Kat Fight
By wolfboy

With the backdrop of a catfight, Emma learns Helen’s secret for beating Sara

By the time Helena and Emma had showered and both changed, Katrina and Simone were both on the mats, itching to get started in their catfight. Diane had got them ready, just holding them to await their audience. As Emma and Helen took their seats on the edge of the fight area with me, Diane started to introduce the two fighters. ‘So ladies, this is an anything goes no time limit, one submission catfight where the loser will get fucked. It will be fought without breaks to a submission. You have both agreed to fight nude except for hold up stockings, so please take off the rest of your outfits now.’ Katrina did so first, the blonde in stunning shape as she removed a little black dress to reveal her naked form, a pair of black fishnet holdups her only clothing now. Simone followed suit, stepping out of a pair of denim hotpants before peeling off a tight bra top. Dark haired in contrast to her sister, Simone was also in great shape as she stood before us in a pair of sheer red hold up stockings.

‘So, Katrina is 5 feet 6 inches tall, 147lbs and 36C-25-37 with a record of 12 wins and 4 losses. Simone is 5 feet 5 inches tall, 138lbs and 34DD-25-35 with a record of 21 wins and only 1 defeat.’ Diane finished up before simply telling the two naked warriors to ‘fight!’ and to the back ground of an early struggle between the two young women, Emma and Helen started to chat about Sara.

‘So you’ve had, what, four matches with her now?’ Helen asked Emma ‘and you’ve won one out of those four?’ she continued as Emma nodded her agreement. ‘That bitch really has got under your skin I guess then!’ she smiled.

‘You’re not wrong there to be fair Helen’ Emma agreed ‘our first meeting was a long tough match on a beach which she won. I beat her in another outdoor match back here though I know I got a bit lucky in that one Then she knocked me out in a match in Hong Kong and again in a bedroom catfight not so long ago. Guess you could say that she has my number, but I feel like I need to try to even the score up with her somehow!’ Emma told Helen.

‘Well I know how that can feel’ Helen told Emma as her niece body slammed Simone on the mats. ‘The first thing you have to remember is obvious, but fight her with your head not your heart. Obvious I know, but important,’ Helen said ‘but you didn’t come here for me just to tell you the obvious!’ she laughed.

‘Well I guess not!’ Emma agreed

‘So the first really important thing to remember is that her stamina isn’t all that. In my first match with her, the rules were as we fought today. She started off fast and beat me down in fall one; by the end of 3, she was flagging and I had her’ Helen began. ‘Our second match, I got her to agree to a no time limit, submit the match rules, and it was a similar story. Fast start from her, but slowing up a little way into the fight’ Helen finished.

‘That does tie in with something that I’ve been wondering about her’ Emma agreed. ‘Our first couple of matches were arranged for us and were best of three, but whenever she has a choice, she always wants one fall matches.’

‘Exactly’ Helen responded ‘she knows she’s quick to tire, so the one fall match is best for her if she can’ get the quick start’

On the mat now, the tables had turned a little with Katrina trapped in a body scissor while Simone used a double handful of hair to pull her face into her stomach trying to body smother her. A vicious tug on Kat’s blonde hair saw Simone pull a chunk out as she taunted Kat ‘give up and let me fuck you already cunt!’ Kat screamed out in pain as the hair pulling continued, but she was not giving up so soon to her tough rival.

‘Kat’s a good fighter’ Helen told Emma ‘she won’t give up to this yet, but she’s going to take some punishment in this one I think?’

‘It looks that way right now’ Emma agreed ‘Simone looks like a hard woman to me and her hair pulling is plan vicious’ Emma said as another scream from Kat proved her point.

‘Kat will hang in there though I think’ Helen offered. ‘Take more than hair pulling to put her away. So I guess you’ve fallen victim to Sara’s breast smother a few times over those four matches?’ Helen asked Emma.

‘Yes’ Emma admitted ‘She finished me off with it in our first match as the surf crashed over my body and she’s had that move over me ever since I suppose. I had a spell where I really panicked in any breast smother, which I’m over now, but she applies that hold so well’ Emma said.

‘She does indeed’ Helen admitted ‘in both of my matches with her, she got me with it, and it’s a good move. Probably does it better than anyone else I’ve fought. The thing is, in a one fall fight, you get that on you and she’s probably going to win the match’ Helen said. ‘The longer match works better here. If she gets you in it well, submit and move on. Don’t forget you’ve got teeth too, you weren’t shy about using them on me!’ Helen laughed.

‘Hmm, yes; sorry about that’ Emma smirked. ‘That does make sense I guess. The ideal match then is an open ended one, submit the match or better still, answer the bell I guess?’

‘Exactly right!’ Helen agreed as Katrina now found herself in a fish hooked camel clutch on the mats at the hands of Simone. ‘and the other secret I’d let you in on with the breast smothers is that she hates to submit to one. Use it on her to tire her out every chance you get’ Helen advised.

On the mats, Kat looked to be in a world of trouble as Simone leant into the camel clutch while stretching her mouth painfully. The pain was etched on her face as she battled to her knees, looking to escape the hold only to have Simone quickly snap a kick across her shoulders to knock her back to the mat.

‘That’s interesting’ Emma said ‘so she’s almost too proud to give into her own move then?’

‘It seems that way’ Helen smiled ‘I get it in a limited submissions match where you might now want to lose a fall, but even in a no time limit she wouldn’t give to it easily.’

Talking of not giving easily, Kat was still hanging in there on the mats, now trapped back in the camel clutch, one of Simone’s hands wrapped in her blonde hair while her head was pulled back viciously by two fingers in her nostrils. Simone was proving to be quite the nasty catfighter, and more than a match for the heavier blonde it seemed.

‘Now the third thing you need to know if that I think Sara likes to play to an audience Emma. In our first match’ Helen went on ‘she made me fight her in public. A small, private gathering of course, but she seemed to feed off the energy in the crowd’ Helen said. ‘In our second match, she fought me in private right here and her performance seemed flatter. Get her on her own if you can I’d suggest Emma.’

‘I’d like that’ Emma admitted ‘our first three matches were very much public, and she did seem to derive something from that, I agree. Our fourth was more private, but still in front of managers’ she admitted. ‘Maybe completely private, woman to woman is the way to go?’ Emma asked Helen.

‘I would say so definitely Emma’ Helen suggested before a scream from the mats showed us that Kat had freed herself from the camel clutch and had now got Simone trapped in a body scissor and well applied crotch claw! ‘The more private you can get it, the better I would think’ Helen continued as her niece punished her opponent on the mats.

‘Nice job by Kat to get back into the match’ Emma said ‘I though she was a finished in that camel clutch!’

‘It looked it’ Helen admitted ‘long way to go yet though I think’ she suggested as Simone once again got back into the match using blonde hair to bring Kat’s right breast into range of her teeth.

‘Now the last trick that I learned, particularly in our second fight is that Sara doesn’t handle being turned on mid-match. Like I nearly had you in that last fall, she was totally thrown by it, It was something I tried on her in the second fall of our first match, and she stopped fighting for a while when I fingered her. Get her turned on, then strike with the crotch claw, and it’s twice as effective. I got two submissions from her with it in our second match!’ Helen told Emma.

‘I’d have to admit that your claw hold was the best I’ve ever taken because you had me so turned on first’ Emma coyly admitted.

‘And if you think about it’ Helen told Emma ‘your fight with Sara is a real grudge fight. The last think she’ll expect in that is you trying to finger fuck her part way through the match’ she laughed.

‘I think you may be right there’ Emma admitted ‘You were very effective with that, partly because I totally didn’t expect it.’

‘It’s effective enough’ Helen agreed ‘it was done to me in an early match by a woman who liked to sexfight as much as catfight. She often blurred the two styles and I figured why not? I’ll try it on most of my opponents at some point, just to see how it works on them’ Helen said.

‘So I think I have the basis of a match strategy now then’ Emma offered. ‘So first, a lone open ended match in private, get my tits in her face as often as possible and if all else fails, fuck her senseless!’ she laughed.

‘Perfect plan!’ Helen laughed with her ‘I’ll give you the video of my first match with her too Emma. It might help you to pick up on something else.’

‘That’s great, thank you Helen’ Emma smiled as another moan of pain from the mats suggested that the contest had moved on some more.

Simone was back on top now, pulling Kat from the mat to body slam her before repeating the dose, this time slamming the blonde chest first to the mat. That drew a further groan from Kat who looked to be back in big trouble against tough girl Simone who delivered a knee drop to the small of Kat’s back. Seductively peeling off one of her red stockings, Simone tied it first to her own left wrist then around Simone’s hair. Pulling on the stocking, she lifted Kat’s head clear from the mat ans was able to snap her thighs around the blonde’s head so that she faces towards Kat’s legs. Her crowning glory was a nasty bowling ball claw hold, her thumb inserted in Kat’s ass while two fingers plunged into Kat’s pussy quickly drawing the winning submission with the unusual but effective combination hold.

As Simone left Kat in a heap on the mats while she went to find her strap-on from her corner, Helen turned to us both and suggested ‘what do you say we retire next door and leave these two young ladies a bit of privacy?’ As we left the room, we just caught a glimpse of a dominant Simone, strap-on now at the ready walking back towards her beaten foe.

We left a good while later, after both Simone and Kat had both long since left, no hard feelings between the two of them despite their hard, vicious fight and Simone’s treatment of Kat at the business end of her strap on. We also had in place an agreement for a rematch between Helen and Emma after Emma had faced off once more with Sara. The two women had agreed to fight unlimited ten minute rounds next time until one gave up the whole match. There was talk of possible tag partners for a two on one round each at the start of the match. There was also a thought that it would be a loser gets fucked match in keeping with the earlier battle between Simone and Kat. It promised to be quite a special rematch in time…..