Mud Match
By wolfboy

Claire gets down and dirty in the Texas mud

After her title match with Seraphine, Claire had told me that she was going to arrange herself a private challenge with a woman in America as she fancied trying a more hand picked contest. She asked if I would still be in her corner as her manager which of course I agreed to. She also explained that although the contest was privately arranged, it wasn’t going to be held in private, so she wanted Emma there as well to watch her in action. That had given me the chance to get Emma set up in a private contest with Amy O’Rourke, and after her victory in that match, we had joined up with Claire in Texas for her mystery challenge match. I’d gathered most of the details on this private challenge from Claire by the day of the match, the only thing she seemed intent on keeping to herself was the name of her opponent. So on the day, we traveled to the venue, a farm in North Texas, checked out the venue, an outdoor mud pit surrounded by ring ropes and a few bales of hay for the small audience to sit on, and then settled into a hastily put together changing area within one of the many buildings on the farm to prepare for the match.

The match was to be a completely no holds barred mud wrestling catfight with no time limit and just one submission to decide the winner. Not knowing who Claire had chosen to fight, I could only assume she had chosen her opponent wisely. One thing that was clear as she changed for the match was that she had at least chosen her outfit wisely; a wet look black romper suit with a white zip front that ran from crotch to cleavage clung to her body, accentuating each curve. There was little time for any tactical discussion though as at that point we were called back to the mud ring for the match to start. In all honesty, I could offer little in the way of tactics not knowing Claire’s mystery opponent anyway. As the visiting fighter, Claire was first into the thick, ankle deep mud as she slipped through the ropes. Looking out at the crowd, Claire received an enthusiastic response and also an encouraging thumbs up from Emma at ringside. Claire smiled at her friend and then focused her attention on the other corner as she waited for her opponent. For some reason, I was not looking in the right direction as Claire’s opponent made her entrance; I did glance in Emma’s direction though just in time to see her mouth ‘Oh my God!’ and at that , I looked over to the other corner to discover that Claire’s chosen opponent was non other than Emma’s arch nemesis, Sara!

‘Are you mad?’ I blurted out at Claire as I took in the sight of Sara in the opposite corner. Clad in a pristine white bikini over which she wore a pair of half open daisy duke denim shorts, Sara looked in fabulous shape again. More so, she outweighed Claire by almost 40lbs, a huge advantage I thought.

‘Don’t worry’ Claire laughed, seemingly unfazed by her opponent. ‘I can beat her Steve, and when I do, Emma will have to admit I’m your main fighter now!’

There was no time for me to respond to that as the match referee called both women to the centre of the ring. Stood side by side, Sara towered over Claire as well, looking to be a complete mismatch as the referee made the introductions for the match. ‘On my left is the Smythe Lightweight champion, Claire Voss. Claire is 5 feet 2 inches tall, 125lbs, 34DD-24-35 and has a perfect catfight record of 9 wins in 9 fights.’ The crowd applauded for Claire again as the referee continued ‘and on my right, the current Hong Kong syndicate champion Sara. Sara is 5 feet 9 inches tall, 161lbs and measures 38DD-26-38 with a catfight record of 29 wins and 8 defeats.’ The crowd cheered that little bit more for the ‘home’ fighter as the referee finished up ‘this is a no holds barred match, no time limit in the mud with one submission to win this fight. Ladies, do you have any questions?’ he asked, and receiving none, he instructed ‘Fight!’ before getting out of the mud to leave the two women to do their worst to each other.

Fighting it seemed was exactly what Claire had in mind as she rushed forward landing with some solid looking body punches to quickly back Sara into her own corner. It looked like the bigger blonde was a little stunned by the ferocity and speed of Claire’s early attack and playing on that, Claire kept the tempo high with a series of slapping chops to Sara’s breasts in the corner. |The American’s white string bikini top struggled mightily to contain her breasts, but so far, Sara was unable to contain Claire’s high speed attacks. A kick to the stomach dropped Sara onto her backside in the corner where grabbing the rope, Claire placed her muddy foot on to Sara’s throat to deliver an effective choke in the corner. Claire’s early success led to a bit of cockiness though as she leant into Sara’s face to taunt her, and she quickly paid the price for that as Sara delivered a short head butt, catching her in the mouth. Immediately, Sara followed that with a sharp uppercut into Claire’s crotch as she still stood with her foot, now much more loosely, on Sara’s throat. The uppercut sent Claire crashing back into the mud, clutching at the pain between her legs as Sara grabbed the ropes to pull herself to her feet. The thick mud clung to Sara’s legs where she had been put on her backside by Claire, while the muddy footprint on her chest bore further testament to Claire’s good start to the bout. Sara set about putting Claire in her place now though, effortlessly hauling the little black haired fighter out of the mud before dropping her again with a right hand to the jaw.

Claire crumpled back into the mud but she received little in the way of respite as Sara kicked her in the ribs. That forces Claire on to her front where Sara was able to place her foot on the back of Claire’s head, forcing her face into the mud. Claire kicked her feet frantically as her face was pressed into the smothering mud for a few seconds before Sara hauled her out of it by her now muddy hair. Gasping for breath, Claire had no answer as Sara hooked a punch into her breasts before letting her fall back into the mud. This time, Claire was quick to roll onto her back to avoid the smothering embrace of the mud pit, and as Sara looked to deliver a stomp to her stomach, Claire caught the blonde’s ankle and tipped her off balance into the mud. Claire wasted no time as she tried to spring on the bigger blonde to take the fight to her. Landing in a seated Sara’s lap, Claire wrapped her thighs tightly around the blonde’s curvy, powerful body, looking perhaps to slow her up a little with her strong legs. Indeed, a flex of Claire’s thighs drew a cry of surprised pain from Sara who perhaps hadn’t expected such power from her smaller opponent. She may have been taken aback briefly, but Sara was quick to counter, her arms wrapped tightly around Claire’s head as she forced her face straight into her DD breasts. A battle of wills ensued now, Claire continuing to work on Sara’s body, while the blonde resisted that attack, keeping the smother in place. Something or somebody had to give, and it was Claire’s resistance to the smother as she broke her own scissor hold and looked to scramble clear of her blonde tormentor.

There was no immediate way out for Claire though as free of the scissor hold, Sara was able to maintain the smother to weaken Claire before she eventually turned the smaller woman free. Claire fell back into the mud and Sara was on her once again, taking a pinning position up on Claire’s chest. Pinning the lightweight champion’s hands down in the mud, Sara looked her in the eye and laughed ‘You last longer in a smother than your friend over there. I’ll give you that bitch!’ Taking advantage of the slight distraction, Claire swung her legs up, wrapping them around Sara, looking to dislodge her. The blonde was too experienced a fighter to be taken by surprise by that move though, and her power saw her able to easily catch Claire’s legs to fold her painfully.

‘Nice try’ Sara smirked as she cracked a slap off Claire’s mud covered face before plunging forward to fold Claire even further. Claire was flexible enough to take that, but perhaps more worryingly, Sara’s breasts were back in her face once more. Not quite Sara’s favoured ‘super smother’, but still a problem for Claire who responded in just about the only way left open to her as she clamped her mouth shut on Sara’s right breast. Instantly, the powerful blonde shrieked out her protest as Claire’s molars turned into maulers on her tender breasts. Sara replied, reaching back to claw at Claire’s pussy through her black romper suit before both women thought better of it, turning their respective moves loose and breaking clear of each other. Back on their feet, both women circled, weighing up their next moves. Claire wiped some mud from around her eyes, throwing it at Sara who massaged her right breast which clearly still burned from the effect of Claire’s teeth. From the standing position, Claire was best able to use her extra speed to dart into range and warm Sara’s cheek with a resounding slap. A second time, she repeated the move, but as she darted into range a third time, Sara struck with a snap kick to the pit of Claire’s stomach. Stopped in her tracks by that blow, Claire quickly found herself bowled into the mud once more by a running clothesline.

Claire looked stunned by that move as she lay on her back in the mud and Sara, keep to keep up the attack on the smaller woman, launched herself through the air looking to deliver a flying body splash. Claire was waiting on that move, just about rolling clear as Sara splashed down into the mud instead and Claire, anxious to get back into the match, grabbed her opponent’s muddy blonde hair, using it to bring her to her feet. A forearm smash to the chest rocked Sara back to the roped where Claire looked to tie Sara’s arms up between the top two ropes. It was probably a shrewd move from Claire as she looked for the chance to weaken the more powerful woman. It wasn’t to be though as concentrating on Sara’s left arm first, she left herself wide open to a right hook to the ribs and when Sara followed that one up with an uppercut to the crotch, Claire crashed back into the mud. The look of surprise and pain was still forming on Claire’s face as Sara grabbed her ankles to spread her legs and deliver an elbow drop right to the pit of Claire’s stomach. Reaching for Claire’s hair, Sara took a weak punch to the body as she got Claire back on her feet. Taking that punch well enough, Sara fired a knee lift up into Claire’s stomach, then as Claire doubled up from that blow, Sara used a second knee lift to the face to put Claire on her back in the mud.

For the first time now, Sara played to the crowd a little. More specifically, she played to Emma as she scooped the lightweight champion up, parading her around the ring as she asked Emma ‘do you want to come in and help your little friend now bitch?’ Emma sat stony faced as she offered no reply while Sara finished off her body slam, dropping Claire hard into the mud. Again Sara lifted Claire, paraded her for a few seconds and then delivered a second power packed body slam. Claire groaned as her body landed in the mud, the soft, sticky ring surface doing little to cushion her impact. Sara was well on top and in no mood to let up as a flying leg drop crushed Claire’s breasts. Sara went back to Claire’s hair once more, unceremoniously hauling her to her feet before a right cross crashed into Claire’s jaw. Rubber legged, she found herself held upright only by Sara’s firm, left hand grip of her hair before Sara slipped her hand between Claire’s thighs, lifting her again to deliver a third body slam as Claire screamed out ‘Noooooooo!!’

Sara again addressed Emma directly ‘Come on in and help her Emma. I’m giving you the chance to make this a handicap match’ she tole Emma as she delivered a sharp kick to Claire’s ribs. Once again, stony faced, Emma offered no reply as she watched Sara wrap her strong thighs around Claire’s head in a crushing figure four head scissor. Sara flexed her thighs, the rippling muscle instantly drawing another cry of pain from Claire as Sara told her ‘you might as well submit bitch; doesn’t look like your friend is going to be helping you any......’

‘No, no, never’ Claire shot back defiantly as she looked pleadingly at Emma outside the ring. Claire’s face was a picture of anguish and pain framed perfectly by a pair of strong thighs, Emma refused to lock eyes with her, and then Claire was struggling to focus on anything as Sara cruelly raked her eyes, drawing a squeal of anguish from Claire. Sara noticed the mud covered zipper down the front of Claire’s black romper suit now and she started to ease it down Claire’s body, stopping at her belly button for now to expose her torso. Breaking the head scissor, Sara made sure both of Claire’s breasts were were exposed now before she got Claire on to her knees. Then moving behind Claire, she put her foot between Claire’s shoulder blades, using it to push her face first into the mud. Her breasts now covered in mud, Claire was in big trouble as Sara puller her back to her feet again before delivering a fourth, crushing body slam to the lightweight fighter. It was all looking too easy now for Sara who was clearly toying with Claire as she used the chance to get herself inside Emma’s head. Once again, Emma refused the invitation to get in there and help her friend as Sara asked one of the ringside fans if she could use his drink. The fan was only too happy to hand the large cup of beer over to the blonde amazon who clearly had plans for it as she returned to the ring with it, setting it down firmly in the mud before returning to Claire.

Once again the hair was used to position Claire, now seated in the mud; Sara sat in behind her , wrapping her legs around Claire’s waist as she also applied a tight full nelson. ‘Submit?’ she asked Claire who again told her ‘no!’. ‘Tough little bitch aren’t you?’ Sara remarked as she used her legs to squeeze Claire hard once again. Releasing the full nelson, Sara reached around to ease the zipper right down on Claire’s suit now before pulling it as far apart as she could to expose Claire’s muddy body from neck to crotch. ‘I think we should give everyone a better look at you now Claire, don’t you think?’ Sara breathed in Claire’s ear as she reached for the beer now. Pouring it down Claire’s body, Sara used the cold, foaming amber liquid to clean her smaller opponent’s body. Massaging it into Claire’s breasts, Sara noticed her nipples involuntarily stiffening as her fingers played across her breasts. Sara threw the now empty beer cup from the ring now, and instantly she sunk her long nails into Claire’s sensitive breasts to draw a shriek of agony from the jet haired fighter.

‘Give up Claire’ Sara told her as her thighs continued to saw into Claire’s body while she kept up the assault with the double breast maul. ‘No.....’ once again came Claire’s reply, but I could tell that her resolve was starting to fade a little now as Sara pointed out that ‘no one is going to come and help you now you little bitch!’ The fight was over pretty much now as a contest; Sara was dominant and just looking for the move to put her game, but ultimately over matched foe away. She had the perfect move for that of course, and tiring of the scissor and breast maul combination,which she had used to punish Claire to the brink of defeat, she rolled Claire onto her back in the mud, right in front of Emma. Dropping a knee straight into Claire’s pussy, Sara instantly applied a grapevine pin to the smaller woman. Then with a look at Emma that said ‘remember this?’, she plunged forward to envelop Claire’s face with her breasts. There was no way out of the hold for Claire; lacking the strength to force Sara off her now, she gamely clung on for 30, 40, 50 seconds before she was left to thrash the mud in admittance of her defeat.

Sara climbed off Claire, placing a muddy foot on her chest in a victory pose for the crowd while she locked eyes with Emma, telling her ‘you’re next bitch, whenever you’re brave enough’. Sara left the ring to the applause of the crowd while I had to go into the mud to help Claire up and back to the changing area.

As she staggered to her feet and wrapped her arms around me for support, Claire asked me ‘why didn’t she help me Steve, why?’

The truth was, I had no answer for that one, but I didn’t have to be a genius to work out that all wasn’t well between my two fighters.....