The Lady loses her title

By wolfboy

Claire has to defend her title in a themed catfight

Claire’s next title defence would prove to be something of an unusual catfight as a private sponsor had put forward a large sum of money for the match to be a themed ‘lady versus maid’ catfight. To add extra authenticity to the match, a house had been rented by the Smythe’s to host the match. As champion, Claire would take the role of the lady of the house and would start the match by ringing a bell in her bedroom on the top floor of the house. Her challenger was the teenage blonde catfighter Kensi Welsh who was the official number one contender now. Kensi would start the match in the servants quarters down in the basement of the house. The theory was that the two women would meet on the first floor of the house which offered the largest rooms for fighting in, but the whole of the house would be fair game for fighting.

As her manager, I was in the bedroom with Claire offering her advice before the fight, but as she changed into her outfit, as usual in recent times, Claire wasn’t listening to much that I told her. She smoothed the black leather and mesh strappy mini dress over her thighs, suspender straps and sheer black stockings completing the look with a pair of six inch heels. Her jet black hair flowing beyond her shoulders and perfect make up with long, black painted nails added to her elegant look, allowing her to appear every inch the lady of the house. Claire was confident, sure that the relatively inexperienced blonde didn’t pose her much of a threat. I felt that the match was fraught with danger though, particularly with the whole house in play. There were plenty of unforgiving surfaces and hazards to negotiate in the one fall anything goes match.

Down below in the servants quarters, Kensi was pacing the room anxiously waiting to be summoned by her lady. Fitting the role to a T, the blonde youngster wore a black crop top trimmed with white lace and a black mini skirt adorned with a white lace apron. A white suspender belt and black fishnet stockings completed her outfit. She was barefoot too preferring that to Claire’s towering heels that while they may have looked impressive, were surely only going to result in reduced mobility for Claire. Seconded by her mother Tasha, I had little doubt that Kensi would be well enough prepared. Claire had the edge in experience, but good preparation would close that gap; in the end it would come down to who was the tougher.

A knock on the bedroom door told us that the film crew were now ready for the match to start as soon as Claire wanted. She wasn’t about to delay things any further either, telling me ‘time to beat up a blonde bitch’ before ringing the bell and swinging open the door to the room to make her way slowly down the stairs, tottering a little on her high heels. Down below, Kensi had no such issues, running up her flight of stairs and emerging to tackle Claire back on to the staircase just as she reached the bottom of them. Her back hit hard on the bottom couple of steps as Kensi straddled her to rain down a series of slaps to the face and body as the blonde took the early initiative in the match. Still keeping Claire pinned there on the steps, Kensi wrapped her legs around Claire’s, spreading her legs with a grapevine before reaching back to pull the front of Claire’s skirt up, and finding that Claire wasn’t wearing any panties, she took the opportunity to apply an early crotch claw. Claire squealed in pain as it was evident that the teen challenger was effective with her early attack. Claire’s position on the stairs made it tough for her to respond too, and Kensi gleefully pressed the attack with the pussy claw.

Fortunately for Claire, Kensi’s determined pussy claw attack meant that the young blonde’s focus was on attack, a sharp punch to the stomach from the champion taking her by surprise. Claire took advantage, ripping Kensi’s crop top open to expose her breasts before sinking her nails into them. It was suddenly Kensi who was bemoaning her treatment at her opponent’s hands as Claire punished her and the young blonde’s hands went to her breasts, trying to pull Claire’s hands off her. Claire broke that hold willingly though, only to deliver a hard punch straight into Kensi’s stomach, and finally she was out from under Kensi as the challenger rolled off her to the carpet at the foot of the stairs, Showing her wicked streak, Claire was immediately on the attack, kicking off her heels wisely before threading Kensi’s long blonde hair through the spindles of the stair case and pulling on it viciously. Kensi squealed as Claire pulled her hair out by the roots before a cruel punch to the back of the head sent Kensi sprawling face first to the carpet. Dazed, Kensi offered little resistance as Claire ripped the crop top from her body to leave her topless before she went back to the hair to throw Kensi across the hallway at the bottom of the stairs. Kensi landed hard on the unforgiving carpeted floor, and it was advantage to Claire as she adjusted her dress before continuing her attack. The other rooms on the floor all contained padded floors as the intended site of the majority of the fight, but Claire had other ideas, lifting and body slamming Kensi on the harder unforgiving floor there in the hall before dragging the moaning youngster by the hair in to the ‘lounge’ area.

The lounge room consisted of a matted area surrounded by four low sofas, one of which Claire now threw Kensi over to get her into the matted area before climbing on to the sofa from where she launched into a full body splash. The extra height of the sofa would have added to the devastation of the move for Kensi had she not rolled clear just in time, and Claire hit nothing but mat. Claire was winded and Kensi looked to move on to the attack, wisely punishing Claire with a couple of hard kicks to the stomach as she reached all fours. Then the blonde straddled Claire’s back as she reached all fours once more, crossing her ankles beneath Claire’s body before falling to her side with the champion trapped in a crushing body scissor. From her battles with Debbie, I knew that Kensi had powerful legs, and now those legs were trying to squeeze the championship from Claire. Muscular fishnet clad thighs working hard to punish Claire and Kensi wasn’t done at that as she used a handful of Claire’s glossy jet black hair to bounce her head off the mat hard. That dazed Claire a little as Kensi used the hair again to drag Claire’s head into a headlock cum choke hold, face pressed in against her naked breasts as she again tried to grind a submission out of Claire.

The champion was in trouble early on it seemed, trapped in the muscular prison of Kensi’s thighs, her body already bathed in a light sheen of sweat as she looked to find a way clear. Kensi stayed a step ahead for now, another handful of hair used to bounce Claire’s head off the mat before she attacked the straps of Claire’s dress to soon leave the champion topless as Kensi pulled the bodice of her dress down towards her waist. A nail rake across her DD breasts drew a scream of pain fro Claire, the pain also seemed to give her some fight back though, and as Kensi moved position, looking for a breast smother to add to the mix, Claire was waiting for her to sink her teeth into her breasts. Now Kensi cried out in pain, rolling away from Claire and clutching her breasts while Claire, despite the pain in her ribs from Kensi’s crushing body scissor, smiled at the shocked youngster.

Both young women were back on their feet now for the first time in the match, circling each other a little cautiously, trading verbal barbs as well as slaps and kicks. Apparently getting into character a little as she landed a stinging slap to Kensi’s face, Claire told her that she ‘could tidy this mess up after I’ve taught you a lesson bitch!’

‘Fuck you cunt!’ Kensi fired back as she landed a kick to the body, ‘the only thing I’m picking up afterwards is your title!’

Another attempted kick to the body saw Kensi run into problems though as Claire trapped her leg against her body, and on one leg, Kensi had little defence as Claire landed three crotch punches before tripping her to the mat. Kensi clutched her assaulted womanhood down on the mat as Claire delivered a leg drop across her breasts. As she converted the leg drop to a side head scissors with the use of a handful of hair, Claire wore the confident look of a woman who had things going her way. Keeping a good grip on Kensi’s tresses, Claire set to work on grinding out a submission, her thighs tightly wrapped around Kensi’s head as she used her free hand well, slipping it across the throat of the struggling teenager. As she worked her legs hard to continue the punishment, Claire’s dress rode up to her waist once more to reveal her pussy. Kensi’s cries of pain made Claire feel that she had Kensi on the verge of submission, but unwittingly she had presented Kensi with an opportunity to attack, one she took gladly as she got her fingers inside Claire with an effective crotch claw, quickly forcing the champion to break her scissor hold and scramble clear.

Both women made it back to their feet once more, each looking a little the worse for wear after the opening few minutes of action. Both topless now, Kensi’s skirt had, like Claire’s, ridden up high on her hips to reveal that she too was wearing no panties. As the eyed each other a little warily, once again the champion showed her extra experience with a stinging kick to Kensi’s thick thighs before she rushed her back onto one of the sofas, catching her in a pin trapped half on and half on the sofa. Clare sat high up on Kensi’s chest, pinning the young challenger’s arms to her side as she reached back to drum out a steady beat on Kensi’s toned stomach with her fists. Each collision of fist and stomach was met by a grunt from Kensi as Claire continued to punish her. There was little doubt that Kensi was in some trouble under the concerted attack, and as she failed in an attempt to buck Claire off her, a cruel short headbutt to the face from Claire seemed to have momentarily at least taken the fight out of the young challenger.

Claire felt it too and shifted her position looking to trap Kensi in a naked face sit right there on the sofa. It was an ill judged move though with Kensi not anywhere near finished, and turning her head to the side she sunk her teeth into the inside of Claire’s thigh drawing a pained shriek from the startled champion who looked to scramble clear.

‘You bitch!’ Claire moaned at Kensi, who laughed off the insult before catching a flustered Claire with a knee to the stomach as she rushed in. The air driven from her body, Claire quickly found herself hoisted by Kensi to deliver a crunching bodyslam on the centre of the mats. Standing over Claire, the younger woman had no problem relieving Claire of her black dress now, leaving her naked except for her pair of sheer black stockings and a suspender belt. Kensi threw the dress from the mats before upping the ante, spreading Claire’s legs before dropping to her knees to deliver a headbutt to the crotch. Claire howled in pain as Kensi continued the attack, rolling Claire on to her front before crossing her legs in a tight figure four. Sitting on her opponent’s legs now, Kensi was able to grab a double handful of hair to pull Claire’s chest clear of the mat before wrapping her arm tightly around Claire’s throat in a choke hold.

‘Give it up slut!’ Kensi instructed from her dominant position on top of Claire, who was trapped in a dangerous position in a one fall contest now it seemed. Kensi leant back more too, further punishing Claire who cried out in a mixture of pain, frustration and defiance. The choke was wearing her down though, and she was desperately looking for a way out, trying to free her feet from the figure four. Kensi had that covered though, briefly going back to the champions jet black hair before cracking a slap off Claire’s face to momentarily quell her resistance before reapplying the choke. The few moments of respite from the choke hold had at least allowed Claire to regain her breath before Kensi started the choke attack once more. Claire looked to shift her head slightly, perhaps looking to get in position to use her teeth on the challenger’s arm, but Kensi was wise enough to avoid that, going back to the hair again to control Claire’s head.

Sensing the chance to finish off the champion perhaps, Kensi decided to bring Claire back to her feet, but once again the champion chowed her resilience, surprising her challenger with an eye rake as she pulled her to her feet. Kensi was disorientated even before Claire followed up by dropping her with a hard right hand to the jaw. Kensi hadn’t really seen that one coming and as she crashed to the mat, rubbing her eyes to try and restore her vision, Claire followed up with a hard kick to the body. Kensi rolled to the mat on her back, clutching her side and offered little in the way of defence as Claire relived her of her mini skirt before pulling her back towards her feet and flooring her with a knee lift to the body. Claire stood over her young challenger now, allowing her to make it part of the way to her feet before an elbow drop to the back of the neck put Kensi back on the mat briefly only for Claire to use her hair to pull her back to her feet quickly and into a bear hug. Claire’s arms cut into the body of Kensi as she looked to grind the submission out of her challenger; Kensi moaned with the pain before looking to pull Claire’s face into her breasts in a standing smother. Claire quickly put paid to that, an increase in the pressure drawing a cry of pain from Kensi who seemed to be showing signs of fading now.

A double handful of hair from the challenger saw her able to gain some respite as she used it to force Claire’s head back. Claire still looked to be in control of the situation though, but she hadn’t counted on Kensi’s determination to stay in the fight, and a short headbutt to the face from the young fighter forced Claire, a little stunned, into breaking the hold. Claire looked to quickly get back on top of her challenger, but now Kensi brushed Claire’s arms aside before ploughing a hard right hand into the champions belly. Claire dropped to her knees and found herself immediately trapped in a front headlock by Kensi who wrapped her arms tightly around her neck before driving a kick into Claire’s stomach once more. A grunt of pain came from Claire as Kensi released the hold before grabbing the hair to throw Claire over the sofa and back towards the hallway where the fight had started.

Climbing back over the sofa, Kensi was able to trap Claire once again in the front headlock, dragging her nails across Claire’s back to draw a shriek of pain from the champion as she slowly maneuvered her out of the room. Claire was in trouble once more, pawing ineffectively at Kensi’s arms before the young challenger dropped her once more to her knees with a powerful right hand to the back of the head. The clubbing blow took it’s toll on Claire, and as Kensi dragged her on her hands and knees, by the hair, into the hallway, it looked to me like Claire was struggling to regain her senses. Kensi had on intention of allowing her to do so either; as soon as she got Claire through the door into the hallway, she scooped Claire up to deliver a bodyslam on the harder surface of the hallway. Claire cried out in pain from the impact, her hips rising as the pain struck her lower back, but Kensi was all over her now. Back in Claire’s hair, the young fighter once again hauled Claire up into a second hard, body slam, this time a cry of anguish escaping Claire’s lips even before the crunching impact as she met the floor.

It was all Kensi now, a heel stomp to the crotch delivered cruelly as Claire’s hips rose from the floor proving to be devastatingly effective before Kensi dragged Claire back towards the stairs. As she had at the beginning of the bout, Kensi now pinned the broken down champion on the lower steps, this time a handful of hair pulling Claire’s face into her crotch. The smothering face sit may well have been enough to force Claire into defeat, but Kensi didn’t leave it at that though as, remembering that the pain still burned in Claire’s crotch from her heel stomp, she reached back to apply a pussy claw. Now Claire’s cries of pain filled the room despite the smothering pin, and there was little that she could do to escape. Awkwardly pinned on the stairs, Kensi had chosen her point of attack perfectly as Claire could simply find no leverage to escape. As Kensi kept her well trapped, punishing her cruelly, Claire was forced to cry out ‘I submit!!’

Kensi looked a little startled, perhaps not expecting to put the champion away so quickly, but as she rose off Claire, a smile of pure satisfaction spread across her face as she stood over the now deposed champion having made good on her promise to pick up her title after the match.

For my part, I wondered if Claire was going to keep fighting, and if she did, would I remain as her manager? I couldn’t help thinking that it had been a while since Claire had really listened to my advice. Perhaps though, this was a chance to regain her ear and maybe mend some of the rift between her and Emma as well.