Sara’s Smythe Match

By wolfboy

Sara continues the mind games with a match on Emma’s home turf

Once again fancying herself as something of a mistress of psychological warfare, Sara decided to come to Emma’s home turf for another match. This time she would appear for the Smythe’s in an invitation catfight against one of the rising stars of the open weight catfight scene, the self styled ‘Gothic Princess’, Keighley. At just 19 years old, Keighley had already got herself a reputation as a catfighter whose star was on the rise. A run of 8 straight wins in competitive fights had seen to that, and with the last four all coming under the Smythe banner by way of cruelly applied face sit submissions, she was seen as a fighter to watch now. At 5 feet 8 inches and a solid 175lbs, she was well built for smothering. Sara too was well known for her smother submissions via breast smother, and so the agreed upon rules were simply anything goes with a knockout smother required to win the match which had no time limit. The match was to be held in the tighter confines of the occasionally used Smythe pool, both women preferring the smaller space as it guaranteed that they wouldn’t have to go looking for each other.

Emma had identified Keighley as a potential asset for the Smythe’s on one of her scouting trips, and while Emma hadn’t yet taken on the Goth Princess herself, Sara knew that Emma took a keen interest in her progress. Holding the match in the Smythe mansion just guaranteed that news of it would reach Emma. She needn’t have worried on that count though as Emma and I sat in the front row of the crowd, my wife eager to learn all she could about her nemesis before the fifth meeting between the two. The match had officially been billed as an inter-company challenge match, though we had little doubt that it was Sara who had instigated the challenge. Keighley was a credible opponent, one on the rise certainly, but perhaps not yet at real championship level with a woman of Sara’s experience. We fancied that Sara would prevail in a tough fight. Still, there was a level of anticipation among the relatively small crowd, restricted by the smaller capacity pool room. Having been entertained by two preliminary matches, the second of which saw Kensi Welsh win a first eliminator in her quest to become number one contender to Claire’s lightweight title, the audience were ready.

They didn’t have to wait too long for the appearance of the first fighter, Keighley. The Goth Princess looked confident as she slipped over the edge of the pool, her feet touching down on the softer matted surface of it’s floor. Dressed all in black, she peeled off a long black T-shirt to show her outfit for the fight as she stood in the pool wearing just a pair of black floral lace pattern tights and a matching crop top. Dark makeup, jet black painted nails and long straight jet black hair completing the goth look of the young catfighter. She paced a little in the pool, surrounded by the unforgiving walls as she waited for Sara to enter the arena. The blonde American took her time too, Keighley having to wait fully five minutes before the crowd caught a first glimpse of Sara. The blonde swept through the room, a long black and red gown covering her from neck to ankle until she reached the edge of the pool. Allowing the gown to fall from her shoulders, it pooled at her feet in a bundle of satin as the crowd murmured appreciatively at her choice of outfit; a red satin plunge front bra, thong and matching suspender belt teamed with sheer black stockings. The blonde knew how to make an impression as she slipped into the pool, quickly joined by the referee as the two women stood, eyeing each other across the tight fight arena.

The announcer called events to order now as he began ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, this is an inter-company catfight challenge match with no holds barred and no time limit. It can only be won by a smother to a knockout; no other submission moves will count. Introducing first, on my left, from the Smythe Federation, the Goth Princess, Keighley. She is 5 feet 8 inches, weighs 175lbs and measures 40DD-28-38 with a catfight record of 8 wins without defeat.’ Keighley glared sullenly at SAra as the crowd applauded her before the announcer continued ‘and on my right, from the Southern Belles Catfight Association is Sara. She is 5 feet 9 inches, weighs 161lbs and measures 38DD-26-38 with a catfight record of 34 wins and 8 defeats.’ Again the crowd applauded as Sara kept eye contact with Keighley while the referee called them both to the centre of the mats. The referee offered no great instruction, instead just telling the two women to ‘Fight!’ and Keighley looked to start fast, a jab to the face shocking Sara and five fast punches to the body immediately drove the blonde American back to the wall where Keighley stunned her again with a short headbutt to the face. The the Goth Princess grabbed Sara’s flowing, long blonde hair, using it to throw her across the small fight area. Sara rolled into a seated position up against the wall, narrowly dodging a hard kick aimed at her head by Keighley, and then Sara fired back from her seated position, a punch catching the Goth Princess in the crotch. Keighley dropped to her knees as Sara lunged at her, hands around the jet haired vixens throat as she choked her while banging her head off the wall of the pool.

‘How do you like that bitch?’ Sara gloated as Keighley eyes bugged from the power of Sara's grip around her throat. The Goth Princess was young, but an experienced fighter though, and she took the opportunity to rake Sara's eyes, causing an immediate break of the hold as Sara’s hands went to her eyes. Keighley was all action still, going back on the attack with a right hand sunk in right on the waist band of Sara’s red satin thong. Sara moaned as the heavy handed teenager hammered home another right hand before using the hair to pull Sara to her feet and lift her into a crunching across the knee back breaker. Bending Sara across her knee cruelly, Keighley delivered a headbutt to the stomach before pushing Sara off her and to the mat. She rose, looking to the crowd confidently as she felt she had the American blonde exactly where she wanted her. The heel of Keighley’s foot slammed down on Sara’s left breast now, keeping the flat on her back as Keighley dropped down on to her in a reverse schoolgirl pin position. Sara defended desperately, arms folded high across her chest against the teenage brawlers favoured reverse face sit, so Keighley went to the body instead, a left hand hammering into Sara’s belly. The American wasn’t done yet though swinging her legs back and pulling Keighley forward off her body. With the dark haired fighter suddenly trapped face down on the mat between her thighs, Sara tensed them, putting the young fighter through some pain of her own. Sara squeezed hard again, drawing a moan from the teenager, but a shriek from Sara as Keighley managed to apply a crotch claw showed that Keighley was also a resourceful fighter. Sara responded in kind, clawing Keighley’s ass briefly, but sensing she was getting the worst of the clawholds, she turned her loose, scrambling away from the Goth Princess’s probing fingers.

The jet haired fighter rose quickly too, but straight into Sara’s front headlock which quickly turned into a body slam leaving Keighley winded down on the mat as the fight continued at a frantic pace. Now Sara took her chance to stomp her fallen opponent, her foot slamming into Keighley’s side before she pulled her back to her feet, looking to run her face into the lightly padded wall of the pool. Keighley blocked that, bracing herself with both hands placed against the wall, but Sara took that in her stride, quickly hooking a punch in to the teenager’s belly before using the hair to roughly yank her down to the mat. Showing impressive speed, Sara dropped down into position to try and apply the grapevine / breast smother combination on her young opponent. Sara had no trouble getting control of Keighley’s legs, her stocking clad thighs overpowering Keighley’s, but the teenager was able to defend the breast smother well, arms folded firmly on top of her own breasts to prevent Sara from completing the move. Sara tried to push Keighley’s arms to the mat above her head unsuccessfully, she crashed slaps off the tough teenagers face and body, even cruelly clawed Keighley’s breasts and armpits as she tried to force her into the smother. Keighley screamed her defiance at her blonde tormentor though, and with Sara unable to complete the hold, she realised she would need to soften up teh Goth Princess some more if she was going to be able to smother her out.

A knee up into the crotch from Sara ensured that Keighley was suitably subdued as Sara pulled her back to her feet. This time, Sara took another firm handful of hair and was able to run Keighley’s face into the wall of thee pool before attempting to lift the apparently stunned Goth into a body slam. Keighley had other ideas though, steadfastly blocking the attempt before slamming her elbow down across Sara’s neck. The blonde dropped to hee knees, Keighley drove a knee between her DD breasts, and Sara was flat on her back, looking up at the lights as Keighley delivered a flying leg drop across her breasts. Now as Keighley wrapped her thick thighs around Sara’s head in a side head scissor, it was evident that the Goth Princess was bleeding slightly from a graze above her eyebrow where Sara had driven her into the pool wall. She was undeterred by it though, punching Sara in the stomach, then the crotch before looking to clamp her hand down over the blonde’s nose and mouth in a hand smother. Sara bucked and squirmed, looking to get the Goth Princess off her, but another right hand to the crotch put paid to that brief show of resistance as the strong, black lace clad thighs continued to punish the American whose moans of pain were still muffled by Keighley’s hand. Sara found an answer to that part of her problems, her teeth nipping at Keighley’s fingers to force them off her. There was no dislodging the strong thighs of the teenager though as she continued to pour the pressure on to the blonde. Now Keighley looked to move her position, sliding on top of Sara to trap her in a reverse 69 head scissor. Sara groaned in pain, but reached her legs up to also trap Keighley’s head in a scissor hold, her face trapped in Sara’s crotch by the well applied scissor hold.

It may have led to a battle of wills as the two fighters looked to see who had the stronger thighs, but Keighley had other ideas as she sunk her claws into Sara’s butt. |That freed up her head enough to deliver a short headbutt to Sara’s crotch, and immediately the blonde American found herself in big trouble as Keighley shifted her position to trap her in a reverse face sit, her 175lbs frame immediately making it difficult for Sara to take in oxygen. Sara bridged, a quick attempt to dislodge Keighley that she almost immediately regretted as the Goth Princess grabbed the front of her red satin thong, puling it into a painful wedgie that cruelly cut into her pussy. There was no give in the fabric and giving wasn’t an option for Sara either in the knockout only match, her moans of pain muffled effectively by the teenager’s ample curves. Sara bridged again, desperately looking to force Keighley off her, but the Goth Princess was not easily dislodged from her favoured smother hold, and it seemed that Sara might be fading as she passed thirty seconds trapped in the face sit. There was no obvious way out for Sara, but in her desperation, she clawed at Keighley’s ass and thighs, and then reaching round, she applied something of a stomach claw that drew a surprised shriek of pain from Keighley. Apparently on top, the last thing Keighley had expected was the sharp pain that Sara’s nails had suddenly delivered to her. Now another bridge from the blonde moved the teenager, allowing the blonde to hungry gulp in air as she turned her head to the side. Keighley sat back down on Sara’s face quickly, but it was the side of Sara’s face now, and Sara was content to fight from beneath the Goth Princess, her nails exacting their toll of the young fighter’s body as Keighley tried in vain to smother the blonde now. Sara’s continued nail attacks were starting to force Keighley into a more defensive stance now, the jet haired brawler slipping forward t try and get away from the stomach claw, only to suddenly find herself trapped in Sara’s scissor hold once again.

The Goth Princess had a quick escape from that hold, once more trying to get a crotch claw on Sara who turned her loose, but was able to escape from beneath Keighley. The blonde scrambled to her feet quickly against the wall of the pool, breathing a little heavily as Keighley also rose and the two women started to circle, jousting for position once more. Sara looked like she wanted to keep the fight at distance for the time being, and Keighley’s enthusiasm to fight suddenly seemed to work against her as Sara peppered her face and body with well timed jabs as the Goth Princess looked to rush in on her. Sara cruelly targeted Keighley’s eye too whenever the chance presented itself, her ramrod straight left jab keeping the graze open every time she rocked her head back with it. The jet haired fighter responded, kicks aimed at Sara's thighs landing with more success as she looked to close the gap to take the jab out of play. Sara backed up a little against the wall, and Keighley spotted her chance to swarm in and pin the blonde against the wall. Sara was waiting on her though, deftly side-stepping the Goth Princess before hammering her with two hard kidney punches against the wall of the pool. Keighley dropped to her knees as Sara grabbed her shock of jet black hair to drive her face into the lightly padded wall. Keighley was stunned as Sara kept hold of her hair, using it to pull Keighley back first onto her knees, the move bringing a cry of pain from the teenager. Now Sara locked eyes with Emma, the knowing look on her face suggesting that she felt things were going her way now.

She certainly wasn’t about to allow Keighley back into the fight now if she could help it, a handful of hair bringing Keighley half to her feet before a knee lift to the chest floored her. Now Sara waited, patiently allowing the Goth Princess to all fours before a straight soccer kick to the belly sent her crashing back to the mat, clutching her stomach as she looked desperately to roll clear of Sara. The blonde was content to stalk her young foe for now though as Keighley slowly gathered her senses only for Sara to drop to her knees, driving an elbow to the back of the teenager’s head. Then Sara was on her, pinning her to the mats as she rained slaps around the face of the suddenly under pressure teenager who looked to cover up as best she could until stopped the high tempo assault. Now Sara hauled the teenager to her feet, a double handful of her crop top aiding her before she tore the front of the lace garment open to reveal Keighley’s 40DD breasts. Sara delivered a straight knee lift to the crotch before pulling Keighley into a clinch to prevent her dropping to the mat. A second knee, this time to the belly, further winded and weakened the jet haired fighter before Sara heaved her into the air to deliver an authoritative body slam in the centre of the pool area.

Now we saw the cocky, confident Sara of much of her rivalry with Emma, smiling as she hauled Keighley back to her feet. Positioning the teenager against the wall, she rocked her head side to side with a right and left hook combination before an uppercut to the chin rolled the Goth Princess’s eyes back in her head. She didn’t get chance to slide down the wall though as Sara placed a foot in her stomach before monkey flipping her to the mat. Keighley hit hard and clearly dazed from Sara’s three punch combination against the wall, she didn’t seem to have any immediate plans to move as Sara told the crowd ‘it’s time to put this bitch to sleep now!’ Then Sara dived on top of Keighley, a big full body splash crushing the air from the her as Sara set her up slowly but surely for her favourite finishing move, the super smother. First the blonde shifted position to pin both of Keighley’s hands to the mat above her head, then slowly, her powerful, sexy stocking clad legs wrapped around the lace clad legs of the Goth Princess. A short headbutt to the face surprised Keighley then, extinguishing the last bit of fight from her as Sara used one hand now to unhook her own red satin bra, allowing it to fall from her body. Her breasts bared now, Sara winked at Emma, a kind of ‘remember this?’ gesture, and then with a handful of black hair ensuring Keighley’s face was upturned, she plunged her 38DD breasts in the teenagers face. Keighley immediately sprang into some kind of action now, desperate to tray and dislodge Sara but the blonde had her now, and she knew it, riding Keighley’s attempts with relative ease while she allowed her to effectively tire herself out more for the first thirty seconds in the hold. Keighley’s breathing was growing a little heavy now, even more so when Sara reached back to punch her in the stomach and the crotch before tightly wrapping her arms around the back of Keighley’s head to ensure that there was no escape from the smothering pillow of her breasts. Keighley continued to battle hard against the hold, aware that there was no way out with a submission, but it was to no avail as Sara held the smother in place until she was content that Keighley had been smothered out. Easing her breasts from Keighley’s face, Sara held the pinning position allowing the referee to check the now beaten teenager, confirming that she had indeed been won the bout via smother knockout.

Sara rose off Keighley, taking the acclaim of the crowd, but all the time, she and Emma continued to stare holes through each other. It was clear to me that the rivalry between the two was well and truly alive still; more so, that both women still wanted at each other as well. As Sara climbed from the pool and left the room, I knew it was now a case of when, rather than if that fifth match between the two would happen. I was determined to make sure this time that Emma was going to be as well prepared as possible for the challenge.