By wolfboy

Claire faces a tough mandatory challenger for her lightweight belt

Claire’s next opponent promised to be a tough one as she would once again defend her Smythe lightweight championship. She had won the title initially in a four woman, private invitation tournament by winning two matches. Having successfully defended the title since then, she would now face the fourth woman from that tournament, Romana Fiuruzzi in a mandatory defence of her title. The Italian was a well known, experienced catfighter with a reputation for being an uncompromising, dirty fighter. Since the tournament, she had strung together six impressive wins, the last being an impressive destruction of Hayley Portman to decide who would be the number one contender. That contest had been a no time limit grudge match in which Romana had won six straight falls after a slow start, finally making Hayley admit her defeat in just over an hour of fighting.

At least Claire’s match was unlikely to go that log. It was a no time limit match, but with just one submission required for victory. As challenger, Romana had been able to add one stipulation to the match, and she requested the no holds barred contest would take place not in the ring, but in the small converted swimming pool in the Smythe mansion. As an experienced apartment catfighter, I figured she would feel more at home in that confined space than she would in the ring. Claire also made one request which was added to the rules with immediate agreement from Romana; she wanted the match to be fought topless with both women wearing what remained of their outfits from that initial tournament. Claire thought that fighting topless would work to her advantage; Romana’s quick acceptance of the stipulation suggested that she perhaps felt otherwise.

The day of the match arrived and there was a real buzz around the mansion for the match. Most people had been impressed and not a little surprised at the comprehensive nature of Romana’s win in the eliminator with Hayley. Many of them now fancied that the title might change hands for the first time here. Claire was confident though as she lowered herself into the tight confines of the drained pool to await her opponent. There was no doubt Claire was physically in great shape, something which her attire of just black leather booty shorts showed off perfectly. Her opponent held quite an advantage in experience though and she too looked impressively confident and assured as she dropped down in to the pool. A little taller than Claire, the fiery redhead looked perfectly attired for the pool in her black and purple bikini briefs, This pool was one for fighting though, not swimming, so it remained to the be seen who was ultimately best suited to it as the ring announcer began his introductions for the match.

‘Ladies and Gentlemen, this topless, anything goes catfight is for the Smythe lightweight catfight title and it is no time limit with just one submission to decide the outcome. First of all your challenger is the number one contender for the title, Romana Fiuruzzi. She is 28 years old, 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs in tonight at 130lbs with measurements of 34C-25-36. Her catfight record is 20 wins with 4 defeats.’ The small crowd applauded the challenger before the announcer continued ‘And her opponent is the Smythe lightweight champion Claire Voss. Claire is 23 years old, 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs in at 12lbs with measurements of 34DD-24-35. Her catfight record is 7 straight wins.’ Again the crowd applauded as the announcer handed over to the referee who, from the edge of the pool, signaled the two women to start the match. If the crowd had expected and immediate burst of action, they were disappointed as Romana elected to indulge in some mind games to start proceedings as she twice came almost into range to lockup with Claire before backing away. Claire looked a little bemused by the Italian’s apparent reticence to fight, but on the third attempt, Romana struck hard, a knee penetrating Claire’s defences and catching her in the stomach. A measured right hand to the jaw followed and Claire was dropped to her knees almost immediately and then Romana backed up again for a moment before unleashing a low drop kick, both feet catching Claire square in the chest as she bowled her over to the mat.

Keeping the pace of her early assault slow and deliberate, Romana came over to grab Claire by the hair, pull her upright and then whip her into the curved wall of the pool. Claire moaned as she hit the wall and she found the sultry Italian slowly stalking her as she measured her for another right hand to the jaw. Claire blocked that attempt, shooting back with a slap to the face but Romana quickly crowded her, pressing her back against the wall, grinding her knee up into Claire’s crotch as she secured a double handful of hair. Claire moaned again as Romana bumped her had back into the padded wall of the pool and intensified her knee grinding into the crotch, but with the Italian balancing on one leg, she was able to grab that standing leg and tip Romana to the mats. Claire’s first successful attack of the match followed as she moved in quickly to catch Romana with a knee to the side. Claire continued her attack at pace, using Romana’s red hair to get her to her knees where she stepped over her, straddling her back before trapping her in a standing body scissor.

Claire’s legs were probably her biggest weapon in a fight, and she wasted no time in bringing them to bear on Romana as she locked them tightly around her body, fell to her side and started to squeeze furiously, immediately bringing an involuntary groan of pain from the red head. Feeling the power, Romana wasted no time in looking for a way out, probing Claire’s ankles with her left hand as she looked to prise them apart. That was ineffective it seemed as Claire tied up her left arm in an overhead arm lock of sorts, but distracted by that, she left herself open to an elbow shot to the pit of the stomach that broke her scissor hold. Romana went back to the elbow again, and Claire rolled away from her, clutching her stomach and the fiery redhead was able to get back to her feet. Taking her time still, Romana looked to work Claire over some more, rolling her to her stomach and getting her into a wheelbarrow position before delivering a nasty kick to the pit of the stomach that had Claire gasping for breath on the mat as Romana looked to pick her next spot to attack Claire. Waiting for the raven haired champion to reach all fours, it was now the Italian’s turn to apply a tight body scissor to Claire. She wasted no time either in adding a breast claw t the equation and Claire cried out in pain from the well applied dual attack.

Claire put all of her defensive efforts into breaking the breast claw, but she paid for that as with both hands locked onto Romana’s right arm, the Italian gave her a backhand slap to the face with her left. It wasn’t a powerful move but it surprised Claire, buying Romana some time which she used to ease Claire’s leather booty shorts down a little before she added a stomach claw right where the waistband of the shorts had just been. Now Claire’s eyes were wide with pain as she howled out her anguish at Romana’s latest attack, The thighs of the Italian were locked tightly just below Claire’s breasts and now her fingers were expertly punishing Claire as well. Claire pushed her feet hard into the mats, looking to bridge just a little to ease the pain and Romana brought her second hand into the claw hold as well. The intensified pressure of the second hand caused Claire to drop her bridge, but it also left Claire’s hands free to grab hold of her opponent’s long red hair as it strayed into her range, and pulling hard on that she earned herself some respite from the combined scissor and claw holds. Romana was forced on the defensive a little as Claire started to tear at her long hair although her idea of defending was to respond in kind, and now both women were engaged in hair pulling contest on the floor.

Seemingly getting the worst end of it at first, Claire fought back from under Romana eventually getting her feet planted firmly in the Italian’s stomach as she leant back, forcing Romana to break her hair hold. Now it was the Italian cat who looked to be in trouble as Claire seemed intent on giving her a new, shorter hairstyle. She looked to fight back, but Claire’s legs held firm preventing her aimed body punches from catching anything other than her thighs. For a moment, I thought Claire might get the job done in fact just with the hair pulling as Romana’s moans and groans of pain started to sound increasingly desperate. The Italian woman was tougher than that though and she was able to find a way out as she squirmed her way over Claire’s legs, now lying on top of them in a part pinning position. Claire grimly held on to her hair and paid for it as Romana gleefully took advantage of a free shot at her crotch, exploding a punch straight into the front of her booty shorts. That instantly saw Claire lose her grip of the hair, and in a flash, Romana was able to move herself forward into a high schoolgirl pin on Claire’s chest. I thought a face sit might be next on her agenda, but instead she used the position to rain in a series of body punches to Claire’s stomach. Claire bridged again, looking to see if she could dislodge Romana only to find herself trapped in another stomach claw as the red head looked to work her body over once more.

Claire groaned with pain once again as Romana forced sharp nails into her stomach, her middle finger plunging into Claire’s belly button before twisting painfully, and again it was the champion who seemed to be in big trouble. Digging deep, Claire refused the demands of her opponent to submit, but she seemed to struggling to find a way out of the punishing claw hold. I knew that she could take plenty of punishment if she needed to, but Romana was also edging up her body, getting ever closer to applying the face sit as well. Breaking the claw hold finally, Romana slammed a punch into Claire’s already weakened abs, and then she looked to move forward to finally apply the face sit. The body punch at least gave Claire an idea what was coming though, and timing her move perfectly, Claire bucked wildly and sent Romana sprawling off her to the mat. Claire looked to move quickly now, realising she had to get back to her feet if she was going to get back into the match; she didn’t quite make it unhindered though as Romana trapped her in a front headlock. Claire had momentum though as she rose and she used it to drive the Italian back hard into the wall of the pool. That broke the headlock and Claire instantly followed with two punches to Romana’s breasts which rocked the redhead, forcing her to try and clinch with Claire.

That also played into Claire’s hands as it put her in perfect range to deliver a knee lift to the body that seemed to take some of the wind out of Romana’s sails. Now it was Claire with the measured approach as she was able to land a left-right combination to Romana’s unprotected jaw, and the Italian fighter’s legs betrayed her as she buckled to the mat. Claire didn’t let her stay that way for long though, getting her half upright before flooring her with a leaping elbow across the shoulders. A leg drop high across the shoulders followed before Claire used Romana’s long red hair to slam her face to the mat twice. Suddenly, Claire seemed to be well on top as she lifted the ailing Italian and body slammed her hard in the centre of the pool area, and with that move, she dove on top of the winded red head to trap her in a text book breast smother.

Claire quickly added a grapevine to the mix and the combination of her DD breasts and her strong legs looked like they would bring her the victory. Romana was stubborn though and as she passed 30 seconds trapped in the hold, she managed to squirm her legs fee of the grapevine to bridge as she tried to escape again. Claire had been ready for that though, grabbing the waistband of the Italian woman’s bikini briefs before pulling them high up her body, forcing the sturdy fabric to cut painfully into her pussy in a wedgie. Now we could hear her cries of pain despite having Claire’s tits planted firmly in her face and as Claire reminded her to ‘submit or go out’, the Italian’s hand hovered close to the mat, seemingly ready to tap out. In the end, it took one more pull on her bikini briefs to finally make up her mind, forcing her to tap out and victory was Claire’s.

The crowd rose as one to proclaim Claire as she climbed from the pool. It had been an impressive performance from her to beat a more experienced, tough opponent like Romana. Claire knew it too, and after the match, she told me ‘I think I’m ready to take on some of the bigger girls now Steve, what do you reckon?’

‘You might be right Claire’ I agreed ‘of course, you’ll still have to defend the title and you need to be a bit careful not to over match yourself with a real powerhouse. Maybe we could get you a private match first though to try it out?’ I suggested.

‘Sounds perfect’ she smiled ‘and I know exactly who I want to start with....’