Fight Club

By wolfboy

Claire takes on a private challenge in a non-title brawl

Although Claire and Emma had fallen out quite spectacularly, I remained as Claire’s manager still as she decided not to register a different manager with the Smythe organisation. I wasn’t entirely sure if this was just a way of staying in Emma’s head or if she really valued my input from the corner, She certainly didn’t always take that much notice of my input if she valued it, and her next match was a prime example. Claire was soon slated to take on a mandatory challenge for the lightweight title, but she had been challenged privately and intended to take on that match as a warm up. Her challenger for this had repeatedly tried to get a fight with Claire over the last 18 months, demanding a match with the lightweight champion.

‘I’m the champion of my school fight club, and I know I can beat you bitch. Are you enough of a woman to take me on in a real fight under my rules? Get back to me and let me know. Maddie’ had been her simple challenge.

A bit of research had shown that Maddie was only 16 at the time and Claire wasn’t entirely comfortable taking on someone so young. She had replied though, accepting the challenge, but only once Maddie had turned 18. If she still wanted to fight at that point, then Claire would take her on. Now it was 13 months later, a week after Maddie’s 18th birthday, and the teenager still wanted to fight, so the match was on. Maddie had explained the rules very succinctly to Claire in another email.

‘Fight club rules are simple. No weapons, no clothes, anything goes below the neck, slaps only to the face. Hair pulling of course. There is no time limit, no breaks and the winner is the first to make her opponent verbally submit. You have a choice of three venues to fight in - gymnasium, school bathroom or the school field; take your pick. To make sure you understand just how badly I’m going to beat you, here’s a video clip from my last match. Maddie’

We watched the clip of course, perhaps expecting a straightforward, dominant performance from the champion of the fight club. In fact what we got was an even looking 15 minute match between Maddie and an Asian girl called Kim. Taking place in the school gymnasium, both young women had stripped off completely before stepping on to the mats and going at it tooth and nail. Kim had the better of the early going too, flooring Maddie a couple of times with well placed kicks to the body, and down on the mats in the gym, Kim had hammered away at Maddie, all the time spitting insults at her. Teeth, nails, fists and elbows all tortured Maddie who landed the odd reply but looked likely to be on the losing end until she managed to get her Asian opponent in a crotch claw. And that was it for Kim’s dominance in the fight. The match never left the mats again, Maddie’s fingers rarely out of Kim’s pussy, and after 10 minutes of dominance, a pussy claw and a choke with the shin was hat it took to put Kim away.

‘She’s dangerous Claire, I’m telling you’ I offered ‘you’ll need to be on the money or she will hurt you’

‘Sure’ Claire replied, totally relaxed. ‘I’ll beat her however you look at it Steve. Tell her that her rules are fine and we’ll fight in the gym like that match.’

‘Fair enough’ I agreed ‘Just make sure you’re ready for her’

‘I’m always ready Steve, you know that’ Claire laughed as she headed for the door.

* * * * * * *
I wasn’t sure that I shared Claire’s optimism as we arrived for the after hours match in the school gym. The fight club girls had some kind of arrangement that seemed to get them access to parts of the school out of hours. Probably some kind of deal with a caretaker who liked to watch the girls fight occasionally I figured, it was obviously effective anyway as we entered the gym to see just Maddie and her second Kim, the Asian girl from her video waiting by a thinly matted area in the centre. There was little in the way of ceremony either from Maddie who simply remarked ‘so you came then’ to Claire before stripping off her tracksuit and stepping, naked, on to the mats. The 18 year old would best be described as something of a pocket rocket; standing 5 feet 1 inch tall, she had 130 power packed pounds well distributed on her frame. Strong thighs and small pert breasts all set off by a shortish, spiky haircut.

Unusually slightly taller, Claire stripped off to reveal a body that was altogether curvier that that of her powerful looking teenage opponent. At 5 foot 2 inches tall and 126lbs, Claire’s slight height advantage was probably offset by Maddie being the more powerful. Claire’s DD breasts and long jet black hair were in contrast to Maddie, both women’s thighs rippled with power. There was no doubt that if it was a wrestling match, I would favour Claire who had now stripped out of her mini skirt and vest top, and having kicked off her high heels, was now confidently striding on to the mats. Something told me that the match wasn’t going to feature too much wrestling though as both women stood face to face, breasts pushing into the others, exchanged slaps to the face, called each other a bitch and got the fight underway. Claire took the initiative straight away, a knee to the stomach followed by a left-right combination for the breasts before she went to Maddie’s hair with both hands. Maddie ignored the hair pull, using the opening to hammer Claire’s stomach with two hard body punches of her own forcing Claire into a rethink. Maddie was pretty keen not to give Claire time for that though, closing in on her and lashing a foot out, aiming for Claire’s pussy, Claire dodged that move, but Maddie was a step ahead of her, crashing in a slap to her face, and the jet haired fighter was in early trouble as Maddie trapped her in a clinch, three rapid fire knees to the body seeing Claire’s knees sag a little before a right hand to the breasts put Claire on her backside.

Claire didn’t want to get trapped down on the mat with Maddie being a pretty competent ground fighter but as the teenage blonde lashed a fast kick across her chest to send her sprawling, the decision was taken from her. Wisely at least, Claire managed to roll on to her front before Maddie straddled her back, negating at least Maddie’s apparent liking for attacking her opponent’s pussy. Maddie took a good handful of hair instead, pulling Claire’s face clear of the mat; Claire held her hand up to defend as Maddie tried to crack a series of slaps off her face, and odd one getting through before she snaked her arm around Claire’s throat. That had Claire in early trouble but her wrestling skills got her out of that quickly enough as she reversed Maddie into a hammerlock face down on the mat. Claire forced the teenage brawlers arm high up her back, but fighting and not wrestling was the order of the do, and foregoing the arm lock, Claire drove her knee into Maddie’s ribs. Repeating the move, Claire drew a groan from Maddie, but perhaps unwisely, Claire went to the hair to bring Maddie back to her feet. Claire crashed a slap off the fight club champion’s face though and seemed to have Maddie on the back foot behind a cluster of body punches before a snap kick to the stomach evened things up. Claire had walked right onto that one, and as she doubled forward, Kim cheered on Maddie as she went in with a knee lift to the chest that dropped Claire on her back on the mats.

‘Get that cunt Maddie!’ Kim encouraged as the pint-sized powerhouse kicked Claire in the side down on the mat, sending Claire attempting to roll away from the teenager. Maddie was on her though using Claire’s hair to force her to all fours before catching her with another kick to the side. Claire’s hand grabbed at her side immediately, betraying her pain, and Maddie was all over once more, a flurry of body punches punishing Claire down on the mat. Claire groaned with pain as Maddie knelt alongside her, fists hammering away furiously. A handful of hair helped the tough teenager to slam Claire’s face into the mat before she showed some surprising wrestling skill of her own, using a half nelson to force Claire onto her back. It was only a brief break from Maddie’s more straight ahead brawling style though as she again hammered Claire’s stomach with two fast punches before moving into a pinning position on Claire’s chest, her naked ass towards Claire’s face. Immediately, Maddie went for the crotch, trying to plunge her fingers into Claire’s pussy; only Claire’s last ditch defence as she crossed her legs preventing Maddie from really securing the hold. Claire raked her nails down Maddie’s back and ass drawing a shriek of pain and a similar response from Maddie who raked her nails across Claire’s DD breasts. The teenager held the upper hand it seemed, going for the crotch claw once more, and although thwarted by Claire’s defence once more, Maddie bided her time slamming punched into Claire’s body, confident that she would break the black haired fighter’s defences down sooner or later.
Claire had other ideas, drawing on her experience from her catfights to try and dislodge Maddie as she bucked wildly. It seemed that all she had achieved was moving the teenager closer to sitting on her face, but Claire’s tactics suddenly made sense as she was able to hungrily sink her teeth into Maddie’s ass causing a howl of pain from the teenager who scrambled clear of Claire. Claire was fast to get back to her feet, not showing the fatigue she perhaps felt from Maddie’s early onslaught, and as the teenager came in a little recklessly, a stinging slap to the face stopped Maddie before a kick buried deep in the pit of the stomach put her on her backside on the mat. Now Claire stepped up her attack, a snap kick lashing across Maddie’s pert breasts, putting her on her back. Claire delivered an elbow drop now, landing it in Maddie’s stomach, and as she spread the teenagers legs before delivering a diving headbutt to the crotch, it was clear that Maddie was suddenly finding herself subjected to a type of punishment she was far from familiar with. Claire wasn’t about to let the teenager gather herself either, pulling her roughly from the mat by her spiky hair before lifting and body slamming her.

‘Come on Maddie, fight the bitch!’ Kim helpfully offered from the sidelines earning a rebuke from Claire who told her to ‘shut it slut, or you’re next!’

It still provided a momentary distraction though, allowing Maddie to land with a punch to the body that caught Claire by surprise but a knee to the chest soon put paid to Maddie’s brief comeback though, and having knocked the teenager flat on her back, Claire followed up with a knee drop to the stomach. Maddie gagged as the air was crushed from her body, and in the matter of a few moments, Claire had things going her way pretty comprehensively. A handful of hair was used by Claire to lift Maddie from the mat, into a waist lock and atomic drop this time, Claire holding Maddie on her knee for a brief moment allowing the shuddering pain of crotch landing on knee to sink in for a moment before pushing Maddie to the mat.

‘Ready to give up yet tough girl?’ Claire asked, receiving a succinct ‘fuck off’ in reply from Maddie, but t was Claire continuing to dominate the action as she lifted and body slammed the teenager again. ‘You sure about that?’ Claire asked as she spread Maddie’s legs again before, not waiting for a reply, she delivered another diving headbutt to the crotch. Claire had evidently set her mind on working Maddie’s pussy over pretty thoroughly now as she snapped a grapevine on, spreading those powerful legs with apparent ease before reaching back to apply a pussy maul to the now ailing teenager. ‘Are you really sure?’ Claire enquired again, raising her body off Maddie partly before dropping back onto her, crushing her to the mat beneath her curvaceous body. Another groan escaped Maddie’s lips but she wasn’t going to give up just yet, but Claire, in control was quite content to take her time before lifting Maddie from the mat once more before delivering an across the knee back breaker. Maddie cried out in pain before Claire applied the coup de grace as she kept Maddie across her knee, one hand mauling her breasts while she plunged her fingers into the teenager’s tight pussy, her nails quickly bringing shrieks of pain and then ‘I submit, I submit!’ from the teenage fighter.

Claire pushed Maddie off her knee, standing over her slightly as she told her ‘that’s what you get when you fight a real woman little girl’ before she left the mat. Over in our corner, Claire enjoyed the scene of her defeated foe being tended to by her friend while she threw on her mini skirt and top, slipped on her high heels and strutted out of the school gym without giving Maddie a second look.