The Exhibition

By wolfboy

Emma gets an invite.

‘You are formally invited to an exhibition of World Class Catfighting
In an invitational catfight challenge in the Ice House Nightclub on
1st October. Four cage side seats are reserved for your party’

So read the invite that Emma received through the post not long after we had arrived back from Mexico. It quickly transpired that Sara had arranged the whole event, even digging up an opponent from Emma’s distant past in Kandy Yang. I imagined it was all part of Sara’s plan to really put the exclamation mark on her recent victory over Emma in Hong Kong, but I was hoping that Emma would decide to go along and watch the fight anyway. I looked forward to the chance to study Sara in action once more; I was starting to think that I might just have spotted a way for Emma to get her revenge victory over Sara, so any chance to see her in action promised to be useful. Claire also decided to invite herself along to watch the match, and never one to miss the chance to watch a good catfight, Debbie also decided to come along to catch sight of Sara in action.

On the night of the match, we entered the Ice House nightclub about 30 minutes before the scheduled start of the match to find that the place had been transformed.On the middle of the dance floor stood a professional looking MMA cage surrounded on all sides by three rows of seating for about 200 people. Behind the seats, there was space for more people standing , and that looked to be filling up nicely already. Finding out seats in the front row at cage side, we waited patiently for a few minutes chatting until the lights dimmed in the club, just leaving the cage itself brightly lit as a ring announcer took her place inside the cage. Dressed in a black catsuit, the svelte blonde announcer grabbed the microphone that had been lying on the mat in the cage. ‘Ladies and Gentlemen; welcome to the Ice House for this exhibition of international catfighting. We have one fight only for you this evening, but it promises to be a great fight! Tonight you will see the champion of all Korea take on the Hong Kong syndicate and former Southern Belles champion in a no holds barred battle to the finish. There is no time limit and the only way to win is to force a submission from your opponent.’ A buzz went through the crowd as a female referee joined the announcer inside the cage, and then, flashing lights and some unfamiliar but blaring music heralded the appearance of the first of the evening’s fighters.

‘Introducing first, she is the champion of all of Korea, Kandy Yang!’ the announcer continued. ‘Kandy is 43 years old, 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs in tonight at 201lbs. Kandy measures a voluptuous 42E-28-40. She stands before you this evening with a professional catfighting record of 38 wins with just 5 defeats.’ The Korean amazon paraded around the cage, milking the applause of the crowd; she cut a curvaceous, powerful figure in her black leather romper suit with a thong back which she had teamed with a pair of black hold-up fence net stockings. A couple of minutes passed while Kandy continued to pace around the cage before the lights and music indicated the arrival of the evening’s second fighter, Sara. I fancied that the blonde bombshell would be the favoured fighter of the crowd as she made her way towards the cage.

‘And now, introducing the second fighter, she is the current Hong Kong Syndicate champion and the former Southern Belles champion, Sara!’ the announcer informed the crowd. ‘Sara is 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs in tonight at 161lbs. Sara measures 38DD-26-38 and she brings a professional catfighting record of 28 wins with 8 defeats to the cage tonight’ the announcer finished as the blonde American entered the cage to an enthusiastic response from the crowd. I realised that Sara’s record meant that she had been back in action since her match with Emma in Hong Kong and made a mental note to check on that as Sara strutted deliberately to our side of the cage, briefly locking eyes with Emma. The temperature in the Ice House dropping a few degrees as the two women stared frostily at each other. That didn’t last too long though as Sara, clad in black mesh hot pants and matching string bikini top, both embossed with a gold logo, had to focus on the job at hand for her in the for of Korean powerhouse Kandy. The referee called the two women together in the centre of the cage to issue the final instructions, which seemed a little unnecessary given the anything goes nature of the battle, and then both women were made to back up a couple of paces before the bell sounded and the match was underway, Sara immediately rushing in behind a flurry of punches aimed at Kandy’s body. The big Korean woman blocked the majority of those well enough with her arms, but was still forced back by Sara’s energetic start until she found her back against the cage. Using her power from there though, she was able to push Sara back a couple of paces before catching her a glancing blow with a spinning back kick aimed at her stomach. The glancing blow did little to slow Sara who immediately came back at Kandy, another flurry of punches to the body as she backed Kandy up once more. The two women clinched against the cage, Sara firing a knee into Kandy’s leather clad stomach which hit home but she was surprised as Kandy took it well, catching Sara’s leg, and with the blonde hopping on one leg, Kandy was able to take her down to the mat by sweeping away her other leg.

Kandy followed Sara down, quickly finding herself in a kneeling position but trapped between Sara’s thighs as the blonde wrapped her up in a scissor hold. It wasn’t exactly all in Sara’s favour though as Kandy was able to land with a couple of punches to Sara’s unprotected stomach causing Sara to look to pull the dark haired fighter in close to her. Sara succeeded in tying Kandy up, preventing her from landing any more punishing body shots, but Kandy had plenty of fight in her just yet, using her power to lift Sara a little way clear of the mats before driving her down hard. The impact forced Sara to break her clinch while she still maintained the body scissor, and that opened her up to another couple of body punches before she was able to tie Kandy up once more in the clinch, pulling her into a breast smother briefly. Kandy didn’t allow that to continue for long though as she lifted Sara twice more, each time driving her back to the mat and on the second go, Sara’s scissor hold was broken, Kandy didn’t move clear though, instead staying in place to deliver an elbow to Sara’s stomach before she used the blonde’s flowing hair to pull her up from the mat.

Kandy seemed to have adopted a pretty ‘straight ahead’ style of fighting since we had last seen her, as with Sara back on her feet, she wasted no time in knocking her back down with a punch to the jaw. From down on the mat though, Sara lashed out with her foot, catching Kandy in the stomach as she had been looking to pull Sara upright, and she too was dropped to her knees on the mat. Sara took advantage, landing an uppercut to the crotch that caused Kandy to howl with pain as she rolled to the mat clutching her womanhood. Sara wanted to keep up the pressure on the tough Korean woman and getting her up off the mat quickly, she tied her up in a standing full nelson before slowly walking her over to the cage wall in front of us. Sara pressed the voluptuous Asian fighter against the side wall, cruelly rubbing her face in to the mesh wall before, with a knowing smile, she broke the full nelson. Keeping Kandy pressed into the cage wall with one hand, she delivered a nasty right handed kidney punch that caused Kandy’s knees to buckle a little. Sara quickly reapplied the full nelson though to keep Kandy upright before kicking her legs apart and delivering a straight kick up into Kandy’s crotch from behind. This time, Kandy crumpled immediately to the mat, once again crying out in pain from the cruel attacks of her blonde foe who milked the applause of the appreciative crowd as she looked satisfied with her efforts so far.

Sara pushed Kandy’s face into the mesh once more, this time using the sole of her foot to keep her forced in to the mesh before delivering a straight kick across Kandy’s lower back. The pain was clear to see on the face of the Korean woman as Sara continued to work her over against the wall of the cage. Kneeling down, Sara drove another fist into Kandy’s lower back before delivering a crushing elbow strike to her ribs. Another grimace of pain crossed Kandy’s face as the look of satisfaction on Sara’s grew. Sara pulled hard on the thong back of Kandy’s romper suit causing it to cut harshly into the Korean woman’s pussy. There was no way that the leather was going to rip easily either and the blonde knew it as she continued the torture, drawing some more cries of pain from the Korean champion, who I think was starting to regret her choice of outfit for the match. Mercifully for her, Sara elected to change her point of attack, pulling Kandy to her feet by a combination of hair and front headlock before a leaping elbow strike across the shoulder blades dropped Kandy back to her knees, The dark haired Korean fighter was shipping a lot of punishment now and I was beginning to think that she needed to fight back which she attempted to with a body punch, but Sara brushed that off, knocking her onto her back with a knee lift to the chest.

Sara was happy to continue her attack at a methodical pace, bringing Kandy to her feet by the hair before lifting the 200lb woman impressively to slam her to the mat. The blonde fighter looked to be at her dominant best as she stomped Kandy in the lower back before kneeling on Kandy and using two handfuls of hair to pull her into a painful position; her back arched and neck straining against the fierce hair pulling attack. It as a sufficient attack to bring the referee in to check if kandy wished to give up, but the answer must have been no as Kandy started to try and force herself to her knees, looking for a way out of the attack. Sara soon put paid to that though, a knee drop across Kandy’s lower back as she was just off the mat dropping her back to the mat flat on her stomach. From that position, it was no problem for Sara to pull the shoulder straps of Kandy’s romper suit down; although the suit was skin tight enough to stay in place for now, it wasn’t going to take much now for Sara to remove it I thought as she got Kandy back upright before whipping her hard into the wall of the cage.The whole structure seemed to shake with that impact before Sara got a bit careless looking to follow in quickly and Kandy was finally able to stem the tide as she snapped a kick into Sara’s stomach. Now it was Kandy who whipped Sara into the cage wall chest first, before hammering her with a couple of kidney punches of her own, and then taking a handful of blonde hair, she slammed Sara’s face into the mesh. Sara staggered backwards into Kandy who now wrapped her up in a sleeper hold before jumping up onto the American woman’s back; Kandy adding in a body scissor as she pulled Sara backwards to the mat.

In an instant, Sara had gone from commanding the match to looking to be in deep trouble., trapped down on the mats, Kandy’s thick, powerful legs wrapped tightly around her while the sleeper hold was a potential match finisher. Kandy wrenched in the sleeper hold, torquing Sara’s head and neck to a painful angle while from out position at cage side, you could see the muscles on her legs working overtime. Sara’s eyes were tightly shut as a mask of pain played across her face; she knew she was in trouble at the hands of the Korean. ‘Submit bitch?’ Kandy asked the blonde, but Sara replied with her elbows, hammering them repeatedly into Kandy’s ribs until she forced the Korean to release her sleeper hold. Sara hungrily sucked in air now that her breathing was no longer being hampered by a powerful set of arms. She was still in trouble from Kandy’s thighs though as she pushed up on her hands to add extra leverage to the powerful scissors. Sara let out a cry of pain, but she grabbed hold of Kandy’s feet, twisting her toes with furious abandon until she was able to force her way out of the scissor hold . Sara scrambled clear quickly, and as Kandy got to her feet, I thought she may have sustained a broken toe at Sara’s hands as she was clearly limping quite heavily.

If I’d spotted it, you could be pretty sure that Sara had noticed it too, something she confirmed as she stomped on Kandy’s foot as the two women came together again. It cost Sara a slap which cannoned of her cheek, but the damage was done to Kandy who suddenly found herself unable to put much weight on her left foot. Sara wasn’t for showing Kandy any mercy either, slamming a straight right into her face to drop her to the mat. Spreading Kandy’s legs, Sara delivered an elbow drop to the Korean’s crotch and as Kandy screamed out in pain, Sara smiled, confident that she had the match well back in her control again now. Pulling Kandy upright, she propped her against the wall of the cage where she delivered uppercuts to each of her breasts, breaking them free of the constraints of her leather romper suit. A nail rake slashed across Kandy’s breasts, Sara’s black painted nails drawing out some angry red furrows as Kandy reeled in pain. A double handful of hair allowed Sara to slam the back of Kandy’s head off the cage wall before she lifted the 200 pounder once more to deliver an across the knee back breaker. Pushing Kandy off her leg, she made sure that the Korean champion was correctly positioned before she dived on top of her with a full length body splash which Sara quickly converted into a grapevine pin, and it was starting to look like the beginning of the end for Kandy. Sara showed impressive power as her legs totally overpowered Kandy now before she treated the Korean to her first experience of the super smother as her DD breasts were pressed straight into Kandy’s face.

The Korean champion was a proud woman, and she wasn’t giving up easily and after about forty seconds, Sara released the first installment of the smother. That was no great relief for Kandy though as Sara indulged herself with a double breast maul that once again brought some cries of pain from Kandy. The crowd was lapping up the blonde’s fighting style now, and she really pushed home her advantage as she punished Kandy’s breasts. Finally tiring of the breast attacks, Sara decided it was time to put Kandy away. Stripping off her own bikini top, much to the approval of the crowd, she wrapped both arms behind Kandy’s head before pulling the Korean’s face straight into her DD’s. This was the full on super smother now and Kandy, her legs overpowered by Sara’s in the grapevine as well, was in dire trouble from the hold, quickly being forced to tap out and give the blonde an impressive win over a tough opponent.

Sara climbed off the beaten Korean champion, retrieved her bikini top and acknowledged the crowd before she left the cage, casting a glance in Emma’s direction that said ‘anytime you want some more of this, you just let me know...’

I was pretty sure that right now, Emma had no intention of taking up Sara’s unspoken challenge anytime soon. What I didn’t realise was that my two other companions that evening were both secretly fancying their chances against her!