Boston Bitch Fight
By wolfboy

Emma takes on a familiar foe in a return match

As Claire had arranged herself a private match with an opponent that she seemed determined to keep secret from us in Texas, I felt it was a good chance to also get Emma back in action as well. I had a strategy for some matches for Emma which I hoped would get her ready to take on her arch nemesis Sara once more. First up in that strategy as it turned out was going to be a rematch with an opponent Emma had taken on relatively early in her catfight career. Amy O’Rourke had traveled with her mother to take on Emma and Debbie in an afternoon of catfighting in which Emma and Debbie had both been victorious one on one, but had gone down to defeat in tag team competition. This time, it was just going to be a one on one match between Emma and Amy; no time limit, no holds barred until one of them conceded defeat to the other.

Amy was still a very active catfighter on the private scene in the Northeast of America in particular where she had put together a good record. I knew she would provide Emma with a stern test and a match that was likely to run over a decent length of time. I felt that it was going to be key for Emma if she was going to gain her revenge on Sara that she was able use the stamina that she would gain from these kind of matches. For now though, there was only one fighter with revenge on her mind as Amy reminded Emma in the days leading up to the fight. ‘I’ll take you this time bitch!’ had been the parting shot of her final confirmation email.

Now we found ourselves heading to a run down backstreet boxing gym in Boston. Out of hours, Amy had the run of the place it turned out, using the boxing ring there to host most of her private matches. The fight with Emma was no different and would take place between those same, slightly frayed ropes. The rules for the match had been finalised between Amy and Emma, and while they had described it as no holds barred, it would in fact escalate to that point. For the first thirty minutes it had been agreed that only open handed blows would be allowed. After that point, punching, elbows, knees and kicks would all become fair game. Victory could be achieved in only two ways; a fighter retiring on her stool between submissions or after the thirty minute mark a submission hold kept in place to secure a total submission of the match.

‘She’s going to be a tough challenge I think Emma’ I cautioned on the drive to the gym, ‘but I think she’s a perfect opponent for you. A long match with a tough opponent will help you be ready for Sara again.’

‘I remember she was a good opponent when I fought her before’ Emma agreed ‘but I beat her then and I’m a better fighter now, so I’ll beat her again tonight’ she confidently told me.

We were shown to a basic changing room off the main room of the gym where Emma quickly changed in to the minimal attire that she had chosen for the fight. By agreement, both women would fight wearing only panties. Moreover, they would be replaced by a new pair from the start of each fall allowing the women to use wedgies as a means of attack throughout the fight. Fighting topless would pretty well guarantee that both well endowed women’s breasts would also be obvious targets for the other woman’s attacks. There was little time for tactical discussion as the time keeper (and Amy’s second and cousin) Dana called us through the main room where the statuesque Bostonian was waiting, leaning on the ropes of the tight little ring wearing just a pair of gold sequinned tie side bikini briefs. Emma slipped through the ropes to face her wearing just a flimsy black mesh thong. It seemed that both women had wisely chosen panties that they felt would tear off easily during the match rather than having to suffer a long painful wedgie attack.

Dana also nominated herself as the ring announcer it seemed as she announced ‘this is a private challenge catfight match with no holds barred. Before the thirty minute mark only open handed blows are allowed. After that point the fight will become completely no holds barred. The match will be fought topless with a new pair of panties being worn at the start of each fall. Victory can only be won in two ways; a retirement between rounds or a total submission of the match after the thirty minute mark. So on my left, from England is Emma Baines. Emma is 5 feet 10 inches, 167lbs and measures 40E-27-37 and has a catfight record of 35 wins and 13 defeats. On my right from Boston is Amy O’Rourke, Amy is 5 feet 11 inches tall, 180 lbs and measures 42DD-28-38 with a catfight record of 27 wins and 10 defeats. Ladies you have both requested no referee so please stick by the rules and start when you’re ready’

It turned out that both women were more than ready, meeting tit to tit in the centre of the ring even before Dana had slipped out of the ring. Both wrapped their left hands in the others flame coloured hair; Amy elected to claw Emma’s breasts with her right hand. Emma took that though firing in a sharp right handed slap on to the waist band of Amy’s gold bikini briefs and that gave her an early advantage. Running Amy back into the ropes, Emma drove in another slap to the body before looking to fire the American in to the opposite ropes. Amy kept her grip on Emma’s hair though using that to pull her into a tight side headlock. Amy ground her arms around Emma’s head, but Emma was quickly on the attack again as she grabbed the back of Amy’s bikini, pulling them up hard into a wedgie. Amy cried out but was quick to respond, working the headlock hard as she dragged Emma towards the lightly padded turnbuckles.

Emma’s backside hit the turnbuckles quickly followed by Amy’s shoulder ploughing into her stomach. A second time, the flame haired Bostonian repeated the dose, but in doing so, she found herself caught as Emma reached over her to grab the back of her bikini, again pulling it hard into a wedgie. Emma pulled hard, the sound of straining spandex filling the room before Amy quickly untied the sides of her thong to negate Emma’s attack as she pulled the golden bikini away. Distracted as she threw the bikini from the ring, Emma was caught with a flat handed blow to the crotch. Still stunned from that, she found herself whipped hard to the opposite turnbuckles, hitting hard and quickly finding herself pinned against them by an onrushing Amy with a flying avalanche splash. Emma groaned as 180lbs of naked Amazon crushed the air from her lungs before going the the hair to throw Emma to the mat near the centre of the ring. Dropping in behind Emma, Amy wrapped her thighs around Emma’s body, immediately punishing her with a powerful rear body scissor while she also wrapped a hand in Emma’s long hair. Emma let out a cry of pain, reaching back as she did so to try and latch on to Amy’s hair. A look of frustration crossed Emma’s face as Amy took that chance to tie up her arms in a full nelson, fingers interlaced though Emma’s hair as she shook her head from side to side like a rag doll. Taking a brief break from that as Emma struggled to clear her head, Amy quickly sunk her teeth into Emma’s shoulder drawing a shriek of pain. The the powerful American was back to her favoured full nelson, shaking Emma’s head hard, all the while slowly shifting her position to a side body scissor. With Emma still a little disoriented, she was easily forced into a position face down on the mats with Amy’s thighs continuing to work away on her body. Amy used the full nelson to slam Emma’s face into the mat twice, and then as Emma was stunned, she released the full nelson, controlling Emma’s hands with one arm while she took her turn to punish Emma with a wedgie.

Amy pulled the back of Emma’s mesh thong drawing squeals of pain from Emma that disguised the sound of the thong quickly starting to rip, mercifully for Emma. Amy was still well on top though, raining in a series of stinging slaps to Emma’s back while she continued to work on the body scissor, and I thought that Emma would have to submit if Amy kept up the attack. Amy had plans to up her attack though and she grabbed Emma’s hair, released her scissor hold and pulled Emma to her feet where the looked to deliver a body slam which Emma blocked and was able to back Amy up into the ropes before shooting her off to the opposite side of the room. Amy rebounded, finding herself caught up in what seemed to be a bear hug, but Emma soon converted that into a pussy pounding atomic drop, holding Amy cruelly on her knee for a second at impact before shoving her in the chest and sending her crashing to the mat. Emma looked to take control of the math quickly now, delivering first an elbow drop to her opponent catching her in the chest before going in again with a diving head butt to the crotch as she spread Amy’s legs wide.

Although clearly in pain from that move, Amy managed to snap her legs shut around Emma’s head as she grabbed Emma’s hair pulling her face deep into a pussy smother / scissor hold that Emma suddenly found herself having to defend against. She sunk her nails and fingers into Amy’s stomach, a low, well applied stomach claw quickly lessening the effect of the scissor and allowing Emma to get clear of the pussy smother as Amy tried to pry her fingers from her stomach. Emma clung on to her advantage as her fingers continued to work on Amy’s stomach with the claw hold until the flame haired American switched tactics, tagging Emma with a crushing forearm smash to the chest as Emma leant over her, and Emma was bowled to the mat. Amy looked to get back to her feet quickly but Emma also scrambled to her feet and five minutes into the match, both women circled each other, jousting with slaps to the body and face.

It was Emma who finally secured a decisive advantage as she was able to force Amy back into the corner behind a barrage of hard slaps to the body. Emma gritted her teeth as she took a couple of stinging blows in reply before a sharp knee lift to the crotch took the wind out of Amy’s sails and the American quickly found herself lifted into an across the knee back breaker. Emma was keen to keep the pressure up now, peeling Amy from the mat by her hair, whipping her hard into the corner post and as she rebounded from that, Emma lifted her again, this time for a body slam. Amy landed hard and was quickly rolled onto her front by Emma who secured a camel clutch, draping Amy’s arms across her knees before wrapping her hands under Amy’s chin and leaning back. Not even the effect of Amy’s nails digging into her kneed could deter Emma, and she leaned back further, increasing the pain for the American until she had no choice other than to submit.

With the match little more that 7 minutes old, both women used the one minute break to put on identical outfits to the start of the match before battle was rejoined. Amy looked to be a little sluggish at the start of the second round, perhaps struggling with her back from Emma’s effective camel clutch and that saw her caught with a couple of hard slaps to the breasts before, as her guard dropped to cover her breasts, Emma made her pay with a slap to the face sending her reeling in to the ropes. Emma was on her again quickly, planting a foot in Amy’s belly before monkey flipping her to the mat. Amy let out a groan of pain as she landed hard. Emma stood over the fallen redhead for a brief moment, waiting until she had just made it to all fours before dropping her again with an elbow to the lower back. Now straddling Amy’s back, Emma once again allowed her to start to rise, this time jumping into the air to floor Amy as her backside crashed down on to her.

A handful of hair saw Emma pull Amy back to all fours once more where she immediately snapped her thighs tightly around Amy’s waist. A surprised cry of pain escaped Amy’s lips as Emma’s strong thighs took her aback a little. ‘Bitch!’ she cried as Emma pulled back on her hair before wrapping her left arm around Amy’s throat in a pretty straight forward choke. That looked to have the American fighter in trouble again, but she was able to grab hold of Emma’s ankles, and pulling on them sharply, she was able to dislodge Emma from the standing body scissor. As Emma sprawled to the mat, it seemed that Amy was about to reclaim the advantage as she now hovered over a grounded Emma, waiting for her to rise of the mat, but Emma was well aware of her, catching her with a shoulder to the stomach as she rose that backed Amy up into the ropes.

Emma followed her in quickly, pushing Amy back into the ropes before lifting her knee into her stomach as she rebounded from the ropes. Winded, Amy found herself lifted as if for a body slam by Emma who in fact had something much worse in mind as she instead dropped Amy stomach first across her knee. The stomach breaker took it’s toll on Amy, and when Emma followed up with a perfectly applied reverse face sit, it took the American to the verge of a second submission. A muffled shriek was still clearly audible from Amy as Emma grabbed the front of her gold bikini briefs quickly stretching them past Amy’s belly button, and as the fabric cut painfully into her pussy, Amy was forced to quickly concede the second submission. Just over 11 minutes had passed now, and though Emma was on top at the moment, it seemed that a result was a good way off just yet.

Amy clearly felt so too, rushing Emma at the start of round three and forcing her back into the corner with the help of a couple of handfuls of hair. Two hard shoulder tackles to the stomach followed before Amy took a good handful of hair again, turned Emma around, and slammed her face first into the corner post. Emma was a little stunned by that, and had little chance to recover as she found herself lifted and body slammed by the powerful American who continued a dominant start to the the round as she dropped a leg across Emma’s chest. Shifting her position behind Emma, she used her hair to lift her head before wrapping her thighs around Emma’s head in a tight head scissor. The American’s crushing thighs framed Emma’s face as a picture of pain, but Emma was immediately looking for a way out, in doing so though, she put herself into more trouble, Emma swung her legs back to try and catch Amy in some kind of scissor hold, which backfired spectacularly as Amy caught her legs, instead using them to fold Emma painfully.

‘Oh fuck!’ Emma cried out as she was trapped, and Amy took great delight in telling her ‘you fucked up there honey!’. Content to keep Emma trapped in the folded position, Amy flexed her thighs drawing a long moan of pain from Emma. No sooner had that subsided than Amy repeated the move, another flex of her thighs forcing Emma to dig deep. Amy wasn’t content just with the scissor hold, looking to get a crotch claw in, but when that threatened to allow Emma to wriggle her legs free,my struck hard with a straight chop to the crotch before allowing Emma’s legs to drop back to the mat. Breathing hard as she looked to recover from that blow, Emma found herself again punished by Amy’s legs in the scissor hold before Amy turned her loose, grabbed her long auburn hair and pulled Emma back to her feet. There, Amy wasted no time in whipping Emma into the corner, crushing her against the turnbuckles with a running clothesline, and then grabbing a handful of hair she slammed Emma’s face twice in to the turnbuckle. Emma slumped chest first against the corner, receiving a nasty forearm to the kidneys before Amy lifted her into a cruel across the knee back breaker, and as Emma slid to the mat off Amy’s knee clutching her back, it looked like the American was comfortably on top in this fall.

She wasted little time in continuing to punish Emma as well, as she propped her up in the corner before securing a tight, constricting bear hug against the corner post. Leaning her body into Emma in the corner, Amy gave her no room to escape as she ground her arms into Emma’s lower back. As Emma spread her legs a little, looking to give herself a base to escape the hold, she opened herself up to a knee lift to the crotch that weakened her further, and Amy sensed Emma was ripe for the picking in this fall. Releasing the bear hug, she body slammed Emma hard to the mat, quickly following her down to trap her in a reverse face sit and as her hand went straight inside Emma’s thong to apply a nasty crotch claw, it was just a matter of a few seconds before Emma was forced to submit and the fight stood at 2-1 to Emma just past the fifteen minute mark. There was no quit in either woman though and it was no surprise that the fight continued after the break with Emma looking, successfully, to keep Amy at long range with some well placed slaps.

Amy was a patient fighter though. Far from being frustrated by Emma’s successful long range slaps, she replied in kind, biding her time as she looked to herd Emma into one of the corners. Wise to that plan, Emma slipped clear of the corner as Amy failed to trap her, and chest first against the turnbuckles, Emma punished her with an elbow to the lower back. A handful of hair saw Emma repay the favour of slamming Amy’s face into the corner turnbuckle, before keeping hold of the long hair, Emma roughly dragged Amy to the mat. Brushing the long flame coloured strands of Amy’s hair from her fingers, Emma delivered a knee drop across Amy’s impressive chest. Once again, Emma was into Amy’s hair, pulling her head up off the mat as she moved her shin across the American woman’s throat, looking to choke her into submission. It was an effective move, Amy soon struggling to catch her breath as Emma continued to work her over. In desperation, Amy went to Emma’s mesh thong, pulling it hard into a wedgie as she tried to escape. Emma grimaced as her own thong was used to punish her but she was quickly able to put Amy back in her place with a hard chop to the crotch that drew a shriek from the red head Bostonian. Keeping the knee across Amy’s throat, Emma added a pussy claw to her attack, and as Amy once again let out a pained shriek, it looked as if Emma had her on the verge of submission once more. Resilient and resourceful though, she attacked, nails sinking into Emma’s leg before she was able to convert that attack into a more skillful ankle lock.

In that moment it was Amy suddenly back on top, looking for an equalising submission as she painfully torqued Emma’s ankle, Indeed, Emma’s face showed the pain she was in as she suddenly fought against the painful hold, but she still had her pussy claw in place on Amy which gave her the perfect opportunity to escape as she broke that hold and delivered a series of hard chops to Amy’s pussy. Two were all it took to break the ankle lock, another three had Amy howling out in pain and then Emma attacked once more, a well applied grapevine her chosen move. As Emma’s legs overpowered and spread her opponent’s, a double handful of hair kept Amy’s face perfectly positioned for a breast smother as Emma plunged her tits into her opponent’s face. There was no way out of this one for Amy, and she quickly was forced to admit her submission as Emma moved into a 3 submissions to 1 lead.

The match was still a little way short of the 30 minute mark as both women made there way back to their respective corners. Over her shoulder, Emma took it on herself to remind Amy that ‘you can submit the match anytime bitch, just stay on that stool’. The look on Amy’s face suggested that wasn’t about to happen just yet, and the fifth fall of the math started around the 24 minute mark as 350lbs of female flesh collided centre ring, both hands in the other hair as they looked to maul the other into a corner. Emma looked to be winning that battle despite Amy’s weight advantage, but as Amy felt her back touch the turnbuckles she caught Emma with a knee lift to the stomach. Emma was stunned as Amy kept hold of her hair, delivered sharp kicks to the inside of each thigh and then delivered a mean knee lift to the crotch that almost lifted Emma’s feet from the mat before she crumpled to it. Emma found herself pitched face first to the mat by a well placed foot between the shoulder blades before Amy used a handful of hair to slam her face into the mat. Emma’s hands went to her face as she spat ‘bitch!’ at Amy who took the chance to tie Emma’s legs up in a figure four before she sat down on Emma’s lower back. Facing Emma’s legs, Amy pulled them hard, punishing Emma before reaching back to grab a good handful of hair on the top of her head. Emma cupped her hands beneath her chin as she looked to ease the pain of the hair pull. Releasing the hair for a moment, Amy wrenched Emma’s flimsy black thong into a wedgie, carefully applying just enough pressure to hurt Emma but not enough to give Emma the relief of her thong ripping. Emma cried out with pain as Amy cleverly added and ankle lock to her figure four, twisting Emma’s right foot painfully, all the while continuing the pressure with the wedgie, and with no way out, Emma was soon tapping the mat to give Amy another submission. Still, 3-2 to Emma, but plenty of fight left in Amy it seemed.

As Emma hobbled a little back to the corner, I checked the match timer which was only a few seconds shy of the 30 minute mark. ‘Remember, it’s going to be completely no holds barred in the next few seconds Emma’ I said as she put on yet another new thong in line with the rules of the contest. I had a few seconds to work on her ankle too as I continued ‘it’s probably going to be the next submission that wins it too I think. If you get a good move on her, keep it on her now and grind her in to submission if you can Emma!’

Business like, Emma simply nodded ‘will do’ as she stared across the ring at her gold clad opponent, and I sensed that this final fall might not be a long one, but that it would be a tough one. The two women wasted no time at the start of the round getting back into it; Emma quickly finding her range with some hard slaps to Amy’s face, but the American also had little trouble finding Emma’s face with her own slaps either. It was Emma who had Amy backed into the corner though as the buzzer sounded to signal 30 minutes was up and she wasted no time in landing two hard body punches, taking advantage of the suddenly more lax rules. Amy grabbed for hair, taking a double handful and looking to land with a head butt which Emma blocked with a hand in Amy’s face. Amy was able to turn Emma using the hair, and although she was still trapped behind Emma in the corner, she was able to bend Emma at the waist to land some punches between her shoulder blades. Emma took back a bit of initiative, reaching back to get a pussy claw on Amy though and the Boston redhead released the hair as she tried to get Emma’s hands from between her legs. Emma wasted no time, turning back into Amy and driving a knee into her stomach as she released the pussy claw, Amy sagged against the turnbuckle, but as Emma looked to repeat the move, Amy grabbed her leg, keeping her on one foot as she delivered a right hand to the jaw that sent Emma sprawling on her backside towards the centre of the ring.

Amy looked to follow with a kick to the breasts, this time Emma able to block with some success and with Amy caught off balance, Emma struck with a punch to the crotch which dropped Amy to her knees. Kneeling in front of her, Emma went with the headbutt this time, catching Amy in the face and sending her to the mat. Emma had no interest in keeping her there just yet though, using the hair to pull Amy to her feet. A snap kick to the stomach doubled Amy up for a hard driven knee lift to the breasts that sent the American woman skittering back into the corner. Emma followed her in, an uppercut sending Amy’s breasts swinging before Emma planted a foot in Amy’s belly, looking to send her to the mats. Amy clung grimly to the top ropes in the corner though, and instead it was Emma who crashed to the mats at Amy’s feet. Amy responded quickly, spreading Emma’s legs and dropping to her knees to deliver a headbutt to Emma’s stomach only for Emma to snap her legs tightly shut around Amy’s body. ‘Aaaaggh!’ Amy cried out as Emma’s powerful scissor hold started to cut into her body, but Amy was far from out of options as her hands soon had hold of Emma’s thong once more, another wedgie causing Emma to think better of things, releasing the scissor hold and back rolling away from Amy as she lashed a foot at the American’s chest.

Amy avoided that easily enough, and with both women back to their feet, an exchange of punches and kicks to the body took place with both landing some good blows before Emma struck tellingly with a snap kick to the crotch. Taken totally by surprise, Emma sent her opponent crumpling to the mat in pan, and she was able to follow that with a couple of stomps to the body. Seeing Amy a little dazed, Emma dived in with a full body splash, quickly converting that to a reverse face sit which put her in prime position to finish Amy off. With her hands trapped under Emma’s legs, Amy could do little to defend herself as Emma cruelly ravaged her breasts with nasty nail rakes, drawing cries of pain from the Bostonian. Then Emma took to pounding away at Amy’s body with hard right hands, knocking the wind out of her while she continued a cruel breast maul with her left hand, and a muffled cry from Amy suggested that she may have submit.

Emma thought so, but wanted to be certain as she asked ‘what was that bitch, I can’t hear you?’ Lifting her butt slightly off Amy’s face, to allow her to respond she asked again ‘what did you say bitch?’

‘I submit!’ Amy blurted out before Emma’s butt engulfed her face once move, still mauling Amy’s breasts as she asked ‘the match bitch, submit the match?’ before leaning forward once more.

‘I submit the match’ Amy agreed as Emma finally stopped the attack on her breasts with a more playful tweak of her nipple. ‘Good’ Emma smiled ‘I thought you might’ as she climbed off the beaten redhead leaving her lying in her own ring as she slipped between the ropes and we headed back to the changing room.

A little while later, Amy had loosely suggested that she might be up for a rematch sometime. Emma with a 2-0 lead in their series of matches saw no reason to deny her that chance if she fancied it. The private match had proven a perfect fight for Emma too, boosting her confidence and providing a good challenge in the process. As we made out way to the airport to get our connecting flight to the Lone Star State to watch Claire in action, I sensed a new confidence and purpose in Emma. I looked forward to seeing how that would play out in her next few matches.