Caribbean Cruise

By wolfboy

Emma continues her preparations for Sara by taking on one of her former opponents

My main focus was still to keep Emma’s mind on the job she had immediately at hand; a beach battle with tough heavyweight Bajan catfighter Shontelle Jackson. I had seen Shontelle’s only loss so far in a sweat-box catfight with Emma’s arch nemesis Sara. In that fight, Shontelle’s size and power had certainly troubled Sara for a good while before the blonde American had got the measure of the Caribbean catfighter, getting on top and ultimately winning the match. Emma’s match with Shontelle promised to be every bit as tough as that one had been for Sara. It would be held in strength sapping conditions, late in the afternoon on the soft white sand of a secluded cove. Shontelle was a powerful woman to take on, but in her quest to get even with Sara finally, it was going to be vital for Emma’s confidence to pick up the win against her.

We got to spend three days enjoying Barbados before it was time for Emma to get her game face on, something that she did during the short, air-conditioned car ride from our villa to the scene of the fight. The rules agreed for the match were fairly simple. The match would take place on the secluded beach, a mixture of soft white sand and firmer sand at the edge of the sea making up the fight area. A small invited audience would be in attendance to watch the fight, which would be a one submission, anything goes bikini brawl. The only other rule in place was that there could be no submissions until the opponent was stripped topless. We arrived at the beach, Emma stepping out across the sand barefoot, still wearing a simple white summer dress over her chosen fight bikini. Across the beach, we could also see that Shontelle was already here as well; the powerful black woman also wearing a summer dress as she paced the sand barefoot, anxiously waiting to get the match underway.

Emma joined Shontelle in the nominally set up fight area, a simple rope on three sides going into the sea marking the intended location of the match. I doubted that the rope would do much to contain the two amazons though if they elected to branch out a little! The local referee was also in the fight area, and she would also handle introductions for the small crowd. ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, this is gonna be a one submission catfight with no holds barred and no time limit. It can only be won by forcing a submission from a topless opponent. Now let me introduce our two fighters. First on my left is our visiting fighter, from England, Emma Baines. Emma is 5 feet 10 inches tall, 166lbs and 40E-27-38. She is 35 years old and comes into the match with a record of 40 wins and 15 defeats.’ Emma stepped forward to a polite reception from the crowd, peeling off her summer dress to reveal her chosen fight bikini, a blue and white checked halter top with navy blue thong briefs. Her nails were painted to match her thong, and a little longer than usual, to take advantage of the no holds barred rules. Emma stretched lightly in the corner as the referee continued ‘and her opponent is your local champion, Shontelle Jackson. Shontelle is 5 feet 7 inches tall, 212lbs and 44F-34-44. She is 27 years old, with a record of 25 wins and 1 defeat’. Now Shontelle stepped forward, receiving a more enthusiastic response from the crowd as the local fighter. She too stripped off her summer dress now to reveal a pale blue and mauve patterned bikini top with matching high waisted briefs as she waved to the crowd, a flash of long mauve painted nails visible as she did so. Both women clearly thinking alike to take full advantage of the rules. The referee moved to the centre of the fight area, ‘remember ladies, no holds barred, no time limit, one submission; lets fight!’ she instructed and the fight was on, both women circling each other cautiously in the soft white sand.

C’mon bitch!’ Shontelle told Emma as she motioned her to come in ‘let’s fight!’

Fair enough’ Emma replied as she slapped Shontelle’s face hard. The coffee skinned catfighter took it though, replying in kind as Emma made a grab for her long brown hair. That caught Emma a little by surprise and as she fell a little short on the hair grab, Shontelle made no such mistake as she drove her knee into Emma’s belly. A right hand to the jaw completed the job of putting Emma on her knees, but as Shontelle raised her arms, looking to showboat to the crowd a little, she too was stunned as Emma’s knuckles ploughed into the waist band of her blue and mauve bikini briefs. Shontelle was frozen in place for a split second, just long enough for Emma to drive an uppercut into the underside of her right breast. As she looked to rise though, Emma found herself back in the clutches of the powerful Caribbean fighter who wrapped her arms around Emma’s head, a headlock of sorts as she also tried to pull Emma’s face into the smothering power of her impressive breasts. Emma resisted that strongly, finding the space to test Shontelle’s body with a couple of right hands before the local fighter released Emma, sending her reeling towards the harder wet sand with a stinging slap to the cheek.

Emma was waiting on Shontelle though as the bigger woman moved in on her, this time snapping a right foot into the pit of her stomach. That kick carried real stopping power, the Caribbean champion halted in her tracks as Emma took her hair to throw her roughly back to the harder sand. Plunging in with an elbow drop to the breasts, Emma continued to attack, taking hold of Shontelle’s hair before bouncing the back of her head off the beach roughly. Satisfied with herself, Emma released Shontelle’s hair, delivered a slap to the face and then went straight back to the hair to pull her opponent to her feet. Confidently, Emma looked to bodyslam the 212lb fighter, lifting her with apparent ease but Shontelle was still too fresh for that move, shifting her weight cleverly to bring all of that 212lb frame crashing down hard on top of Emma as she fell back to the beach.

Shontelle landed in an almost perfect cross pinning position on Emma; although she was unable to trap Emma’s left hand, Shontelle was able to pin her right before clamping a hand across Emma’s right breast in a hard mauling attack. ‘I’ll rip your little titties off bitch’ Shontelle sneered in Emma’s face which was contorted with pain thanks to the strong fingers and sharp nails of her opponent. Emma moaned, writhing ineffectively beneath the powerful Caribbean catfighter; a bridge brought Emma little in the way of relief either as Shontelle delivered a hard left hand to the stomach before returning to the breast maul. Emma responded again, a second attempt at a bridge with she hastily had to drop, crossing her legs desperately in defence as Shontelle looked to go for a crotch maul. Then Shontelle was back to the breast mauling attack, hand fully inside Emma’s bikini top now as she continued to soften up Emma’s breasts. Trapped and being worked over, Emma was in a tough position, but she was still in the fight as she got her left hand inside Shontelle’s bikini briefs now, applying a crotch claw pretty effectively. Now Shontelle moaned in pain, forgetting all about her attacks on Emma as both hands tried to pry Emma’s fingers clear of her crotch. It was all the opening that Emma needed, slamming her right hand repeatedly into Shontelle’s body from beneath her while she kept the crotch claw on for long enough to finally wriggle free of the bigger woman’s pin too.

Shontelle rolled clear of Emma on to the harder surface of the wet sand, while Emma rolled first to her knees before getting to her feet. Shontelle also made it up to her knees before Emma went on the attack with a fast kick snapped across Shontelle’s breasts, sending the bigger woman onto her back in the sand. Emma grabbed both legs now, looking to spread them and deliver a knee to the crotch. It was a favoured move of Emma’s and Shontelle had it well scouted, flexing her legs before pushing them straight to force Emma off her, the power in the move also sending Emma on to her back in the sand. Both women made it back to their feet now, circling once more as they looked for the opening. Slaps stung both fighters skin as they probed the others defences carefully, not wishing to find themselves on the receiving end if they made a mistake. But a mistake would come of course, and it was Shontelle who committed it, stumbling on the the sand as she looked to close in on Emma. Emma latched on to the mistake too, swinging an uppercut to connect perfectly with Shontelle’s chin as she fell forward on to it. The Caribbean fighter’s head was snapped back by the powerful and well timed blow, and as she dropped a little glassy eyed to her knees on the beach, it seemed that Emma may suddenly have things going very much her way.

A second right hand to the jaw made sure that Shontelle remained in that stunned state for a while longer and then a double handful of hair saw Emma pull the dazed fighter to her feet. A thrusting chop to the throat kept Shontelle on unsteady legs now before a kick straight to the crotch dropped her once more as she moaned in pain, writhing in the wet sand as she tried desperately to regather her senses. Emma had no intention of allowing her to do that though, once again landing an elbow drop to Shontelle’s F-Cup breasts to add to her discomfort. Emma was on a bit of a roll now as she grabbed a handful of Shontelle’s hair to bring her back up the beach to the softer white sand. A headbutt to the chest bowled Shontelle back down in the sand, and as she tried to scramble to all fours, Emma straddled her back, clamping her legs into a tight scissor hold to control the coffee skinned fighter. Bunching Shontelle’s hair into almost a ponytail as she wrapped her hand in it, Emma had control of her head which she emphasised with a back handed slap to the cheek, before she reached down to unhook the fastening on Shontelle’s bikini top, deftly releasing the catch one handed and allowing it to fall from Shontelle’s body as she eased the straps off her shoulders. Dominant, Emma released the scissor, jumping into the air to bring all of her 166lbs down hard across Shontelle’s back to send the local girl face first into the sand. Emma threw Shontelle’s discarded top to the small crowd now before leaning over her to pull her from the sand. Immediately, Emma let out a squeal though as the resourceful local champion, not new to the idea of beach fighting threw a handful of white sand into Emma’s face. Taken by surprise, Emma was temporarily blinded as the coarse grains of sand got into her eyes, and as she furiously blinked and rubbed at them, it brought Shontelle the time to get back into the fight. The Caribbean catfighter worked her way behind Emma before wrapping her arms around Emma’s waist in a kind of bear hug from behind. A cry from Emma suggested the power in Shontelle’s grip even before she lifted Emma to carry her back into the harder wet sand. There, Shontelle was happy to keep the hold on Emma as she pressed her body into Emma from behind, leaning forward to nip at her shoulder with her teeth, That drew a squeal of protest from Emma who threw her elbows back wildly trying to beat Shontelle off her, but with little effect before Shontelle delivered a headbutt to the back of Emma’s neck to drop her on her knees in the sand.

There was little respite there for Emma, Shontelle’s strong right arm wrapping tightly round her throat before her legs tied Emma up in a rear body scissor. Shontelle’s sturdy thighs didn’t lack power as she worked them around Emma and I thought the choke was a good plan, as still wearing her bikini top, Emma couldn’t be forced into submission. Shontelle could use it to wear her down though, weakening her before maybe stripping her and finishing her off. I think Emma sensed the plan from her opponent too, quickly grasping her feet, twisting her toes cruelly as she gained a quick escape from the scissor hold. The home fighter still had her right arm effectively choking Emma though, and as she wrapped her left hand tightly in Emma’s hair, she dragged her back to her feet before lifting Emma once again in a more conventional bear hug this time. Shontelle looked to bring her power to bear on Emma, but with both hands free, Emma slapped Shontelle’s face repeatedly to find her way free before a kick to the pit of Shontelle’s stomach one again put the coffee skinned fighter on her knees. Emma backed up a little as if to contemplate her next move, but in fact she was simply getting the space to deliver a low drop kick, both feet crashing into Shontelle’s naked breasts as it sent her sprawling on to her back.

Now Emma attacked once more, using the hair to bring Shontelle half way to her feet before a driven knee lift to the stomach dropped the Bajan brawler once again. Emma kept up her momentum, repeating the move before using the hair again, this time to roughly throw Shontelle across the sand, ever nearer to the sea. Dragging Shontelle upright, Emma latched onto her breasts in a nasty double breast claw hold, before using a headbutt to stun Shontelle. Still on her feet, Shontelle was surprised to find herself waist locked and lifted by Emma into a pussy pounding atomic drop now, and as a clothesline from Emma finally bowled the Caribbean fighter into the edge of the surf, it was time for her to put the exclamation point onto the contest I thought. Emma shared that view too apparently as she used the hair to bring Shontelle to her feet, seamlessly moving on to lift and bodyslam her hard into the sea. A splash sent the sea water over Emma’s body in a fine spray adding an extra sheen to her body as she stood over the Caribbean catfight champion momentarily. A plan clearly had formed in her mind of how she wanted to put Shontelle away as she spread her legs to deliver a vicious knee drop to the crotch. Then kneeling beside her moaning opponent in the edge of the surf, Emma took off her own bikini top now before moving on top of Shontelle.

Now she looked the bigger fighter straight in the eyes as she slowly entwined her sexy legs around Shontelle’s. Steadily applying the power, she overpowered Shontelle inch by inch as she spread her legs in a powerful grapevine. The Caribbean catfighter let out a scream of pain as Emma’s legs threatened to split her in half now, but Emma wasn’t quite done as she plunged forward, pushing Shontelle’s hands above her head as she forced her breasts firmly into her face. As the surf lapped gently at the two entwined bodies, Emma had Shontelle trapped in a pretty passable version of Sara’s super smother from their beach fight. The result was similar too as Shontelle, on the receiving end, was quickly in trouble and forced to submit to give Emma the victory as she climbed back off Shontelle to walk up the beach, accepting the adulation of the crowd as she carried her bikini top past them.

Coming up to me, she planted a passionate kiss on me, before slipping her summer dress back on.

You didn’t hang around did you?’ I asked her ‘that looked like you back to your very best love!’ I smiled.

I though so’ she agreed. ‘It was almost easy, closest I’ve ever had to a Caribbean cruise’ she laughed, before whispering to me ‘now let’s get out of here because I’m am so turned on after that fight……’

Suffice to say, I needed little persuasion to follow those instructions, fumbling with the car keys as I headed up the beach to start the short journey back to the villa!