Luchadora Catfight
By wolfboy

Emma’s scouting trips take her to a Mexico city backstreet to take on a young professional wrestler

The ‘Mexican girl’ that Emma had spoken of after refereeing the WCFA title fight for Britney was Daniela Machado. A professional wrestler in Mexico City, the teenage Luchadora had made quite a name for herself in the world of catfighting already. Hosting her own website with a series of impressive victories in tough looking private fights, she had quickly come to the attention of the Smythe Federation and Amelia had arranged to get Emma out to Mexico to scout the young wrestler and find out first hand if she might be a potential future Smythe fighter.

In truth, we had little or no idea of the real ability of the Mexican girl as Emma waited in a changing room that adjoined Daniela’s normal filming room. None of her opponents had been familiar, so there was little to help us gauge her skill, That she had accepted the match with Emma did at least suggest that she was a serious fighter though. The 19 year old was certainly a powerful enough woman at 5 feet 8 inches and 160lbs to take Emma on, and her early record of 9 straight wins built in the last 18 months seemed to suggest some promise. All of her matches had been held under the same rules of 20 minutes time limit, open handed strikes only to the head and all else legal; the most submissions within the time limit would win the match. Emma adjusted the straps on her black swimsuit as she waited, a little impatiently, to get the match started. A yellow flash across the stomach of her swimsuit provided some colour to the outfit which Emma had topped off with black fishnet tights and black wrestling boots. All of Daniela’s matches saw the fighters start off in pro wrestling gear, hence Emma’s outfit of choice for the contest today. Normally speaking though, the outfits didn’t make it through to the end of the match entirely intact of course, but it provided Daniela’s website with a good theme for the fights, making it stand out from some other sites.

The last twist of Daniela’s promotion was that both fighters would enter the room at the same time, with the twenty minute time limit beginning as soon as the doors opened on both changing rooms. A countdown was visible above the door, and as it reached 30 seconds, Emma began to pace, anxious to get started. She knew that a quick start was vital having seen Daniela steal a march on a few opponent’s early in matches. As the countdown hit zero, the door slid open and Emma burst into the fight room, closing the gap quickly on the teenager and burying her fist in her stomach as she she accomplished her first aim of gaining looked to close in on the Mexican, Daniela snapped out a quick kick to catch Emma in the thigh, stopping Emma’s progress before tying her up in a side headlock. Familiar with her surroundings, Daniela walked up to the whitewashed brick wall that bordered the mat, and planting her black wrestling boots halfway up the wall, she used it as a catapult to deliver a bulldog headlock to Emma, driving her face first into the mat.

Emma was still recovering from that move when the 160lb Mexican showed her agility again, delivering a moonsault splash across Emma’s lower back before grabbing a handful of Emma’s auburn hair to pull her head and chest clear of the mat. Emma cupped her hands under her chin, looking to take some of the pressure off the hair pul, and Daniela was quick to deliver a hard slap to the face before, looking to keep the early tempo high, she pulled Emma back to her feet. Using the hair, Daniela whipped Emma into the wall with a resounding thud, but Emma took that well enough , surprising the fast moving Mexican teenager with a sharply delivered kick to the body. Daniela folded forward slightly and was met with a knee lift by Emma which knocked her off her feet. Emma followed her down to the mat with a leg drop across her breasts before getting back to her feet to lay in a couple of stomps to the body as she looked to seize control of the early stages of the match.

Daniela had other ideas though, catching Emma with an uppercut to the breasts as she bent over her to pull her off the mats. Emma grimaced, but still grabbed Daniela’s hair to help her to her feet, receiving a second punch, this time to the stomach as she did so, but with Daniela hauled back to her feet, Emma lifted her, looking to deliver a body slam. Daniela was a step ahead though, slipping over Emma’s shoulder before delivering a shuddering forearm to the lower back which dropped Emma to her knees in front of the Mexican. Daniela applied a straight up choke hold from behind Emma, wrapping a strong arm in around Emma’s throat and Emma was in trouble I thought as the hold seemed to be in well. It was a move we had seen that Daniela used to great effect in her previous matches, usually combining it with a body scissors, but Emma had no intention of letting her get that sunk in, firing back a series of elbows to the body which forced Daniela to release the choke hold. As she did so though, a well placed kick between the shoulder blades sent Emma sprawling to the mat on her stomach. Once again, the speed and agility of the young Luchadora had Emma in trouble as a flying elbow drop landed hard in her lower back before she crossed both of Emma’s legs in a figure four as she sat down on Emma’s lower back. The move clearly troubled Emma who let out a cry of pain as Daniela leant back to add pressure to the hold. It was to Emma’s relief though that Daniela’s long curly hair fell into her grasp as the Mexican looked to pile on the pain, and Emma gleefully latched onto the blonde hair, roughly pulling her into a headlock.

Daniela tried to reverse out of the headlock into a hammerlock, but Emma was wise to that, keeping on hand firmly wrapped in Daniela’s hair to prevent any quick escape. Daniela hooked a couple of ineffective punched into Emma’s body while Emma got herself slowly into a position where she was lying partly on top of Daniela trying to smother the young fighter. Again though it was Daniela’s wrestling ability that got her out of the predicament as she placed a hand under Emma’s backside and quickly rolled her across her own body to the mat. Had Daniela been able to keep Emma in that position on her back , it might have been trouble for her, but Emma was able to roll free and after five minutes of action, both women were on their feet, probing for their next opening.

Daniela looked to aim slaps to Emma’s face, but the shorter of the two women, she struggled to her into range while Emma was content to pick her shots to the body, once again using the cut0out panel of Daniela’s swimsuit as the perfect target for her knuckles. It was Daniela’s persistence in aiming for the head that got her into trouble for the first time in the match in the end as Emma ducked under a slap aimed at her head and ploughed a left hook and right uppercut into the teenagers body and as Daniela dropped to her knees, clearly winded, Emma was on her in a flash. A slap to the dace was followed by trapping Daniela in a front headlock, and Emma used her height to it’s full effect as she started to choke the Mexican woman, I was impressed with Daniela though as she calmly looked for a way out of the hold, testing Emma’s grip carefully despite the constricting effect of the choke. Getting no success from that, Daniela looked instead to go on the attack as she clawed at Emma’s backside before looking to force her swimsuit into a wedgie.

‘Bitch!’ Emma complained as the wedgie attempt started to have it’s effect, but in truth it was only a minor inconvenience for Emma who still maintained the upper hand with her front headlock. As Emma pulled Daniela up to her feet,she reasserted that control with two quick fire toe kicks to the pit of the Mexican’s stomach. That caused Daniela to release her hold on Emma’s suit; relieved of that problem, Emma quickly stepped up her attack, lifting Daniela in a waist lock before delivering an atomic drop. Daniela squealed out from the impact of that move, her pussy landing squarely on Emma’s knee, and as Emma clotheslined her to the mat, she was in prime position to open the scoring in the match. Grounded, Daniela had no defense to Emma’s favourite follow up falling head butt to the crotch. That drew a scream of pain from Daniela who gamely looked to wrap her legs around Emma’s head to scissor her, but Emma put paid to that easily with a second, shorter headbutt delivered from her kneeling position. With the young Mexican in pain, Emma sensed it was her chance to gain a submission as she quickly grabbed both ankles, turning Daniela into a boston crab. Once again, the teenagers flexibility threatened to thwart Emma for a little while as she increased the pressure, but Emma had one more trick up her sleeve as she went instead to a single leg boston crab and crotch claw combination to draw a screaming submission from Daniela.

With a one submission lead, Emma released the single leg boston, and as there were no official breaks in the match, she was straight back to work, delivering a stomp to Daniela’s lower back before removing the shoulder straps of her swimsuit, As Emma pulled her off the mat, the suit fell away to leave her topless; Emma delivered a hard slap to her right breast before whipping her into the wall where she took the opportunity to punish Daniela, unloading with some heavy duty body punching which put the Mexican back on her knees. Not for long though as Emma immediately got her back to her feet and planting a foot in Daniela’s mid-section, she fell back to monkey flip her to the mat. It was a move Emma used often to her advantage, but Daniela was able to roll through the impact with the mats, and Emma was forced into a brief rethink of her strategy as Daniela was back on her feet. Daniela had shipped a fair amount of punishment from Emma in the last couple of minutes, but she looked to press forward, looking for a way into the contest behind some well aimed kicks into Emma’s thighs.

Frustrated by the kicks, Emma looked to close in on Daniela to put paid to the attacks, but the blonde Mexican ducked Emma’s attempted headlock, drove a knee up into Emma’s stomach and started to take back the initiative in the fight. Doubled up, Emma was surprised by a headbutt to the shoulder blade which put her on all fours where Daniela continued her attack with a low drop kick into Emma’s side. Bowled to the mat, Emma kept her wits about her though, rolling clear of Daniela’s attempted full body splash, and winded from that, Daniela had no defense as Emma roughly grabbed her hair to slam her face first into the mat. Knowing that Daniela was still suffering from her missed splash, Emma quickly rolled her onto her back, trapping her slowly but surely in a reverse face sit as she backed herself into position on Daniela’s face. This time, the submission was a little quicker coming as the young Mexican was already struggling for breath when Emma plunged a set of well manicured long nails into her breasts. The marks from the attentions of those nails were clear to see against the golden tanned skin of Daniela as she frantically tapped out her submission to give Emma a two submissions to nil lead. From her pinning position, Emma elected to relieve Daniela of the remainder of her suit, throwing the orange outfit from the mats in my general direction to leave her foe wearing just a pair of shimmering tights and a pair of black wrestling boots as she pulled her from the mat by her blonde hair once more.

There wasn’t all that long left in the match as this point, and Emma seemed to be in a comfortable enough lead as she wrapped the Mexican up in a tight bear hug. Squeezing away at the opponent’s body, I thought that Emma might well be setting her up to deliver one more telling move, perhaps starting with an atomic drop., but Daniela managed to put paid to her thoughts. Seizing Emma’s long auburn hair, Daniela forced her head back before delivering a knee lift to Emma’s side followed by a short headbutt to the chest, and Emma was knocked off balance as she released Daniela. The Luchadora wasted no time as the match crept into it’s last five minutes and she looked to get herself on the scoreboard as she delivered a powerful standing drop kick to Emma’s chest, bowling her to the mat. An elbow drop followed, the point of Daniela’s right elbow connecting perfectly with Emma’s left breast, flattening it against her rib cage. Looking to even the score a little, Daniela was quick to pull Emma’s shoulder straps down to expose her breasts which immediately became prime targets for her nails as she sunk in a double breast maul. Emma grabbed both of the Mexican’s wrists as she looked to relieve the pain they were causing and in doing so, she left herself wide open to a stinging slap to the face as Daniela released her right hand from the breast maul momentarily.

Satisfied that she had Emma stunned enough, this time it was Daniela who delivered a monkey flip and there was no soft, rolling landing from Emma as she hit the mat hard, Impressively, Daniela performed a back roll to place herself in a schoolgirl pin position sat high on Emma’s chest, a position from which she used her knuckles to good effect on Emma’s stomach. With Emma well and truly softened up and a little out of breath from the half a dozen punches she had just taken, the Mexican shifted her position further forward, almost into the face sit. A double handful of hair saw her instead pull Emma’s face firmly into her crotch before she deftly crossed her legs behind Emma’s head to keep it in place. Still keeping her hand wrapped firmly in Emma’s hair, Daniela went back to the punches, this time landing them mainly to Emma’s breasts before going back to the breast maul. Agony was etched on the small part of Emma’s face that was visible, but she hung in there, swinging her legs back to try and pull Daniela off her. Twice the Mexican swatted her legs away before the combined effect of the breast maul and tightly locked in pussy smother finally took their toll, forcing Emma into a submission, The match stood at 2-1 in Emma’s favour now, but the match was already into it’s final minute as Daniela released Emma from the smother and she had to move quickly if she wanted to try and even the score up. A handful of hair assisted Emma off the mat before Daniela dropped her with a powerful bodyslam. There was no more time for Daniela to waste as she pulled Emma to a seated position before trapping her in a sleeper and body scissor hold from behind. Emma was able to get enough of her hand inside the sleeper though to diminish it’s effectiveness and, despite Daniela’s powerful thighs, Emma was able to ride out the comeback from the young Luchadora to secure the 2-1 victory.

Back in the changing room though, Emma was impressed by Daniela. ‘I’m going to advise Amelia to see if she can get Daniela signed up on a contract Steve’ she told me. ‘She’s impressed me more than the other girls so far; she’s young, didn’t give up when I was well on top, and let’s face it, she has a style that’s a bit different to most catfighters as well.’

‘That’s true’ I agreed ‘some of her moves are impressive but still pretty effective I guess?’ I asked Emma.

‘I’d say so’ Emma told me ‘she could be quite a handful I think if she’s prepared to give it a shot in the Smythe Federation’

We left Mexico city a couple of days later having delivered Amelia’s offer of a contract to fight in the Smythe Federation to Daniela in person. We had no idea if she would accept or not yet, but hoped that she would be the first Smythe fighter found out of Emma’s scouting trips.