Bedroom Bitchfight

By wolfboy

Emma vs Sara for the fourth time around in a vicious bedroom catfight

It was fair to say that Emma had grown increasingly quiet and focused in the few days leading up to her fourth meeting with Sara. The powerful blonde American had caused Emma plenty of trouble in each of their previous three meeting, culminating in her devastating knockout win to claim the Hong Kong syndicate title. Since then, Sara had done everything she could to get inside Emma’s head, starting with inviting Emma to watch her take on a former opponent of her’s in Kandy Yang. Follow that with taking on Claire in a match that seemed to have led to the breakdown of Claire and Emma’s friendship, and then taking on Debbie. It was fair to say that Sara had Emma’s attention.

In the build up, the one thing that had grabbed mine and Danny’s attention the most was the suitability of the hotel venue to host a full on fight between these two women. Their intent on destroying each other catfight style was unlikely to be contained by a hotel room without some of the guests noticing. We both felt a slightly more private setting was needed along with a referee. Both women agreed on the more private setting at least, but both insisted still on no referee; the match would only be over when the victor decided it was.

The subject of a more private venue was easily remedied at least. One of the master bedrooms in the Smythe mansion would double effectively for the hotel room with a big king sized bed and a large, thickly carpeted floor area offering plenty of room for the fight. Both women agreed that the room would be locked and bolted from the inside with just them in there along with Danny and I. Match rules were very simple, it was to be a no holds barred, no time limit to a complete submission or a knockout catfight. Both would wear stockings, suspenders and panties to start the match. Unlike Sara’s match with Debbie, they would not be tied together at the start and stripping would be allowed.

The match was scheduled for an early afternoon start, shafts of sunlight dancing across the floor of the bedroom and the passed through the branches of an old oak tree outside the window as Emma and I entered the room. Emma had come ready to fight, walking from our changing room in her stockinged feet, topless, her breasts proudly jutting forward as she went through the door. A simple black satin thong and suspender belt attached to black fishnet stockings with a seam up the back. She paced anxiously while a moment or two later, Sara entered the room as well. In contrast to Emma, Sara was dressed it seemed for a night out, a blue sequinned dress and matching, towering high heels covering her outfit of blue lace thong, suspender belt and sheer blue stockings. Psychologically, Sara might have looked to score a point I thought as her heels enabled her to loom over Emma as Danny dealt with the locking of the door, Stepping out of her dress, but leaving the heels for now, Sara revealed a curvaceous, powerful body every inch a match for Emma’s voluptuous body.

The two women eyed each other with disdain across the room now, just a bed separating the fierce rivals. Emma looked determined and ready as she waited impatiently for Sara to kick off her heels. Sara meanwhile seemed to be reveling in keeping Emma waiting before she finally kicked off her six inch high heels and in an instant, the fight was on, Emma dived across the bed, anxious to get at the blonde American straight away, landing an uppercut to Sara’s breasts as she reached her side of the bed. Quickly getting her feet back under her, Emma was keen to keep on her surprised opponent, trapping her in a clinch against the bedroom wall. Sinking both hands in to Sara’s blonde hair, Emma banged the back of her head against the wall before striking home with two powerful, Muay Thai style knee strikes. Sara looked a little taken aback by Emma’s fast paced start, and Emma looked to keep that up as she swung wildly at the blonde, cutting her down to her knees with a barrage of hard body punches. A handful of blonde hair helped Emma throw Sara on to the bed where Emma dived on top of her to try and secure a grapevine. Sara defended, legs crossed and up in the air as she regained her wits, and delivered a slap to Emma’s chest that forced Emma off her for the time being at least.

Emma was straight back into the blonde’s hair again though, throwing her from the bed to the floor, rushing back in with a kick to the ribs as Sara scrambled back to her feet, Looking to buy time, the blonde backpedaled as Emma followed her, ferociously swinging punches to the body and head. Most of those were blocked by Sara, but Emma got through with a straight punch to the body and as Sara doubled forward slightly, Emma caught her flush on the chin with an uppercut that sent her crashing to the deep-pile carpet in a heap. I wondered if Emma already had the fight under her control as she spread Sara’s legs before dropping to the floor with a crotch busting knee drop that drew a howl of pain from the blonde. Emma plunged forward, looking to pin Sara down to the carpet in a full body pin while she latched her fingers onto the blonde’s DD breasts. Nails and strong fingers punished the blonde who cried out in pain once more as Emma, fuelled by her anger at Sara’s mind games, continued to dominate the early going. From her dominant position, Emma kept the pace high in the match, continuing to maul Sara’s breasts with her left hand while she went back to the body with another series of hard punches to the ribs. Sara grit her teeth, forced to take the punishment as Emma pinned her down in the deep carpet at the foot of the bed.

Emma rode her forearm across Sara’s throat as she landed machine gun fast slaps to the blonde’s breasts. Sara was able to grab onto Emma’s long, flowing auburn hair, pulling her face into those same breasts before cuffing Emma around the back of the head with hard slaps. As each slap landed, she tore at Emma’s hair as well, before releasing the hair to land another blow. Emma replied with a claw hold to Sara’s stomach that once again caused Sara to cry out in pain as EMma called on her to ‘give it up cunt!’

‘Fuck you bitch!’ was Sara’s reply as she landed another claps to the back of Emma’s head. Pinned under the auburn haired amazon though, there seemed to be little Sara could do to improve her position for now, and as Emma hammered away at the blonde’s stomach again, I thought that it looked like Emma was going to finally get herself the dominant win against her blonde nemesis that she so craved. Sara’s stomach was taking the brunt of Emma’s fury now, but as she continued to hammer away, it looked like Emma was also starting to slow up a little too. Perhaps sensing it herself, Emma broke off from that attack, anxious not to punch herself out, and she looked to pull Sara off the carpet by her hair. Showing her resourcefulness, Sara caught Emma with a thumb to the eye. As Emma rubbed at her eye, Sara slowly gathered herself before catching Emma with a hard right to the stomach that instantly dropped Emma to a knee. Sara went straight to the front headlock, tying Emma up tightly as she looked to control the action only to be surprised by a left uppercut to the crotch. The blonde’s eyes widened with shock and pain and Emma was able to shake off the front headlock, driving a stunned Sara back to the wall again behind a furious barrage of body blows.

Swinging wildly, Emma reddened the blonde’s lightly tanned body as she hammered away, Sara tucking in her elbows and looking to block, Emma continued to hammer away, unconcerned it seemed about where her punches landed. Sara was starting to block more of the punches though, and as she caught a hard breathing Emma with a slap to the face, she looked to turn the tide of the fight once more. Grabbing Emma’s long auburn hair, Sara stunned her with a short head butt to the face before switching Emma hard against the wall, hammering her twice to the body before going back to the head butt to drop Emma to her knees. Measuring Emma, Sara stepped to her side before sending a raking kick hard across Emma’s chest to send her sprawling to the carpet on her back.

Although little more than five minutes into the fight, Emma was breathing hard as she rolled onto her stomach, I sensed that the early pace had taken its toll on Emma and as the adrenalin rush of the start of the match wore off, she was feeling it, especially when Sara caught her with a kick to the stomach as she got to all fours.

‘You like that bitch?’ Sara asked as she stood over a groaning Emma, waiting for her to rise to her knees before clutching her hair, Lifting Emma half to her feet, Sara went in with a knee to the solar plexus, stopping Emma from catching her breath and starting to recover. Pulled back to her feet this time, Emma found herself launched across the room by the hair, Sara disdainfully brushing auburn strands of hair from her fingers as Emma landed hard on the unforgiving floor. Sara looked confident suddenly, having rode out an early storm, there was no doubt that she felt on top, and as she slipped a hand between Emma’s thighs to lift her and body slam her hard on the carpeted floor, I fancied that Emma also realised that Sara was firmly in control of things right now. Sara clawed at Emma’s thighs as she stood over her, pulling holes in her fishnet stockings as she started to assert that dominance. Emma aimed a punch at Sara’s body, the blonde brushing it off before driving her heel into Emma’s stomach, once again leaving Emma groaning on the floor while she continued to shred her stockings with her sharp, blue painted nails.

I knew full well that Sara was as much intent on the mental disintegration of Emma at this point as she was on physically dominating her, A gentle slap to the face and a light brush of the nails across Emma’s breasts seeming to confirm that. Emma, flushed with the effort, swung another ineffective punch at the blonde who brushed it aside with her thigh before landing a punch to the crotch, her knuckles landing in the front of the black satin thong that did so little to protect Emma from the savage blow. Emma’s hands went to her crotch only to be caught as Sara dropped onto her stomach hard, pinning them to the carper above her head. A grapevine followed, Sara spreading Emma’s legs as she ground her body into Emma’s, pressing her into the deep pile of the carpet as she glowered down at her. Lowering her head towards Emma’s breasts, Sara drew a shriek of pain as her teeth clamped down hard on her right nipple briefly before he shifted towards pushing her breasts loosely into Emma’s face, telling her it was ‘just a taste of what you have coming!’

Evidently Emma liked the taste as she took the chance to bring her teeth into play as she bit down on Sara’s left breast. Sara cried out, shocked at the sudden show of resistance from Emma. ‘Get off me bitch!’ Emma spat at her as she delivered a right hand to the ribs that made Sara do just that, rolling off Emma to the floor. Feeling the pace still, Emma took a moment to gather herself, and both women simultaneously grabbed the others hair, rolling on the floor in a knot of blonde and auburn tresses as they each looked to get back on top of the other. Emma managed to get a knee into Sara’s crotch as they rolled on the floor; although she wasn’t able to deliver a telling blow, she ground it painfully into Sara’s crotch. Gaining the top position, Emma shifted round, looking to get on top of the blonde only to find herself trapped in a vice like grip between the American’s thighs. Sara flexed those thighs, muscles rippling beneath her blue stockings as she drew a gasp of pain from Emma. Emma punched hard into Sara’s stomach, weakening the scissor hold but not getting free as Sara reasserted her grip, grabbing Emma’s hair to pull her face in close to her stomach. Switching her grip of Emma’s hair slightly, Sara twisted Emma’s face to the side with one hand before starting to light up Emma’s cheek with a series of hard slaps.

‘Fucking cunt!’ Emma spat at Sara who just smiled at her, keeping up a steady tempo with the slaps as she punished her. Emma responded, grabbing a handful of Sara’s right breast, mauling it, twisting and sinking her nails in at the same time. That gave her some relief as Sara stopped slapping her, looking instead to pull her hand away from her breast. Managing that, she elected to roll clear of Emma, releasing the scissor hold and sending Emma sprawling with a foot to the chest as she performed a backwards roll to get clear of her.

Sara gave Emma no time to regain her bearings as she got back on her quickly, a lashing foot catching Emma’s backside, sending her pitching to the carpet chest first. Sara followed her down, dropping a knee in the small of Emma’s back drawing a pained cry before she grabbed the long auburn hair to pull Emma’s head painfully. Arching her back, Emma gritted her teeth as Sara reached around her to punch her twice in the breasts before letting go of her hair to allow her chest to fall back to the carpet. A hard slap around the back of the head dazed Emma long enough to allow the sadistic blonde to grab her legs and drag her two yards across the carpet. Emma’s breasts took the brunt of that move, angry carpet burns visible as Sara stripped her of her black satin thong before bringing her back to her feet. Wrapping her right hand in Emma’s long hair, Sara whipped two left uppercuts into Emma’s stomach and winded, Emma showed little resistance as she was run back hard into the bedroom wall. Leaning into Emma there, Sara sunk both hands into Emma’s still burning breasts. Emma howled with pain, groping around her blonde tormentor as she looked to retaliate in some way to alleviate her pain. It took a moment, but Emma’s left hand found a target in the waistband of Sara’s blue lace thong, quickly pulling it into a wedgie. That caused Sara to moan as the lace material cut in to her pussy, but the blonde had an effective answer as she drove a knee up into Emma’s crotch.
Emma broke the wedgie attack off, her legs rubbery as Sara held her up against the wall by her breasts which she took every opportunity to twist painfully. Emma cried out in pain and defiance as she took the punishment from her blonde foe before Sara whipped in a right cross to the jaw that snapped Emma’s head back and sent her crashing to the floor in a dazed heap. There was no time for Emma to recover either; the blonde American experienced enough to not allow a troubled opponent off the hook easily. Sara used Emma’s hair to pull her into a seated position before driving a thigh into Emma’s face, knocking her back to the mat. Liking that move, Sara elected to go there again, and as she repeated the move for a third time, it looked to me like the fight had been knocked out of Emma by the tough blonde.

Sara probably sensed that too, standing over Emma as she considered her next move while she waited for her to stir. Sara allowed Emma to struggle to all fours before standing over her back, she locked her ankles beneath Emma and fell to the floor, trapping Emma in a crushing body scissor. Emma moaned as the blonde’s strong legs went to work on her, shrieked as Sara raised angry furrows down her back with nasty nail rakes, and then found herself in big, big trouble as Sara wrapped her arm in tightly around her throat, a sleeper hold of sorts that threatened to turn out her lights. Sara worked the hold in deeply, and as Emma’s breathing started to grow laboured, it seemed to be just a matter of time before the blonde would claim the victory.

Indeed, it would have been it I fancy, had Sara not had one final indignation in store for Emma. Sensing her opponent was severely weakened now, Sara broke the choke and scissor hold before dragging Emma’s breasts across the carpet once more. Emma cried out, but she had little resistance in her as Sara picked her up, throwing her onto the bed, before climbing on there herself to trap Emma in a perfectly applied grapevine. Arms wrapped tightly around Emma’s head, her breasts playing across Emma’s face, Sara looked down on Emma as she told her ‘you know what’s coming now bitch; time for you to take a nap!’

Without any further ceremony, Sara plunged forward, her DD breasts treating Emma to yet another taste of her super smother. Emma struggled,valiantly at first as she searched for some kind of grip on the bed to force Sara off her. The bed was just about the perfect ally for Sara though, the soft mattress and shiny satin sheets offering no purchase as Emma floundered helplessly under the buxom blonde.

A muffled cry of ‘I submit!’ from Emma might have ended the match in Sara’s favour.

‘I’m sure you do slut’ Sara told her ‘but this is only over when you go out’ the blonde continued; well within the rules as it was agreed beforehand that the match was only over when the victor decided it was so. And with that, Sara simply pressed her body and her breasts tighter, harder into Emma, slowly crushing that last bit of fight out of her. As Emma’s whimpering subsided, Sara checked her arm once, and happy that Emma was out cold, she eased herself off Emma, once again victorious. She wasn’t quite done yet though, tearing off Emma’s ripped stockings and leaving them draped across Emma’s breasts as she strutted around the room to collect her shoes.

Vaguely stirring, Emma had a glazed look in her eyes as the blonde told her ‘You’re my little bitch no Emma, you always will be. I’ll fight you again any time you want, name the place, the time, rules; it won’t matter, I’ll make you my little bitch again you worthless whore!’

And with that, Sara turned on her heels and left the room with Danny in tow, leaving me to deal with my battered and bruised wife. As I helped her from the room to the changing area, I knew that the damage to her body would heal given time, but I wasn’t entirely sure that she was going to recover from the mental domination of the blonde quite so easily.