You Little Bitch
By wolfboy

Claire gets to defend her title against an smaller opponent

Claire’s next lightweight title defence would see her faced with an unusual situation as she would take on a smaller, lighter opponent in French fighter Seraphine Dupont. At just 5 feet tall and 105lbs, Serpahine was the lightest fighter who was currently active in the Smythe lightweight division and often found herself giving up 20 - 30lbs to her opponents. She had found plenty of ways of overcoming her weight disadvantage though; Serpahine had the ability to take plenty of punishment without submitting, She was also a crafty, resourceful fighter who had garnered a reputation as an uncompromising, dirty fighter. Claire would take her one in a no time limit contest as a result of Seraphine’s impressive yet unexpected win over the previously unbeaten New Zealander Carmella Rose in a final eliminator for the title.

Claire had watched footage of that fight with me as we pulled together a game plan for the best of 3 submissions, no holds barred match that would take place in the ring at the Smythe mansion, One thing was clear to me though; Claire would be faces with the unusual prospect of being able to overpower her opponent at times so it would be interesting to see how she used that to her advantage.

As we waited to be called to the ring on the night of the match, I was still a little confused about one of Claire’s strategic decisions for the match. For reasons best known only to Claire, she had decided to fight naked in this match. Against a fighter who loved to maul breasts and pussy as much as often as the opportunity arose in her matches, it seemed a slightly odd idea. Claire was convinced she knew best though and for the time being, her nudity was hidden beneath a long black silk robe which she wore with the lightweight title belt strapped tightly round her waist. As we walked to the ring, I could see that Seraphine was already standing in her corner, looking positively overdressed in comparison to Claire in a pair of opaque black hold up stockings which she combined with a pair of black, wet look booty shorts. She would fight topless as she often preferred to, her pert C cup breasts providing a distraction to a number of opponents as it seemed that attacks on them did not trouble her as much as they might have expected.

‘Ladies and gentlemen, this contest is for the Smythe Federation Lightweight title’ the announcer began to inform the crowd. ‘It is a no time limit contest, 2 out of 3 submissions with no holds barred. First of all, introducing the challenger, from Nice, France, Seraphine Dupont. She is 32 years old, 5 feet tall, weighs 105lbs and measures 32C-22-32 with a catfighting record of 12 wins with 2 defeats. And the champion’ the announcer continued as Seraphine acknowledged a ripple of applause from the crowd’ is Claire Voss. She is 23 years old, 5 feet 2 inches tall, weighs 123lbs and measures 34DD-24-35 with a catfighting record of 8 straight wins.’ Claire stepped out of her corner to acknowledge the crowd, still keeping her long robe in place until the she reached the centre of the ring where she let it slide from her body into a pile at her feet on the mat. A buzz went round the crowd as they realised that the champion was fighting nude; she looked in sensational shape as well, tanned and toned, she probably presented an imposing opponent for her smaller challenger.

If Claire had expected Seraphine to be intimidated by her appearance though, she was sorely mistaken as Seraphine quickly swarmed Claire back into the corner at the start of the bout. The flashing, blood red, nails of the French woman slashed at Claire’s stomach and breasts, forcing her back to the corner where Seraphine looked to land with a knee strike straight to Claire’s crotch. Claire blocked, absorbing the blow with her thigh, before she was able to push Seraphine back. With the space to maneuver, Claire aimed a swinging elbow strike at Seraphine’s jaw, but the French woman ducked under the elbow and pushed forward, waist locking Claire and driving her back to the turnbuckle. Pressing her diminutive frame back into Claire, she pinned the champion back into the corner and immediately her fingers were probing to get a crotch claw on to Claire. Frantically, Claire blocked with her thigh again, pulling on Seraphine’s short brunette hair as well to force the French woman off balance. Seraphine swung a punch into the pit of Claire’s stomach before Claire was able to use her extra size and strength to force Seraphine off her and out of the corner, Quickly, Claire closed the space between them down, catching Seraphine in a side headlock, standing in the centre of the ring as she cranked on the headlock.

Once again, the little French woman responded, grabbing hold of Claire’s ample breasts with one hand , while going to Claire’s hair with the other hand, using that to back her into the ropes. From there, Seraphine looked to fire Claire into the opposite ropes, but this time, Claire grabbed her hair to maintain the headlock before she shot a left hand punch into Seraphine’s face as she tried to subdue the French firebrand. Claire quickly tripped Seraphine to the mat in the headlock, lying on top of her as she looked to get a breast smother in place. Flexible, Seraphine worked her body into position to wrap her legs around Claire in a body scissors. It wasn’t a powerful hold, but it did give Claire something to think about as she tried to get her breasts firmly into Seraphine’s face to smother the challenger. It seemed likely that Claire was going to be able to secure that smother as she slowly positioned herself perfectly for the hold only to suddenly cry out ‘you little bitch!’ and look to pull away as Seraphine clamped her jaws shut on Claire’s right breast, Seraphine wasn’t releasing her jaw lock easily either as she grimly held on, taking two hard forearm shots to the chest before a third forced her to suck air in and Claire was able to scramble free, rubbing her pained breast as she did so.

Seraphine got to her feet, wiped her mouth as she smirked at Claire, and the she looked to close in on Claire who was easily able to keep her at bay planting two ramrod straight jabs in her face before a snap front kick knocked her to the mat. Claire dived in, an elbow drop to the lower back setting Seraphine up for a boston crab attempt, but the French woman grimly clung onto Claire’s right ankle to prevent herself from being turned over. There was little she could do however to stop Claire from delivering a knee drop to her lower back which caused the French woman to cry out in pain from the impact. Advantage to Claire it seemed and she looked to follow up, sitting high up on Seraphine’s back before clamping her in a reverse chin lock, one hand wrapped in her hair while the other arm was wrapped tightly across her face. Carelessly though Claire had allowed her hand to stray into the range of Seraphine’s jaws and the French woman wasted no time in sinking her teeth in again causing Claire to shriek and scramble clear of her once again.

Claire was beginning to get seriously hacked off with Seraphine’s fighting style, but she wasted no time in pulling the little French woman up to her feet and hurling her into the corner where she hammered away with big punches to the body interspersing the punches with her insults ‘you.....little.....fucking......bitch!’ she spat out as she cut Seraphine down under a hail of body shots. If there was any thought that she may have subdued the smaller woman with her body punches, it was short lived as, from her seated position in the corner, she connected with an uppercut to Claire’s pussy that saw the naked champion crumple to the mat in front of Seraphine who dragged herself to her feet before trapping Claire in a head scissor from behind. She may not have been a big woman, but Seraphine’s thighs carried enough power to put a grimace on Claire’s face that intensified when both of Seraphine’s hands started to tear at her long black hair. ‘Submit?’ the little French woman asked Claire as she pulled out a few strands of her hair. ‘Fuck off, you little bitch!’ Claire shot back, falling victim to a hard slap to the face for her response, but she gained some respite from the hair pulling at least as Seraphine elected to grab hold of the bottom ring rope to add more leverage to her head scissor.

In truth, that was a bit of a mistake for Seraphine. While the extra leverage offered by the ropes caused Claire to squeal out in pain, the lack of hair pulling quickly allowed Claire to work her head free enough to deliver a back head butt to Seraphine’s crotch. The head scissor broken, Claire was able to escape, grabbing Seraphine’s legs as she clung on to the ring rope still. Claire took that opportunity , planting a stomp to the pit of her stomach and with Seraphine winded, Claire finally took control of the first fall. Hauling her off the mats, Claire easily lifted Seraphine, body slamming her hard to the mat in the centre of the ring. An elbow drop to the French woman’s breasts followed before Claire went back to Seraphine’s hair, lifting her again, this time to deliver a vicious across the knee back breaker. Seraphine howled in pain as Claire pushed her off her knee to the mat, but Claire allowed her no respite, delivering a nasty nail rake down her back before planting a knee on her lower back. Quickly grabbing both of Seraphine’s arms, Claire leant back, delivering a very effective surfboard hold that had her little opponent crying in pain as Claire worked her back over. The resilient Frenchwoman refused to give though and tiring of the hold, Claire released Seraphine’s arms, delivering a knee drop to her lower back as she did so to keep up the pressure.

Another across the knee back breaker followed from Claire as she continued her assault on the little French fighter. Clearly in pain now, Seraphine must have feared the worst as Claire peeled her off the mat by the hair, quickly lifting her into an across the shoulder, hanging back breaker. Modifying her grip quickly to hold Seraphine in place by her breasts, nails digging into sensitive flesh adding to the effect of the painful move. Quickly Seraphine howled out in pain and then submission putting Claire into a one-nil lead as she unceremoniously dumped her little opponent to the mats. Claire strode confidently, elegantly back to our corner while Seraphine crawled over to her own corner, almost having to be helped to her feet.

‘She doesn’t look too tough now Steve’ Claire gloated as she took her seat in our corner.

‘True enough’ I agreed ‘but beware of a wounded fighter. She’s got nothing to lose at the start of this round if she’s struggling with that back injury’ I cautioned Claire.

‘I guess so’ Claire shrugged ‘I think I’ve got her now though, she’s hurting and I’m going to keep right after her back.

‘A good plan’ I had to agree ‘stay right on her in this fall early on and I think you could be right.

Claire certainly felt that way and was good to her word in the early part of the round, rushing Seraphine and waist locking her before driving her back hard into her own turnbuckle. Three hard shoulders were driven into Seraphine’s stomach as Claire quickly crushed the air from her little opponent. Claire grabbed her winded opponent’s long, flowing hair, using it to toss her with ease across the ring. Brushing some strands of Seraphine’s hair from her fingers, Claire looked to have the contest going well in her favour now as she again pulled Seraphine off the mat. The Frenchwoman fought back though, a thrusting finger strike into the underside of Claire’s right breast giving Claire cause for thought as she quelled that show of resistance with a knee lift into Seraphine’s stomach. Dropped to her knees, the Frenchwoman was immediately wrapped up in a front headlock by Claire who used her power advantage to crank on the headlock. Seraphine’s hands groped for a target, quickly finding Claire’s ass into which she sunk her nails causing Claire to cry out in pain. A clubbing forearm from Claire again put paid to Seraphine’s latest show of resistance, but it was obvious that while the Frenchwoman might be struggling to cope with Claire, she wasn’t going to be giving into her without a fight either.

Claire picked up and slammed the French fighter, reveling in her ability to overpower an opponent for once. Pressing on with her attack, Claire jumped into the air to deliver a leg drop across Seraphine’s throat and as she converted that into a side head scissor down on the mat, once again the tough little Frenchwoman was in trouble. Claire’s strong legs wrapped around Seraphine’s head like the sexiest of boa constrictors as she started to squeeze, attempting to grind her down into submission. Indeed, Seraphine quickly started to let out cries of pain, but in tying her up in such a closely held move, Claire had brought Seraphine in close enough for her teeth and nails to come back into play. Sinking her nails into Claire’s thigh drew a shriek of pain from the jet haired champion; when Seraphine also sunk her teeth into the back of her thigh, the shriek became a full on howl of pain and Claire was forced to turn Seraphine lose again.

‘You little bitch!’ Claire spat at her smiling opponent as Seraphine was able to scramble back to her feet.

Seraphine waved Claire forward, hoping I thought that Claire’s anger might force her into a mistake. I was pleased to see that Claire didn’t fall into that trap though, approaching cautiously and in face surprising Seraphine with a quick, snap kick into the pit of her stomach that bowled the Frenchwoman into the ropes. Taking advantage of that situation, Claire pushed Seraphine’s body under the ropes before grabbing her hair to bring her back to a sitting position on the ring apron with her back to the crowd. A front headlock followed, Claire using that move to also position Seraphine’s throat over the middle rope, and with the addition of that ring rope choke, Seraphine was quickly pushed to the point of submission by Claire, frantically tapping out as the referee asked Claire to break her hold.

‘I will if she surrenders her panties to me’ Claire told the referee ‘otherwise I’ll choke her out!’

‘OK, OK!’ Seraphine quickly agreed, anxious to get free of her predicament, and Claire, good to her word released the hold before stripping her petite opponent of her wet look booty shorts and making her way victoriously to the corner.

‘Well done!’ I told her as we hugged in victory. ‘What was all that with the panties at the end?’ I asked her as we walked from the ring, Claire’s championship belt now wrapped, once again, around her naked body.

‘I thought it might intimidate a few challengers a little’ she told me. ‘I’m going to collect the panties of my beaten opponent’s now, and maybe I’ll hang them in my corner now for title defences. Make it part of my stipulations for matches I think’ Claire smiled.

‘I guess it might work’ I agreed ‘no harm in trying it anyway’ I laughed as we entered the changing room with another successful defence behind us.