Hotel Room Brawl

By wolfboy

Debbie gets her wish one on one with Sara

‘No problem’ had been Sara’s response when I had put Debbie’s challenge to her. ‘Interesting’ was her reaction to Debbie’s proposed stipulations. ‘Just name the time and the place, and I’ll be there’ she had confirmed, as if I had ever really doubted that she would be up for the fight.

The time and place had ended up being a rather secluded country house hotel as Sara had decided she’s rather not meet Debbie in private in her own home. Keeping the match a secret from Emma had been one of Debbie’s stipulations as well, so it seemed that the hotel made more sense as a venue really. Debbie’s other stipulations were all designed, she hoped, to keep Sara as off balance as possible. Both women would only be able to win the bout with a pre chosen submission move. Both would be wearing stockings, suspenders and panties with no stripping allowed. The two suspender belts would be attached together by a third suspender belt attached to the waistband of each fighter’s own suspender belts, at least for as long as it held. Debbie’s other stipulation was that anything goes between neck and crotch, but open hands only outside that, Sara asked for no time limit, but just one submission to decide the contest which Debbie agreed to.

Debbie and I checked into the hotel a couple of hours before the scheduled match start time so that we could prepare the room fully for the match. We had requested a large ground floor room so that the noise of two feisty females throwing each other around would be a little less noticeable. The room itself was more or less perfect for the match. A large, king sized bed stood on a small platform at the back of the room. The rest of the room was carpeted in a plush, deep piled red carpet where I fancied the real action would take place. I cleared all of the furniture from the room into a small ante-room in plenty of time and then it as time for Debbie to get her game face on, I did my best to talk her through as much as I knew about Sara’s style on the mats. Debbie was focused like I hadn’t seen in her in a long while as she prepared for the match. She looked sensational in her sheer black stockings, black lace thong and orange suspender belt over which she slipped a white hotel gown before sitting calmly on the end of the bed to wait for Sara.

This would normally have been an anxious time for me, wondering if an arranged opponent would show for a match. I had no such worries with Sara though; I knew that she would show, I just wondered what she would have in store for Debbie. Sure enough, ten minutes before the match time, a rap on the door signaled the arrival of the tough American blonde who had caused Emma so much difficulty in their matches. She was accompanied by her manager Danny who would observe the match with me, but neither of us would referee the match, the two women would maintain their own order instead. I would act as something of an announcer however, and after giving Sara a few minutes to study the surroundings, I called the proceedings to order.

‘OK ladies’ I began ‘I know you’ve both agreed to the rules, please stay within them. Are there any questions on the rules?’ I asked as both women shook their heads, all the time glowering at each other. ‘OK, then it’s a one submission, no time limit catfight between on my right Debbie McArthur who is 5 feet 6 inches tall, 149lbs, 53 years old and measures 36D-27-36 with a record of 28 wins and 11 losses.’ Debbie let the robe fall from her shoulders, one again revealing her fantastic form in the black and orange combination of lingerie. I continued ‘her opponent on my left is Sara who is 5 feet 9 inches tall, 161lbs and 38DD-26-38 with a catfight record of 30 wins and 8 losses’ Sara stepped out of the demure black dress that she was wearing to reveal her chosen outfit of ivory coloured boy shorts, suspender belt and stockings. Danny did the honours of securing the two ladies together with the third, black coloured suspender belt, and satisfied that both were secured by the belt, there was just the question of the nominated submission hold for both women. ‘Breast smother’ was Sara’s unsurprising choice while Debbie chose ‘face sit’ so it was pretty clear as both women eyed the other up and down, both thoroughly intended to smother the other woman to a humiliating defeat.

The match started with no great fanfare. ‘You ready bitch?’ Debbie asked Sara, who smiled as she replied ‘I am, I hope you are bitch?’ and with that both women were straight into the others hair as they both looked to gain the upper hand. Sara had height and power advantages but as she looked to push Debbie back, she hadn’t expected Debbie to strike with two straight knees to her stomach that winded the blonde and put Debbie on top as Sara dropped to her knees. Debbie kicked her in the side as she tried to press home the early advantage before latching her nails onto Sara’s DD breasts. Two sets of orange painted nails going to work on the American’s impressive chest as Debbie continued to show her skills in the fast start to the match. Sara tried to push Debbie away, gaining little space though due to the suspender belt holding the two closely together, and Debbie lashed a foot into the blonde’s chest to put her on her back on the plush red carpet. Debbie knew she had to keep on top and stay all over Sara if she were to have any chance, and after dropping an elbow to Sara’s breasts, she moved into a pinning position high on Sara’s chest.

Inching forward, I was surprised to see Debbie already looking to get into position to apply the face sit, perhaps looking to get the surprise early submission. Sara knew it too as Debbie took a double handful of hair to force her face into her crotch and Sara swung her legs up to try and dislodge Debbie. That seemed to play into the brunette’s hands too as she caught Sara’s legs, trapping them as she shifted position back slightly. Moving away from the face sit, she instead went for a bit of crotch mauling, torturing the powerful blonde briefly until Sara was able to push her off to the carpet. Debbie scrambled to her feet quickly though, able to catch Sara on all fours with another kick, this time to the stomach. Sara looked to roll clear as she clutched her stomach only to be stopped by the attached suspender belts, Debbie again dropped an elbow to Sara’s breasts before moving again towards the pin as she sat on Sara’s chest. This time, Debbie didn’t move towards the face pin, instead electing to plunge her sharp nails into Sara’s breasts once more. Sara howled in pain but looked to counter attack with arms wrapped around Debbie’s head, pulling her face into her breasts, an early introduction to their smothering power before Debbie’s teeth allowed her to break free once more. Debbie punched Sara in the pit of the stomach before going back to the double breast claw. ‘Fucking bitch!’ Sara spat at her as Debbie continued her early punishment of the blonde. Debbie had not expected Sara to counter with a thunderous slap to the face though and that sent her sprawling off Sara, dislodging her from on top of the blonde and one of the two fastenings of the connecting suspender belt from her waist.

Debbie was a little slower getting to her feet this time, but as Sara hovered over her, Debbie struck with an uppercut to the stomach that slowed Sara up and allowed Debbie to her feet. The two women had no distance between them though and both grabbed on to hair and breasts as they tried to maul the other towards submission. This time, Sara used her power well, forcing Debbie hard into the wall of the hotel room where a hard right hand to the body saw the brunette troubled for the first time. Sara towered over Debbie as she dropped to her knees in front of her, Sara soon getting Debbie back on her feet by the hair before whipping a fast uppercut into her breasts and banging her head against the wall by the hair. Debbie looked a bit woozy, but struck again with a slashing nail rake across Sara’s stomach which caused the blonde to step back again and Debbie stepped forward with a one-two to the body as she closed in on the blonde once more. Sara grimaced, looked to cover up and grab hold of Debbie only to find the brunette connecting with a savage knee to the crotch that dropped Sara to the mat and forced the remaining fastening on the connecting suspender belt to pull loose. Now the two women were apart, Debbie throwing the third suspender belt onto the bed as she dived on top of the blonde once more in a full body splash. Converting that to another schoolgirl pin, I thought that Debbie looked like she might be starting to wear Sara down a little as she slapped her face while inching towards the face sit once more.

Sara let out a roar of frustration as the older, smaller woman continued to dominate the action, grabbing her hair to pull her face into a crotch smother as she sat on her face. Debbie looked to add a crotch claw to the mix too, but Sara wisely scissored her arm, and as the blonde bucked wildly, she was able to dislodge Debbie. Now separated, Sara was able to roll well clear of Debbie as both women took stock of the early action, So far, Debbie had kept the pace high and kept Sara off balance, and after a brief pause, she looked to close in on the blonde once more only to get stung by a fast slap to the face and a straight right hand between the tits that sent her stumbling back half on to the bed. Sara was after her quickly, finding herself trapped in a body scissor as she stood at the edge of the bed in front of Debbie. The scissor hold wasn’t unduly testing for Sara though as she grabbed hold of both of Debbie’s breasts, mauling and twisting them painfully, to draw a low moan of pain from the older woman. Debbie tensed her thighs, trying to put the squeeze on to Sara, but the blonde shook that off easily enough, redoubling her efforts to rip Debbie’s tits from her body. Debbie aimed a slap at Sara’s face as she cried out in pain once more as Sara lifted her from the bed with the double breast hold before driving her down on to the plushly carpeted floor. Winded, Debbie broke her scissor hold and as Sara rammed a knee into the brunette’s pussy, it looked to me that the powerful blonde had got things moving her way now.

Debbie’s head went back in anguish as from a position seated on her stomach, Sara punched and then mauled her breasts once more. She looked to fight back too, but it was to little avail as Sara caught her legs, trapping her in a folding pin. The pin itself wasn’t going to help Sara claim the win though, but it was helping her to steadily wear Debbie down, and as she lifted her backside slightly off Debbie’s stomach before driving it back down to wind the brunette, she quickly released her legs, shifting her position back to try and secure the grapevine. Debbie blocked against that attempt, lifting her legs in the air to prevent Sara from wrapping her own powerful legs around them. Sara hammered Debbie’s stomach with hard fists though, quickly forcing her to drop her legs and almost immediately, Debbie was trapped, her legs intertwined with Sara’s were spread painfully as Sara now taunted her ‘your daughter loves this hold bitch! You’re going out when these babies get on your face!’ she smirked as she teased Debbie with her breasts near her face.

‘I’ll bite them off cunt!’ Debbie responded, baring her teeth to emphasise the claim.

Sara slapped her hard across the face, added a back hand slap to that, and as Debbie was a little stunned, Sara plunged her 38DD’s straight in to Debbie’s face. The smother was on, and as Sara wrapped both arms tightly around the back of Debbie’s head to pull it firmly into the suffocating softness of her breasts it looked like game over I thought. Debbie still had some fight left in her though, reaching round to grab the back of Sara’s boy shorts, pulling as hard as she could to apply a wedgie.

‘A bit of fight in you still!’ Sara remarked before adding a little ominously ‘I like that!’ She eased her breasts out of Debbie’s face for a moment to deliver a short headbutt to Debbie’s breasts, and then the smother was back on fully. Debbie lost her grip of Sara’s thong and as the breast smother took full effect, she was force to submit to Sara. As she did so, I was surprised to hear the door of the room open. ‘Shit, management!’ was the thought which instantly flashed to my mind, and was almost instantly replaced with ‘Shit, Emma!’ as I realised who the person rushing into the room was.

Sara and Debbie were still entangled in the grapevine, Sara’s breasts barely out of Debbie’s face as Emma grabbed the blonde by the hair, slapping her hard across the face before throwing her off Debbie. ‘Get the fuck off her you bitch!’ Emma snarled at Sara ‘I’ll beat the shit out you right now!’ she told the blonde as she set off after her.

By now, Danny and I had realised what was happening and had come to our senses enough to get between the two wildcats. ‘No you won’t’ I told Emma as she hovered menacingly close to the still seated blonde. ‘Not today, that’s not the way to do this’ I told her.

‘I’ll fight you in this very room, a week today bitch!’ Sara offered as she got to her feet.

‘You’re on!’ Emma agreed ‘I can wait a week to beat the shit out of you!’ she told the blonde who was hastily throwing on some clothes before leaving the room, casting an ominous glance in Emma’s direction.

Debbie, now sitting on the bed after the exertions of the fight asked Emma ‘what was that all about? How did you know where I was?’

‘I found something for here on our on-line banking statement Mum’ she told Debbie ‘to be honest, I was more worried that Steve was having an affair or something so I came over here and tricked them into giving me a key. Then I saw that blonde cunt, and I just lost it really’ she said a little sheepishly. ‘Sorry I doubted you’ she told me ‘I really should have known better. Why didn’t you tell me though Mum?’ she asked.

‘It was my idea’ Debbie told her ‘I wanted to take her on to see what all the fuss was about, and I needed to do that in private to make sure she would fight me’

‘She’s out of your league now Mum, what were you thinking?’ Emma said

‘Really?’ Debbie laughed ‘You’re probably right to be fair, but I gave her a fight didn’t I Steve?’ she said

‘Can’t argue with that’ I agreed ‘I thought you might have had her a couple of times Debbie’

‘She’s tough, but not unbeatable’ Debbie agreed ‘and Emma you’re probably right, she is out of my league now. Back about the time I beat you though, I reckon I could have take her’ Debbie suggested as both women saw the look of confusion that crossed my face.

‘Oh yeah’ Emma smiled ‘you don’t know about that match do you Steve?’ she asked me

‘Can’t say that I do’ I agreed

‘Well, when we get out of here, I’m pretty sure I can find that match out of my collection’ Debbie told us both ‘but shall we at least make the most of the room service for lunch being as we’re all her first!?’ she laughed, breaking the tension of the moment as I wondered what had caused the Mother/Daughter match to take place.