Beat me or Eat Me
By wolfboy

A blast from the past as Debbie finds a video of her taking on a well known UK fighter in the 90s

Debbie was due to take on the teenage catfighter Kensi Welsh in her next match in a few days time, but before that, she called me and Emma round as she had found a video of one of her old matches that she wanted to show us.

‘I’d forgotten that I had some of these matches filmed’ Debbie explained when we got round to see her later that evening.’ I found 4 old matches altogether when I was having a clean out of the loft. I’ll show you them all, but I thought I’d start with this one as it’s one where you’ll recognise my opponent I think. I was against a woman from Manchester called Susan Strong. She did loads of video wrestling matches back in the late 80s and early 90s; a lot of them semi competitive at best, fairly tame stuff in general. The thing was, she really could fight as well and she loved to do private catfights against ordinary women. If I have this right, the match took place in 1992, so I would be about 30 at the time and it would have been my 8th match. The rules were simple enough; no time limit, nothing to the face except slaps, force the other woman to admit defeat and then it’s loser eats the winner on the mats. It’s the old fashioned version of loser gets fucked, but this way the winner gets all the fun!’

‘Sounds a much better idea!’ Emma agreed ‘Well don’t keep us waiting then Mum, lets see what you had back then!’

We settled back as Debbie put the video into the aging player and she waited for us to press play as she sat between us. The screen faded up to show a large, and currently empty gymnasium. At the centre of that was a large matted area for the match to take place on; all that we were missing was the two combatants. First to step onto the mats was Debbie who was wearing a knee length black kimono. ‘So back then’ Debbie told us ‘I was about 130lbs and my figure was 36D-24-36 and I’d had 6 wins and 1 loss’. Beneath the kimono, it was clear that Debbie wore sheer black stockings and a towering pair of high heels. Her hair was much longer too, almost waist length and dead straight. She was quickly joined on the mats by Susan who was similarly attired in a black kimono beneath which black sheer stockings and high heels could also be seen. ‘Susan was 39 years old when we had this match’ Debbie told us ‘she was tall, about 5 foot 9 I think and weighed 140lbs, her figure was 36C-25-36. Her record in competitive wrestling was 48 wins 15 losses and a draw. More importantly, in private, her record was 15 wins and 2 losses so she was vastly experienced’ Debbie said.

‘Sounds that way’ I agreed ‘A tough match for someone in just their 8th match. I think I do recognise her by the way, wasn’t she in the video you gave Emma to help her learn some moves when she started out?’ I asked.

‘Almost certainly’ Debbie agreed ‘I can’t quite remember which one I gave you, but when I was getting into the scene, she was big in the videos you could get here so I picked up a couple to help me learn. She was about as close as I ever got to some training!’ she laughed.

Back on the video, the two women were now face to face on the centre of the mats. ‘You understand the rules Debbie?’ Susan asked. ‘Yes’ Debbie replied. ‘You understand that if I win, I will force you to eat my pussy until I’m satisfied?’ Susan asked. ‘Yes’ Debbie replied again ‘but you’ll be eating me when we’re all done here’ she continued. ‘Excellent, I do like a feisty opponent, it’s more fun that way. Shall we start then?’ Susan finished, going back to her corner to kick off her shoes and remove her kimono to reveal a black lace bra, black thong and a black suspender belt that went with her black stockings. Debbie had also removed her kimono to reveal a slightly different look as she wore a black one piece suit along with her stockings and suspenders. The two women came back on to the mat and no signal was needed to get them started as both sank their hands into each others hair and a hair tug of war started around the mats. Taller, rangier, Susan looked to have the upper hand in that and she was quickly able to free up one hand to slap ferociously at Debbie’s legs and as Debbie looked to block that, she found herself dragged to the mat by her experienced opponent.

Susan forced Debbie’s head down to the mat as she maintained a grip of her hair and from her knees landed a slap into Debbie’s stomach before looking to straddle her back. She did that, sitting down hard in the small of Debbie’s back; Debbie rolled, looking for a way out but Susan rolled with her and had Debbie trapped in a scissor hold on the mat. She instantly twisted looking for a way out, and as she did so both women again secured good grips of the others hair. It was still advantage to Susan as she kept Debbie in a tight side body scissor, and again landed with a slap to Debbie’s stomach. The two women still tore as the others hair as well, Debbie pulling Susan in close while Susan twisted Debbie’s head painfully by the hair. Susan slapped at Debbie’s hand in her hair though, and distracted a little by that, Debbie was able to slip clear of the scissor hold. The hair pulling war continued though on the mat, Susan still holding the better position over Debbie as she briefly got to her knees, tearing Debbie’s long straight hair painfully, but eventually Debbie was able to squirm her way free.

Neither woman made it past their kneed before battle rejoined though, both immediately going back to handfuls of hair and tearing painfully at each other once more before Debbie secured a side headlock of sorts. Almost immediately, Susan worked her way free instead trapping Debbie in a side body scissor and she added a harsh breast claw to Debbie’s right breast. Debbie twisted slightly to face Susan, slapped her thighs a couple of times and then went for a double handed breast claw on the older woman’s left breast. Susan went back to the double handful of hair, pulling Debbie’s head in close to her body, but Debbie fought furiously to regain her headlock, slipping away from the body scissor as Susan retained her hair pulling attack. Again Susan was able to slip behind Debbie, landing a slap into her right breast. Sensing the success of that move, Susan re-established a better position straddling Debbie’s lower back, launched four hard slaps into her rib cage and then twisting her left hand in Debbie’s lengthy hair, she pulled hard, forcing Debbie’s head up off the mat. Debbie still had her own hair pull in place but it was no defence as Susan rolled her, catching Debbie in the scissor around her breasts as she fell to her back. Debbie knelt, trapped in the scissor as she slapped for Susan’s face then secured a double handful of hair, receiving a slap to the face as Susan replied in kind and the two women struggled that way for a little while while Debbie took the opportunity to release the clasp on the front of Susan’s bra, quickly relieving her of it as they continued to struggle down on the mat.

The slapping and hair pulling continued down on the mat, Susan managing to remove the shoulder straps of Debbie’s black lace one piece, exposing her breasts as well before crashing a slap into her face. Debbie replied briefly with a breast claw, but the fierce hair pulling from Susan put paid to that as she again twisted Debbie’s head painfully forcing Debbie to reply in kind. With that Debbie was able to force her way out of the scissor hold, but she found her leg still scissored as the hair pulling war showed no sign of letting up, both women starting to give out moans of pain from the burning pain in their scalps.

Now it was Debbie who moved with impressive speed, snapping her thighs around Susan’s waist as she applied a tight body scissor and added a headlock to the mix. Susan was apparently not one to panic though even as Debbie converted the headlock to more of a sleeper. Ad she was immediately back to the hair pulling, both hands sunk into Debbie’s hair as she started to pull hard on Debbie’s long locks yet again. Debbie stepped up her attack with slaps to Susan’s body and a savage looking breast maul as she looked to rip Susan’s tits from her chest, but each time, Susan replied with more and more hair pulls and it came as a bit of a surprise to me that after a couple of minutes of that, it was Debbie who signaled her submission.

‘Only time in my life that I’ve submitted just to hair pulling was in this match’ Debbie told us both. ‘she was incredibly good at it; just seemed to have a way of causing more pain with it than anyone else I’ve ever taken on. She had the option to just keep going for the total submission at this point’ Debbie continued ‘but I think she felt pretty confident so she decided to let me up’

The more experienced woman might have let Debbie up, but there was no let up in the action, Susan surprising Debbie with a quick knee to the body before she secured a side headlock and was able to drag Debbie back to the mats. Expertly, Susan maintained the headlock while she was quickly able to scissor Debbie’s right arm and she was then able to work Debbie over as she went for a breast claw. Debbie grimaced, and quickly locked her free hand on to Susan’s arm, looking to pull it away from the breast claw. Susan responded, breaking away from the claw hold and instead she ground her knuckles in to Debbie’s crotch drawing a moan of pain from Debbie. Susan quickly broke off from that move though, an evil smile on her face as she unfastened the snap crotch fastening of Debbie’s suit and now she was able to apply a full on crotch claw as Debbie’s moans of pain intensified once more. In her enthusiasm to punish Debbie though, Susan got a little careless for the first time, and as Debbie found her way out of the headlock she was able to latch on to Susan’s mop of curly hair, using it to wrench the experienced wrestler hard to the mat. Suddenly finding herself in a bit of a predicament forced Susan to break off the crotch claw and wasting no time, Debbie moved herself into a cross pin position trapping one of Susan’s arms as she did so.

On the defensive now, Susan immediately wrapped her free hand into Debbie’s long brunette hair. Debbie found a target too though, slamming her fist into Susan’s stomach three times but the older woman took it and continued to rip at Debbie’s hair, stopping her from really taking advantage of the situation. Debbie had another trick up her sleeve though as she slammed a punch into Susan’s left breast before grabbing and twisting the nipple to draw a shriek of pain from Susan. ‘Bitch!’ she spat at Debbie who gleefully continued her assault on the sensitive breasts of her opponent. Experienced as she was though, Susan was already looking for a way out and as she yanked on her hair painfully once more, Debbie found herself pulled into a position where was Susan was able to get her fingers dug into her stomach in a claw hold applied from underneath Debbie as she pinned the older woman. It was an effective hold and almost immediately Debbie squirmed in pain as Susan took the opportunity to roll Debbie. Now on top, Susan grapevined Debbie’s legs, spreading them wise with her long, slender legs while she was able to redouble her efforts to get the stomach claw well applied.

Debbie looked to be in real trouble now as her hands went to her head in pain before she tried to force herself into a seated position. That was to little avail though as Susan responded with a head butt to the chest, knocking Debbie back to the mat before reapplying the claw hold to draw a cry of pain from Debbie who knew she had to get back to that seated position once more but Susan was waiting on her to deliver the same head butt to the chest before setting off on a barrage of stomach punching, each blow further testing the strength of Debbie’s abs before the probing stomach claw was reapplied drawing a further, more intense, cry of pain from Debbie. Once again though, Debbie was looking to extricate herself from the hold and this time, as she sat up, she surprised Susan with a straight punch to the pit of her stomach. Susan’s eyes betrayed her surprise at being caught with that one, and Debbie followed up immediately with a second punch going a little lower to catch Susan full in the crotch, sending her sprawling off Debbie.

Now Debbie gathered herself and looked to attack, perhaps sensing that it was more or less now or never if she was going to get back into the match. A kick to the ribs drew a cry of protest fro Susan as it dropped her back to the mat. Debbie hovered over Susan as she rose from the mat, trapping her in a front headlock before catching her with a knee to the body. Susan took that well enough, but she was in trouble as Debbie went for a bear hug. Debbie’s strength was evident now, but against the taller woman she had also put herself in a slightly precarious position. Susan spotted that opportunity almost immediately as well, wrapping her arms around Debbie’s head pulling her into a standing breast smother. The fight had reached a key stage now; Debbie was punishing Susan with the bear hug but Susan had her trapped in the smother hold now and it seemed to be having it’s effect on Debbie as she knees seemed to buckle slightly. Debbie was forced to switch tactics, grabbing hold of Susan’s thong and pulling it into a wedgie. Susan tried to reply in kind, forgetting that she had already released the snap fastening on the crotch of Debbie’s lace suit which was now acting as little more than an elaborate belt. It seemed that had given Debbie an unintended advantage, but Susan gritted her teeth, knowing that Debbie was weakening in the smother hold.

More to the point perhaps, Debbie was also so focused on the wedgie attack that she failed to notice Susan shifting position before she delivered a knee lift up into Debbie’s crotch. ‘That was a real game changer’ Debbie told us both as on screen we could see Susan measuring Debbie before delivering a hard uppercut to the stomach that dropped Debbie to her knees. Susan was evidently confident of victory now, quickly stepping out of her black lace thong before pushing her crotch into Debbie’s face and walking forward, she pushed Debbie back to the mat. Sitting down hard atop Debbie’s breasts, Susan winded Debbie before trapping her in a tight schoolgirl pin. Susan drove another punch into Debbie’s stomach, and seeming to realise her predicament, Debbie swung her legs up attempting to wrap them around her opponent’s lithe body. That was a mistake though as it turned out; Susan was waiting on the move and catching Debbie’s legs, she trapped her in a folding pin, quickly moving forward to claim a face sit. In trouble, Debbie tried to squirm free, but Susan clamped her thighs tightly around Debbie’s head, keeping her trapped in place.

‘Are you ready to eat me now bitch?’ Susan asked Debbie.

‘No’ was Debbie’s short reply

‘Come on, admit it’ Susan chided ‘You’re beaten girl, make it easy on yourself’

Debbie tried once again to move her head, but to no avail as Susan gyrated and ground her crotch on Debbie’s face. ‘Do you submit this match?’ Susan demanded as she pinched Debbie’s right nipple. There was a delay as once again, Debbie fought desperately to get out of the hold, but there was no way out and she soon spurted out ‘Yes, I submit the match!’

‘Good!’ Susan smiled, releasing Debbie’s legs and moving back slightly to release the smothering effect of her face sit as she remained sat on top of Debbie’s breasts which she now caressed instead of pinching them. ‘So you’re ready to eat me then?’ Susan enquired; there was no reply from Debbie, but as the film faded on TV it was clear that Debbie’s tongue was already hungrily reaching for Susan’s pussy.

‘She was good’ Debbie admitted ‘I think later on in my career, I might well have beaten her, but right then, she just had too much for me. I guess the one thing I took from this though was that you could always learn from your opponents. I picked up a lot from Susan in this match; Emma you’ll do well to remember that when you take on that Sara bitch again. You know more about her than you realise now.’ she said

‘Who said I was taking her on again?’ Emma asked

‘Oh, I think you probably will’ Debbie concluded.