Transatlantic Cheerleader Tussle
By wolfboy

It’s Emma’s refereeing debut as she takes control of a cheerleader title fight

The day after Amelia’s battle with Petra Von Falk, I was accompanying Emma to a sports stadium in the north of England where Emma would take on refereeing duties for a title fight in the World Cheerleader Fight Association. The WCFA was the brainchild of Emma’s former opponent and now friend Britney Taylor. The former Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleader had built up an organisation for fights involving only current, or more usually former cheerleaders. It guaranteed a stock of beautiful, fit women willing to fight so had proved to be an almost instant hit with catfight fans around the world.

Originally with just a North American division, a European division was quickly added to the mix. Now the current champions of both divisions would meet to decide who would be the innaugral World Champion of the WCFA. A war of words had erupted between the two champions, causing Britney to bring in Emma to keep a semblance of law and order for the agreed upon contest, a locker room strip fight. Even that had led to further disagreements between the two champions as the differing styles of cheerleader uniforms worn by each had given rise to a dispute on who would lose what clothing and when. That had eventually been solved when the European Champion had agreed to wear a modified version of her usual outfit, and so a best of 5 falls match had finally been settled upon.

Nobody was confidently predicting a winner for the fight either. It was widely accepted that the North American champion, Melody Hudson was the better wrestler of the two champions. She was comfortable in the catfight style too but rarely fought in no holds barred matches. Melody was also the bigger of the two women. On the flip side, European champion Lucy North just liked to fight and she was considered the more comfortable under the rules that the title fight would be held using. Experience seemed to favour Melody’s 16 fight record of 15 wins with just one defeat against Lucy’s perfect 8 fight record.

We met up with Britney inside the stadium and after she and Emma had reminisced for a little while on their old battles as well as catching up about some more recent encounters, Britney showed us the improvised fight area that was set up for the locker room strip fight for the title. One of the stadium’s changing areas had been converted for the match to take place. Now wrestling mats filled the entire centre of the room, a fighting area of roughly 30 feet by 20 feet I guessed which went right up to the benches attached to the wall. The benches had been padded for the match, but even though, they were potentially a hazard for both fighters. The contest would be broadcast live on the internet; in the room itself, there would be just the two fighters and Emma once the action got underway. I would watch the match on a closed circuit TV feed in an adjoining room along with Britney and a few others.

Britney gave Emma a quick run through of the rules for the match ‘It’s genuinely anything goes, so you’ve nothing to look out for there really. Both are under strict instructions to break on a submission, but feel free to separate them if that doesn’t happen. Verbal submissions only or you can stop it in the event of a knockout.’ Britney told Emma ‘The more complicated part is the strip fight, but at least both of them have agreed the set up for that now. First submission will see that lose their tops and boots, second submission lost and everything else comes off and the first nude fighter to submit loses the match. Does that all sound OK Emma?’ Britney asked.

‘It sounds great’ Emma admitted. ‘I’ve had a look at them both in action, and it’s an intriguing fight, I suppose I just need to know what you want me to wear to referee Britney really’ she asked.

‘We’ve had you one of our standard referee outfits made up specially for tonight Emma. You’re a little more well.....Amazonian shall we say than our usual referees but it should be spot on for you’ Britney said.

A little later on in the day, and I could confirm that the referee outfit was indeed ‘spot on’ for Emma. Her black and white striped swimsuit worn under a pair of seemingly sprayed on black spandex hot-pants was coupled with a pair of knee high black wedge heel boots to produce a spectacular look. I wasn’t sure that law and order had ever looked quite as alluring if I was honest! Wishing Emma good luck for her refereeing debut, I kissed her at the door of the locker room and entered the room next door as Emma went into the currently empty locker room. Britney greeted me in there and told me that in fact we would be able to watch the fight in the locker room after all as it turned out that there was a blind spot where the cameras wouldn’t pick up our presence. We quickly headed next door to find Emma now standing on the centre of the mats while a disembodied voice began to introduce the two fighters.

‘Catfight fans, this is the one you’ve been waiting for. It’s champion versus champion in a locker room strip fight to decide who will be the first WCFA World Champion. First of all, let me introduce the North American champion, Melody Hudson.’ Melody entered the room as the voice continued ‘Melody is a former New England Patriots cheerleader. 28 years old, she stands 5 feet 6 inches tall, weighs 135lbs and measures 34C-23-34 with a record of 15 wins and just 1 defeat.’ The athletic, toned blonde strutted confidently on to the mats pausing to shake hands with Emma before taking a seat on the bench that was attached to the walls. She wore her old New England Patriots cheerleader uniform of blue and red hot-pants and crop top along with shimmering tights and a pair of white gogo boots.

The announcers voice returned ‘and now, let me introduce the European champion, Lucy North.’ As with the first introduction, Lucy entered the room as the voice continued ‘Lucy is a former Castleford Tigers cheerleader. 23 years old, she stands 5 feet 3 inches tall, weighs 125lbs and measures 34D-25-35 with a record of 8 wins from 8 matches.’ More curvaceous than Melody, Lucy also shook hands with Emma before heading to her corner. She wore a slightly modified version of her usual outfit, Instead of her more traditional dress, she wore a black and orange mini skirt and crop top over shimmering tights and black gogo boots. Her right hand was partially wrapped in a black bandage. ‘A hand injury from her previous fight’ Britney told me ‘hurt it knocking her opponent right out!’

There was little time for that thought to sink in before Emma had motioned the two women together and the fight was underway instantly, neither woman standing on ceremony as they were finally able to get at each other following the long, tense build up. Melody’s reach gave me the thought that she might have the initial advantage as she grabbed a handful of Lucy’s curly shock of red hair, but showing impressive sipped, Lucy slipped behind the taller blonde, jumping up on her back as she snaked an arm around Melody’s throat. Wrapping her powerful legs around Melody’s tight body, Lucy quickly took Melody down to the mat, Melody tried to roll onto her front only for Lucy to roll her right back on to her back, trapped between her legs as she squeezed hard with both the scissor hold and the choke. Melody groaned, reached once again, blindly, for Lucy’s long hair which she grabbed, but in doing so, she gave Lucy the chance to really sink the choke hold in, and this wasn’t an opportunity that Lucy was going to pass on lightly. With the choke fully sunk in, Lucy was able to pour on the pressure, and Melody had little choice but to concede the first fall of the match just 45 seconds in the fight!

Emma ordered an immediate break, and as Lucy strutted confidently back to her corner, Melody was told by Emma to take off both her top and her boots. Barefoot and bare chested, the blonde was sure to be at a disadvantage in the second fall I thought. Britney was impressed with the quick start too as she told me ‘I think Lucy has done her homework there. Melody is often quick to submit to a choke hold, so it was a prefect tactic to attack her like that at the start and gain an early lead.’

The one minute break between falls lasted longer than the first fall of the match had and seemingly couldn’t pass quickly enough for Lucy, who rushed her blonde American opponent instantly as Emma called fight to start round two. A handful of blonde hair saw Lucy seize control of Melody’s head as she whipped a wide swinging right hand to test the toned body of her opponent. Lucy was all about attack, shipping a couple of body punches from Melody in order to deliver some more powerful strikes of her own, rounding off her assault with a stinging slap to the face of the blonde as she forced her on to the bench at the side of the room. Wasting no time, Lucy continued her frenetic pace of attack, grabbing a double handful of hair to hurl Melody off the bench and across the mats. Melody was winded, a little stunned by the dominance of the smaller redhead in the early going, and she found herself on the receiving end again as Lucy put her black boots to good use to deliver a couple of stomps to Melody’s lower back. Melody rolled away, looking to gain a little space to counter Lucy’s attacks, but the redhead was all over her, plunging to the mats to deliver a flying body splash to the blonde before pinning her down by sitting high on her pert C cup breasts. Lucy took a double handful of hair again, slamming the back of Melody’s head off the mat before exerting her dominance , using the hair hold to tear at her foes previously perfect blonde hair. Melody cried out, but was once again able to land with a couple of punches into Lucy’s rib cage. The red head was unconcerned by that resistance though, landing a punch to Melody’s crotch to put paid to her immediate prospects of a comeback.

Melody let out a scream of pain as Lucy moved herself forward, perhaps looking to make short work of the second fall by smothering out the athletic American with a face sit. Indeed, that was her plan, and it was only a well timed bridge from Melody which stopped her from securing the attempt. Lucy sprawled to the mat, but her straight ahead style continued to trouble her opponent as she used three ram rod straight jabs into the blonde’s face to back her up to the wall. Melody attempted to tie Lucy up, wrapping her arms around the redhead, but leaving herself open to a head butt to the face which saw the blonde crumple to the mat at Lucy’s feet. Up to now, the bout had been more or less one way traffic and thanks the attentions of the British bitch’s fists and forehead, Melody was already looking somewhat less like the blonde bombshell who had entered the room only a few minutes earlier. Lucy was not about to let up with the punishment either it seemed, delivering a knee to the face that put Melody out flat on her back once again.

Enjoying her dominance, the European champion delivered a leg drop across the throat of the North American champion before wrapping her strong dancer’s thighs around Melody’s head in a tightly constricting head scissor. A flex of her thighs drew a moan of pain from Melody even before Lucy used her black painted nails to good effect on the American’s right breast. A nasty nail rake followed by a good old fashioned breast maul saw Lucy add to the already tortured look of pain on Melody’s face, but the blonde was not completely finished yer as she was able to force a hand between Lucy’s ankles to break her scissor hold and try to squirm free. Once again, Lucy was just one step ahead of the blonde it seemed, grabbing her hair to instantly pull her back into the head scissor. Emma checked in as Lucy went back to her breast mauling attack, but there was no quit in the American just yet; she was in desperate need of mounting some kind of offense though to stop the waves of attacks from the redhead who was now testing her abs with a series of well placed, powerful body punches. Each one drew a grunt of pain from the blonde who tried to tuck her knees up against her body to defend a little against the body punches. That allowed Lucy to grab her legs, folding her painfully as she continued to punish her with the crushing head scissor.

Lucy did not waste any time asking for the submission though, instead she forced a hand inside Melody’s blue hot-pants applying a crotch claw and instantly drawing a second, screamed submission from the blonde. So far, it had been 7 minutes of almost total dominance from Lucy who again made her way confidently back to her corner, enjoying the effects of her handiwork as Melody struggled back to her own corner before stripping off what was left of her outfit. Melody would be fighting naked now, and it was imperative she got back into the fight immediately at the start of the third fall or she would find herself totally defeated in the the most one sided of contests. Lucy on the other hand, had greatly impressed me so far. She seemed to combine the brawling style of (an albeit very attractive) street-fighter with useful catfight and wrestling tactics. I found myself wondering if for the second time in as many days, I was watching a potentially dangerous opponent for Claire in action.

Britney was seemingly able to read my mind on that subject as she told me ‘I know what you’re thinking Steve, but she’s under contract to us for at least another 2 years exclusively, so she won;t be fighting your girl just yet.’

‘I did wonder’ I admitted ‘she looks a tough one for sure!’

‘She is that’ Britney agreed ‘maybe we could put them together in private sometime though. That might make for a very interesting fight if we can work out the schedules?’

I nodded my agreement as the third fall started, the two fighters now looking quite a contrast. The athletically built blonde, now disheveled and naked while the curvier redhead looked just as spectacularly perfect as she had before the contest had started. Fr once though it was the blonde who started the fall on the front foot as Emma instructed them to fight, and she surprised the onrushing redhead with a front kick to the stomach which stopped her in her tracks. Ignoring her apparent preference of wrestling, Melody landed a solid right hook to Lucy’s jaw that stunned her, but didn’t knock her down. She found herself lifted by the blonde instead though, and walking her to the side of the room, she delivered a body slam of sorts on to the lightly padded bench which was attached to the wall.

It was a clever move by the North American champion who needed something to even up the flow of the contest. The slam on the harder surface of the bench caused Lucy to bridge her hips up on impact from the pain and Melody took that opportunity to deliver a straight punch to her crotch. Lucy let out a grunt of pain from that one, and then quickly found herself in another bad situation as both of Melody’s hands wrapped around her throat in a straight ahead choke hold on the bench. Lucy’s eyes grew wide with the apparent power of the choke and it looked as if she might be forced to submit to the blonde. Melody hadn’t taken into account Lucy’s flexibility though as, in desperation, the redhead was able to swing up her leg, catching Melody with a kick in the shoulder and knocking her off balance to free her from the choke hold. The move had given Melody a bit of breathing space though, and as Lucy looked to get off the bench, she found herself trapped in a front headlock by the naked blonde. Melody fired a knee up into Lucy’s stomach, lifting her feet slightly from the mat with the impact. This promised to be a more revealing part of the fight I thought to myself as a second knee strike landed, dropping Lucy to a knee. Now we were going to find out how the fiery redhead would respond to being on the receiving end as Melody forced her back onto her feet before lifting her and delivering a second body slam, this time more conventionally on the main mats.

Melody hovered close to Lucy, waiting for the redhead to rise and taking a punch to the body from Lucy as she did so forced her to give her opponent room to rise. Back on her feet, Lucy knew that she needed to be able to force Melody back again and looked to do so with a flurry of body punches. Melody fired back though, punches and slaps of her own finding targets with ease as the two beautiful ex cheerleaders stood toe to toe, trading punches. Melody seemed to be getting slightly the better of the exchange as her reach advantage saw her able to land the more effective blows. Lucy worked her way inside and was in the process of sawing away at the blonde’s tight abs with wide swinging punches when Melody pushed her away and landed a perfect two punch combination to the redhead’s jaw. Lucy was stunned, dropped on her backside on the mat and Melody plunged on top of her, forcing her onto her back in a full body pin. Melody looked to get herself into a position to apply a grapevine and breast smother combination, but already Lucy had started to hammer away with body punches before she was able to latch her right hand onto Melody’s left breast, bringing a shriek as her nails expertly brought the pain to the naked blonde once again.

Another punch hammered into the blonde’s rib cage, drawing another groan of pain from Melody as Lucy, fighting hard from beneath her blonde foe, started to exact some damage. Lucy cruelly twisted Melody’s breast, and using that as a handhold she was able to roll Melody; suddenly the blonde found herself under her red headed opponent and almost instantly in trouble as Lucy delivered a short head butt to the blonde’s face. That one put tears in Melody’s eyes even before Lucy also delivered a knee to her crotch down on the mats and once again, the fight seemed to have swung back in favour of the red headed European champion. Still keeping the blonde pinned on the mat, Lucy secured a grapevine and double handful of hair to bounce the back of the blonde’s head off the mats twice. Cruelly, she spread the legs of the naked North American champion, her own powerful legs simply overpowering Melody’s as she moaned in pain from that hold as Lucy kept her trapped in it for a few more seconds, then broke the hold, delivering a hard slap to the face before grabbing Melody’s blonde hair to peel her off the mats once more.

With Melody back on her feet, Lucy went to the body with a right hook to the ribs, then a straight knee to the stomach and then, with Melody reeling from that attack, she effortlessly lifted the taller blonde to deliver an across the knee back breaker. Lucy let Melody slide off her knee to the mat, and as the blonde rolled onto her stomach, Lucy planted a boot in her lower back, grabbed both of her arms and pulled the blonde into a punishing surf board hold. It was a cruel hold, torturing the blonde who cried out in pain but gamely refused to submit to the redhead. She may have refused to give it up, but escaping was a different matter; Melody was trapped and Lucy knew it as she just steadily increased the pressure on the blonde before with Melody seemingly on the verge of submission, Lucy had one more cruel twist in line for her. Dropping down to straddle the lower back of the blonde, she moved her arms across her knees in position to apply a camel clutch. Instead of the traditional camel clutch though, Lucy elected for an expertly applied double breast claw which she used to torture the blonde in to a third and final submission. An impressive fifteen minute demolition had seen the redhead claim the WCFA World Championship, and as Emma raised the redhead’s hand and strapped the title belt round her waist, I was pretty sure I’d seen a new star in the world of lightweight catfighting.

Despite the pre-match hype too, Emma had had a pretty easy time of it in her refereeing debut. ‘It was OK refereeing’ Emma told me afterwards ‘but you can’t beat being in there fighting it out, so I don’t think I’ll be taking it up as a career just yet’ she smiled. ‘I have been thinking though, and I do miss the unknown element of taking on an opponent that I don’t really know in private Steve. Fighting for the Smythe organisation is great, but you know an awful lot about your opponent by the time you actually get in the ring with them. If you’re able to fine someone like that to take me on , I’d love it. I know I’m fighting that Mexican girl pretty soon, but perhaps after that?’ she asked me.

‘I’ll happily see what I can do for you Emma’ I said as we left the stadium a couple of hours after the end of the match. ‘I’m sure there will be someone out there that fancies taking on a former world champion after all!’ I smiled.