He’s Mine!
By wolfboy

The tension between Emma and Claire boils over into a no holds barred brawl

The aftermath of Claire’s muddy defeat to Emma’s arch nemesis Sara in Texas saw Emma and Claire almost instantly at loggerheads. Claire couldn’t understand for the life of her why Emma hadn’t jumped into the match to help her when Sara had openly invited her to do so. Emma meanwhile was mad at Claire for not having told her that she was fighting Sara and putting her in that awkward position in the first place. Two days in Texas did little to placate either of them as they proceeded to have the most civilised looking heated discussion for more or less the entire 10 hour flight from Dallas to London. The two women might well have appeared to be in a civilised conversation, but from my position well within earshot, it was really anything but that.

It all finally came to a head as I drove the two women back from the airport.

‘You know I’m the better fighter now Emma. You’re just a washed up, scared old bitch now’ Claire spat at Emma. ‘I’m Steve’s number one fighter now and you should just admit it; I’m going to take him from you!’ she continued as all pretence of civility and friendship disappeared now that we were in the private confines of the car.

‘Fuck you, you little cunt!’ Emma fired back ‘he’s mine and you can keep your fucking claws off him!’ she told Claire as they continued to discuss the situation, and me, like I wasn’t there.

‘I’d fight you for him’ Claire replied ‘You’re probably too much of a fucking pussy though. I’m taking him from you if you don’t fight me bitch!’

‘I’ll fight you any time you want, and I’ll beat the shit of you slut. Steve, as soon as we get back home, I’m teaching little Miss man stealer back there a lesson she’ll never forget’ Emma told me.

‘Ooooooohhhhh...... I’m so scared Emma’ Claire mocked ‘When I beat you, he’s mine, just remember that cunt!’

And that was it for the discussion. The remainder of the journey passed in a stony, smouldering silence as the challenge hung in the air. The two women would fight, and I wasn’t going to be able to stop them; I just hoped that I could at least stop them two of them tearing each other apart. It was difficult to know who would hold the advantage; Emma had an extra couple of days to recover from her victory over Amy O’Rourke. That had been a long, draining match in which she had shipped her share of punishment. Claire had probably taken a more concentrated beating over a shorter math which had taken place more recently. Add in the potential effect of jet lag from the long fight, and anything could happen. The light was fading as we got back home, Emma storming from the car as she told Claire ‘Garage ring in ten minutes, cunt!’ before disappearing into the house. ‘Fine by me’ Claire told her as she followed her into the house. I was third in and figured I might as well just head straight to the garage so that I could keep track of the action.

Claire was first into the garage, ready to fight as she slipped into the ring, stark naked, a determined look set on her face. He hair hung loosely, her body still showing the marks and bruises from her fight with Sara. Emma quickly followed her into the garage room, still wearing a pair of jeans and a black lace bra, she stood just outside the ropes, looking at Claire’s brazen, naked form in the ring. ‘That’s how you want to do this huh bitch?’ she asked the jet haired woman as she unhitched her bra, stepped out of her jeans and slid her tiny black thong down her legs before stepping through the ropes to face Claire.

‘Rules?’ Emma asked Claire

‘Don’t be stupid bitch; anything goes until one of us can’t go anymore’ Claire replied.

‘One rule’ I interjected ‘when one of you says it’s over, it’s over. No afters, no carrying on. Apart from that, if you really want to do this, I suggest you get on with it.’ I finished, taking a seat at ringside.

‘I thought we’d fight naked so Steve could see what he’s going to get when I beat your sorry ass Emma’ Claire said, receiving a slap across the face from Emma that sent her reeling to the ropes.

‘Fuck you!’ Emma spat back at her ‘I told you he’s mine’ she emphasised as she rushed in to try and continue her attack. Swinging a wild right hand, she caught Claire high on the head, dropping her to her knees. Claire shook her head, trying to clear it from the early assault while Emma stood, measuring her for a kick to the body. Claire saw that one coming though, grabbing Emma’s ankle to tip her to the mat, and both women scrambled back to their feet. Claire ducked Emma’s next approach, swinging an arcing right hook straight into Emma’s rib cage. Emma looked like that punch had barely registered as she grabbed Claire’s hair, holding her in place for an uppercut to the jaw that sent the jet haired fighter crashing to the mat. Emma was all business, looking to finish Claire off as quickly as possible as she aimed a kick at Claire’s body as she got to her knees. It caught Claire a glancing blow across the breasts as she twisted clear at the last second but she had no time to regain her senses before Emma was in her hair, yanking roughly as she dragged a shrieking Claire across the mats. Claire desperately scrambling finally managed to get her feet under her briefly, only to find herself floored again by a right hand to the jaw from Emma who continued to dish it out in the early going.

Claire looked a little shell shocked by the ferocity of Emma’s early assault as Emma again hurled her across the ring by the hair, Claire shrieking again at the tearing sensation in her scalp. Emma glared at her across the ring ‘c’mon you fucking slut; I thought you wanted this?’ she taunted as she measured Claire for a right to the jaw, looking to put her lights out. In desperation, Claire threw her arms up, blocking the punch and using her speed, she slashed her nails across Emma’s stomach, drawing three furrows across Emma’s belly and forcing the redhead into a first backward step of the fight. Those fast hands and sharp nails formed Claire’s plan to find her way back into the fight as she slashed at Emma again, catching her on the thigh as Emma looked to keep clear of her sharp talons. Having brought herself a bit of space now, Claire looked to get on to the front foot, rushing at Emma, slashing and swinging wildly at her body. Emma blocked and parried most of the blows, taking one across the breasts, but Claire managed to back her into a corner behind the flurry. With Emma cornered, Claire unloaded with a couple of knees to the body that saw Emma in trouble for the first time in the fight.

Emma shipped an uppercut to the body in the corner, but was able to push Claire in the chest, forcing the jet haired wildcat to back up a little. Emma’s attempted right hook to the head sailed high though as Claire crouched under it before driving a second uppercut to the body in the corner. Emma groaned as the second punch proved effective in winding her even before Claire pressed tightly into her, a knee landing to the stomach before Claire closed her hands around Emma’s throat in a choke hold. Emma looked in trouble as Claire invited her to ‘submit like the fucking pussy you are!’ but Claire also got a little careless as she got overconfident. It was an invitation Emma wouldn’t refuse as Claire spread her legs a little to lean more into the choke; Emma’s knee lift found an easy target in Claire’s pussy and as Claire dropped to her knees, a kick from Emma caught her squarely in the breasts sending her sprawling on her back to the mat.

Claire was grounded, but Emma was in no mood to follow her down just yet, instead spreading her legs to deliver a hard stomp to Claire’s body. The smaller woman shrieked, rolled to her side and almost immediately found Emma’s foot connecting with her unprotected rib cage. Claire rolled across the mat, gasping for breath, as Emma stalked after her to drop an elbow to Claire’s heaving breasts. Emma was still careful to keep her distance from Claire’s flashing nails as she got her back almost to her feet to deliver a head butt to the chest which sent Claire back to the mat. Leaning in, Emma narrowly avoided a slashing eye rake from Claire, but although she was forced back, another well placed kick found Claire’s side to keep Emma in the ascendancy. Looking to press home that advantage, Emma quickly got Claire upright, effortlessly lifting the lightweight to body slam her. A crushing leg drop across the chest followed, flattening Claire’s proud breasts, before Emma converted that into a side head scissor, a firm handful of Claire’s jet black hair ensuring that her teeth were kept well away from sensitive flesh. Immediately though, Claire sunk her right hand’s nails into Emma’s thigh. Emma shrieked, prising the hand from her leg and twisting it painfully before she brought the hand towards her mouth, starting to bite off Claire’s long nails. ‘Scratch me now cunt!’ she shouted as she spat a nail from her mouth only for Claire to do just that, sinking her left hand into Emma’s inner thigh. Emma squealed again as she was forced to break her scissor hold and scramble clear. Back upright though, Emma was able to keep Claire at bay with a series of straight right hands to the face. It looked to me like Claire was starting to run a little short of ideas and energy at the end of Emma’s stiff jabs. I should have known that Claire was nothing if not a resourceful fighter though as, eating another stiff jab to the face in the process, she lashed out a foot to catch Emma in the pit of the stomach.

It was a shock to Emma who had felt in total control of the fight just a few seconds earlier, and dropped to her knees winded as Claire grabbed her hair and drove a fist to her face that would have knocked Emma back to the mat had Claire not maintained her grip on her hair. That enabled Claire to keep the auburn haired fighter upright long enough to finish the job with a knee to the face which bowled Emma back to the mat. Emma had at least been able to turn her face away from the worst of the blow, but was still a little dazed as Claire was on her immediately, dropping her shin across Emma’s breasts before sliding that shin firmly across Emma’s throat, a handful of hair adding to the predicament as Claire tried to choke Emma out again.

This time, Claire’s kneeling position left her wide open though to a crotch claw which Emma applied from the mat drawing a loud, desperate cry from Claire as Emma’s fingers penetrated and began to torture her pussy. Claire’s grip of Emma’s hair was quickly released as she looked to get herself free of Emma’s iron grip to no avail. Instead, she also found Emma’s teeth sunk into her calf as her cries of anguish filled the room. A couple of stinging slaps to Emma’s breasts did nothing to improve her position although Emma did stop her molar mauling of Claire’s leg, instead working her way out from beneath the jet haired fighter, maintaining the pussy claw all the way into a lift and hard body slam. Claire groaned, her hands going straight to her pussy, inadvertently offering her a little protection as Emma spread her legs and delivered a knee drop to the crotch. Claire rolled onto her stomach, Emma quickly straddling her back and pulling her hair hard to force her chest up off the mat where Emma’s nails did their own damage, raising some angry furrows across the sensitive flesh as Claire looked to crawl towards the ropes. Spotting her intended destination, Emma was content to let her make slow progress towards them until with Claire almost there, Emma dropped an elbow hard across the back of Claire’s head.

Claire crashed face first to the mat before Emma grabbed her hair, draping her throat across the bottom rope. Then keeping hold of the hair, Emma slipped through the ropes, wrapped Claire up in a tight front headlock still using the rope and lay out on her front to really pour on the agony for her ‘friend’. ‘Give up slut!’ Emma demanded as Claire croaked out ‘fuck you!’ in a show of defiance as Emma punished her. A short left to the ribs from Emma struck home, the thud of knuckle on flesh clear in the garage before Emma’s nail rake up Claire’s back from butt to shoulder filled the room with a howl of pain from Claire. The dark haired lightweight champion was starting to weaken too, the effect of the rope digging into her throat multiplying the effectiveness of Emma’s headlock, sapping her air and strength. It started to look obvious that in mixing it with the bigger women, Claire had bitten off more than she could chew for the second time in just a few days.

Emma sensed it too, content to continue with the rope choke / headlock a little while longer before releasing it and stunning Claire with a right hand to the jaw as she lay across the rope. The dazed look on Claire’s face suggested that the fight didn’t have much longer to run as Emma slipped back between the ropes. A handful of hair saw Claire brought back to her feet where Emma elected to repeat her crotch claw into a body slam combination from a few minutes earlier. Claire hit the mat hard, winded, and almost immediately found her face enveloped by Emma’s arse in a reverse face sit. The fight was as good as over now as Emma asserted her dominance finally, returning to the crotch claw to bring howls of pain from Claire.

‘Awwww, does it hurt bitch?’ Emma asked as Claire whimpered a reply made largely unintelligible by the smothering effect of Emma’s arse. ‘You’d better submit whore, or you’ll be fucking nobody any time soon cunt!’ Emma demanded, delivering a firm slap to Claire’s pussy as she made the demand before returning to the claw hold.

‘Alright, alight, I give up!’ came the response from Claire as Emma remained perched on her face for a few seconds longer before getting off her.

‘Now get your fucking clothes, and get out of my fucking house bitch.......and keep your fucking eyes off my man!’ Emma told Claire.

The jet haired fighter skulked from the ring, promising Emma ‘I’ll get you yet bitch!’ as she grabbed her bundle of clothes, hastily throwing them on before leaving the house with Emma telling her ‘anytime you want another go bitch, you just let me know!’