The Workout Buddy

By wolfboy

Emma finds her next opponent on a visit to the gym

As it happened, Emma’s next opponent didn’t take much finding. In fact, she came looking for Emma. Emma had mentioned a couple of times that there was a new girl at the gym she used a couple of times a week who had, for want of a better expression, been eyeing her up for two or three weeks now. It wasn’t entirely unheard of for Emma to find that occasionally someone recognised her, but usually it was little more than a quick flash of recognition crossing their faces as the penny dropped and they fathomed out who she was.

This time had proven a little different in that the new girl had looked at Emma knowingly for a couple of weeks before making her approach. Normally there kind of things had tended to just involve the person who recognised Emma just wanting to talk to her about a recent fight they had seen her in.

‘I know who you are’ the new girl had told Emma when she finally came up to talk to her. ‘I know who you are , and I want to fight you!’ she had followed up.

‘Sure’ Emma had replied, apparently in the mood for a little competition. ‘I’ll fight you, if you really want, but not here, it has to be in private if you want it’ she challenged.

‘Of course’ the new girl agreed ‘wouldn’t want to give these people more than they bargained for as much as some of them would enjoy it I suppose. No, I’ll fight you in private, in your house in fact if you like?’ she asked Emma.

‘Works for me’ Emma had agreed. ‘So how do you want to do this?’ she asked the new girl. ‘I mean, you know me and my style of fights, but what’s your style?’ she asked.

‘Oh, I like to catfight too, just like you Emma’ the new girl had told her. ‘I’m happy to fight to your rules, I just like to fight’

‘Fair enough’ Emma agreed, ‘so do you want to do this right now?’ she had asked.

‘No time like the present’ the new girl smiled. ‘Lead the way, this will be much more like my kind of workout’ Offering her hand now, she shook Emma’s as she finally introduced herself. ‘I’m Katrina by the way Emma, Katrina Cook’

‘Pleased to meet you Katrina’ Emma smiled ‘I hope I still feel that way after our fight!’ she laughed as she turned to lead the way out to the car park.

The first I knew of the impending fight was when Emma pulled up I the driveway of our house, followed quickly by Katrina in a sporty little black car. The two women came in through the front door, into the lounge and finding me watching TV, Emma said to me ‘You might find something more entertaining in the garage in a few minutes Steve’

Seeing the slightly puzzled look that crossed my face, she continued ‘this is Katrina’ nodding her head towards the blonde. ‘She works out at my gym and she likes to fight. We’re going to fight just as soon as we’re both ready in the garage. We’d like you there as an observer please; there will be no ref and no seconds, it’s only fair as Katrina is on her own.’ Emma finished, turning to the blonde. ‘You can change in there Katrina’ she told her, motioning towards the downstairs guest room which often doubled as a changing room. ‘Steve will wait here for you and show you through to the garage ring when you are ready. I’ll change upstairs and meet you in there, then we’ll discuss rules and get on with it is that’s OK with you?’

‘Sure’ Katrina agreed ‘I’ll see you shortly’ she told Emma before disappearing into the guest room. Emma quickly followed suit, heading upstairs to change, and after switching on the lights in the garage, I was back, sitting in the lounge anticipating a match that I had known nothing about only five minutes earlier. I had little doubt that the blonde must be a competent fighter; she was going to challenge Emma, knowing who she was, without some kind of confidence in her own ability. Emma had definitely had that glint in her eye though, her fighting spirit aroused by an unexpected challenge, and I expected she would give Katrina plenty to think about in the ring.

Emma appeared first downstairs, her outfit based on what she was wearing to the gym pretty much as a pastel blue sports bra was now teamed with a pair of tight and tiny black hotpants as opposed to the leggings she had been wearing earlier. ‘Go on through and get ready’ I told her ‘I’ll bring Katrina through in a couple of minutes when she’s ready’ I continued.

‘OK’ Emma replied, looking focused as she went through the lounge and out into the garage to await the blonde. A couple of minutes passed before Katrina poked her head around the guest room door, before spotting me and declaring that she was ‘ready to fight’

‘Then follow me’ I told her as I took in my first real sight of this unknown opponent for Emma. Standing about 5 feet 6 inches tall, Katrina would be giving up height and weight to Emma I suspected. Thick powerful thighs and strong looking arms hinted at plenty of power packed on her frame. What was unknown was exactly how experienced she was as a fighter. Her outfit was similar in style to Emma’s; a black sports bra and tiny, pink hot pants that looked like they might have been sprayed on. Her long blonde hair, loosely curled, fell to the middle of her back. I led the way into the garage, hearing her exclaim ‘nice!’ as she caught her first glimpse of the fight area. Emma was already waiting in the ring as she directed me to an armchair in a neutral corner. ‘No seconds remember Steve’ Emma reminded me as I started to make my way to our usual corner.

Taking my seat, I watched as Katrina climbed into the ring as Emma politely asked her ‘what rules would you like then Katrina?’

‘What do you usually use Emma?’ Katrina asked.

‘Well, usually a couple of ten minute rounds followed by an unlimited time nude round. Anything goes except punches and kicks to the head. We have no time keeper though, so how about no time limit, best of 5 submissions and the loser of each fall gives up an item of clothing?’ she suggested to Katrina.

‘Seems fair enough’ the blonde agreed before adding ‘I think it’s only fair that you get to know my stats; I know yours after all. So I’m 27 years old, 5 feet 6 inches about 150lbs and 36C-25-37. I have fought 15 times and won 12 of those’

‘Thank you Katrina’ Emma nodded ‘just for the record, I’m 34 years old, 5 feet 10 inches, 168lbs, and 40E-27-38; my record is 37 wins and 15 losses’ before adding’ now bitch, I believe you’re here to fight me, so shall we get started?’

The blonde simply nodded, moving from her corner and into a defensive crouch as she circled with Emma, probing each other for an early opening. Emma was sharp, cracking a slap across Katrina’s face, backing the blonde up briefly before she began to circle again. I knew that slap was Emma’s way of testing that they young woman in front of her really did want to fight; a hand crashing across her cheek was an early acid test, but Katrina took it and came back with a snap kick to Emma’s thigh. ‘OK, I guess you really are here to fight then bitch!’ Emma said as she quickly closed in on the blonde, going to the hair to force her into the ropes. A punch to the stomach doubled Katrina up before a knee lift to the chest sent her reeling back, only the ropes holding her up. Emma followed up quickly, a monkey flip sending Katrina careering through the air but she landed well enough, rolling lightly to her feet. The two women circled again, Emma landing another slap, but this time as she looked to close in on Katrina, the blonde landed a quick front kick to her stomach that dropped Emma on her backside. Emma hadn’t seen the kick coming as was taken by surprise; Katrina followed up immediately, trapping the seated Emma in a front headlock before falling back, pulling Emma on top of her into a body scissor.

Immediately, those big, powerful thighs of the blonde went to work drawing a gasp of pain from Emma as she felt them for the first time. Emma immediately went to the defensive, her elbows digging into Katrina’s inner thighs looking to ease the pressure of the scissor hold. Katrina took the opportunity to slap Emma’s face hard twice before Emma took hold of her hands to stop those attacks. Katrina flexed her power packed thighs once more, but now Emma struck, a hard elbow landing on the waist band of Katrina’s hotpants. As Emma lined up a second elbow strike, Katrina wisely turned her loose, catching her with a sharp kick to the side which knocked Emma to the mat. As Emma rose quickly, Katrina was waiting on her, delivering a leaping elbow strike between the shoulder blades which dropped Emma to her knees from where Katrina used a handful of hair to roughly drag Emma to her feet. In one smooth motion, Emma found herself lifted and slammed by Katrina who evidently found it no problem to lift Emma’s curvaceous 168lb frame. Emma hit the mat hard but cautiously, Katrina made no follow up, instead allowing Emma to all fours before stepping either side of her head, clamping those thick thighs tightly around Emma’s head before falling to her side with Emma trapped in a powerful head scissor.

Once again, Katrina drew a gasp of pain from Emma who found herself awkwardly trapped on her side beneath Katrina who had pretty much all of Emma’s body open to attack. A nail rake from breast to belly button followed, and with Emma still protesting that move, the blonde slid her fingers inside Emma’s hotpants, a pussy claw drawing cries of pain from Emma which increased in intensity with each passing moment. Emma held out, latching her right hand onto Katrina’s breast to squeeze and maul it only for Katrina to prise the hand off, cruelly twisting her thumb as she did so. As Emma shook her hand, trying to ease that pain Katrina dished out the reprisals with her thighs, driving Emma to the brink of an early submission. The blonde sensed it, asking Emma if she submit; Emma was defiant ‘no, never!’ she replied. ‘You will’ Katrina replied calmly, and as her fingers went back to work on Emma with the pussy claw, it turned out that it was the blonde that was corrects as Emma screamed out her submission.

‘I’ll take your top’ Katrina told Emma, who complied stripping off her pale blue sports bra to reveal her magnificent breasts as she headed back to her corner. No breaks had been agreed on, so as soon as Emma threw her bra from the ring, she was back to the centre of the mats circling the confident looking blonde fighter. I had to admit, I was a bit surprised that Katrina had claimed the first fall so quickly, and competently, but was fairly sure that Emma would find her feet in the fight soon enough. It was the blonde who took the early initiative though in the second fall, getting the better of a long range exchange of punches and kicks to the body interspersed with an occasional slap to the face. Emma seemed to be focusing her kicks on Katrina’s thighs, already perhaps looking to diminish their power as she did so. Behind a good combination to the body, Katrina drove Emma back to the corner, lashing a back handed slap across her naked breasts, setting them swinging as she looked to follow with a shoulder to Emma’s stomach. Emma saw that one coming though, and although she still took the blow, her reply with a knee lift into Katrina’s breasts was more effective, dropping the blonde on her knees in front of Emma.

Although winded a little from the shoulder charge, Emma wasted no time before following up, a clubbing double handed blow to the back of the neck and a thigh strike to the face enough to bowl Katrina to the mat. Now Emma took a moment to gather herself, almost paying for that as Katrina replied with a right hand to the stomach as Emma came to gather her off the mat. Emma took it, responding with another thigh to the face before following up quicker this time with a handful of hair. Getting Katrina to her feet, a slap to the face stunned the blonde just long enough for Emma to take to the air and floor her with a picture perfect dropkick. It was a rare move for Emma to use, but effective none the less, and as Katrina crashed to the ground against the ropes, it looked to have put Emma in charge of the fall. Emma wanted to stay on the blonde though, roughly getting her to her feet before cutting her down with a one two to the body. Waiting patiently for Katrina to reach all fours, Emma struck again with a sharp kick up into Katrina’s toned stomach. The blonde rolled on to her back, clutching her stomach as she groaned with pain, and she was in no position to defend herself as Emma plunged onto her with an elbow drop to the chest. With Katrina in trouble, Emma looked to position the blonde to even up the score as she used her hair to get her onto all fours then quickly, Emma trapped Katrina in a standing head scissors of her own.

Facing towards Katrina’s backside, Emma ran her nails up the blonde fighter’s back before levering both of her arms painfully up behind her back. Katrina’s moans of pain testified to the effectiveness of the move, Emma’s thighs crushing her head while the pain in her arms and shoulders intensified as Emma switched to a double back hammer. Her arms painfully pinned high up her back, Katrina had little way out of the hold and she wisely was quick to submit. The match was moving at some pace with two submissions inside ten minutes. Katrina headed to her corner as Emma also elected to take the blonde’s black bra top and as she left that in her corner, the fight was back on quickly as Emma rushed Katrina back to the ring ropes. A monkey flip followed and as Katrina arced through the air before landing hard in the centre of the ring, Emma now wore the confident look of a woman who had things going her way.

It was time for Emma to press home that advantage which she did, helping Katrina to her feet with a good handful of blonde hair before whipping her hard into the corner post. A running splash against the ring post followed and as Katrina sagged into the corner, held up only by her arms across the ropes, I suspected that the blonde was beginning to wonder what she had let herself in for. Emma wasn’t about to give her time to ponder that for long though as she fired a knee into Katrina’s stomach, doubling her up as the air left her body. Emma took a front headlock now, rising up to her full height as she looked to punish her blonde opponent while she dragged her towards centre ring. An elbow driven down between Katrina’s shoulder blades dropped her to her knees while Emma continued to work the head lock, looking to quickly jump into a 2-1 lead. Katrina had other plans, aiming an uppercut towards Emma’s crotch. Emma had seen that coming though and was able to dodge the blow but it was a clear sign that Katrina still had some fight in her. Emma let out a squeal as Katrina’s nails dug into her thighs, but she put paid to any immediate comeback with a second elbow smash before she lifted Katrina to deliver an across the knee back breaker. Now Emma looked to cruelly stretch the blonde as she held her across her leg. One hand pushing down on Katrina’s chin, the other planted solidly in Katrina’s crotch, she soon had the blonde letting out some distressed cries. Another elbow strike to the belly had the blonde suffering as Emma stretched her once more. This time, the addition of a breast maul instead of a hand on the chin was enough to draw the second submission from the blonde as Emma’s nails started to go to work on her sensitive breasts. Taking the lead 2-1, Emma eased Katrina off her knee before waiting for Katrina to get back to her feet. It took the blonde a few seconds to get over the punishing back breaker before she made it upright. Back in her own corner, the blonde quickly stripped off her tiny pink hotpants, took a quick drink and then pronounced herself ‘ready’ for round four.

Emma moved a little cagily from her corner for the start of the round, perhaps expecting Katrina to look to mount the quick comeback at the start of the fall. For her part, the blonde was also content to bide her time early in the round, conscious that another submission now would see her defeated. It was still Katrina who struck first in the round, a fast slap bringing colour to Emma’s face as it cracked off her cheek. Katrina skipped back out of range neatly as Emma was a little slow to reply and through the early part of the round, Katrina continued to use the hit and run tactics to frustrate Emma. The athletic looking blonde used her speed well, landing slaps to the face and kicks to the legs as she looked to slow Emma up. Shaking herself from her early lethargy in the round now, Emma started to respond, allowing the blonde into range before countering with some hard body punches. Still it was Katrina who was forcing the pace, and as Emma missed with a slap to the face, the blonde ducked under Emma’s arms before burying her knee in Emma’s stomach. As Emma slumped forward, a little winded from the knee strike, Katrina wrapped her arms around her waist, rushing her back hard into the corner post before burying her shoulder into Emma’s stomach.

Emma had been waiting on that move though, and winded as she was, she drove an elbow between Katrina’s shoulder blades once more. With the blonde dropped to her knees, Emma clamped on a front headlock, perhaps looking to choke out Katrina and claim the win. Katrina fought back though, a claw hold clamped on right on the waist band of Emma’s black hotpants which caused Emma to moan in discomfort until she broke the hold with a second elbow between the shoulder blades. Dropped to her knees once more, Katrina found herself switched to a seated position against the corner post as Emma used her hair. Using the ropes for leverage, Emma used her right foot to choke the blonde for a few seconds before using her hair to bring her to a standing position. A headbutt to the chest allowed Emma to drive Katrina back into the corner post where, crouching, she drove a right hook into Katrina’s ribs. The blonde groaned, drained by the hard punch, and offered no resistance as Emma threw her roughly across the ring by the hair.

Katrina landed hard, and as Emma spread her legs before delivering a knee drop to her pussy, it was looking like the fight was over. Looking to make sure of that though, Emma quickly went for the grapevine pin and breast smother combination. Arms wrapped tightly behind Katrina’s head pulling her face firmly into the smothering pillow of her breasts, and as she held the pin for a few seconds, the blonde was soon tapping the mat to submit and give Emma the 3-1 victory. In truth it had been a nice workout for Emma, but she hadn’t been overly stretched in the end to beat Katrina.

The blonde still had something else to surprise us with though.

‘Look, I know I’m not really a great match for you just yet Emma, but I might just be able to help you with a way of beating Sara. I know she seems to have your number right now, but I know someone who reckons they have her worked out’ she told us.

‘Go on’ Emma replied ‘I’m listening’

‘Well, look’ Katrina continued ‘My aunt has fought Sara twice, beat her both times, and she really handled her, especially the second time. Because they were totally private, Sara doesn’t count them on her record though, so nobody really knows about them. My aunt says she’ll happily share everything she knows about Sara with you if you’ll take her on in a match.’ Katrina offered.

‘I’m definitely interested’ Emma agreed ‘Please tell your aunt that I’m up for that. I want to learn everything I can about that bitch before our next match.’

‘I will do that, no problem’ Katrina smiled ‘and if you could find me an opponent more in my league for the same day, even better!’

‘I think I can do that as well Katrina’ Emma said. ‘I’m sure I’ll see you at the gym next week, so let’s set everything up then shall we?’

And so it was agreed, Emma would fight Katrina’s aunt, a woman about who we knew very little, but apparently she held some kind of secret formula for beating Sara. Time would tell, but the encounter with Katrina had definitely given us some new impetus for a potential fifth match with Sara.