MMA Mauler
By wolfboy

Debbie takes me back in time to prove that she’s tough enough.

‘You think I’m not up to taking her on don’t you Steve?’ Debbie demanded of me. ‘I’m telling you, I can beat that bitch at her own game’

‘I don’t know Debbie’ I replied ‘I know you’re tough, I know you can handle yourself in a fight, but you haven’t been in with anyone like Sara in a long time. I’m not sure it’s the right match for you now’ I said.

‘Put the feelers out Steve’ she said, not budging from her position. ‘I want her, and I can beat her’ she continued. ‘Look, if you don’t think I’m up to it, fine, but it’s my decision. I’ll find you out an old match of mine that might just convince you that I’ve got what it takes if you like?’ she asked.

‘OK’ I agreed, admitting defeat on the argument. ‘I’ll see what I can do. Now what’s this match you’re talking about?’ I asked, interested to see what Debbie had up her sleeve to convince me of her ability.

‘Well, this is from the match I had before you first saw me in action against Shelly Sands. Opponents were difficult to find, so I got myself a match with a Scottish MMA fighter. She was struggling to find opponent’s too, so she had decided to go into the world of catfighting as a way to keep herself in fighting form’ Debbie told me. ‘We agreed a set of rules that were a reasonable cross between her world and mine. The match took place here in the basement ring. Park yourself over there’ Debbie said motioning me towards the sofa ‘ and I’ll go and find the DVD for you Steve’

I did as Debbie suggested, waiting patiently for a few moments before Debbie appeared back in the lounge, triumphantly exclaiming ‘got it!’ as she waved the DVD at me before putting it in the player and settling down next to me on the sofa to watch as the picture faded up. The location was unmistakably Debbie’s basement as I remembered it from when I first saw her fight there against the powerful professional wrestler Shelly Sands. ‘This was about three months before you first saw me fight’ Debbie said, answering a question that I was about to put to her. ‘You’ll recognise Tara as well’ she continued as Debbie’s usual ref from back then climbed through the ropes to await the two fighters. First to appear was Debbie, trailed into the basement I realised by Emma who was going to act as her second. Debbie looked in great shape in a simple two piece outfit of black lace boyshorts and matching halter crop top. She also had on a pair of black MMA gloves. ‘We’d agreed on the gloves beforehand. She was used to them, and I didn’t mind them, so it seemed fair enough’ Debbie told me.

Debbie found her way through the roped before her opponent, a strong muscular looking redhead appeared from the basement changing room. Her hair tied up in a neat ponytail in contrast to Debbie’s loose hair which cascaded around her shoulders. The redhead also wore a simple enough outfit for the fight; her’s was more sporty though, a pair of lime green hotpants and a black and green bra top with matching black and green gloves. Tara began to run through the rules ‘OK ladies, this is a rules catfight which will be fought over three rounds. Rounds one and two will be fought for ten minutes each; round three is no time limit where the first submission wins the fight. Punches and kicks to the head are not allowed, nothing to the eyes is allowed. All other moves are legal, do you both understand the rules?’ Tara asked, both women nodding their agreement. ‘So you have both agreed to the following stipulations. There is to be no stripping in round one. In round two, you may strip your opponent of one item of clothing. Round three will be fought naked except for the gloves. There are now breaks between submissions in the first two rounds, but you must apply a different hold. So first of all, wearing the lime green and black is Holly Douglas from Edinburgh. Holly is 5 feet 7 inches tall, 147lbs and measures 36B-25-37. She is 24 years old, is in her first catfight but has an MMA record of 3 wins without defeat, Her opponent is Debbie McArthur. Debbie is 5 feet 6 inches tall, 145 lbs,and measures 36C-26-36. She is 38 years old, and her catfight record is 11 wins and 5 defeats. OK ladies, if you’re ready, let’s fight!’

Both women circled warily, looking for the early opening. Holly, bouncing lightly on her feet, her ponytail swinging in time with her movements while Debbie, a little more flat footed stalked after the dancing redhead. Debbie strayed into range, making a grab for Holly’s hair, but the redhead was fast, cracking an open handed slap off Debbie’s cheek as she skipped back out of range. Another attempt by Debbie saw her ship a kick to the thigh before she was finally able to rush into Holly, slipping inside her attempted slap to the face to rush the redhead back to the corner. Debbie pushed her left hand up into Holly’s face before Holly hooked Debbie’s right arm and ploughed a couple of straight punches into Debbie’s body before tripping her onto her back. Debbie rolled clear, quickly getting to her feet as Holly bounced into range to aim a knee to the body which Debbie blocked, and the early exchanges ended in something of a stalemate as both women started to circle again, probing for an opening.

The early moments of the match seemed to continue in much the same way; Debbie a little more straight ahead, but a little reticent to commit to attack while Holly was sharp, picking Debbie off as she came into range. She was taken aback though as Debbie grabbed for her hair, using it to roughly throw her to the mat. ‘Fucking hair ref!’ Holly blurted out almost on instinct as Tara reminder her ‘it’s legal Holly; it’s a catfight remember?’

‘Fuck yeah, sorry!’ Holly sheepishly replied as the match briefly descended into comedy as the three women in the ring laughed that off before getting back into it. Holly looked to dominate again, some sharp jabs to the body that stopped Debbie from getting to her. Holly’s open handed slaps to the face were causing Debbie trouble to it seemed, and when one cannoned off her left cheek, she was sent reeling into the ropes. Holly was on to her quickly too, a knee to body to drop Debbie to one knee where the red head trapped her in a front headlock. Effective enough in itself as she looked to choke Debbie, another knee into the side caused Debbie to gasp in pain and she was unable to defend as Holly rolled her onto her back on the mat. Adopting a full pinning position, sat on Debbie’s stomach, Holly released the headlock and started to rain in slaps to Debbie’s face, quickly drawing the first submission as Debbie tried to cover up in vain. Again, showing her unfamiliarity with the rules though, Holly broke and stood off Debbie until Tara reminded her of the rules. Holly moved back in to pull Debbie off the mat, but the brief interlude gave Debbie the chance to recover, and she caught Holly hard with a straight punch to the pit of the stomach.

Now Holly was dropped to her knees, a hard slap to the face sending her sprawling on to her side where Debbie went to work with some catty tactics. A handful of hair allowed Debbie to slam Holly’s face off the well padded mat; a handful of bra top allowed Debbie to lift Holly enough to deliver a kick to her unprotected stomach. Holly dropped to the mat on her stomach as Debbie dropped an elbow across her lower back. Debbie used the hair again to try and position her for a rear choke hold, but Holly carefully kept her chin tucked in, forcing Debbie to settle for a headlock instead trying to grind Holly’s neck to a painful angle. The redhead was a strong woman though, resisting that before an elbow thrown back at Debbie’s body forced her to release the hold and Holly was quick to scramble to her feet. Once again now, Holly’s fast hands and feet caused Debbie problems as she was consistently beaten to the punch by Holly. While Debbie was able to get through with a few blows of her own, but none of them were without cost, and Debbie started to find herself backed into the corner. There, Holly ruthlessly cut her down with two hard body shots, before delivering a straight knee to Debbie’s solar plexus, driving the air from her lungs as she drove Debbie back into the corner post. There the MMA fighter secured a front headlock again, effectively choking Debbie into submission number 2, still with time left in the round and against a fighter seemingly warming to the task at hand now.

Holly released the headlock, but instantly got Debbie to her feet where she looked to deliver a stinging open handed one-two to the face which Debbie just about managed to block. The flame haired Scot hit hard though, despite Debbie’s defensive attempts, rocking the ailing brunette back into the ropes where a snap kick aimed at Debbie’s side dropped her back to her knees once more. I imagined another submission was coming as Holly once again went for the front headlock, again looking to choke Debbie into submission. This time though Debbie used her catfighting brain, connecting with a solid uppercut to Holly’s crotch that caught the redhead totally by surprise. Holly released the hold, stunned into inaction by the crotch shot while Debbie, from her knees, delivered an overhand right to test out Holly’s stomach. An uppercut to the breasts followed and Holly was backed up for the first time as Debbie got back to her feet, now able to stalk Holly across the ring as she tried to clear her head. Debbie had little intention of allowing her that luxury though, slaps to the face keeping her off balance before she was able to grab her hair and throw her to the mat. With Holly in a seated position, Debbie drove a knee between her shoulder blades causing her to cry out from the impact, then she trapped her in a sleeper hold; right arm wrapped tightly around Holly’s throat, left hand wound tightly in her flame red hair as she tore at her scalp in what I imagined was a whole new experience for the MMA girl who was crying out in pain before she submitted to allow Debbie back into the fight at 2-1.

‘Stay on her Mum!’ I heard Emma advise from off camera, and with time winding down in the round, Debbie took that advice on board, releasing the sleeper before using the hair to drag Holly into a hair-held side headlock. A few cranks on that headlock saw Holly in some bother again as she was clearly unfamiliar with the catfight tactics. Debbie was able to move Holly to the corner, using her hair to roughly smash er face first in to the corner post twice before time expired in the round and Holly made her way a little shakily back to her corner. Debbie also looked a little tired having been on the receiving end for much of the round, but she looked the happier of the two women now, seemingly having found a weakness in her tough opponent.

If Debbie had expected Holly to be thrown off track at the start of round two, she was mistaken though as the redhead again bounced lightly on her feet, flicking out jabs to Debbie’s chest as her pony tail again swung almost hypnotically in time with her feet and fists. Debbie backpedaled and blocked as she attempted to stem the Scottish woman’s early progress, but she found herself backed into the corner where Holly leant into her to pin her against the corner post. Both women used their unique skills in this position, Holly swinging fists and knees into Debbie’s body while Debbie pulled her head back with vicious hair pulling before sinking her nails into Holly’s right breast. Holy shrieked, again finding herself attacked in a way that she hadn’t expected, but she had a reply as she pushed her right arm across Debbie’s throat, an effective choke that saw Debbie break off her attacks as she looked to pull Holly’s arm off her throat. Debbie was able to do that, but the flame haired fighter was one step ahead of her crashing a slap off Debbie’s cheek before taking her down to the mat in a side headlock. On the mats, Debbie was quickly back into the hair, denying Holly control as she used her red hair to pull her into a side head scissor, then using the hair to make sure she kept control of Holly for long enough to slam two punches into her tits. As Holly gasped, Debbie took advantage of the rules, forcing her black and green bra top up to expose a pair of pert 36B breasts. Holly’s instinct was to try and cover her breasts, apparently unused to the concept of fighting topless, and Debbie took full advantage of that, driving home a series of stomach punches while her thighs continued to punish the redhead.

Tiring of taking the body blows, Holly looked to fight back, delivering punches of her own to Debbie’s thighs, but when Debbie expertly applied a double breast claw, Holly was quick to tap out and the fight was evened up at 2-2. Debbie didn’t want to give Holly much time to recover her composure now, releasing the head scissor, but using the hair to bring Holly upright before body slamming her to the mat. Debbie spread Holly’s legs before delivering a stomp to the pit of her stomach, and then diving in to deliver a full body splash. The air was driven from Holly’s body as Debbie landed on top of her before securing a grapevine, spreading Holly’s legs wide while pinning both of her hands to the mat above her head. A smile spread on Debbie’s face as her squirming opponent was trapped at her mercy to plunge her breasts into Holly’s face in a breast smother. Again it was an unfamiliar method of attack for the redhead, and she was unsure quite how to deal with the breast smother and instead of perhaps using her teeth to force Debbie off her, she was again quick to submit and Debbie was 3-2 to the good, still short of the half way point in the second round.

Before releasing the grapevine, Debbie was able to remove her opponent’s bra top, throwing it from the ring, and with Holly forced into topless action, Debbie was very much on the front foot for the next couple of minutes. Back on her feet, Debbie worked both of Holly’s breasts with sharp punches as well as a stinging nail rake. When Holly looked to defend her breasts, Debbie lit up her cheeks with hard slaps. That pattern continued until Debbie, growing in confidence, looked to deliver a hard, roundhouse style kick into Holly’s ribs. This time, the redheads training saw her able to counter, catching Debbie’s leg, trapping it against her side before knocking Debbie to the mat with a forearm smash right across her breasts. Debbie was a little surprised as Holly caught her, and she was too slow to react as Holly followed her down, securing a side headlock while trapping Debbie’s right arm between her legs as she scissored it tightly. Debbie responded, reverting to type as she went straight for Holly’s hair once more. Holly cried out, but she gritted her teeth, an elbow to Debbie’s stomach weakening her resistance before it was Holly’s turn to surprise her more experienced catfight opponent. Holly snaked her hand down Debbie’s body, easing her lacy booty shorts down a little before she slipped two fingers inside Debbie and applied what, from Debbie’s shouts of pain, appeared to be a perfectly applied pussy claw. Debbie, howling with pain, gritted her teeth, attempting to resist the hold, successfully it seemed at first as Holly broke off from her claw hold. She slammed another two elbows into Debbie’s stomach though, and then she went back to the claw hold and it was time for Debbie to tap out, the fight quickly evened up at 3-3 as it stayed until the end of round 2; both women exchanging attacks, but neither gaining another really telling advantage. As time expired on round two, I figured it was now difficult to see where the advantage really lay in the match. Holly was doubtless the fitter of the two women, and she was probably the better skilled in wrestling and striking. Debbie was clearly the more at ease in the catfight setting though and had used that to her advantage earlier in the fight before Holly’s crotch claw had suggested she was starting to get the idea. Add to the mix round three being fought naked, and it was tricky to see who might run out as the winner.

Tara called both women back into the ring, and now naked apart from their MMA gloves, the action was quickly back underway, Holly again bobbing lightly on her feet as the pace of the fight was apparently yet to trouble her. Indeed it was the redhead who seemed to be doing the sharper work in the early going as she bossed Debbie around the ring a little behind her sharp jabs to the body. Debbie looked to parry and counter, catching Holly with a couple of harder punches in the rib cage, but the redhead pressed forward, perhaps again looking to pin Debbie in against the corner post. It looked as if she would achieve her aim, but as Debbie felt her back touch tough against the post, she cleverly switched Holly chest first into the corner post where she caught her with a powerful forearm smash to the kidneys. Ducking a retaliatory elbow, Debbie got hold of Holly’s ponytail, quickly pulling it from it’s tie to reveal Holly’s shoulder length hair fully. Not refusing that new target, Debbie grabbed two handfuls before delivering a headbutt straight between Holly’s shoulder blades. Then she drove Holly’s face into the corner post, and as Holly fell to the mat at Debbie’s feet, it appeared that it was the catfighter that might win the day.

Holly had different ideas though as Debbie looked to close in on her only to get caught by an uppercut that set her breasts swinging as it dropped her to her knees. Holly got to her own knees as well, trapping Debbie in a kneeling bear hug only to find herself on the receiving end as Debbie leant into her and bit down on her right breast. A squeal of pain and surprise from Holly suggested that she was back in trouble, but she clubbed a right hand into Debbie’s stomach, breaking the hold as Debbie rolled to the mat. Holly stayed on her knees, massaging the pain in her breast as Debbie slowly got back to her knees in front of Holly who aimed a hard slap at the brunette’s face which Debbie ducked under as she tackled the redhead to the mat. Debbie secured top position, grapevining one of Holly’s legs but the redhead was able to grab control of Debbie’s head with a front headlock and a battle of wills ensued, Debbie hammering away at the Holly’s toned stomach while the MMA fighter worked her head and neck. It looked like neither would gain the advantage until Debbie shrewdly switched tack, slipping her fingers into Holly’s pussy, working them feverishly as she drew cries of pain from the suddenly agonised redhead. Holly clawed at Debbie’s back, trying desperately to gain her release from the hold.

Debbie knew she had her woman now though and she worked her pussy over mercilessly until Holly was crying out her submission and Debbie released her unbeaten foe.

‘So you see Steve, I’m a big girl who’s more than capable of looking after herself against a tough, well trained opponent’ Debbie told me. ‘So get me that bitch, under these rules’ she said handing me a folded piece of paper’ and I think I’ll give her a match she won’t forget in a hurry.’

‘I’ll see what I can do’ I conceded. ‘She doesn’t normally need much persuasion to take someone on, so I think I’ll manage to get her for you.’ I agreed.