Starting Out

By wolfboy

A watching brief for me and Debbie as Kensi makes her Smythe debut

Although I wasn’t managing the blonde teenager Kensi Welsh as such, I had played a part in getting her into the Smythe organisation. Now on the night of her first official match for the Smythe’s, Debbie and I were in her dressing room an hour or so before match time to offer her our advice prior to her debut. It was Kensi’s mum Tasha who would take up ringside duties for tonight, but she was keen to have out input, particularly as Kensi’s first opponent was a former opponent of Debbie’s. The French fighter Sophie L’Wren had been an early private opponent for Debbie, and now she promised to provide a stern test for Kensi. Sophie has a style all of her own it was fair to say, bringing strap-ons to her matches to fuck her beaten opponents whenever the rules would allow for it. That was something that Kensi was yet to come across in her brief fight career so far, and it was that aspect that Debbie was concentrating on with her pre-match.

‘Remember Kensi, Sophie has something of a unique style of catfighting’ Debbie told the young blonde. ‘She’s dabbled with sexfighting in the past, but she’s a wily veteran catfighter too. However she plays it, ultimately she’ll be looking for a way to hurt you and take advantage of that’

‘I know’ Kensi said to Debbie ‘I’ve seen her in action on tape a bit at least, so I’ve got some idea what to expect from her. I’m OK with it’ the young blonde continued ‘it’s just a different kind of challenge is how I’m looking at it. I’m actually more worried about fighting in front of so many people to be honest’ Kensi admitted.

‘If it helps’ I chipped in ‘Emma told me to let you know you don’t really see the crowd because of the ring lights when you’re in there. I think you’ll probably forget all about the crowd once you get started anyway, then you’ll just be into the fight’

‘I hope you’re right’ Kensi smiled ‘because right now, it’s fair to say I’m proper shitting myself at the prospect of it all!’ she laughed.

We chatted a little wile longer before leaving Kensi with Tasha to prepare for her match. As Debbie and I took our seats, the first contest of three for the evening was just getting underway. A twenty minute contest saw a victory for a newcomer in the open weight division as the 185lb ‘Lady X’ dominated an apparently over matched blonde Nicole Stephens. The black masked fighter had been on top throughout the whole contest, eventually winning by an impressive 6 submissions to zero.

With that match completed, it was time for Kensi to make her debut prior to the evening’s main event. There was no doubt it was going to be a tough baptism for Kensi; Sophie was an experienced fighter with an unconventional style. She was also making her debut for the Smythe Federation, but she had a wealth of experience in private catfights to fall back upon. We knew Kensi was a good fighter, but could she overcome the experience of her French foe. Kensi was the first to enter the ring for the match, and as the young blonde slipped through the ropes and strode towards her corner, I could see the look of slight apprehension on her face. She had chosen her outfit wisely I though, white hotpants and a sports bra type of top coated lightly in silver glitter combined with a pair of black hold up fishnet stockings. She leant against the ropes in her corner, taking in the scene for her Smythe Federation debut, as she awaited the appearance of her French opponent.

She didn’t have to wait too long, as Sophie strutted confidently to the ring. Although also on debut, Sophie showed no similar nerves as she tied her strap-on to the top rope in her corner and slipped between the ropes to stand in her corner. Her entire body was covered, from neck to toe by a shimmering black robe which offered no clue as to what lay beneath it as the announcer began to make the introductions. ‘Ladies and gentlemen, this is a contenders match with a twenty minute time limit, it is no holds barred with the most submissions in 20 minutes of catfighting to win. Both women have agreed that if Sophie L’Wren wins then she may fuck Kensi with a strap-on in the centre of the ring. If Sophie fails to win, Kensi will be allowed to face sit her to a knockout after the end of the match. So allow me to introduce the two fighters’ the announcer continued as the audience took in the stipulations. ‘First on my left, making her debut is Kensi Welsh. Kensi is 18 years old, 5 feet 2 inches tall and 135 lbs. She measures 36DD-26-38 and comes into tonight’s match with a private catfight record of 5 wins and 1 defeat.’ The crowd reacted to the sexy young blonde enthusiastically before the announcer went on ‘and on my right, also on debut is Sophie L’Wren. Sophie is 38 years old, 5 feet 6 inches tall and 139lbs. She measures 36DD-27-37 and has a private catfight record of 31 wins and 9 defeats.’ Sophie stepped from her corner, finally letting her robe slip from her shoulders to reveal her outfit for the match, and black leather thong and suspender belt with black opaque stockings and a par of stiletto heeled knee high black suede boots. The audience gasped at the sight of the sexily dressed French fox who immediately challenged Kensi to lose her top too. Kensi feeling a little trapped, agreed, but wisely only if Sophie agreed to lose her boots. Feeling that the topless aspect against such an inexperienced woman was still well to her advantage, Sophie readily agreed to that, sexily peeling off her boots while Kensi unlaced and removed her white top.

With the impromptu striptease done, the bell rang and the match was underway. Sophie took the centre of the ring, dominating the first few moments of the match as first a slap and then to jabs caught Kensi in the right breast. Another jab was aimed at the same target, this time Kensi was able to block it though, brushing Sophie’s arm aside before landing with a straight left to Sophie’s breasts. That helped Kensi get in close, and she went for Sophie’s straight, long black hair, seizing a handful and backing Sophie into the ropes only for the French woman to reverse as she got towards the ropes. Sophie instead forced Kensi to the ropes, pushing her into them until she sprang back slightly and Sophie used that momentum to monkey flip Kensi to the mat. Sophie was a seasoned fighter, and chose not to rush at Kensi, instead letting her half rise before trapping her in a front headlock. Kensi was bent double at the waist as Sophie pulled on her hotpants a little to ensure that the blonde stayed under her control. She hadn’t banked on Kensi pushing her back quickly into the corner though where Kensi caught her with a shoulder to the body and that forced Sophie to turn her loose. Kensi skipped clear of Sophie, taking the centre of the ring as she beckoned Sophie out of the corner. Sophie complied, a smile on her face as she looked to tie up in a classic wrestling style with Kensi, only to surprise the young blonde by ducking her arms and delivering a hard punch to her stomach. That punch landed flush on Kensi’s belly button, and the teenager had barely time to double forward before a knee lift from Sophie caught her squarely in the breasts, sending her to the mat.

This time, Sophie was quicker to follow up, wrenching Kensi from the mat before slipping her hand between the blonde’s thighs to lift her and deliver a bodyslam. Kensi hit hard, but was immediately peeled from the mat by her hair and lifted again, this time Sophie choosing to drop her stomach first across her knee in a kind of inverted back breaker. Kensi’s tight abs were taking a severe examination in the early going and as she was pulled upright again, Sophie trapped her in a tight bear hug before quickly converting that to deliver a perfect atomic drop, her knee connecting firmly with Kensi’s pussy, and as Kensi crashed to the mat, clutching her womanhood, it looked like Sophie had the first fall firmly under her control. Sophie dropped down on top of the blonde, quickly getting control of her legs in a grapevine. Sophie dropped her tits into Kensi’s face before reaching back to apply a stomach claw and after a few seconds, the three move combination was enough to force Kensi into a submission. She looked a little flustered too as she returned to her corner, where Tasha had a brief moment to deliver a bit of a pep talk. Meanwhile, Sophie, operating without anyone in her corner looked supremely confident as she rested against the corner post before the bell sounded to start the second fall.

Round two started evenly enough, Sophie looking to test the young blonde’s patience as she held her ground in the centre of the ring, flicking jabs and slaps at Kensi to keep her at bay. For her part, Kensi was cautious, keeping her guard high around her head, inviting the French woman to aim for her body. As she did so though, Kensi caught her leaning in and snapped a kick in that caught Sophie a glancing blow in the chest. Sophie skipped clear just about, but Kensi was on her quickly with a double handful of hair and a head butt to the chest before she used the hair to roughly throw Sophie to the mat. Sophie made it to a seated position before Kensi drove a knee into the middle of her back, wrapped both arms tightly around the jet haired fighters neck and looked to try and choke her into a submission. Sophie had a set of sharp nails though, painted black to match her outfit, and they were quickly sunk into Kensi’s arms, causing her to cry out and release the choke. She used her head though, literally, as she grabbed Sophie’s long hair and delivered a stiff head butt to the back of the French fighter’s head.

Sophie was stunned by that, and was caught unawares as Kensi wrapped her muscular legs around her waist in a tight, crushing body scissor. A full nelson was added to the mix quickly by Kensi, taking Sophie’s nails out of the equation this time, and as Kensi gripped the long black hair of her opponent to rag doll her hair around, the cry of pain from Sophie suggested that the blonde had this fall going more in her favour. A powerful flex of the thighs drew a moan of anguish from Sophie, but no submission as she gamely hung on. Kensi kept the pressure on with the scissor hole, quickly scratching her nails down Sophie’s back before reapplying the full nelson and rocking back to drive Sophie’s arse back into the mat. ‘No, no’ came the cry from Sophie as the referee checked in with her, but Kensi tensed her steely thighs once more, and the French fighter’s resolve crumbled as she was forced to tap out.

Kensi rolled clear of Sophie and headed back to her corner while Sophie took a moment to gather herself. The match was towards it’s midpoint now, and it was really anyone’s guess who would win it now. Perhaps the key lay in the style of the match now; a more wrestling, brawling style of fight seemed to favour Kensi, while the French woman might prefer something a little more erotic and close-contact in nature. As the bell rang to start round three, doubtless we would find out, and it was the French woman who took the early initiative as she leapt at Kensi to trap her in a front body scissor. Still on her feet, Kensi dived down to her knees, electing to drive Sophie hard into the canvas, but Sophie kept the scissor hold on, and now it was her stocking clad thighs that were squeezing the breath from her opponent. Kensi tensed her stomach against the scissor hold and looked to apply a stomach claw right on the waistband of Sophie’s leather thong. Sophie grabbed both of Kensi’s wrists though, putting paid to that almost immediately. Well schooled, Kensi at least tucked her knees in under Sophie’s arse to try and ease the pressure of the scissor a little, but she was still caught out as Sophie cracked a slap off her right cheek. In turn though, that gave Kensi the chance to finally apply the claw hold now, and Sophie immediately felt the strong fingers testing her stomach out.

Sophie had no interest in allowing Kensi to engage in a claw versus scissor hold battle of wills though. Two hard slaps from Sophie caught Kensi in the face, and a little stunned from that, a straight punch to the pit of the stomach rocked Kensi back. The claw hold was broken in a flash before Sophie showed excellent speed and flexibility, throwing her legs up and around the kneeling blonde’s head to trap her in a head scissor. That was trouble enough as Sophie was no slouch in the leg department either, and as she twisted her body a little, the French woman was able to target Kensi’s crotch too with a series of punches that landed squarely in the front of the young blonde’s hotpants. Advantage to Sophie it seemed as she released the head scissor; still lying on her back , she planted a foot in between Kensi’s heaving breasts, pushing her on to her back. Now it was a prime opportunity for Sophie to trap and punish the inexperienced blonde, and as she trapped her tightly in a reverse ‘69’ head scissor, I was sure that spelled trouble for Kensi. Trapped on her back, a handful of blonde hair from Sophie ensured that Kensi’s face was caught tightly between her thighs as Sophie crossed her ankles. With the blonde’s head securely caught, Sophie turned her attention elsewhere, a couple of body punches landing before she slipped Kensi’s hotpants down her thighs towards her knees to expose her still throbbing crotch to what I expected to be a crotch claw. Instead, Sophie leant forward, her tongue flicking expertly around Kensi’s pussy, immediately drawing confused moans from the young blonde who found herself aroused despite the painful head scissor she was also suffering. She spotted her opportunity though as Sophie buried her face in her crotch again, and quickly she wrapped her legs around the French woman’s head to trap her in a perfect pussy smother and scissor. How quickly the momentum had turned in the bout now as Kensi slipped a hand inside Sophie’s thong looking to trap her in a claw hold of her own, Although she was unable to do that, she quickly reddened Sophie’s arse cheeks with stinging slaps. Sophie looked to try and get back into a face pain, sitting high on Kensi’s double D breasts for a brief moment, but another flex of the thighs from Kensi pitched Sophie off her, still trapped tightly in the scissor.

Scissored face down to the mat, still with her face firmly pressed into Kensi’s crotch, Sophie looked to claw at Kensi’s body with those sharp nails. Kensi replied by planting several hard body punches into Sophie’s unprotected rib cage before, with Sophie evidently winded, she pulled her leather thong into an agonising wedgie before flexing those thighs once more and drawing the submission from Sophie who looked more than a little surprised at how Kensi had taken the lead. Kensi kicked off her hotpants back in the corner, electing now to face Sophie nude except for her fishnet hold ups. Indeed, now it was the young blonde who was making the suggestions as she suggested that Sophie also strip off her leather thong. The French woman was happy enough to go along with that suggestion, not least I suspected because of how Kensi had used the thong against her in the last fall. Still it was a brave, bold move from Kensi, openly going naked against a well renowned sex fighter; there were still four minutes left in the bout, plenty of time for Sophie to cause her trouble yet as the two clashed in the centre of the ring.

Sophie knew she needed to claim the initiative if she was to tie up the fight, but Kensi started confidently to frustrate her with jabs landing to her body. Behind those punches, Kensi quickly had Sophie backed up to the corner, but when she looked to deliver the knee lift to Sophie’s body, the French fighter blocked, catching Kensi’s right leg before delivering a knee lift of her own to the blonde’s crotch. A bodyslam followed, Kensi hitting the mat hard, but at least able to roll clear of any immediate follow up from Sophie. Kensi clutched her pussy as she was slow to rise to her knees, and as Sophie closed in on her, she caught Kensi with a perfectly delivered knee strike to Kensi’s ample DD breasts, crushing them against the teenagers body as she was knocked back to the mat. Sophie grabbed Kensi’s long blonde hair, pulling her to her feet before flooring her again with a right hook to the jaw. Kensi crumpled to the mat and she was clearly in trouble as Sophie looked for a way to even up the score in the match. A knee drop to the breasts was a devastating follow up move, causing Kensi to scream out in pain before Sophie positioned herself on top of Kensi to apply another ‘69’ reverse head scissor on the pained blonde.

Pulling on Kensi’s fishnets, she quickly forced the blonde to bridge up before grabbing her in a pussy claw that again caused a scream of pain from Kensi. Sophie expertly got three fingers inside the blonde almost immediately now as she looked to force the tying submission. Time was running short though, and it was a real battle of wills to see if Sophie could force the submission or if Kensi could hold on. Kensi looked to try and roll Sophie under her, but she was unable to do so earning herself a crotch punch for her trouble. Sophie knew that she needed to try and force the pain onto the young blonde quickly now though, and maintaining her scissor, she shifted back to engulf Kensi’s face with her ass in a reverse face sit / scissor combination. The crotch claw was back on hard too, Kensi screaming out as she forced herself to resist the pain for the last few seconds of the match, but the blonde was tough, and she managed it before as the bell rang, she was finally released from her predicament to celebrate her win, But of course, she wasn’t done just yet. As the stipulations demanded, Sophie was forced on to her back in the centre of the ring as Kensi lowered herself into position squarely on the jet haired fighter’s face. Hands on hips now, Kensi sensually ground her naked pussy on the French woman’s face, groaning with ecstasy as she slowly but surely smothered Sophie to a whimpering knockout.

It was a sensational debut for Kensi, beating a seasoned catfighter in her first match. Her face sit knockout of Sophie as well left an indelible mark on the memories of all those in attendance, guaranteeing that Kensi would quickly become a favourite of the Smythe fans.