Second Chance
By wolfboy

I get to second Lady Amelia in a private challenge match

After Debbie’s hard fought defeat to the much improved teenager Kensi Welsh, the next couple of matches I was going to see would involve neither Emma, Claire or Debbie. At least not as fighters anyway; Emma had agreed to take on referee duties for a title catfight for her old friend Britney. First though, I had agreed to take on seconding duties for Lady Amelia who was looking to avenge an earlier private catfight defeat. Her opponent for the match was Petra von Falk, the daughter of a German multi-millionaire who enjoyed taking on more experienced women in private fights. Although Lady Amelia had fought publicly many times in the past, including in the innaugral Smythe title tournament, she was also keener on private matches these days, something which had seen her cross paths with Petra during a business trip to Germany a few months earlier.

‘She owned me in that match Steve’ Lady Amelia had told me after I’d agreed to step in as her second for the rematch. ‘From start to finish, I had pretty much no answer for her style. It was a nude match, anything goes until one submitted the match and she was all over me. The bitch finger fucked me early and often and when she tired of that it was smothers all the way until I had to give up’ Amelia confided in me.

‘So why do you want to take another shot at her Amelia? I asked ‘It sounds pretty comprehensive last time’

‘It was’ Amelia admitted ‘I just didn’t take her seriously enough though last time. She was smaller than me and just didn’t look that tough. I won’t make that mistake again this time though’ she said with a steely resolve in her voice.

‘So what are your rules this time?’ I asked

‘Topless, in the ring here and apart from that as it was last time; anything goes, no time limit until one of us submits the match. The thing is, I don’t think she’s ever been in a ring before, so I can use that to my advantage’ Amelia told me.

‘And no referee?’ I asked ‘are you sure that’s wise?’

‘That’s one of her stipulations to be honest Steve. She won’t take a match that isn’t at least topless and she won’t fight in matches with a referee.’ she told me ‘It’s anything goes anyway, so a referee really doesn’t make that much difference.’

‘Guess you’re right really Amelia’ I agreed ‘Well I’ll do whatever I can to help you on the night. I’m sure you’ll have her worked out this time, but anything you need me to do, just shout’

‘There is one other reason I want you there as well Steve’ Amelia admitted. ‘Petra is really close to agreeing to fight for the Smythe Federation and she would fit right into Claire’s weight class. If she does agree to fight it’s likely she’d go in to a title match pretty quickly, so it’s only fair that you get an early look at her too.’ Amelia told me.

The night of the fight arrived and given the private nature of the contest, I was pretty sure that the Lamborghini Aventador parked outside the front of the Smythe mansion must belong to Petra. I’d found out what I could of the young German prior to the match; 23 years old, athletic, Petra was one of the German tabloid paper’s favourite subjects. Often pictured flaunting a figure a fitness model would be proud of around the world’s hot spots, she was a well known figure. A well known figure about whom not all that much was actually known it seemed as there was no hint of the blonde’s catfighting activities across the internet.
I quickly found Amelia getting ready in the changing room closest to the ring are and as I settled into the room, Amelia started to talk me through her tactics for the match as she stripped off and put on her outfit for the match. Now 45,Amelia was a curvaceous powerhouse of a woman. Still a relatively active fighter, her 5 foot 10 inch, 175lb frame filled out a pair of leather hot pants as well as any woman could. With a good record of 20 wins and 7 defeats, Amelia was still a force to be reckoned with. Slipping a long t-shirt on to cover the tight, red leather shorts, Amelia explained to me that she didn’t want the young German to be able to easily use the same tactics that she had utilised to finger Amelia to the verge of exhaustion and defeat in their first meeting. ‘She may get to do it again’ Amelia admitted ‘but she’ll have to work for it this time at least.’ It seemed a reasonable tactic I thought as we left the changing room and slipped through the door into the main ring room. Only the ring was lit, as for the big fights, but as we slipped through the rows of empty seats shrouded in darkness, it felt like this match would have a different, more personal feel to it.

We heard, rather than saw the door to the other changing room open, and as I took a seat at ringside in Amelia’s corner, we were quickly joined in the ring by Petra.The blonde German woman was no match in size and strength for Amelia I fancied, but she was clearly in fantastic shape as she slipped between the ropes into the ring. She stood in her corner, hands on hips, wearing just a gold sequinned, tie-side bikini bottom and a smile as she looked at Amelia. I figured the German woman for about 5 feet 7 inches and in the region of 140lbs, and from various newspaper reports, I knew that her surgically enhanced breasts topped off a 36D-25-35 figure. Amelia responded, removing her t-shirt, throwing it from the ring in my general direction and without ceremony, the match was underway as both women collided chest to chest, hands sunk into each others hair. Petra’s enhanced D-cup breasts seemed to be winning their part of the battle as they ground into Amelia’s softer D-cups. Amelia used her height to gain leverage though, forcing Petra back to the ropes, driving a knee up in to the blonde’s tight, toned abs, and then she whipped the German into the opposite ropes. Petra brushed off the effects of the knee lift as she ducked under Amelia’s attempted clothesline and as she rebounded off the opposite ropes, she launched herself at Amelia, crudely tackling her to the mat.

Down on the mat, Amelia immediately found her perceived strength advantage negated as Petra quickly tied her up with a combination of side head scissor and arm bar which gave her an element of control over the taller more powerful woman. Petra snaked her right hand towards Amelia’s crotch almost immediately, clearly looking to pick up where she had left off in their previous meeting, but she was frustrated by the skin tight leather hot pants that Amelia had wisely chosen. ‘Not this time bitch!’ Amelia told her, receiving a sharp punch to the stomach as Petra told her ‘we shall see’. Petra flexed her strong thighs, drawing a gasp of pain from Amelia which intensified as the German landed with a second punch to her stomach. Amelia fought back, turning into the hold and forcing her way onto all fours, still with Petra’s thighs wrapped around her head. Amelia’s left arm was still trapped in Petra’s arm bar too, but she used her right hand to good effect as she tested Petra’s ribs out her her knuckles and quickly found her way free as Petra elected to turn loose the scissor hold.

Again, both women collided, their breasts crushing into each others as both grabbed hair and looked to fire knees into each others bodies. Petra caught Amelia with a sharp kick to the side and then surprised her with her speed, going behind her quickly to secure a waist lock before riding Amelia down, face first to the mats. Straddling Amelia’s lower back, Petra used a handful of hair to lift Amelia’s face from the mat. Amelia wrapped both hands in tight around her face, partly to support her head to alleviate the pain of the hair pulling. Give the vicious back handed slap that Petra looked to deliver to her face as well, it was a clearly also a defensive measure borne out of her experience of the young German’s fighting style from their previous encounter. ‘Nein’ the blonde muttered to herself a little frustrated her attempted attack had been thwarted a little. Instead she switched tactics though, an arm wrapped around Amelia’s throat instead which started to give Amelia a dilemma, did she continue to protect her face or look to free herself from the choke?

She chose a third option instead, using her strength to get to all fours, then to her feet to lift Petra on her back , and as she drove the young blonde back to the ring post hard, she changed the course of the early part of the match. Winded, Petra released her choke on Amelia and slumped, seated against the ring post where Amelia instantly backed into her, applying a sort of standing smother as she ground her shapely arse into Petra’s face. Petra clawed at Amelia’s thighs as she tried to force the bigger woman off her, but Amelia was tough to move as she gripped the ropes and leant her body back into Petra. Amelia knew it was an effective move too, and she stuck with it, forcing Petra to thrash the mat in vain with her feet as she looked for a way out in this one submission match.

‘Keep her trapped in there Amelia’ I suggested, sensing that the German woman was struggling with the unusually applied smother hold. Amelia took heed too, continuing to grind her opponent down with the move until, in desperation, Petra was able to secure a crotch claw which although it was weakly applied, was enough to make Amelia release the smother hold. She stayed on the front foot though as she was able to drag Petra from the corner by the hair before flooring her with a forearm smash across the chest. Petra crashed to the mat but was immediately pulled back upright by Amelia who repeated the dose with the forearm smash before following the young blonde down to the mat where she pinned her with a well applied grapevine. Now Amelia’s height and strength worked to her advantage as she was perfectly positioned to plunge her breasts into Petra’s face. Petra blocked against that hastily, as she folded her arms atop of her chest, and she fought hard as Amelia looked to push her arms above her hear to allow her to apply the smother fully.

As hard as Petra fought it, she was in a losing battle against the stronger woman and it was only a matter of time and perseverance for Amelia to force her arms to the mat. As she plunged forward though, the German had a surprise in store for Amelia as she sunk her teeth straight into her right breast causing Amelia to shriek in pain, The German was clearly a cunning, crafty fighter, and keeping her teeth firmly sunk into Amelia’s breast, she was quickly able to turn the tables, now pinning Amelia with a grapevine of her own. Now it was Amelia who was able to show her resourceful side, wrapping her arms tightly around Petra’s head to pull her face fully into the breast she had just been biting, and once again the German found herself on the receiving end of and effective and well applied smother that threatened to quickly sap her energy. This time round, Petra was better placed to fight back though, finding Amelia’s body with half a dozen punches that each reduced Amelia’s tight grip on Petra’s head until she was able to pull her face clear of Amelia’s smother, hungrily sucking in air as she did so. The smother holds seemed to me like they might slowly be taking their toll of the German fighter, but Amelia was faced with a more immediate problem as Petra applied a stomach claw as she shifted position to sit across Amelia’s upper thighs. It was clear that Petra’s fingers were doing their damage as Amelia threw her head back with a cry of pain which she fought through, forcing herself into a sitting position only for a head butt to the breasts to knock her harshly back to the mat.

Petra redoubled her efforts, bringing both hands into the claw hold as once again Amelia looked to force herself into a seated position. Once again, she was met by the German’s forehead thrust into her breasts, and now it seemed that Petra was looking to press home her advantage as she started to slowly ease Amelia’s red leather hot pants down her thighs to expose her pussy. It was clear what the German’s plan was now. Having beaten Amelia in what more or less amounted to a sexfight at times in their first match, it looked like she was planning a similar type of attack for Amelia again now. Amelia seemed a little dazed in fact, offering little resistance as her shorts were slowly removed and Petra flung them from the ring in my direction. As Petra plunged three fingers in to her pussy though, it was clear that Amelia had been playing a little possum though, sucking Petra in before she struck, quickly scissoring Petra’s left arm, fingers still in her pussy as she applied a perfect armbar, using the power of her legs to quickly draw anguished cries of pain from Petra who, from what she felt was total control of the match, suddenly found herself on the verge of defeat.

Amelia had played her perfectly it seemed, and she used a handful of hair to bash the back of Petra’s head off the mat, further weakening the German’s resolve. She wasn’t quite done though, as she worked her fingers inside Amelia’s pussy as best as she could; no longer looking to arouse Amelia, she was in attack mode, using her nails to draw a cry of pain from Amelia, but the powerful English woman flexed her legs again, pushing Petra’s arm to the point of no return, and the German blonde screamed out her submission of the match.

Amelia has managed to gain her revenge on the German millionaire, but she had done plenty to impress me and perhaps more importantly Amelia. As we headed back to the dressing room, Lady Amelia was back into catfight federation owners mode as she admitted ‘we’re going to enter into negotiations with Petra to fight for us in the lightweight division Steve. There are a few things to work out, not least her annonimity in a filmed fight, but assuming we can do that, I think she’ll quickly become a contender for the title. Would you agree?’ she asked me.

‘Well it looked that way’ I admitted ‘I mean you had her outmatched physically and with experience and yet she gave you plenty of trouble. She looks fit too so put her in a longer, multiple submission match in her own weight class and she could be pretty dangerous’ I agreed.

‘I think you’re right’ Amelia agreed ‘I just hope we can find a way for it to all work out. Look Steve, thanks for coming out her tonight to second me. As it turned out, you didn’t really have to do much, but hopefully that look at Petra will be useful for Claire if nothing else.’ she smiled

‘No problem, it was good of you to ask me, and you know I always enjoy a good catfight’ I replied.

I was pretty sure that the knowledge I’d gathered was going to come in very handy if Amelia was able to reach an agreement with Petra. She looked to have the kind of style that would cause Claire plenty of problems should the two meet. As I left the Smythe mansion, I found myself wondering just how soon I would be seeing Petra in the ring there again.