what I could only describe as some sort of suplex, sending Emma up, over and hard down to the mat. The sound of Emma’s 164lb frame made a resounding thud as she hit the mat; clearly winded, she found herself trapped flat on her back in a painful crucifix type of hold. Myra had both of Emma’s arms tied up behind her, her head crimped painfully against her own body, and perhaps worst of all for Emma, both of her hands free to inflict maximum pain on her; something she did with glee. Pulling Emma’s bikini top up, Myra instantly went for a double handed breast claw on Emma which drew a shriek of pain. A short back-headbutt from Emma saw Myra use her gold painted finger nails to rake four angry furrows into Emma’s right breast then the double handed claw hold was back on as Emma admitted her submission to put the young Swedish fighter 1-0 up in the fight.

Maintaining the crucifix hold for a few seconds, Myra treated Emma to an eye rake before getting her back to her feet. Still disorientated from the eye rake, Emma was floored by a running clothesline before Myra moved in to pin her, sitting on her stomach and pinning her arms to the mat above her head. Releasing one of Emma’s hands, Myra went to work, ripping at her silver bra top until she had managed to roughly remove it and expose Emma’s breasts. Advantage to the Swede again as she shifted to apply a grapevine and then briefly sunk her teeth into Emma’s right breast, bringing some more howls of pain from Emma. At least Emma had the perfect counter this time, wrapping her free arm tightly round the back of Myra’s head to force her face into the smothering pillow of her breasts. Now Myra looked to be in trouble though she responded, working the grapevine as hard as she could, and then when that had little effect, she blindly found her target to deliver a second eye rake. That broke off Emma’s attempted breast smother from underneath Myra and the younger woman shifted her position to sit higher up on Emma’s chest, delivering a couple of slaps to Emma’s face before grabbing a double handful of auburn hair to pull Emma’s face directly into her crotch. The fabric of Myra’s skirt got in the way a little preventing her from really getting the crotch smother fully on and after a about 30 seconds, the timer sounded to signal the end of the first round.

That should have led to a two minute break in the action; indeed, Myra released Emma’s hair allowing her head to fall back to the mat. But that was it, the young blonde didn’t move, remaining seated high on Emma’s chest, hands on hips as she gazed down smugly at Emma.

‘Get off me you bitch!’ Emma demanded ‘It’s the end of the round’

‘Make me’ Myra taunted ‘There is no referee; I’m staying here until the start of round two unless you shift me you bitch!’ she stated confidently.

And that was it really for the mid round break. Emma bucked wildly for a few seconds but Myra showed excellent balance to keep her place on Emma’s chest. Emma thought better of it then, electing to conserve her energy and it was at that point that Myra rolled up her own skirt, forming it almost into a belt at her waist. The purpose behind that was clear enough as the buzzer sounded to start round two and Myra was straight back on the attack, grabbing Emma by the hair again to pull her face straight back into the crotch smother and without her metallic gold skirt getting in the way it was applied far more effectively this time, quickly drawing a second submission from Emma. Climbing off her now, Myra took a few seconds to adjust her skirt back into place before looking to pull Emma off the mat by the hair, and she paid for that delay as Emma slammed a foot into her stomach, knocking her back to the mat in surprise. She landed hard on her backside and probably driven by some anger from the refusal to allow her to break, Emma was on her quickly, a second kick to the chest bowled her over onto her back, Emma followed her, stomping on her stomach before spreading her legs and delivering a pin point accurate elbow drop to the crotch and as Myra squealed out her protest, the match looked to finally be back in Emma’s control.

Wasting no time, Emma grabbed Myra’s ankles and as the Swede feared another crotch attack, she failed to defend as Emma flipped her over into a boston crab. Immediately the young Swede was under pressure, clawing at the mat as she looked to find a way out. Emma had the move well applied though, leaning back to painfully torque Myra’s back, and she had her yelling out with pain but gamely hanging on until she switched to the single leg boston and crotch claw combination and she quickly had Myra admitting her submission. Emma was on a roll now, bringing Myra to her feet with a handful of long blonde hair before flooring her with a huge European style uppercut. Dazed, Myra found herself whipped hard into the corner post where Emma followed in with a running splash, crushing Myra against the ring post, A knee lift was whipped up into Myra’s crotch, and barely had the scream of pain from that left her lips before Emma had body slammed her hard in the centre of the ring.

I thought Emma might go for the running splash, but instead she delivered a leg drop across her chest before converting that into a tight side head scissor. ‘Ahhh...choking me...’ Myra protested. ‘No referee honey remember!’ Emma reminded her before pouring on the power and yelling at her ‘submit!!’

‘No, no’ Myra replied as Emma went to work on her bikini top, quickly removing that before sinking her nails expertly into soft, sensitive breast flesh to draw another cry of pain from Myra who seemed to be on the verge of a second submission. She raked her nails down Emma’s thigh, earning herself a retaliatory rake of the breasts from Emma who then reapplied her claw hold in earnest to finally extract the equalising submission. I was impressed that Emma had come back into the fight so quickly, in some ways, I think the fact that her opponent had pissed her off between rounds had helped her. Now though, she probably needed to control that fury a little to pace herself for the rest of the contest. Perhaps sensing that herself, Emma’s next move was to wrap Myra up into a vice like rear body scissor with a hair held full nelson thrown in. I could see the pain etched on Myra’s face from the hold almost instantly; gone was the confident, cocky opponent of the previous round. Emma raised her hips, tensed her thick, sexy thighs and drew a moan of protest from the Swede. Then Emma clubbed her twice with a hard forearm across the back of the shoulders, reapplied the full nelson and pulled Myra back and up into the air before pitching her forward and slamming her arse hard into the mat.

‘Oh shit!’ Myra cried out as Emma taunted her ‘you like that blondie?’ Have another go!’ as she lifted her again to repeat the dose. ‘Please, please, no more....’ Myra pleaded but Emma was having none of it, repeating the move twice more before she applied an impressive combination of rear choke hold, breast claw and body scissor, using that to slowly but surely grind a submission out of the now struggling Swede. Now 3-2 up, Emma elected to allow Myra up to her feet before continuing the match, and with little time left in round two, she elected to punish rather than look to claim more submissions. Throwing Myra into the walled section of the ring, before slamming half a dozen body punches in the toned torso of her opponent. Myra slid down the wall to a seated position where she found Emma’s foot briefly jammed against her throat before Emma pulled her upright by the hair to slam her face first into the padded corner post. Rubber legged now, Myra had no defence as Emma lifted and slammed her in the centre of the ring. As the buzzer sounded to end round two, Emma ‘helped’ Myra to her corner, dragging her to the ropes by the hair before physically throwing her through them before making her way back to our corner.

‘Little bitch had that coming’ she told me as she sat down to strip off the rest of her silver outfit for the nude final round.

‘I guess so’ I agreed ‘You fight better when you’re angry though; maybe she’s done you a favour as well?’ I suggested.

‘You might be right’ Emma agreed, glowering across the ring at the now naked blonde.

‘You also look fantastic when you get mad with her’ I pointed out, earning myself a suggestive glance. ‘Remember though; round three is like starting all over again, so she can still beat you if she catches you here.’

Emma took that on board as she slipped between the ropes to await the start of the final round. Myra joined her and the action was straight back underway, Emma pushing Myra head back with a couple of snappy jabs before getting caught with a slashing nail rake across the stomach by the Swede. It was evident that Myra still had a little fight left in her as Emma looked to tie her up in a side headlock, quickly finding herself backed into the ropes. The two women then collided in mid ring, a collision of 319lbs of sexy female flesh in which neither gave an inch, but Emma gained the advantage delivering a swift kick to Myra’s stomach. As the Swedish fighter doubled over, Emma was on her, driving a hard knee up into her breasts then clubbing her hard across the shoulder blades to put her on her knees. Momentum seemed to have firmly swung in Emma’s favour now, but Myra surprised her once more, managing to grab Emma’s ankle to trip her face first to the mat. Myra was unable to follow up quickly enough though and Emma scrambled to her feet.

The two women circled each other, exchanging a mixture of slaps and kicks as well as the occasional verbal barb before Myra was able to get a hold of Emma’s auburn hair. The Swedish fighter caught Emma with a forearm to the chest before finding an attempted knee lift to the crotch was blocked by Emma. The hair hold saw Emma flipped to the mat though, but as Myra tried to follow up with a splash, Emma rolled clear and Myra caught nothing but the mat. Emma was quickly on her feet, helping Myra part way up by the hair before driving a solid kick into her rib cage which put Myra back on all fours winded. Emma cruelly raked the nails of both hands slowly down the length of Myra’s back drawing a drawn on shriek of agony from the Swede as Emma set about softening her up to finish her off. Two hard postings saw the Swede dropped to her knees before she was propped up against the ring post by Emma who leant into her to apply a double breast claw. Grinding her knee up into Myra’s crotch for added effect, Emma was punishing the blonde now, but she still hung in there, refusing to submit to a full minute of brutal breast mauling before she was able to force Emma off balance and buy herself a brief respite.

The two women exchanged blows again from range, but now it seemed that Myra’s lacked a little bit of authority. They were still landed often enough though to be a brief concern for Emma until she snapped out an impressive right cross which rocked Myra back into the ropes. Quickly Emma planted a foot firmly into her stomach and fell back to monkey flip Myra to the mat and with that, Emma was able to take her time before delivering a knee drop to the small of Myra’s back down on the mat. That was enough to set her up for the submission move Emma had in mind for her, draping Myra’s arms over her knees, Emma applied what was a perfect looking camel clutch before she reached round and sunk her talons into Myra’s pert C cup breasts and almost immediately, Myra was sobbing out her submission of the match.

Emma had claimed victory coming back from what had been the toughest defeat of her catfighting career. There would doubtless be tougher challenges ahead for Emma than that which the young Swedish woman had provided her with, but at least I was confident now that her heart was still in it.