Teenage Kicks

By wolfboy

Debbie takes on the teenage newcomer Kensi for the second time

A week later, I was back at Debbie’s and looking forward to her rematch with teenage catfighter Kensi Welsh.The basement ring had been fully refurbished now, but the match would have an interesting start as the first fall would take place in Debbie’s bedroom rather than the ring. That had been at Kensi and Tasha’s request as they were keen for the young blonde to experience different kinds of catfight. Debbie had been happy to agree to that and it was agreed that fall one would be without referee or rules as they battled it out in lingerie before the match would move to the ring. At that point, a referee would take control of the action, the two women would strip naked (if they weren’t already) and fight until one of them gave up the match.

It promised to be an intriguing fight this time around. Debbie had ultimately known too much for the teenager who was making her debut in their first meeting. Debbie was also in better shape now than she had been for that first match. Kensi however also would have improved for the experience and she had also been victorious in two subsequent matches against women who had previously been unbeaten in four matches each. She had also toned up considerably since the first match I thought, and she looked to have packed on some muscle as I greeted her and Tasha as they arrived at Debbie’s. A quick tour of the house and the basement ring out of the way, I left Kensi and Tasha in the basement changing area where the referee would then show them up to the bedroom for the match to start. It would be just the two of them in the room itself while we would watch from the doorway.

I headed back upstairs to check on Debbie and found that the brunette was already waiting for the match to begin as she sat on the corner of her super king sized bed. She had chosen to wear just a black lace thong beneath a black fence net bodystocking. It was fair to say that Debbie was right back in shape now following her hiatus from the world of private rules fights. Her body was tightly toned and while she was probably 5lbs above her old fighting weight, it seemed to me that had mainly been added to her breasts making them a more effective weapon now.

We chatted about the match for a couple of minutes before Kensi, Tasha and Amanda (the referee) appeared at the door of the bedroom, Kensi waiting for me to leave the room before she entered and it was time to get the match started. Amanda began the introductions as Kensi took in the surroundings for the first fall; ‘this is a rules catfight to be fought to a total submission of the match. There is no time limit. The first fall will be fought in here and is completely no holds barred. After that we will adjourn to the basement ring where you will both strip naked and fight to the finish. So wearing the black bodystocking and thong is Debbie McArthur. Debbie is 52 years old, 5 feet 6 inches tall, 147 lbs and measures 36D-27-36; her catfight record is 28 wins and 10 defeats. Her opponent wearing the the leopard skin print mesh bra and thong trimmed with pink is Kensi Welsh. Kensi is 18 years old, 5 feet 2 inches tall, 137lbs and measures 36DD-25-38. Her catfight record is 2 wins and 1 defeat. Well if you’re ready ladies.....fight!’

My earlier thoughts on the teenage blonde looked to be correct now that she was stripped down to her skimpy lingerie; she was in much better shape than she had been for her debut just a few short months ago. She stood eyeing Debbie for a couple of seconds as Debbie rose from her seated position on the corner of the bed, and then in the blink of an eye, the fight started in earnest, Debbie looking to grab hair to get control of the young blonde. Kensi was unable to avoid the hair grab, but she pushed forward, getting a grip of Debbie’s net bodystocking before slamming a hard forearm smash into Debbie’s chest. That knocked Debbie back and as the back of her legs caught the edge of the bed, a second forearm smash was enough to knock her off balance and she landed sprawling on top of the bed. She kept her early grip of Kensi’s hair though and the teenage blonde was pulled down on top of her; Debbie spread her legs, looking to wrap them around the blonde’s waist, but Kensi was able to grab both of Debbie’s ankles to apply a leg spread. With her hands holding Debbie’s legs apart though, she was unable to defend as Debbie delivered three stinging slaps to her face and with the threat of more to follow, Kensi grabbed both of Debbie’s arms instead enabling the older woman to snap her legs tightly around the blonde’s body finally applying the body scissor. Kensi immediately slammed two body punches home as she looked to weaken Debbie’s scissor hold. Debbie responded, tensing her firm thighs before she went back to the hair to pull Kensi’s face into a breast smother.

The teenage blonde responded to that quickly, a couple of punches catching Debbie in the ribs and as Debbie’s grip of her hair loosened, Kensi was able to pull her head away from the breast smother. Still trapped in the scissor, Kensi sunk her fingers into Debbie’s breasts now, twisting and pulling and drawing a moan of pain from the brunette who once again responded by crashing undefended slaps into the blonde’s face. Kensi had got to her knees now though and she tucked her knees right in under Debbie’s backside, elevating the older woman’s hips and instantly diminishing the power of her scissor hold. It was quickly weakened further as Kensi slammed a double fisted blow in to the pit of Debbie’s stomach, and that was enough to get her free of the scissor hold. The young blonde showed some speed now, springing clear of the scissor hold to sit on Debbie’s stomach before landing a one-two punch to Debbie’s breasts, but Debbie bucked her hips sharply, and sent the blonde sprawling off her and to the floor as she fell off the bed.

Debbie remained on her knees on the centre of the bed, beckoning for the young blonde to come and join her and then grabbed her by the hair harshly as soon as she strayed into range. Debbie quickly slammed three slaps into Kensi’s face, but the blonde fired back, landing a right hand low in the pit of Debbie’s stomach before she also joined in the hair tug of war with both women tearing hard at the others long locks as both tried but failed to gain any advantage. Debbie looked to be using her height to slowly force Kensi on to her back on the bed, but each time that happened, the teenager would fight her way back to an upright position. In fact, it was Kensi who struck the next telling blow of the fight as Debbie looked to force her down again, Kensi released her hair hold and caught Debbie with a hard back hand to the crotch. Debbie grunted with pain from that surprise attack, and as she lost her grip of Kensi’s hair, the blonde took advantage with a short head butt to Debbie’s face. It wasn’t a hard blow, but as a surprise tactic, it was effective and as Debbie blinked hard to clear her vision, Kensi struck with a second back hand to the crotch before going to the hair and wrenching Debbie on to her stomach on the bed.

Quickly, Kensi crossed Debbie’s legs into a tight figure four, pressing her own crotch against Debbie’s legs to hold them in place. A handful of hair helped the blonde pull Debbie’s face clear of the bed, opening it up as a target for two hard slaps before she released Debbie’s hair and applied a double back hammer to Debbie. The older brunette groaned as she was well and truly trapped by the blonde who had one more move in mind still. Able to hold the double back hammer with one hand now, she quickly slipped Debbie’s thong aside before applying a crotch claw to Debbie. Debbie buried her face in the mattress, partly muffling her shriek of pain, but the move was very well applied by the young blonde, and tied up as she was, she was forced to submit the first part of the match to Kensi. It was advantage to the younger woman who released her hold on Debbie, but choosing to press home a psychological advantage, she took the opportunity to completely strip Debbie before she headed, confidently, for the basement ring.

Debbie followed her quickly, and I sensed that she was far from beaten just yet though she was smarting a little from being so completely trapped by her inexperienced opponent. As we arrived in the basement, Kensi was just stepping out of her leopard skin print thong which she draped over the top ring rope with a well timed flick of her right foot. The referee reminded the two now naked women that this fall had no time limit and that the first submission would be a submission of the entire match. Both Kensi and Debbie indicated that they understood that, and the fight was quickly back underway, an element of caution evident in both women as they cagily circled each other. Debbie flicked out some lazy jabs at the young blonde who brushed them aside easily enough while responding with some sharper attacks of her own as her swift kicks threatened to knot up Debbie’s thighs. The extra space in the ring saw Debbie able to keep herself mostly out of her shorter opponent’s range though before she was able to grab a handful of hair to pull Kensi into a side headlock. Kensi replied in kind, a handful of brunette hair helping her to back Debbie into the ropes. An elbow to the stomach allowed her to fire Debbie off into the opposite ring ropes, but Debbie rebounded quickly, tackling Kensi to the ground.

The action was a little untidy down on the mat at first; Debbie had landed partly on top of Kensi but the young blonde had successfully scissored her right leg leading to a stalemate. Both had good grips of the others hair, and Debbie landed a couple of hard slaps to Kensi’s stomach as she looked to free her leg. The blonde responded though, a hard slap landing in Debbie’s face, echoing around the basement as the hair tug of war also intensified. Sensing that she needed to free her leg to get properly on top of Kensi, Debbie went back to work on the blonde’s stomach again with a series of slaps and punches before she applied a claw hold that drew a shriek from Kensi as Debbie’s sharp nails probed her stomach for a weakness. Despite that, Kensi kept her legs wrapped tightly around Debbie’s leg, continuing to tear at Debbie’s brunette hair as she gritted her teeth and tensed her stomach muscles against the claw hold. Each time Debbie’s face strayed into Kensi’s range too, the young blonde wildcat would take the chance to land with hard, loud slaps that rang round the confines of the basement and brought a glow to Debbie’s cheeks, eventually forcing her to look to cover her face. The opened up Debbie’s body more as a target and as she persisted with the stomach claw, Kensi took the opportunity to hack away at her ribs with a series of well placed body punches.

It took a while, but Kensi was able to force Debbie to break off from her claw hold, but then Debbie was able to force her way back to her feet and with a double handful of hair she pulled the squealing blonde up with her. Kensi was surprised to find herself almost immediately lifted into an across the knee back breaker by Debbie who held the blonde across her knee now, stretching her as she pressed down on her breasts and right thigh. Debbie hadn’t taken into account Kensi’s flexibility though and the move didn’t really have the desired impact even before Kensi twisted and landed a kick into Debbie’s shoulder that knocked Debbie off balance and on to her back. From her previous position on Debbie’s knee, Kensi found herself on top of Debbie quickly securing a cross pin, tying up Debbie’s left arm between her legs and pinning her right arm to the mat as she lay across her chest. Kensi was endowed with an impressive set of 36DD breasts which she now used well, planting them firmly in Debbie’s face as she looked to smother the older brunette. Debbie’s muffled protests were clearly audible as Kensi was able to apply a breast claw as well now. In comparison to their first fight, it was clear to me that, as she twisted and mauled Debbie’s breasts, Kensi was far more comfortable in the catfight environment now. As if to prove my point, Kensi broke off from the breast mauling to crack a stinging slap off Debbie’s tenderised right breast before returning to the mauling attack. The smother had been effective too, but now that gave Debbie something of a way out as she sunk her teeth into the suddenly howling blonde’s breast and in short time, she was free as Kensi scurried clear of her.

Back on their feet, the two women circled again, Debbie gesturing to Kensi to come at her, narrowly avoiding a kick to the stomach from the blonde as she did so. It was Kensi who looked to force the pace again, closing in quickly on Debbie in a flurry of slaps before whipping a fast knee lift into Debbie’s stomach. Debbie took that as well as could be expected, but still found herself dragged into a side headlock by her hair before Kensi tried to flip her to the mat. Debbie clocked that, almost getting a crotch claw on the young blonde in the process and as Kensi clenched her thighs together to prevent that, she was off balance enough for a forearm to the lower back to knock the teenager off her and to the mat, Debbie stomped on Kensi’s lower back as she landed face down on the mats, then used a handful of hair to pull the blonde’s chest clear of the mat, presenting it as the perfect target for a kick to the teenager’s ample breasts. Kensi rolled away, clutching her tits and unable to defend effectively against a falling head butt from the older woman who seemed to have secured something of an advantage at this late point in the match.

Indeed, Debbie quickly had Kensi back on her feet, briefly sinking in a tight bear hug on the blonde before driving her back hard to the corner post. Kensi grabbed the top rope, using it to prevent herself from going to ground in the corner, but leaving herself wide open to a one-two combination to the underside of her breasts. Debbie then planted a foot in Kensi’s stomach, looking to fall back and monkey flip her to the mat, but Kensi kept her grip tightly on the ropes and Debbie fell back hard to the mat, leaving her a little stunned. Kensi spotted that this might be an opening for her as she came out of the corner, grabbing and spreading Debbie’s legs before delivering a leg drop to the crotch and stomach that saw Debbie cry out in surprise and pain from the impact.

The teenager was continuing to impress as well, wasting no time in hauling Debbie upright to send her sprawling back to the mat with a big forearm smash to the breasts. A kick to the ribs followed as Debbie made it to all fours, and then she quickly wrapped the older brunette up in a tight body scissor, putting her powerful thighs to good use on Debbie. An armlock was added by Kensi as each flex of her powerful legs drew increasingly desperate sounding groans from Debbie. I feared the armlock might be the final straw for Debbie, but in fact she was able to use the position that Kensi pulled her arm into to deliver a short elbow to the pit of the stomach. Kensi’s scissor hold loosened enough for Debbie to get to her knees, but Kensi quickly snapped her thighs together again, clamping them tightly around Debbie’s waist before a double handful of hair saw Debbie pulled into a breast smother despite her position on top of Kensi. Again, Debbie was in big trouble as she was forced to hack away blindly at the teenager, eventually securing her release as she landed a couple of effective enough body punches. Kensi released the scissor hold but kicked Debbie away and as Debbie fell back to the mat, I thought that she was starting to look like something of a spent force in the match.

Kensi seemed to sense it too as she was quickly on top of Debbie once again grabbing her hair to slam her face into the mat before straddling her back to apply a cruelly effective camel clutch. Sat down on Debbie’s lower back, arms locked tightly under her chin, Kensi leaned back inviting Debbie for the first time to ‘give it up Debbie, I’ve got you now!’

‘No, no!’ Debbie cried out in reply, having no intention of submitting just yet as she struggled to all fours underneath her naked blonde opponent. At that point though, Debbie was knocked back hard to the mat by Kensi who jumped up high before crashing back down on Debbie’s lower back. That seemed to knock a bit more of the fight out of Debbie, and Kensi sensed her chance, locking the camel clutch in tightly again before adding a cruel twist as she reached over Debbie’s shoulders to grab her breasts, using them to hold the camel clutch in place and quickly drawing a cry of submission from Debbie as she was forced to submit and give the victory to the teenager.

Debbie was quick to congratulate the ecstatic blonde at the end of the match, impressed with how much the young fighter had improved in the short time since their first meeting.

‘Thanks Debbie’ Kensi replied to Debbie’s praise of her fighting skills. ‘Mum said she thought I could beat you this time, but I wasn’t so sure. She said if I wanted to be a professional catfighter though I had to be able to give you a good match this time round at least.’ Kensi admitted

‘Well I definitely think you’ve got what it takes Kensi’ Debbie agreed. ‘I’m pretty sure Steve could have a word with Lady Amelia and get you a try out there when you’re ready?’ she asked me.

‘Sure’ I agreed ‘Just tell me when you’re ready and I’ll see what I can do for you’

‘A couple more matches I think’ Kensi said ‘no point in rushing in to it until I’m ready’

‘Absolutely not’ Debbie agreed ‘keep that breast held camel clutch in your repertoire though’ she told Kensi. ‘That’s a real killer of a move!’

And so, we parted company with Kensi and Tasha once more on good terms. I was pretty sure that we’d be seeing plenty more of Kensi at least fairly soon. I saw the blonde as a possible future challenger for Claire already, and if she continued to improve it would be quite a match up!