Cornish Cat

By wolfboy

Emma seeks the knowledge to beat Sara, but first she has to fight for it

Over the next couple of weeks, Emma had been locked in discussions with Katrina with regard to taking on her aunt. At the same time, Emma had been looking to find a suitable opponent for Katrina for the same evening. It was agreed that the match between Emma and Helen, Katrina’s aunt, would be no time limit, no holds barred and best of 3 submissions. It would also be the first match of the evening to allow the two women to talk about Sara while they took in Katrina’s match.

For that match, Emma had settled on a fighter called Simone Harvey, the sister of Kallie Harvey who Emma had recently fought. Simone was a god catfighter, just on the edge of the lightweight limit and was sure to provide Katrina with a good test. She was also perfect for the rules that Katrina had requested which were and anything goes, loser gets fucked match. Simone had several of those on her CV, winning most, but her only defeat so far had also been in such a match.

First of all though, we would have the main event for the evening as Emma would take on Helen. We knew enough about Helen to be sure that she was going to provide testing opposition for one thing. 45 years old, blonde like her niece, Helen was physically almost a perfect match for Sara at 5 feet 9 inches tall, 158lbs, and 38D-27-39. She had a record of 40 fights, 25 of which she had won, 15 she had lost. From the information Katrina had given us, we know that she tended to fight higher level opposition, preferring to have a tough loss than an easy victory. Her record included a few names that we recognised too; 2 wins against Sara clearly the most impressive to us, but she also showed wins over Alex Grace, and Lady X as well as a narrow loss to another former nemesis of Emma’s, Xena Stevens.

The match was to take place at Helen’s beach house. Situated right on a remote, private stretch of beach, the beach house featured a large family room with a whole side of floor to ceiling windows that could open directly on to the white Cornish sand. Tonight though, the windows were closed, the sea raging in an early autumnal storm outside, and furniture had been moved to the side of the room. In the cleared space, some well padded wrestling mats had been laid, and on one corner of the mats stood Emma. Hands on hips, Emma looked to be in fantastic shape as she waited for Helen. He long auburn hair hung loosely at her shoulders, her curvaceous figure currently covered in part by a black lace ensemble of bra, french knickers and suspender belt with sheer, glimmering black stockings. Helen preferred to catfight in traditional lingerie, and Emma had seen no reason to deny her that.

Emma didn’t have to wait long for the evening’s host, Helen, to join her on the mats. An imposing looking woman, Helen appeared bigger and stronger than her 158lbs suggested. She too wore bra, french knickers, and suspender belt but in a pale blue colour teamed with sheer ivory coloured stockings. As she walked onto the mats, she shook hands with both Emma and the referee Diane who had joined both on the mats. Diane then took on announcing duties briefly ‘OK ladies’ she began ‘You agreed on a no holds barred anything goes catfight with no time limit. You each require two submissions to win the match. Are you both ready to fight to those rules?’ she asked as both women indicated their agreement. ‘OK then, wearing black is Emma who is 5 feet 10 inches tall, 167lbs and 40E-27-38. She is 34 years old and has a record of 38 wins and 15 losses. Wearing blue is Helen who is 5 feet 9 inches tall, 158lbs and 38D-27-39. She is 45 years old and has a record of 25 wins and 15 losses. OK ladies, if you’re ready, lets fight!’

Both women were there to do exactly that, colliding in the centre of the ring, chest to chest, one hand buried in the others long hair while they slapped furiously to the body and legs with their free hands. Both leant into each other, breasts crushed together as they looked to impose their will on their opponent. Emma took a knee t the body from Helen, forcing her into a brief backward step, but she blocked a second attempt, able to catch Helen’s leg, quickly sweeping away her standing leg to send the blonde sprawling to the mats. There was no chance to follow up though as Helen rolled clear, and as the storm continued to rage outside, the two women briefly circled again before their bodies were crushed together again, breasts straining against the others, hair pulled painfully by solid grips of long hair before Helen struck with a sharp punch to the stomach. Emma looked to lean back into Helen, nails digging into the blonde’s backside before Helen struck again with a knee to the body and Emma lost her grip of Helen’s hair. Fast to strike, Helen tested Emma’s jaw with a sharp right hand and as Emma was rocked onto her back foot a little, a snap kick to the stomach folded her up and bowled her to the mats.

Helen followed up fast a handful of hair holding Emma’s head in place for a strike with the thigh that sent her back to the mat. Helen was keen to keep up her attack, helping Emma to almost a standing position before a jumping elbow strike across the shoulders dropped Emma to her knees. As Helen went back to Emma’s auburn hair though, Emma struck back with a fast uppercut to the crotch that saw Helen dropped to her knees. Surprised by the attack from Emma, she showed no resistance as Emma took a handful of hair before driving Helen’s face to the well padded mats. With Helen face down on the mats, Emma straddled her back, delivered a hard cross face which she quickly converted into a chin lock before wrapping a hand in the long blonde hair of the older woman and as she leant back to pour on the pressure, a low moan of pain showed the discomfort Helen was feeling. Cupping her own hands under her chin for support, she was able to ease some of the pressure off her head and neck, but Emma was quick switch tack, crashing a mean back handed slap off the blonde’s face. A little carelessly, Emma leant forward allowing her long auburn hair to fall into Helen’s grasp though and she latched on to that gleefully to pull Emma off balance and to the mat at her side.

If Emma thought she might get to roll clear though, Helen had other ideas, keeping her grip on Emma’s hair before delivering a stinging slap to the middle of Emma’s back. A knee driven into Emma’s side drew a groan of pain, and as Helen lay her body across Emma to pin her down, she was quick to get to grips with the back of Emma’s black lace bra which she was able to remove with ease before raking her nails down Emma’s back, a cruel move that drew a shriek of protest before Helen peeled Emma from the mat by her hair. From behind, Helen delivered a hard punch to Emma’s kidneys, dropping her to her knees and from her position, she was able to wrap her legs around Emma’s body, securing a rear body scissor. Pushing her hands onto the mat to increase her leverage as her strong, stocking clad thighs cut into Emma’s body. This time though, it was Emma putting her nails to use, raking them down Helen’s thighs and her older adversary soon turned her loose as she scrambled clear of Helen’s sharp talons. Emma also scrambled to her feet just about before the two women came back together once more, bodies pressed into each other as they looked to force the other back.

An exchange of slaps to the body was the pre-runner to Emma managing to sink a hard right hand into the pit of Helen’s stomach, and as she followed up with a snap left to the jaw, the blonde was put on her knees. Now Emma took control, forcing Helen to rise in a powerfully applied front headlock before hammering her back to the mat with two forearms across the back. Reapplying the headlock, now Emma took the chance to unhook Helen’s bra, throwing it from the mats and with both women now topless, a knee lift to the body from Emma dropped Helen to the mats on her back. Emma grabbed her ankles, spreading her legs before planting a stomp in the pit of her stomach; as Helen reeled from that blow, Emma added to her pain, dropping to her knees as she delivered a headbutt to the crotch. Remaining on her knees, Emma hammered away at Helen’s stomach with three hard right hands, and then she grabbed a rough handful of blonde hair, using it to pull Helen into a seated position. Helen was in trouble as she fired a couple of punches into Emma’s body. That proved ineffective though, and as Emma slowly manoeuvred her legs around Helen’s body, snapping them closed in a tight body scissor, it seemed that Emma had control of the match now.

Helen took her punishment in the hold for well over a minute before she was able to twist her head into a good position to sink her teeth into the side of Emma’s right breast. A shriek of pain from Emma before Helen reached for a target, able to take advantage of the no holds barred nature of the match as she raked her across the eyes. Emma screamed again and as she turned Helen loose, looking to clear her vision, it was a chance for the blonde to strike with a clothesline knocking Emma back to the mat. Slowed up a little by the exertions of the match, Helen took a moment before following up, pulling Emma from the mat by the hair and delivering a crunching bodyslam. A leg drop followed, flattening Emma’s breasts as it landed, and then Helen quickly converted that to a side head scissor, her stockinged thighs wrapped tightly around Emma’s head. One hand wrapped in Emma’s auburn hair to keep her in place, Helen also latched onto Emma’s right breast, painfully twisting it and drawing a cry of pain from Emma who looked to bridge to ease the pressure on her. A punch to the stomach put paid to that, and another eye rake seemed to subdue Emma’s fighting spirit for the short term as Helen’s powerful legs continued to punish her.

‘Submit bitch?’ Helen enquired as Emma replied ‘no way’. Still her opponent’s shapely legs had her in some bother and as Helen continued to work over Emma’s breasts I thought a submission might be coming. Helen obviously felt that she needed one more move to finally finish Emma off though in the fall. Looking to pull Emma from the mats by her hair, perhaps to deliver a big slam, Helen was surprised as Emma nailed her with an uppercut to the crotch and she dropped to her knees, a look of shock on her face as she clutched at the pain between her legs. Emma got upright, and measuring her kneeling opponent, she delivered a hard kick right across Helen’s breasts knocking her onto her back. A second, soccer style kick to Helen’s side sent her rolling across the mat on to her belly and Emma followed her, quickly folding her legs into a figure four before sitting on them to hold them firmly, and painfully, in place. Winding her right hand several times in Helen’s long blonde hair, Emma pulled back, trapping the blonde in an effective hair held camel clutch. As Emma started to hammer left hands into Helen’s impressive chest, cries of pain from the blonde became more frequent. Bouncing her arse on Helen’s painfully folded legs as well, Emma was quickly wearing the blonde down down with the effective combination. As she sunk her nails into Helen’s breasts, one final painful tug back on the blonde hair saw Helen tapping the mat to signal her first submission.

It had been an intense eleven minutes of action and both topless warriors looked to have felt the pace as they returned to their corners to no doubt glad of the three minute break between falls. Back in the corner, Emma was breathing hard from the efforts of the first fall, sweat running down her body just as the rain continued to run in rivulets down the large windows of the room. For one, I had little in the way of advice for Emma other than to keep fighting as hard as she had in the first fall. It was clear to me that Helen, a proud, tough woman was far from beaten yet, and I warned Emma of that as she went back to the mats to rejoin the battle.

The fury of the storm raging outside was nothing compared to the fury in the room as the two women clashed again in a furious opening to round 2. Both testing the others jaw with jabs to the face before they collided , naked breast pressed together as they pulled air, clawed at each others bodies, slapped and mauled each others faces, neither prepared to give an inch to the other in the opening exchanges. Helen managed to force Emma’s head back a little as she switched to a double handful of hair creating a little space to lean forward and sink her teeth into Emma’s breasts. Emma howled, but wrapped her arms around Helen’s head looking to pull her into a standing breast smother. Helen found herself trapped briefly, but a one-two punch combination to Emma’s body got her free again as the two women resumed their close quarters battle, slapping and clawing again as they searched for an opening. Again, Helen broke off from that attack with another sharp one-two to the body, looking to tire Emma out with body punching before she delivered a headbutt to the chest, finally forcing Emma into a backwards step. Now Helen was fast to move, snapping out a kick to Emma’s body and as that crashed into her stomach, Emma was really rocked onto the back foot. Helen sensed it, swarming forward behind a flurry of body punches as she chased Emma back around the mats.

Emma looked to trade distance to gain herself a bit of time to recover as she backed away but Helen was all over her, knuckles crashing into Emma’s body as she looked to chop her down. Another salvo as Emma tried to grab Helen and clinch saw the blonde put her on her knees where a straight kick to the chest put Emma on her back and Helen was quickly on top of her. Scissoring one of Emma’s arms as she trapped her in a cross pin, Helen was unable to prevent Emma grabbing a good handful of blonde hair to stop her foe from dropping her breasts across her face in a smother. Helen was methodical though, slowly hammering hard fists into Emma’s stomach as she started to slowly but surely tire her out. Emma tried to pull hard on Helen’s hair again before quickly having to cross her legs to defend against a probing crotch attack, but with that thwarted, Helen simply continued to hammer Emma’s stomach, switching occasionally to punch or slap her breasts as well. Tiring, Emma finally lost her grip on Helen’s hair, quickly finding a pair of 38D breasts planted squarely in her face as the blonde planted another punch in her stomach. Emma looked to push Helen’s breast out of her face now, but to little effect and she was caught out again as the older blonde got her hand inside Emma’s knickers to apply a crotch claw. Emma’s muffled squeals suggested that the crotch claw was effective, but fortunately for Emma, so were her teeth as she sunk them into Helen’s breast and she was soon free of the cross pin / smother at least as the blonde pulled clear of her.

It was still Helen on top though pulling Emma from the mat by the hair before lifting her to deliver a powerful slam. Emma writhed on the mat from that painful impact, and Helen carefully positioned herself behind Emma, lurking in a blind spot as she rose slowly. As Emma reached a crouched position, a hard forearm across the shoulders saw Emma pitched forward to the mat on her face, and Helen was quick to straddle her back. Using a handful of hair to pull Emma’s face clear of the mat, Helen cracked a stinging backhand off her cheek before wrapping Emma up in a sleeper hold. Emma defended as best she could, fingers locked onto Helen’s arms as she looked to lessen the effect of the hold. Her chin tucked in as tightly as possible, Emma was able to prevent Helen’s arm from riding across her throat completely but there was no doubt she was trapped in a tough position. Frustrated by her inability to fully apply the sleeper, Helen instead lifted Emma from the mat, but as she looked to slam her, Emma was able to stun Helen with an eye rake of her own. With Helen struggling with her vision, Emma took the chance to lift the blonde into a bear hug, Helen’s feet lifted clear of the mat as Emma used her power to squeeze the older blonde. I had seen Emma convert the bear hug into an atomic drop many times in the past, but Helen had no intention of allowing her to do that, clapping both hands around Emma’s ears twice to force her way clear, Emma responded though as she dropped Helen to her feet and caught her with a sharp jab to the face and it was Emma’s turn to press the blonde back behind her fast fists. Helen blocked most though an occasional punch burst through her defence before she again surprised Emma with a snap kick to the body, forcing Emma back and for the first time in round two, there was a brief lull in the action as both ladies looked to catch their breath.

Emma took the initiative, taking a slap to the face in order to grab a handful of blonde hair which she used to throw Helen to the mat. Keeping a grip of the hair, Emma dragged Helen backwards across the mat, squealing as she tried to get her feet under her. Emma finished that attack with a flourish, lifting Helen into the air by her hair before dropping her on her arse. Brushing strands of blonde hair from her fingers, Emma had a look of confidence about her that was quickly wiped off her face as she leant over Helen to pull her from the mat only to find her opponent’s foot catching her flush in the crotch. Emma was stunned, frozen to the spot almost as Helen used her position to monkey flip her to the mat, landing hard on her back. A knee drop across the breasts saw Emma once more in trouble as Helen now got her back to her feet before dumping her back to the mat with a thunderous right hand to the jaw. Emma looked a little glassy eyed as she lay on the mat, quickly finding herself the recipient of a winding full body splash. In a matter of seconds, Helen had taken control of the fall and as she secured a text book reverse face sit on Emma I thought a submission might be coming. Again, hard fists hammered Emma’s body, slowly but surely driving the air from her body. Air that she struggled to replenish due to the smothering effect of Helen’s arse planted firmly on her face. Emma’s arms were trapped beneath Helen’s legs, no use to her as she tried to bridge wildly to dislodge the older blonde. It almost worked, at least giving Emma chance to hungrily gulp in some air before the blonde’s face pin was solidly back in place.

A second bridge from Emma as less effective; Helen waiting on the move and riding Emma’s bucking body with ease before wrapping her arms tightly around her body in a constricting bear hug. ‘I’ve got you now bitch!’ Helen gleefully told Emma, and it was difficult to argue with her. Body held clear of the mat by powerful arms crushing the air from her while Helen’s arse effectively stopped her from taking in air, Emma was in huge trouble. She knew it too, attempting to buck the blonde off her with little success while her breathing clearly became more strained. As Helen leant forward, delivering a series of short headbutts to Emma’s crotch it was quickly time for Emma to submit, tapping the mat to give Helen the equalising submission. The blonde rolled clear of Emma who stayed on her back for a few seconds before making her way back to her corner. The second fall had been a little shorter, but no less tiring, and after 20 minutes of fighting now, both women looked to be feeling the pace. Emma was enjoying the battle though, that much was clear from the glint in her eye as she sat down and I started to towel her off.

‘She’s a tough bitch!’ Emma told me ‘strong too, but she’s tiring now’

‘Make a strong start then, get on top of her early if you can’ I suggested ‘maybe you’ll be able to put her away quickly?’

‘Maybe’ Emma mused as she stood in the corner, straightening her garter belt over her French knickers, the glossy black nylons highlighting every curve of her sensational legs as she waited to start round three. On of the garter straps had come unattached from the back of a stocking I noticed as I enjoyed the tense wait for round three to get underway. Helen too looked anxious to get started; a proud, strong woman, she probably sensed that she could gain the advantage as well with a strong start to the round. Her ivory stockings, a little worse for wear thanks to Emma’s nails, also accentuated her strong legs as she paced and stretched in her corner. Like two big cats waiting to the released at their prey, the two women eyed each other before Diane shouted ‘Fight!’ and the match was back underway. Now, both circled the other, warily as they looked to gain that early advantage, both aware that the other could strike hard and claim the win. Tentative jabs and slaps punctuated the first minute of the round, neither wanting to commit the first error. Helen aimed high to the head, bringing Emma’s defences up before a kick crashed under her guard in to her side. Caught off balance, Emma was just about able to avoid a wild right to the jaw, and as Emma recovered her footing, Helen’s body was open for her to strike with a straight right hand to the body. The punch landed well enough, just above the waistband of Helen’s knickers, but Helen pressed forward, tangling with Emma and the two women fell to the mat in a tangle of legs and hair, rolling as they looked to gain top position. Helen looked to have gained it momentarily, but as she looked to pin Emma’s arms, Emma drove a knee into her crotch, then roughly switched her to the bottom position using a handful of blonde hair and a handful of knickers for leverage. On top now, Emma quickly spread Helen’s legs with a strong grapevine, and it was the older blonde in trouble in the first moments of the final round.

A wily veteran fighter though, Helen was unlikely to succumb to a simple grapevine though, however strong Emma’s legs were. Emma knew it too, looking to add a double breast claw to the mix which drew some pained noises from Helen, but with her hands free, the blonde was already looking to counterattack. She did so in a sightly unorthodox way at first, a hand slipping inside Emma’s knickers, but not to apply a claw hold; instead she started to slowly and sensuously finger fuck my wife instead. Confused by the attack, Emma couldn’t help but moan with pleasure as Helen’s expert attentions quickly got her aroused. Helen knew that she had got Emma’s attention now as she slowly but surely increased her fingering action. ‘You dirty bitch, you like that don’t you?’ she whispered softly in Emma’s ear as Emma could only groan appreciatively in response. Losing herself in the moment, Emma absentmindedly leant forward to kiss and lick Helen’s stiff nipples, not sensing the trap that was being expertly set for her it seemed. With her opponent on the verge of orgasm, Helen felt the time was right to strike, quickly switching to a crotch claw while her arm wrapped around Emma’s head pulling her face firmly into the breasts she had so recently been worshiping.

Emma’s pained screams were well muffled by the breast smother, and it looked likely that she might be the one forced to submit now as Helen looked to finish her off with he devastating crotch claw. Emma now groped wildly for a target, slapping at Helen’s face before she realised that the perfect target was almost literally staring her right in the face, and she sunk her teeth into Helen’s breasts. Now Helen also let out a howl of pain, choosing to grab Emma’s hair to try and pull her teeth away from her breasts while keeping her crotch claw on. Emma wasn’t about to break off from her molar mauling of Helen’s breasts that easily though and Helen had to break off the crotch claw to use a double handful of hair to prise Emma off her tits. Now the tables turned once more, Emma able to slide down Helen’s body a little as the blonde grabbed her sore breasts, and Emma still lying between Helen’s legs applied a two handed crotch and lower belly claw of her own, immediately drawing further pained cries from the tough blonde. Emma’s nails and fingers tortured her opponent who thrashed the mat in pain and anguish, but she wasn’t done yet, spotting the opportunity to wrap her thighs around Emma in a body scissor.

Now it was difficult to tell who was the most trapped as Helen found her range to crack quick-fire slaps off Emma’s face before she ducked back out of range. Emma replied, digging a hard elbow into Helen’s stomach before once again reapplying the claw hold. Helen gritted her teeth, moans of pain evident as Emma worked her over, and I felt that Emma held the advantage as her claw hold was clearly stopping the blonde from getting the scissor hold onto her with full power. Emma attacked again, an elbow strike to Helen’s body, a fast nail rake from breast to belly and then the claw hold once more as she looked to grind out the winning submission. Helen looked to be fading too as Emma kept up the pressure, her eyes closed as her face betrayed her pain, but she wasn’t done yet as she spread her legs before snapping them closed around Emma’s body once more. It was an impact move connected to a scissor that stunned Emma briefly but she just about held onto the dual claw hold. Helen sensed it had been an effective move, and she spread her legs wide once more only for Emma to react quickly, grabbing both ankles and keeping her legs split as she delivered half a dozen headbutts to the crotch and stomach of the blonde. That looked to have take some of the fight out of Helen who found herself pulled off the mat and body slammed by Emma who followed up with a full body splash across Helen’s stomach. Helen sat up slightly, involuntarily from that move until the point of Emma’s elbow connecting with her chin put her back flat on her back, and Emma looked to be on the verge of putting the tough blonde away.

She felt it too, moving into an effective cross pin smother, her body riding across Helen’s face as she trapped on of her arms between her legs. Helen defended as best she could, quickly getting her other hand into Emma’s auburn hair, but it did little to alleviate her predicament, such was Emma’s position across her. Emma responded in kind, grabbing a handful of blonde hair too while her other hand worked feverishly to choke Emma beneath her body. It was a powerful and potent combination which Helen had little reply to; Emma was happy to grind her into submission from this position and try as she might, digging her heels into the mat, Emma wasn’t going to be dislodged. One final bridge from Helen saw Emma switch attacks briefly, pushing Helen’s knickers down to her knees to expose a neatly trimmed but not hairless pussy which Emma took advantage of to add some hair pulling ‘south of the border’ before returning to the choke.

‘Give up, I’ve got you bitch!’ Emma told Helen, punctuating it with a slap to the body. There was no audible reply from under Emma, but Helen was quick to release Emma’s hair before tapping the mat to admit defeat. Emma rolled off her, and both women lay side by side on the mat for a little while, both tired from the exertions of the match. After a moment, Emma helped Helen up, hugging her as she congratulated her on such a tough match. ‘You just had too much for me in the end!’ Helen told her ‘It was fun though and I want you again sometime….’

‘I’d like that too’ Emma agreed ‘maybe after I’ve fought that bitch Sara again?’ she asked.

‘Just name the date’ Helen replied ‘I’ll be there, but now I guess we’d best get changed and have a little chat about how I think you can go about beating Sara while we watch Kat try and show us how it’s done…’