Mother Daughter Day
By wolfboy

A flashback to a previously unseen match between Debbie and Emma

By the early evening after the match between Sara and Debbie, we were back at Debbie’s house, settling into the lounge to watch the Mother/Daughter catfight that Debbie had mentioned when Emma questioned her for taking on the tough American blonde.

‘So what were you two fighting about?’ I asked generally

‘Well, nothing really’ Emma replied a little cryptically

‘OK, so why the match then?’ I asked

‘It was just before Emma made her official catfighting debut Steve’ Debbie started to explain. ‘I wanted to be sure that she knew what she was getting in to, so I told her that she had to take me on to prove herself first’ Debbie continued

‘OK’ I said ‘so what were the rules for this one?’

‘Well, it was a shorter version than my usual rules that you knew from back then Steve’ Debbie told me. ‘This was just before I asked you to manage Emma’s catfighting career. This was her final test really, If I remember right, it was a fifteen minute math without breaks. All Emma had to do was go the time limit without giving up the entire match’ Debbie concluded.

‘Sounds right’ Emma agreed ‘You’ll pick up the idea as it goes along anyway Steve’ Emma suggested. ‘Roll the tape Mum! Let’s see how young I looked back then!’ she laughed.

The film started with a 19 year old Emma standing alone in the basement ring at Debbie’s. She looked a little nervous, glancing around the ring as she stood, waiting for Debbie. Emma’s outfit for the fight was a fairly simple red bikini trimmed with white piping; a full brief and a somewhat less sturdy looking string bikini top that I fancied might struggle to contain her breasts for long once the match got going. A glance in the direction of the steps down into the basement signified that Debbie was on her way to the ring, something which was confirmed seconds later as the brunette, in her late 30s at the time, slipped between the ropes to the opposite corner to Emma.

‘So, we’re really going to do this then Mum?’ Emma asked Debbie as her Mum took off the long T-shirt she has been wearing to reveal a pair of black boyshorts trimmed with a small strip of white lace and a matching bra.

‘Yes we are dear’ Debbie told her ‘You want to fight competitively and that’s fine with me, but I wouldn’t be doing my job as a mother properly if I didn’t make sure you were up to it first. So fifteen minutes, slaps only to the face, and if I don’t force you to give the entire match up in that time, I’ll ask Steve to get you that first match sorted out just as soon as possible. Debbie told her

‘Fair enough’ Emma agreed ‘shall we then?’ she asked, moving in towards Debbie who wasted no time in catching her daughter with a right hand to the stomach. Debbie followed up quickly, a slap to Emma’s face as she backed her into the ropes, whipped her to the opposite ropes and leveled the onrushing Emma with a well timed clothesline. Standing over her daughter, Debbie teased ‘you’ll have to do better than this Emma, you’ll be begging me to stop in five minutes time….’

As she leaned in to grab her daughter’s hair though, Emma struck back with a head butt into the pit of Debbie’s stomach and was able to get back to her feet as Debbie backed up. Emma was after her quickly, grabbing Debbie’s brunette hair as she backed Debbie towards the corner. Pinning her mother against the corner post, Emma drove her shoulder into her stomach before Debbie secured a front headlock, and pulling on the back of Emma’s bikini briefs, she was able to switch Emma to have her back against the corner post. An elbow between the shoulders put Emma on her knees where Debbie cranked on the headlock drawing a gasp of pain from Emma before she got free with two right hands into Debbie’s ribs.

‘Good!’ Debbie smiled as she backed away again ‘you’re learning’ but she was quickly back on top, grabbing auburn hair to pull Emma into a side headlock before flipping her to the mat with a hip throw. Lying partly across Emma’s chest, Debbie pushed her breasts into Emma’s face, trying to trap her in a breast smother. Emma spotted that attempt coming though, latching on to Debbie’s hair to stop her completing the move. That earned Emma a slap in the face, but she resolutely held on to her mother’s hair, looking to use it to pull Debbie into a side head scissor. Debbie knew a bit too much to get caught that easily though, and a series of five slaps to Emma’s breasts saw her able to free her hair from Emma’s grasp as she completed the breast smother. Or at least she would have had Emma now just about been able to twist her face to the side at the last moment, preventing the full smother effect. Debbie held the clear advantage though, and using Emma’s long auburn hair, she was steadily able to turn her daughter’s face right back into the smother. As she fought unsuccessfully against that, Emma failed to notice her mother slowly working in a body scissor until Debbie snapped her legs shut, flexing her thighs for the first time. Emma let out a muffled cry before quickly submitting to give her mother a 1-0 lead in their fight.

‘You still want to go on?’ Debbie asked as she pulled Emma from the mat by her hair.

‘Yes’ was Emma’s reply, emphasised with a right hand whipped into Debbie’s stomach, that surprised and stunned Debbie in equal measures. Emma wasn’t standing on ceremony either as she slipped her hand between her mum’s legs, lifting her and body slamming her in the centre of her own ring. Emma knew enough to keep the pace high too as she got Debbie back on her feet before whipping her into the corner post. From just a couple of yards away, Emma launched herself at Debbie, an avalanche splash in the corner crushing Debbie’s body into the padded ring post. ‘Oooof!’ Debbie exhaled as Emma’s body ground her into the corner before Emma looked to monkey flip Debbie to the mat. Debbie was smart enough to grip onto the top ropes though, and Emma crashed back to the mat. Instantly, mother spread daughter’s legs, diving in with a head butt to the the stomach only for Emma to snap her thighs tightly around Debbie’s head in an effective scissor hold. Debbie moaned as Emma’s thighs went to work on her, one hand gripping her hair as well to keep her securely in the scissor hold. Groping blindly, Debbie found Emma’s left breast with her right hand, instinctively starting to maul and squeeze that while she looked to prise Emma’s hand out of her hair with her left hand. Emma arched her back though, squeezing even harder with the head scissor and there was no doubt that her extra power was troubling Debbie who finally managed to force Emma’s hand out of her hair at least as Emma looked to protect her breasts instead. There was no breaking the scissor hold though as Emma slowly but surely ground her mother down to an equalising submission.

‘Are you sure you want to go on now?’ Emma asked Debbie as she released the scissor hold before pulling Debbie to her feet and throwing her into the corner post. Once more, Emma launched herself at her mother, but this time, experience told as Debbie dodged out of the way and Emma collided chest first with the corner post.

‘Cheeky little madam!’ Debbie laughed as she hit Emma with a forearm smash across the lower back before spinning her round in the corner and slapping her hard across her chest. Planting a foot in Emma’s chest, Debbie sent her larger daughter flying through the air, a perfectly delivered monkey flip that sent Emma crashing hard to the mats. Debbie was on her quickly too, delivering a leg drop across Emma’s breasts before using her hair to convert that into a side head scissor. Pushing her hands to the mat, Debbie was able to lift her backside off the mat as she tried to punish Emma with the strong head scissor. Emma squealed as well as Debbie slipped her right hand inside her bikini top to start another mauling attack on Emma’s already tender left breast. ‘Oww fuck!’ Emma exclaimed as Debbie worked her over, slowly converting her side head scissor into a head scissor and face sit combination, and as she completed that move, Emma soon had to tap out again giving Debbie a 2-1 lead over her daughter.

‘Is that for the whole match dear?’ Debbie asked as Emma replied ‘no way!’ planting her feet in the mat and looking to bridge to dislodge Debbie. That wasn’t successful though, and Debbie instantly converted her face sit into a reverse ‘69’ head scissor, delivering a short head butt to Emma's stomach to drop her bridge as she did so. ‘I don’t think you’ll be needing this now’ Debbie told her daughter as she reached beneath her to untie her bikini top before tearing it from her body with a flourish to expose teenage Emma’s sensational breasts. Sensational breasts that were quickly a target for her mother’s probing sharp nails as she sunk them in drawing a shriek of pain from Emma who responded by pulling Debbie’s boyshorts in a wedgie and slapping her butt cheeks to little avail. Debbie seemed to be getting the greater success, her scissor hold troubling Emma while her very determined breast mauling attack seemed to have Emma on the verge of submission. Mounting one last, desperate attempt to escape, Emma tried to toll so that Debbie would be trapped under her. She made it on to her side before Debbie got the situation back under control with a sharp punch to the body, and as Emma crashed back to the mat under her, Debbie was quick to shift position to a reverse face sit, still maintaining her breast maul until she was able to force Emma into a third submission.

‘Still want to carry on?’ Debbie asked, not really waiting for Emma’s reply of ‘yes’ as she hauled her to her feet, slapped her face and lifted her impressively to deliver a body slam. It was a bone shaking impact for Emma, but she showed she still had her wits about her as she rolled clear of Debbie’s follow up splash, and Emma was able to get back to her feet. Now topless and with only a couple of minutes to survive in the match, Emma’s main focus wasn’t on winning now although she would look to force a submission at least as she patiently waited for Debbie to rise before trapping her mother in a powerful bear hug as she lifted her from the mat, It was a clever move I thought, with the aim of simply surviving the match, controlling Debbie with her strength in the bear hug was the ideal strategy. As Debbie’s head went back in pain, it looked like being a fruitful strategy too, but Debbie was quick to recover, wrapping her arms behind her daughter’s head to pull her into a breast smother, and despite seeming in control, Emma suddenly found herself having to battle the smother as she looked to free herself by running Debbie into the corner post. That was successful as Debbie lost her grip of Emma’s head, and as time expired, Emma was asking a now moaning Debbie if she ‘wanted to submit?’

‘So that was really the start of your career then Emma?’ I asked ‘You lost the battle, but achieved your real aim!’

‘I guess so’ Emma agreed

‘Could do worse than remember some of that when you fight that bitch Sara again Emma’ Debbie offered. ‘You have a problem getting past her style at the moment for whatever reason, but maybe, even if you can’t beat her this time, you can learn enough of her style to beat her in the future?’

‘I suppose’ Emma said ‘but I’m going to beat that bitch up this time and make her regret ever coming back to take me on again!’