Meantime Maul

By wolfboy

Emma travels to London as she continues her preparation for taking on Sara

Looking for some more tough matches to boost her confidence ahead of a fifth meeting with Sara, Emma and I had done a bit of research to find some opponents that we thought might provide her with the right kind of challenge to help prepare her. We had identified two good opponents and had matches lined up now with both. In a few weeks time, we would travel to the Caribbean for Emma to take on Shontayne Jackson, a former opponent of Sara’s, in a beach brawl contest. That promised to the be a good test against a heavyweight opponent in hot conditions, and also fit in well with Emma’s plan as she hoped to take on Sara on the beach where their original match had taken place.

First of all though, a trip to London, specifically Greenwich to take on a local woman who had a love of tough, lone contests, win or lose. Known locally as the Meantime Mauler, Amber Phillips was a powerful athletic woman. She loved to take part in various endurance races, climbing and any number of extreme sports. Her first love though was fighting, she preferred to fight women, but she wasn’t fussy, her record also showing half a dozen wins over men that she had met in her favoured fight arena, the tight upstairs room of a small pub tucked away down a side street. Fist fights, catfights, wrestling and even MMA style matches were all on Amber’s agenda as she fought without fail every six weeks. The agreed match with Emma was a no time limit catfight, 2 minute breaks after each submission in the first 30 minutes of the fight. After the 30 minute mark, there were no further breaks, submission holds could be maintained to a total submission or knockout for the win. A prize fighter at heart, Amber’s sponsors in the pub put up the £500 prize for her match every six weeks, content to watch the action on CCTV in the pub during late night, invitation only lock-ins.

It was going to be an attritional fight. All evidence of Amber’s fighting style in catfights showed she was an uncompromising woman, willing to fight dirty but not without skills either. Any opponent’s trapped by her after the thirty minute mark rarely managed to escape her clutches and keep the fight going. If she was going to beat Amber, Emma might just need to find a way to do that. Amber was a 33 year old Londoner, olive skinned from her love of the outdoors, a muscular and toned frame set off by sleek, long black hair and and impressive pair of DD breasts. She had fought with this same arrangement for 12 years now, piling up an impressive 107 contests. Her record took some figuring out due to different styles of matches. Against men she had 6 wins and 6 losses. Her favoured style was a straight up fist fight where against women her record was 38 wins and only 2 losses. In pure wrestling she suffered the most, winning 12 but losing 15. Catfights also saw her own an impressive record though of 23 wins and 5 losses. On her record, we knew only two names; Rajinder Gujari a catfighter that Debbie had fought and Katie Byrne, one of Emma’s early opponents. Both women had lost to Amber; Rajinder in a 40 minute catfight while Katie had been knocked out in a 7 minute fist fight.

Tonight promised the perfect test for Emma. She and Amber would be locked in the room alone with a referee. Me and Amber’s chosen second would watch on TV in two ante-rooms, only entering during breaks in the action. The room itself was small, probably no more than 12 feet square. Thinly matted on the floor, the walls were plaster board over brick; it was a tight unforgiving arena. I had already given Emma a good luck kiss as she paused at the door of the fight room. Dressed simply in a bright scarlet romper suit with a halter neck tie and a plunge front slashed to her belly button, she looked as sexy as ever as she entered the room and I took my seat next door to watch the fight on a 60 inch TV complete with cinema sound system to ensure that I missed nothing. I saw Emma on the screen shifting anxiously from foot to foot as she waited for Amber, though she didn’t need to wait long. Amber confidently strode in to the fight arena, clearly comfortable in her home surroundings as she stood opposite Emma. Amber too was dressed simply enough in a white swimsuit with a halterneck tie and a panel cutout over her stomach that showed off her toned midriff.

The referee made introductions to both fighters. ‘On my left is Emma Baines, a catfighter. She is 35 years old, 5 feet 10 inches tall and 168lbs. She measures 40E-27-38 and she has a record of 39 wins and 15 defeats. Her opponent is the Meantime Mauler, Amber Phillips. She is 33 years old, 5 feet 8 inches tall and 160 lbs, She measure 38DD-2439 with a record of 79 wins and 28 losses. This is under house catfight rules, no time limit, anything goes except punching, kicking and biting to the face and eye gouging. After thirty minutes, there are no more breaks to a total submission or knockout’

With that, the referee stepped to one side as a bell rang, both fighters shook hands and the match was on, Amber quickly wrapping her hand in Emma’s hair and pushing her back to the wall. The home fighter was quick, banging Emma’s head off the hard wall before kneeing her in the stomach and quickly running her to the opposite wall to repeat the does, putting Emma on her knees as I heard a low hum of approval from the local support in the pub below me. It was a poor start from Emma who was now trapped in a front choke against the wall but she was quick to fight back, slamming a fist unto Amber’s ribs and then her stomach as the local girl was forced off her. They circled again, a little warily, Amber aiming some slaps at Emma’s face that fell just short before Emma landed well with a front kick to the body that dropped Amber on her backside. Now Emma attacked, a handful of dark hair helping Amber from the mat and into a bear hug before she dropped her crotch first on her leg in an atomic drop. Amber crashed to the mat now, but as Emma went back to her hair, she took a chop to the throat from the Meantime Mauler that put her on the back foot, giving Amber chance to regain her feet. Amber did so running straight into another bear hug from Emma who looked to repeat the atomic drop only for Amber to block and instead flatten Emma with a clothesline. Amber used the hair now, getting Emma to her feet before a vicious European style uppercut with the forearm threatened to lift Emma’s head from her shoulders as it dropped her to the mat.

Emma recovered slowly to a seated position but found Amber already behind her, wrapping her legs around Emma’s body in a rear scissor hold while her hands came round to maul both of Emma’s breasts. Trouble for Emma, and the shouts of pain I could hear made me realise just how effective Amber’s strong thighs were, but Emma was able to grab her white painted toe nails to twist her toes and force another break. Amber was fast though, to her feet quickly as she pulled Emma up by the hair, running her back to the wall again to bang her head off it. There was no give in the wall at all, and Emma couldn’t afford to take too many more head shots against it, but Amber leant into her now, pinning her to the wall as an occasional knee probed Emma’s body. Amber bashed Emma’s head off the wall once more, then pushing a hand in her face, she held Emma there to land three solid body punches. Emma sagged, held up by Amber who quickly fell back, monkey flipping Emma almost to the opposite wall. Emma was dazed, Amber wasn’t, and she was on Emma quickly, allowing her to a seated position before dropping to her knees with an elbow to the shoulder blades. Then, knee posted hard in Emma’s back, a tight sleeper hold went on with one hand tightly wound in Emma’s auburn hair. Amber’s impressive biceps crushed into Emma’s throat, the move immediately effective and Emma was given little choice other than to tap out.

I was on the move immediately, entering the room for the two minute break period, ice pack on the back of Emma’s head where Amber had cracked it off the wall. ‘Slow her up a bit’ I suggested to Emma quietly ‘work the body if you can to tire her a bit?’

Emma agreed, stony faced as she took the relief of the ice pack until both myself and Amber’s second were removed from the room, and the second period started. Only four minutes of action had passed, but Amber had looked impressive so far; she started quickly again, catching Emma with two straight punches to the body as Emma looked to close in on her. Amber frustrated EMma’s attempt to catch her in a clinch, skipping deftly clear before landing a stinging slap to the face. Emma continued to stalk after Amber though, shipping the odd punch and slap as she slowly herded her into a corner of the room. Now it was as if the panel on the front of Amber’s swimsuit was a target as Emma pinned her against the wall with a hand on her throat and fired a half a dozen piston like right uppercuts into her belly. The Meantime Mauler slid down the wall in to a seated position as Emma punished her some more with a foot on her throat against the wall. Amber was quick to grab Emma’s ankle, looking to ease the pressure but she soon spotted a chance to fire back, landing with a punch to the crotch which immediately put Emma on her backside. Amber too the initiative once more, lifting Emma by the hair and marching her back to the wall with a two handed choke. Forearm across Emma’s throat now to hold her in place against the wall, and Amber lashed a kick across her stomach. Again Emma’s legs looked a bit rubbery as Amber rocked her head from side to side with open handed and back handed slaps. Emma fought back, Amber’s long black hair providing her the leverage to again switch her opponent against the wall. An open handed nail slash across Amber’s stomach was effective enough before Emma landed two kicks to the insides of Amber’s thighs, spreading her legs to deliver a knee lift to the crotch.

The groan from Amber as Emma’s knee crashed home was one of pain and surprise and it was Emma now in control of the fight. She didn’t want to let that slip either, using Amber’s hair to pull her half upright before a jumping elbow smash put Amber face down on the mat, Emma continued the attack, pulling Amber back upright by the hair before going to a bear hug which she was quick to convert into an atomic drop. Amber was dropped to the mat only to find Emma following her down with a flying leg drop across the throat. She didn’t go for the head scissor though, preferring to lift Amber again to body slam her hard on the thin mats. There was no question that the slam had left Amber winded and in some trouble on the mats, and Emma elected to grind out the submission with a simple reverse face sit, Emma’s arse effectively covered Amber’s nose and mouth. A perfect smother applied, and from her comfortable seat on Amber’s face, Emma was also able to get two hands inside Amber’s swimsuit, a double breast maul adding to Amber’s pain and ultimately drawing a submission fro the home favourite. I could hear the surprise in the bar downstairs as I came back into the room, once again ice pack at the ready for Emma’s head. ‘Much more like it’ I congratulated her ‘watch her though, she’s a dangerous one and there’s plenty of time to go in this one’ I cautioned. Emma knew it too. ‘She’s a long way from beaten Steve’ she told me ‘she’s used to fighting for 40 minutes plus so no way is she done yet’

I think it was that thought that saw Emma start the third period a little cautiously. Both women spent a couple of minutes trading slaps, kicks and punches with mixed degrees of success. It was Emma who looked to break that cycle, rushing Amber back to the wall before looking to bowl her across the room in a rough throw. Amber showed her athleticism though, cartwheeling and landing on her feet. ‘Clever bitch!; Emma spat as she looked to close in quickly on Amber, running a little carelessly into a knee lift to the stomach. Amber immediately drove an elbow across the back of Emma’s neck, putting her on her knees and into a tight front headlock, using the height advantage of being on her feet to really add pressure to the hold, Emma tried to battle up to her feet only for Amber to whip a hard right hand into her belly. Back on her knees, Emma let out a moan as Amber went up onto her tip-toes to crank on the headlock once more. From her kneeling position, Emma was in some trouble even before Amber was able to drive a knee between her breasts, knocking her back to the mat as she released the headlock.

Now Amber looked to pick up the pace,whipping Emma hard into the unforgiving wall and then cutting her down with a three punch combination to the body. Emma slid to a seated position against the wall; Amber taking the chance to plant hr foot squarely across Emma’s throat for a few seconds before releasing that hold and bringing Emma to her feet by the hair. Still against the wall, Emma was in trouble again as Amber lifted her easily, turning round before body slamming her hard in the centre of the matted area. Now Amber continued her dominance in the round, a heel stomp to the stomach crashing home and sending Emma rolling across the mat in pain. She may have been in control of search of respite too as she rolled away, but none was forthcoming as Amber went to the hair, bringing Emma to her feet before forcing her face first in to the wall and hammering her with two punches to the kidney area. I could sense the murmur of anticipation running through the crowd below me in the pub as Amber looked to be getting further on top, lifting Emma again, this time to deliver an across the knee back breaker.

Amber converted that quickly enough into a submission hold, stretching Emma across her knee, one hand on her thigh and the other on her throat as she looked to stretch and choke her into submission. ‘No!’ was Emma’s defiant reply as the referee asked her if she wanted to submit. Amber simply kept the hold on, content that it was weakening Emma until she suddenly delivered a hard elbow to Emma’s stomach before pushing her off her knee and to the mat. The Meantime Mauler was well in control now, and realising it, she decided to set to work on Emma’s outfit, untying the halter neck as Emma lay face down on the mat. Then a handful of hair pulled Emma from the mat, allowing her top to fall away and hang at her waist, exposing her breasts. A hard slap cracked off Emma’s face, but she fired back with a straight right, landing it right between Amber’s breasts before quickly pulling the black haired fighter into a side headlock. Her face pressed in tightly to Emma’s breast, Amber let out a little cry of pain as Emma cranked on the headlock before flipping her quickly to the mat and it was Emma suddenly with an advantage as she rode her body across Amber’s chest down on the mat.

It was evident that the home fighter wasn’t one to panic though as she started to probe for a target, managing to get her nails into Emma’s backside. Emma replied though, a hard slap to the crotch that she converted into a crotch maul that had Amber squirming uncomfortably in some trouble on the mat. The home fighter had her way out though, shifting her head to sink her teeth into Emma’s right breast, and Emma was quick to turn her loose and scramble clear. Both women were back on their feet, circling again as they looked to find the next opening. Emma aimed slaps towards Amber’s face, but she was able to block them as she took her time stalking Emma before delivering a roundhouse kick to Emma’s shoulder, the impact knocking her back to the mat. Amber was on her in a flash, showing her speed as she sat on Emma’s stomach before sliding into position to apply a grapevine. Her toned legs, strong and well muscled, slowly spread Emma’s as she gained control again in the match. As the pain started to register on her legs, Emma looked to pull Amber’s face into her breasts, almost succeeding only for the jet haired fighter to twist her head at the last second. Instead, Emma had to try and slap at Amber’s face as it lay across her chest, reddening it slightly with some relatively ineffective slaps before Amber was able to get free again. The home town fighter elected to break the grapevine instead grabbing at Emma’s hair to pull her back to her feet. Emma was waiting on that though, landing a straight shot to Amber’s crotch that dropped her, shocked and in pain, to the mat as she clutched at her pussy.

The fight was approaching the fifteen minute mark as Emma delivered a body slam of her own now before ripping at the shoulder straps of Amber’s white swimsuit, quickly rendering her topless. Given a new target, Emma simply sat down on Amber’s stomach before sinking her long, red nails into her breasts, instantly drawing a scream of pain from the Meantime Mauler. It was straight forward catfighting from Emma, but seemingly very effective as she continued to elicit cries from her until Amber swung her legs up, getting Emma around the shoulders and forcing her backwards off her to the mat. Both women scrambled to their feet, topless, outfits looking a little the worse for wear, as they came back together in the centre of the room though, Amber forced Emma into a stand up exchange. That was right in Amber’s comfort zone, as an experienced fist fighter, she was more than content to throw punches to the body mixed in with the occasional hard slap to the face. Emma was no slouch in a fight, but Amber was a step ahead of her, and as she opened up Emma’s defence, landing a hard slap to the face, it sent Emma reeling. Amber followed that quickly with a right uppercut into Emma’s body and Emma found herself dropped to a knee. That was an open invitation to Amber to take the front headlock, but this time she immediately plunged backwards, driving Emma’s forehead into the mat. Immediately, powerful thighs snapped shut around Emma’s waist as Amber was able to add a tight and effective body scissor to the mix and with Emma still trapped in the headlock, Amber looked to grind her into submission. Amber had one more move to add to the problems for Emma as well, grabbing the back of Emma’s red suit, pulling it hard into a painful wedgie. Now Emma’s cries of pain filled the room as Amber punished her while using her own outfit against her and after an attempt to squirm free, Emma was soon left tapping the mat. This time, Amber released the hold, evidently electing to strip Emma of her red suit, as when I entered the room, the home fighter had the red romper suit in her hand and was carrying it back to her corner.

Eight minutes still remained to the thirty minute minimum time limit, and I looked to rally my now naked wife, feeling that it was vital that she got back into the fight again before the thirty minute mark. ‘You have to stay clear of fist fighting her I think babe’ I told Emma. ‘That’s her game; you’re a catfighter, use that against her as much as possible!’

‘I’m trying to Steve’ Emma replied, a little exasperated ‘but she’s good’

‘And you’re better Em’ I smiled as I toweled off her body ‘I know you are’

With that last bit of encouragement, I left the room leaving my wife naked to take on a powerful and tough opponent. I was confident in her ability, but as I took my seat, I could see that Amber had started the round well, using some stiff jabs to the body to keep Emma at distance. Emma responded though, cattier now, her slaps to the body now including some blatant nail rakes across Amber’s stomach and breasts. Amber replied, crashing a hard slap off Emma’s face, but Emma struck a telling next, a straight kick pushed into Amber’s stomach tat doubled her up and saw her trapped straight away in a tight front headlock. Emma attacked again, now kicking up twice into Amber’s body before regaining control of the hair, forcing Amber upright and flooring her with a hard forearm smash to the chest. Advantage to Emma as she dropped a leg hard across Amber’s tits, and then scooting round to a position behind the black haired fighter, she snapped her thighs together around her head in a rear head scissor. A handful of hair for good measure to ensure no easy escape for the Meantime Mauler, Emma’s thighs set to work, looking for that equalising submission. Amber bridged, looking to get loose from Emma’s leg prison, but that was unsuccessful, earning her a slap to the face from Emma who then released the hair, pushing both of her hands on to the mat and lifting her hips clear of it to add to the pain for Amber who cried out but wasn’t done just yet. Instead the Mauler threw back her legs, trying to wrap them around Emma, and in doing so, she put Emma in the perfect position as she grabbed the legs, now folding Amber painfully in addition to the head scissor. ‘Submit?’ Emma enquired as the ref also checked in, but Amber was defiant, holding out for over a minute in the evidently painful predicament. Time was starting to run a little short in terms of the 30 minute limit, but oddly now, that looked like potentially working in Emma’s favour. If she kept Amber trapped beyond that point, she would have the right to maintain the hold towards a total submission or a knockout. Still Amber held out resiliently, and Emma had to add something else to the mix it seemed to get the fall won. She knew it too, slipping the bottom part of Amber’s swimsuit down to her knees as she kept the black haired fighter folded. With her pussy exposed now, Amber must have feared the worst, and Emma didn’t disappoint, landing a crotch punch before going in with an expertly applied crotch maul, and Amber’s shrieks of pain were quickly converted to one of submission also.

‘Great job!’ I told Emma as I entered the room. The referee was pointing out to both ladies that the 30 minute limit was almost up now as they took their two minute break. ‘Once the 30 minutes is up, a bell will sound. At that point you no longer have to honour any submission unless it is for a total submission of the match. If your opponent refuses to submit the match, you may keep her in the hold until a knockout if required to win, A knockout is only valid if you cannot rise from the mat unaided by a count of twenty’ he told both women. In her corner, Amber still looked confident enough as she removed her swimsuit from around her knees to match Emma in fighting naked now. ‘There’s less than 90 seconds left to that time limit’ I reminded Emma as I left the room, aware of a real buzz of excitement from the watching crowd down below in the pub. They were unused to seeing the local girl stretched so much it seemed, and were looking forward to seeing the outcome as the two women started what would surely be the final period of the match.

Both women seemed to see it that way too, neither committing to much in the way of telling attacks. Indeed, some pretty ineffective jabs and slaps littered the early going in the round until the bell sounded to signify that the contest had reached the thirty minute point. That seemed to at as the signal for both women to step it up a notch, Emma cracking three slaps off Amber’s cheek before the black haired fighter replied with a punch to Emma’s breasts before rushing into her, forcing her back to the wall where, arm across her throat, Emma soon found Amber’s right fist hammering into her stomach. Emma sagged visibly as Amber tested her abs before quickly spinning her round to face the wall. Now a handful of hair held Emma in place against the wall while Amber shot a hand between her legs to get a crotch maul on her. A squeal of pain from Emma suggested that it was well applied too, a dangerous hold for Emma to be caught in at this point of the fight, and she knew it, quickly throwing a flurry of elbows back into Amber’s body to force the break.

Amber was looking to force the pace now though, surely sensing that it was best to keep on the front foot at this point of the fight, and she quickly swarmed forward to trap Emma in against the wall again. This time a knee found its way into Emma’s stomach before a handful of hair forced Emma upright, her had cracking off the wall once more before Amber lifted her and body slammed her in the centre of the room. An elbow drop to the breasts followed before Amber swiftly moved in a pin, sitting on Emma’s stomach before plunging forward to plant her breasts into Emma’s face. Emma twisted to the side as best she could, looking to lessen the smothering effects of Amber’s 38DD’s. She could do little to help herself against the choke hold Amber slipped in beneath the attempted smother though, the dark haired fighter working her right hand around Emma’s throat, and Emma found herself in big trouble. ‘Bitch!’ Emma moaned as Amber worked feverishly on her choke hold spotting the opportunity to perhaps end the match. Emma grabbed a double handful of hair now as she tried to fight back, and it distracted Amber from the choke hold for a few moments while she crashed some slaps off Emma’s face again before dropping back into place with the smother/choke combination, Emma audibly gasping for air as Amber effectively worked her over, and shortly, Emma was tapping the mat, looking to submit.

‘The match bitch, submit the fucking match?’ Amber asked as Emma remembered that was her only way out now. She made no reply, but that was enough for Amber to continue her assault as Emma tried desperately to get free from her predicament. Planting her feet in the mat, Emma looked to bridge as she attempted to buck the dark haired woman off her and she was partly successful at least, getting the room to sink her nails into Amber’s breasts and causing her to rethink her strategy as she pulled Emma to her feet before cutting her down with a two punch combination to the body. Emma was waiting on her though as Amber went to her hair to bring her upright once again, and she caught the Mauler with a pussy punch that dropped her to her knees. Both kneeling in front of the other, the two naked amazons grabbed for each others hair, but it was Emma proving the stronger as she forced Amber’s back to the mat bu the hair. Emma dived forward now, looking to get into a face pin, but she hadn’t counted on Amber’s perfectly timed bridge that sent her sprawling to the mat and both women got, a little wearily, back to their feet.

Both slashed their nails at each others bodies from distance, almost looking to goad the other into committing a costly error. Emma landed a slap to Amber’s cheek that looked to have rocked her back, but as Emma rushed in, a well placed foot to the belly took the wind from her sails before Amber completed the move, grabbing Emma’s head and falling back to flip her hard to the mat in the corner of the room. Emma struggled into a seated position, back against the wall in the corner, but Amber was on her quickly with a kick to the breasts and then she sat across Emma’s legs before pulling her head back into a tight front headlock. A tough situation as Emma found Amber choking her and pinning her against the wall, a breast maul added quickly to the mix to draw an involuntary gasp of pain from Emma. Downstairs, the noise level was picking up too as the crowd sensed Amber moving in for the finish before Emma took her by surprise with two huge hooks into her rib cage that saw Amber roll off her to the mat.

Now Emma had to strike to take advantage of Amber being winded and from her seated position, she lashed her foot into the dark haired fighters side, sending her rolling on to her back. Emma dragged herself slowly to her feet now, and she attacked again, kicking Amber in the side once more before, as Amber rolled on to her front, she knelt beside her, wrapping her right arm tightly around her neck in a side headlock cum choke hold that immediately had Amber in trouble. The Meantime Mauler knew she needed to fight back now and she got to all fours still trapped in the choke before a handful of hair and a bunt from Emma’s right hip put her flat on her back. Moving quickly despite her fatigue, Emma released the headlock to trap Amber in a reverse face sit. Pinning the jet haired fighter’s arms beneath her legs, Emma had her opponent’s body at her mercy now and she showed little as she slammed hard fists into her body before a double handed breast maul threatened to draw a submission. Amber held firm though despite the pain and the smothering effect of Emma’s ass and pussy riding her face.

Emma broke off from the breast maul to deliver some more hard punches, each driving the air a little more from Amber’s body and when the dark haired woman bridged a little, Emma was quick to convert a slap to the crotch into a crotch claw. Amber’s muffled shrieks as Emma’s fingers tortured her pussy were clear for all to hear and she quickly tapped the mat. ‘Submit the match?’ Emma enquired, not releasing either hold as she did so, and getting no reply from Amber she continued to torture the dark haired woman for another couple of minutes. Amber’s squirming and groaning grew weaker before, with a final punch to the stomach, Emma climbed off her instructing the referee to ‘count her!’
Doing as instructed, the referee started to toll off the count and in truth, Amber barely moved in that time as she struggled to even get to all fours before the referee reached a count of twenty. Emma had her hand raised in victory as a murmur of disbelief mixed with respect for her efforts filtered through the crowd down below. I was waiting in the dressing room as Emma walked, naked, into the room carrying her red romper suit. She had rarely looked better to me after a fight as she hugged me in victory. The match had proven an excellent test for her in her quest to get back at Sara once more, and as an added bonus she left London £500 richer than when she had arrived with the promise of another match at the pub anytime we wanted it from the landlord. No doubt Amber would be keen for the chance at revenge, but that would have to wait for now.