Lessons for Teacher

By wolfboy

Emma gets a surprise request to help out with the school play

I had arranged another match for Emma in her quest to prepare for one more match with the American catfight star, and her number one nemesis, Sara. For that, we would travel to the Caribbean to take on one time victim of Sara, Shontelle Jackson. The big, powerful Bajan brawler was sure to provide a challenge for Emma when they met on a Caribbean beach in a few days time. Before that though, Emma inadvertently managed to find herself roped in to help with a school production that had strayed a little in to her area of expertise.

‘Mum, Mrs Smith asked if you could go in and see her’ our daughter Jemma had told Emma when she had arrived to pick her up.

‘What have you done now?’ Emma enquired as she headed for the classroom.

‘Nothing Mum…….well, I don’t think I have anyway!’ Jemma replied a little apprehensive that she’d been rumbled for some as yet unremembered act.

Knocking on the door of the classroom, Emma entered, spotting Mrs Smith sitting behind the desk at the front of the room. ‘Oh hi Mrs Smith, Jemma said you wanted to see me?’ Emma asked.

‘Oh yes, thanks for popping in Emma. Nothing to worry about by the way’ the teacher added quickly as she spotted the look on concern on Emma’s face. ‘Jemma’s fine, she’s a nice kid; no, I just had a bit of a favour that I wanted to ask of you, that’s all’ Mrs Smith continued.

‘Oh, that’s a relief!’ Emma replied before continuing, ‘so, what can I do to help you Mrs Smith?’

‘Call me Elaine please’ the teacher replied. ‘I was hoping I might be able to draw on some of your expertise to help me with the school play this year really’ she told Emma. Seeing the look of confusion that crossed Emma’s face, she continued ‘don’t worry Emma, it really is right up your street I think. We’re doing a production of Trafford Tanzi, and the girls have decided they want me to play Tanzi’s mum. I was hoping that you might be able to teach me to wrestle a bit for that?’

‘Well Elaine’ Emma smiled ‘you obviously know what I do for a living then I guess?’ she asked

‘Well…….yes, yes I do’ Elaine replied. ‘I’d have to admit to being something of a fan and can’t really think of anyone better to help me.’

‘Well, I guess it’s pro style, which isn’t quite what I do as you know’ Emma said ‘but yes, I guess I can help you in some way at least. I know how to apply enough moves to help you look the part Elaine. I need to get Jemma home now though I guess, when would you like me to come and show you some moves though Elaine?’ Emma asked.

‘Well, are you free later this evening maybe?’ Elaine asked ‘No time like the present I suppose!’

‘That would work OK for me actually’ Emma agreed. ‘Steve should be back home in a couple of hours I think, so I could meet you here about 7PM if you like?’

‘Brilliant, thanks Emma’ Elaine replied ‘I’ve always wanted to try my hand at wrestling. My ex wasn’t interested at all though, so I never plucked up the courage to try!’

‘His loss Elaine!’ Emma smiled ‘No problem though, I’ll see you later so you can get some idea of what to do at least.’

‘Great!’ the teacher replied as Emma left the room.

A little later on that evening, Emma headed back to the school, meeting Elaine outside the main building before the two women headed into the gym where Elaine had arranged to have some crash mats left out for the two women to work on. Both stood a little awkwardly for a moment, waiting for the other to break the silence, before in the end, Emma spoke.

‘So Elaine, you’d better tell me a bit more about the play, probably more specifically, about the wrestling bit I guess’ she said

‘Well as you know, the play involves the story of the main character, Tanzi, being told through professional wrestling matches. I’m going to play Tanzi’s mum, and that means that I’m in the very first part of the play’ Elaine explained. ‘I thought that if I learned a bit about how to wrestle, then it would help the play get off to a proper start’ she continued.

‘Well that makes sense’ Emma replied ‘so how about we start with some basics?’ she said, kicking off her shoes and stepping on to the mats. ‘Come and put me in a headlock’ she told Elaine, who approached her a little cautiously as Emma laughed ‘don’t worry, I won’t bite……tonight at least!’

Elaine giggled as she wrapped her arm around Emma’s head, pulling it into the side of her breast. ‘Like a pro’ Emma congratulated her as she put up a mock struggle in the head lock. Over the next half hour or so, the two women worked through a series of fairly straightforward moves; Emma inviting the school teacher to apply the move in question to her.

‘If you want to make anything look more convincing Elaine, add some hair pulling to the mix’ Emma advised her before instructing her to ‘put me in a headlock and then grab my hair’ Elaine complied, her fingers lacing through Emma’s auburn hair. ‘See’ Emma said, ‘it looks better like this’

‘But doesn’t that hurt you?’ Elaine asked, a little concerned.

‘Well, sure it does a little’ Emma admitted ‘but if you grab more at the ends of long hair, you can make it look convincing enough to be honest without hurting too much. The girl playing Tanzi has long hair I hope?’ Emma asked Elaine.

‘She does, yes’ Elaine agreed ‘so I could probably do that to her without actually hurting her. My hair is shorter, but she can pull that anyway to make it look that bit more convincing’ She admitted.

‘You need a real killer move as well I think Elaine’ Emma said ‘Something like a body slam maybe? I could teach you that too, but we might need someone a bit smaller than me for you t lift I think.’ Emma continued ‘Maybe I could work on that with you and your co-star another time before the play?’ Emma suggested.

‘That would be great Emma’ Elaine admitted ‘I already feel a lot better about it thanks to what you’ve done with me tonight.’

‘So I guess we’ve covered the physical side of things for now Elaine’ Emma said ‘but there are a few other things that will really help to put you to another level for the performance. Getting an image to your character is important, as is making an entrance. It matters a lot less in what I do, then it’s just about being able to fight, but in pro style, you can do a lot with image I think Elaine?’

‘I have a few ideas for that Emma’ Elaine admitted. ‘I’m playing a bit of a heel in the play I suppose, so I think I’ll play on that a little. Then, maybe after the play, I could think about a real match. The thought of that excites me a little to say the least Emma’ Elaine confessed ‘ even more so after tonight to be honest, would you help to train me for something like that as well maybe?’ the teacher asked.

‘Of course I’d be happy to’ Emma smiled ‘We should get you through the play first though, then work on that. We don’t want you going all catfight on the poor girl playing Tanzi in the play after all!’

Both women laughed at the prospect of that, and after a few more minutes, they parted company with the intention of Emma working again briefly with Elaine and ‘Tanzi’ the following week, and then two days later we found ourselves sitting ringside awaiting the start of the play. Elaine would be opening the show, for want of a better term, in a short match with her ‘daughter’ in the play, the title character, Trafford Tanzi.

Elaine’s young opponent entered the ring first to little fanfare, the the strains of AC-DC’s Thunderstruck filled the gym, Mrs Smith evidently taking the ‘make an entrance’ part of Emma’s advice seriously enough. Allowing the anticipation to build for a moment, then Mrs Smith burst through the entrance curtain and it was pretty clear to me that the was also very serious about the ‘create an image’ part of the advice too. Gone was the short, tidy, light brown hair style, replaced with a spiky bleached blonde haircut. Strutting to the ring, Mrs Smith worked the crowd just like a pro, plenty of the dads in the audience enjoying suddenly seeing a new side to the popular teacher. Dressed in a strappy swimsuit adorned with silver sequins, Elaine paused momentarily on her walk to the ring to shriek at her opponent ‘Tanzi, why ain’t you tidied your room young lady!?’

As Elaine got to our side of the room, she jumped up on to the apron of the ring, allowing the audience a first look at her strong looking legs, encased in shiny glossy tights over which she wore a pair of black fishnet tights with a seam running up the back, Silver sequined knee pads and elbow pads teamed with black, knee-high, patent leather wrestling boots completed a very alluring look for the teacher as she slipped through the ropes. A little more verbal interplay followed before the ‘match’ was underway, a knockabout three minutes of action. Tanzi threw food at Elaine, pulled her hair quite realistically (‘it was real’ Elaine later confided to us), spanked her and tripped her. Elaine’s character responded with a posting, a headlock into a battering ram against the corner post, before she delivered her piece de resistance, a crushing looking body slam that saw her take the pin. Elaine left the ring to a rapturous reception from the audience, and the show continued for the next hour or so.

‘She was good, wasn’t she’ Emma asked me of Elaine.

‘She certainly was’ I had to agree ‘She really looked the part to me and her wrestling was fairly convincing looking. She had a good coach clearly! Do you think she’s serious about a real match though Em?’ I asked ‘That’s quite a difference to something like tonight….’

‘I think she’s serious about it, but I guess we’ll find out soon enough’ Emma replied ‘The idea of the right match actually seems like it might be a turn on for her, but we’ll see’ Emma told me.

A few days later, a phone call would give us our answer. We were just a day away from heading to the Caribbean for Emma’s match when her phone rang. ‘Hi Emma, it’s Elaine. I’ve been thinking about training up to have some real matches. Are you still up for training me?’ she asked.

And that was it really. Emma offered to train Elaine, even offered my services as her corner-man and sort of manager, giving me the task of finding Elaine the perfect first opponent. ‘I want a sort of pro-style catfight’ Elaine had told me. ‘I’m not interested in fighting a beginner, and I’m pretty open on rules. I’d like a tough match because I want to do this properly and I’ll learn quicker from tough tests’ she told me giving me my brief for finding her that first opponent. I wasn’t sure quite where the search would take me, but one thing was for sure, it would help an eight hour flight to the Caribbean pass quickly enough….