We can rebuild her
By wolfboy

Emma returns to action as we look to rebuild her confidence

In the days following those two defeats to Sara and Claire, I imagined that the subject of fighting again might just be a little out of bounds with Emma. She surprised me though a couple of days later as she told me that she was definitely going to fight again, was definitely wanting to get her revenge on Sara first, maybe Claire as well and ‘it’s up to you to work out exactly how I can do it Steve!’

‘Sure’ I agreed, a little surprised and thinking there’s nothing like a bit of pressure ‘let me think it all over and work out a plan for you’

‘Good luck with that’ Emma said, raising a smile for the first time since the two defeats. ‘Right now, I don’t feel like I could fight my way out of a wet paper bag’

‘That makes sense right now’ I told her, ‘and the first and most obvious part of my plan is that you’re not fighting again until you’re fully healed up from those two matches. As much as I love them, your breasts are a liability right now with those burns. You worry about getting yourself fit, and leave the rest of it to me’ I confidently announced.

In truth, I didn’t have that much idea what to do though. I could only compare it a little to the time that Debbie had contemplated retiring off the back of some defeats. None of those losses had been so decisive though, but formulating a plan was going to need some expert input; Debbie was going to have to be my first port of call.

‘Well there’s no definitive formula I guess Steve’ Debbie had told me when I got round to asking her. ‘You did OK when I was thinking of retiring from it though. I know that you found me an opponent that looked the part on paper but that you thought I would probably beat to boost my confidence. I guess that’s the first step; it’s the most risky as well I guess if she were to lose to someone like that.’ Debbie admitted ‘I think you have to try that first. After that, I don’t know, maybe a couple of familiar opponents or venues might help?’ Debbie offered

‘I was thinking that some good old fashioned private matches might be the way forward for now’ I agreed. ‘That could tie in with some more familiar opposition as well I guess. I remember when she first started fighting, and back then, she did it because she enjoyed the buzz of it, it was fun for her, and it turned her on to be in a fight with another woman. I think it’s become almost a job for her now, but maybe if I can help her find that enjoyment back again, the rest might look after itself a bit?’ I asked Debbie.

‘Sounds like you have the right idea’ Debbie agreed ‘you didn’t really need my help after all did you!’ she laughed

‘It always helps to have a sounding board for my ideas’ I replied. ‘You know what it’s like to be in there after all Debbie. I do need to ask you a favour as well though’ I admitted. ‘Can we use your ring for her comeback match? I thought it might help to take her back to her early matches by doing that.’

‘Of course you can’ Debbie agreed ‘just name the date and time and it’s all yours’

With that done, I set about looking for the right opponent for Emma’s comeback fight. It was a challenging set of criteria; needing a credible yet beatable opponent for a veteran fighter who was low on confidence. I wasn’t sure if the fact that Emma was recognised as a former world champion would help either; it might attract some women wanting to test themselves, yet put others off. I had time on my hands though at least, wanting to give Emma a couple of months to recover before putting her back into the ring. I whittled it down to two possible opponents in the end; both with good records, but no great opposition faced. Contrasting women, but both seeming to represent good opponents for Emma.
Karen Collins was a tall, rangy brunette in her early thirties. Ten wins out of twelve in private contests suggested that she was a fighter with some promise. Closer inspection of that record showed no real talent in the women she had beaten, and perhaps more tellingly, in the women she had lost to either. She was a possibility, but I wasn’t sure that Emma was going to gain too much from facing her. My other possibility represented a better prospect I felt; part time glamour model, part time pro wrestler Kallie Harvey seemed to fit the bill well. At 21, she was just starting out in the field of catfights, but she had already compiled an impressive 7 wins including a couple against what I considered to be good, mid-range fighters. She had a thing for taking on women older than she was too as all her opponent’s had been at least 10 years her senior. At 5 feet 7 inches and 155lbs, she would give up some size to Emma, but she had no qualms about that, so the match was made. Athletic, hard-bodied with pneumatic 36DD tits, the blonde would certainly look the part. I fancied that so long as Emma was on her game though, she would have plenty for Kallie; the sexy blonde would make her work for it though.

8 weeks on and it was a focused looking Emma that waited in the ring in Debbie’s basement to take on Kallie. We had brought in Lady Amelia to act as referee as she was interested to see the blonde in action, and the rules had been agreed to be Debbie’s old house rules. It figured to be a good idea given the venue for the match, neither woman had any issues with that as a suggestion, so that got the go ahead pretty easily. As she leant against the ropes in her corner, Emma looked the part, She had trained hard during those 8 weeks, and as a result, she was in fantastic shape. That was highlighted by her choice of outfit; a pair of tight silver hotpants coupled with a simple black string bikini top. A pair of black fishnet hold up stockings rounded out her outfit. Kallie appeared through the door of the basement dressing room, also looking in fantastic shape and more than ready to fight. She had brought her sister Simone as her second, the older sibling looking every bit as in shape as her sister. Kallie slipped through the ropes wearing a black sequinned skirt and bra top trimmed with gold over a pair of skimpy gold hotpants. Forgoing her usual wrestling boots, she was barefoot.

Lady Amelia called events to order quickly. ‘Ladies you are both here to catfight to Debbie’s house rules, namely two periods of 10 minutes in which you may not attack areas covered by clothing. That is followed by an unlimited time round fought naked until the first submission which wins the fight.Stripping is legal throughout , there should be no punches or kicks to the head. Do you both understand the rules?’ she asked, receiving positive replies from both women. ‘OK then, introductions. On my right’ she said, pointing ‘is Kallie Harvey. Kallie is 21 years old, 5 feet 7 inches tall, 155lbs and measures 36DD-26-37. Her record is 7 wins without defeat. On my left is Emma Baines. Emma is 5 feet 10 inches, 167lbs and measures 40E-27-38. Her record is 36 wins and 15 losses. Ladies, if you’re both ready then, I suggest that you fight!’ Lady Amelia concluded and the fight was on.

The moment of truth, I thought. Did Emma retain that fighting spirit or not? Kallie intended to find out quickly too, skipping into range to sting Emma with a slap to the face. Emma replied in kind though, lighting up the blonde with a slap to the face, and as both women came together, they sunk their hands into each others hair, looking to gain the upper hand. Emma shook Kallie’s head hard by the hair as the blonde called her a bitch and replied with a right hand to the stomach before going back to the hair and looking to rag Emma’s head around in the same way. Emma resisted that though, pulling the blonde into a side headlock only to find herself quickly backed up into the ropes. An elbow to the ribs followed before Emma was fired into the ropes; Kallie setting herself for a shoulder tackle which came, neither woman budging an inch on the collision. Emma reacted quickly, snatching Kallie in a side headlock and this time, when Kallie looked to fire her off into the ropes, a hand wound tightly in blonde hair prevented that giving Emma chance to flip Kallie to the mat in the headlock. The blonde went to Emma’s hair, looking to roll hr over to her back, but Emma put paid to that as she elbowed Kallie in the stomach taking the fight out of her for now as she cranked on the headlock, slowly shifting herself into position to breast smother Kallie.

‘Get back on her hair’ Simone helpfully advised Kallie who complied, getting a good grip on Emma’s long auburn locks, using it to keep Emma from planting her breasts squarely in her face. Emma grunted as the blonde pulled hard on her hair, and in reply, Emma drove a right hook into Kallie’s side. Grimly the blonde kept hold of Emma’s auburn hair to stop the breast smother, paying for it with another right to the ribs. As Emma shifted again though, Kallie moved quickly, wrapping her thighs around Emma’s body. Emma still remained on top, her impressive breasts hovering just above Kallie’s face as she cranked hard on the headlock once more. The young blonde’s legs were muscular, and the power packed into them came to bear on Emma now though drawing a moan from Emma who responded with a right hand into Kallie’s ribs again. One hand wrapped firmly still in Emma’s hair, Kallie slapped her hard in the face and flexed her thighs once more to punish Emma. Emma replied though, cranking hard on the headlock before spotting the opportunity to force Kallie’s black top up to expose her breasts, making them fair game as a target. Emma knew it too, immediately slapping her right breast hard before raking her sharp finger nails across it, drawing a shriek from the blonde.

Kallie was undeterred though despite Emma starting to work her right breast over with some nasty mauling now, and the blonde was causing Emma plenty of her own problems with her scissor hold. Importantly though, Emma’s mauling soon did enough to force Kallie to release her hair pull to try and force Emma’s fingers away from her breasts. Free of the hair pull, Emma immediately plunged her breasts into the blonde’s pretty face in a well applied breast smother. That might have been it for the first submission, but Kallie tenaciously kept her scissor hold on showing good resistance against the smother. Emma was able to get her hand back onto Kallie’s right breast though now, and as the mauling attack was quickly intensified, Kallie tapped the mat to indicate the first submission. Debbie’s house rules allowed the action to continue immediately though as Emma took advantage by peeling the blonde off the mat and throwing her into her own corner of the ring. In front of her sister,Kallie shipped three hard body shots before she was was able to clinch with Emma and get in some Muay Thai style knee strikes which troubled Emma. Emma looked to drive a shoulder into Kallie’s stomach against the corner post which the blonde rode well enough, and as Emma was a little slow to respond, Kallie was able to trap her in a front headlock. An elbow smash to her back dropped Emma to her knees and it was suddenly the blonde entering the second half of the round in charge as she choked Emma.

Emma fought back to her feet only to find herself effortlessly scooped up for a big bodyslam in the corner of the ring. As Emma slowly stirred from that, Kallie crouched behind her before exploding with a kick across the back of Emma’s shoulders. It was borderline if the kick caught Emma in the head, but nobody was complaining, least of all Kallie who took the time to adjust her top, covering her breasts before repeating the dose with a second kick across the shoulders. Emma pitched face first to the mat as Simone told Kallie to ‘keep on her’, again the blonde followed that instruction, dropping an elbow across Emma’s shoulders as she was face down on the mat. The blonde used a handful of hair to slam Emma’s face into the mat and Kallie found herself well on top as she wrapped her thighs around Emma’s waist, still keeping Emma face down on the mat as those powerful legs went back to work on Emma. Emma cried out in pain as Kallie caught her with a kidney punch before using her hair to pull head and chest clear of the mat. When Kallie snaked a powerful right arm around Emma’s throat, her bicep crushing in on Emma’s windpipe in a very tightly applied choke hold, there was little choice for Emma other than to submit. Kallie showed a bit of inexperience then though, allowing Emma back to her feet, and the rest of the round passed off without any major attacks from either fighter. 1-1 after ten minutes of catfighting, but I was pleased to see that Emma came back to the corner with a real glint in her eye, clearly enjoying herself in the battle with the blonde.

‘She’s a strong one Steve’ Emma said ‘ but don’t worry, I’m enjoying the challenge with her, and I can see a few things to take advantage of now I think.’

‘You look like you’re enjoying yourself’ I agreed ‘ if I had to suggest something, I’d probably say keep it as catty as you can Em’ I said. ‘She’s a good wrestler and she hits hard but seemed at her least comfortable when you were using the catfight tactics?’ I suggested to Emma as she nodded her agreement.

Over in the other corner, Simone was giving Kallie the benefit of her advice. Five years Kallie’s senior, Simone was pure catfighter, her 135lb frame pitching her a bit on the light side for Emma. An impressive 20 wins and 1 defeat on her record made her one to watch for the lighter girls though.
Round two started off with both women looking to work to differing agendas. Kallie, on her sisters advice, was trying to wrestle, looking to trap Emma in a headlock. Emma, determined to catfight, responded with a nail rake up the bare skin of Kallie’s back before slapping her in the face. The two broke apart, Kallie catching Emma with a snappy kick to the stomach before Emma was able to back her into her own corner where a left right combination seemed to have Kallie reeling. The blonde blocked a third punch though, wrapping a hand in Emma’s hair to switch her into the corner. Now it was Kallie’s turn to work the body, a fast flurry of punches catching Emma in the stomach to Simone’s approval. Emma clinched, bringing Kallie in close and shooting a knee into the blonde’s side. Kallie pushed her hand into Emma’s face, forcing her back into the corner before landing a snap right hand to the stomach. Quickly Kallie tried to monkey flip Emma out of the corner, but wise to that move, Emma gripped the ropes tightly, holding her ground and seeing the blonde crash to the mat flat on her back at her feet.

Emma immediately grabbed both of Kallie’s ankles, planting her right foot down hard in the pit of her stomach before flipping the blonde on to her stomach in a boston crab. Winded from Emma’s stomp to the pit of the stomach, Kallie clawed at the mat as she looked to escape the hold while Emma asked her ‘submit blondie?’

‘No!’ came the slightly strained reply from Kallie in between her increasing cries of pain. Emma was working her over well in the hold, but the young blonde was flexible, and I wasn’t sure that Emma was going to put her away with the hold. Close to the ropes though, Emma had a plan, and switching to a single leg boston crab, she grabbed hold of the middle rope, using it to lean back further, really increasing the pressure on the blonde pro wrestler who screamed out in pain as she tried to hold on before crying out ‘I submit, I submit!’

Emma was quick to release the ailing blonde, but she was in no mood to release the pressure on her for long. Whipping off her gold hotpants as she remained sitting on her lower back for a moment, Emma then pulled her from the mat by the hair and whipped her hard into the unforgiving corner post. Trapped in her own corner as Emma leant her body into her, Kallie could do little other than grit her teeth and take it as Emma drove hard fists into her stomach before applying a vicious stomach claw right on the waist band of the tiny black skirt that was the only thing now protecting Kallie’s modesty. Emma shifted position slightly, her left arm pushed across Kallie’s upper body, pressing her back into the corner further. The blonde cried out again as Emma’s fingers tortured her, sharp nails digging into those washboard abs as she looked to force the submission. ‘Give it up?’ Emma asked and as Kallie replied ‘no’, she hammered her fist hard into the pit of her stomach half a dozen times, softening hr up before going back to the claw hold. Emma’ fingers expertly pried her opponent’s belly, looking for the perfect spot to apply the hold, and this time, she applied it a little higher, middle finger inside Kallie’s belly button, nails sunk into the toned stomach muscle. As Emma started to twist at the her stomach, Kallie’s cries of pain were quickly followed by another one of submission.

Emma broke the hold before whipping Kallie into the opposite corner of the ring, right in front of me, and I could see the nail marks running across the blonde’s stomach as Emma lined her up for a running splash against the corner post. Dazed from the concerted beating she had taken, Kallie took the full brunt of the splash and found herself crushed against the ring post before Emma lifted her into an across the shoulder back breaker, parading the tough blonde around the ring as she looked to bend her into another submission. Kallie’s moans of pain filled the basement as Simone urged her to hang on, which despite the great pain she was evidently in, she did, finding a way out of the hold with a timely (and legal) rake across Emma’s eyes. Momentarily blinded, Emma dropped the blonde who despite being in pain knew she needed to strike immediately if she was going to come back into the fight. Grabbing Emma’s right arm, she sent her careering into the ropes and still trying to restore her vision, Emma didn’t spot the clothesline that Kallie used to floor her as she rebounded into it. Crouching again as Emma stirred from that move, the blonde crashed in another kick across the shoulders that dropped her to the mat once more. The blonde waited again, patiently remaining poised until Emma got back to her knees once again before delivering another of the hard kicks to send her reeling again. Now the young pro wrestler upped the pace of her attack, a handful of hair assisting Emma from the mat, a straight kick to the stomach folding her forward where Kallie trapped her head between powerful thighs. It looked like a standing head scissor, but Kallie quickly dropped to her knees, driving Emma’s face into the mats. Once again, the blonde crouched, waiting cat like for Emma to stir before delivering a third, vicious kick across the shoulders, and with time running a little short in the round, she decided she had Emma softened up enough to force a submission. Pulling Emma into a seated position, she quickly trapped her in a lotus lock, using those strong legs to punish Emma’s neck in a different way. ‘No!’ was Emma’s reply when Kallie asked her to submit quickly followed by ‘Aaaaaggh, bitch!’ as the blonde added a double handed hair pull with her nails sunk into Emma’s scalp for good measure. Now Emma cried out in pain from the expertly applied hold, and there was no way out; with thirty seconds left in the round, Emma was forced to submit. There wasn’t long left in the round, but Kallie used it wisely, delivering a body slam and one more of those hard kicks to the shoulders. As she came back to the corner, Emma was rubbing the back of her neck in pain from the blonde’s well aimed kicks.

‘Bitch kicks like a mule!’ Emma complained as she sat down to strip off her outfit for the final round while I applied some ice to the back of her neck.

‘I see that’ I admitted ‘and she’ll look to go back to it again if you give her half a chance’ I suggested, picking up Emma’s hotpants from the floor. ‘It’s going to sound really obvious, but try and stay away from it if you can!’ Looking over at the other corner, Kallie had stripped off, displaying an impressive physique as she listened to Simone’s advice prior to the start of the round. No doubt Simone was telling the blonde to use those powerful kicks again should the chance arise. As Emma stripped off her bikini top, Amelia called both fighters back to the ring now; having reminded both that no body parts were off limits now that both were naked, the fight was back on with the next submission being needed to win it.

Often the ‘next submission wins rule’ could lead to a cautious start to the third round, but in this case, it was completely the opposite with Kallie rushing Emma back to the ropes before whipping her to the opposite ropes. Emma ducked under the attempted clothesline, but Kallie was quick on her feet, following Emma back to the ropes to catch her with a knee to the stomach on the run. Kallie looked to follow that up with a body slam, but Emma blocked that and from her crouched position, Kallie couldn’t defend as Emma crashed the point of her elbow down on the back of her neck. The blonde dropped to her knees where Emma grabbed her hair to pull her into a front headlock. Still on her knees, Kallie found Emma towering over her, able to use her height to add leverage to the hold, but the blonde spotted her chance, an uppercut to the crotch from her knees getting her free from the hold as Emma also dropped to her knees. Kallie latched on a double breast claw, Emma immediately replying in kind as the two fighters went forehead to forehead down on their knees, both looking to impose their will on the other.

Neither succeeded, at least not as a result of the mutual breast claw, but it was Emma who emerged from a minute of tit torture with the upper hand, courtesy of a sharp right hand to the stomach which she caught Kallie by surprise with before pulling her into a side headlock and breast smother combination. Kallie was someway from done though, looking to get herself into position to fight back which was able to promptly, getting her teeth into Emma’s right breast. Emma shrieked, surprised at the attack, and found herself unable to get clear of Kallie as well as the blonde grabbed her long auburn hair. Emma was seated as Kallie kept hold of her hair before driving a knee between her breasts knocking Emma on her back on the mat. Kallie hovered close by, poised to strike with another kick perhaps, but Emma wisely kept her back to the corner post preventing the attack. When Kallie came back in to grab her hair, it was Emma’s turn to surprise her with a well timed low blow, and the naked blonde crashed to the mat, clutching her pussy with Emma back in charge of the match.

This time, it was for good too as Emma stepped it up a gear to finish off the young blonde. A hard whip into the corner was followed by a salvo of hard body punches, a kick to the pit of the stomach and a monkey flip sending the naked blonde flying spectacularly across the ring. Landing hard in the centre of the ring, Kallie was still struggling to gather her senses as Emma spread her legs before dropping a knee straight to the pussy. Kallie screamed out in pain; Emma added to it immediately as she spread the blonde fighter’s legs wide with a grapevine before plunging forward to plant her breasts straight in Kallie’s face, and it was just a matter of time before the blonde was tapping out to avoid going out.

The perfect start to Emma’s ‘comeback’ I thought as she helped the beaten blonde back to her corner. Kallie had provided decent competition, and under more relaxed rules, her kicks would have proven a far more dangerous proposition.

Later that evening, Emma admitted that the match had given her back her buzz from fighting. ‘More private fights for now I think Steve. I’ve missed them more than I realised. Fighting in those Smythe matches is great, and I’ll carry on with that too, but you know so much about your opponent’s before hand. It takes away some of the excitement I think’ she told me.

‘Consider it done dear’ I smiled. ‘I’m sure I can find you plenty of women willing to take you on in more private matches. I’ll get onto it right away so that we can get a few possibles lined up for when you’re ready to fight again.’