Caged Cats

By wolfboy

Emma enters the cage for an MMA catfight

Emma felt that she was ready now to face Sara once more, but with her nemesis preparing for a Hong Kong syndicate title defence, that match was on the back burner just for now. I did have a provisional agreement in place with Sara’s manager Danny for that match to take place 4 weeks after the title defence though. With the finer details still to work out, it was also important to keep Emma active, and the chance of a match with a touring American fighter known as Noreen presented the perfect chance for that. The American had 20 years on Emma and was a powerful looking woman who I felt could test Emma. Noreen was also in agreement with my other planned stipulation. Emma planned to take on Sara completely in private, so I wanted something similar in this match. Although each fighter would be seconded this time, it was to be held inside an MMA cage without a referee. A no holds barred catfight with verbal submissions only until one woman gave up the match completely. Noreen requested that MMA gloves be worn in the match, which Emma was happy to agree to, so we traveled to a private MMA facility in Birmingham for the match to take place.

As Emma changed into her outfit for the fight, a pink and white sports bra and hotpants set over a skimpy pink g-string with matching pink MMA gloves, we talked through tactics for the fight. ‘Watch for her at the start’ I cautioned. ‘I think she’ll look for a fast start because you probably have her on stamina. She’s going to look to put you away, or at least get you hurt early on in the fight’ I suggested.

‘I think you’re right Steve, but I can take some punishment if I have to, and if that happens, I think I an keep coming at her’ Emma told me. ‘We don’t know much about her style either, so I have to be a bit cautious early on I suppose. You can probably assume that she knows more about me. She must be comfortable with the style of the fight too, so I’m going to have to play it by ear a little early on’ Emma said.

‘Makes sense’ I agreed ‘don’t forget too, although I’m going to be out there seconding you, I’m not going to offer any advice between rounds. You know what you’re doing in there anyway, and if you’re fighting Sara in complete privacy, you need to get used to working situations out on your own’ I told Emma.

With that, we headed to the large cage as Emma slipped on a pink ring jacket to await her opponent Noreen’s appearance. The American didn’t keep us waiting too long either, coming to the cage wearing a long emerald green t-shirt that matched her MMA gloves. Trailing Noreen was a member of staff from the facility who would at both as Noreen’s second, and as the announcer pre-match. As she entered the cage, she took up a position on the centre of the mats and began ‘ladies you’re here today for a no holds barred, no referee, MMA catfight. There is no time limit, verbal submissions only until one of you gives up the match with a one minute break after a submission. Do you both understand the rules’ she asked, receiving general nods of consent from both women. ‘OK then, on my left wearing pink is Emma who is 35 years old, 5 feet 10 inches tall, weighs 167lbs, measures 40E-27-38 and has a record of 41 wins and 15 defeats. On my right wearing green is Noreen who is 55 years old, 5 feet 7 inches tall, weighs 177lbs, measures 38D-34-36 and has a record of 8 wins and 6 defeats. So if you’re ready ladies, strip off and lets fight.’ Both women removed their tops now and stood looking at each other, Emma in her pink two piece outfit while Noreen wore just an emerald green thong. Hands on hips, she eyed Emma before suggesting ‘a little over dressed aren’t we honey? What do you say we fight like real women, topless?’

‘Fine by me’ Emma smiled back, removing her top to reveal her 40E breasts before also removing her hotpants for good measure so that she now just wore her skimpy pink g-string. With that done, the two women touched gloves and began to circle each other, feeling out any potential weaknesses as round one got underway. The opening pace of the fight was steady as Emma, using her height and reach advantage to keep Noreen at her distance, flicking out jabs at the American fighter’s breasts. Noreen was happy to walk forward though it seemed, taking the occasional jabs while her own punches fell just short of the mark in the early going. Emma stepped in now, looking to deliver a two punch combination to the head, but Noreen blocked well before grabbing a handful of Emma’s flowing auburn hair to pull her on to an uppercut to the chin. Emma took that well enough as Noreen released the hair and the fight went back to distance again briefly with Emma continuing to warm up Noreen’s 38D breasts with accurate jabs before she was able to grab Noreen’s black hair to pull her into a side headlock, quickly using it to flip her to the mat.

Down on the mat, Noreen let out a cry of surprise as Emma used a heavy flat handed slap to flatten her right breast against her chest before she worked the headlock hard. Noreen pawed at Emma’s face, a distraction more than anything as she looked to try and work her legs up and around Emma’s head in a head scissor. The bigger woman was flexible enough too, but Emma brushed the attempt aside before delivering a second hard slap to the breast. This time she converted it to a breast maul too, putting her pink painted nails to good use as she continued to punish Noreen in the early going. Again the dark haired fighter pawed and pushed at Emma’s face until this time, her fingers found a target in Emma’s long auburn hair which she gleefully locked on to. Foregoing the headlock now, Emma also locked onto her opponent’s black hair, and the two women rolled on the mat, locked in a tight catball for a few moments until, knee planted firmly in Emma’s crotch, Noreen gained the upper hand by banging the back of Emma’s head on the matted floor of the cage. It was just enough to daze Emma slightly, allowing Noreen to drive her knee up into Emma’s pussy and for the first time the American woman had control of the fight as she pulled Emma from the mat by the hair, before throwing her chest first into the wall of the cage.

Using the cage as an ally now, Noreen delivered a splash across Emma’s back to crush her against the cage. Emma let out an ‘oooff’ as the air was crushed from her body. Not letting up, Noreen leant into Emma, pressing her body against the unforgiving cage before hammering a right hand into Emma’s lower back. It was a powerful blow which saw Emma’s knees wobble just a little before from behind, Noreen reached between Emma’s legs to apply a crotch claw. Emma let out a yelp of pain as the American’s emerald green painted nails tested her resilience now, but Emma fired back an elbow, catching Noreen in the chest and forcing a break. Emma turned quickly, looking to get back on top of her opponent, but in her haste, she ran straight in to a right cross to the jaw that rocked her back against the cage. Emma covered up, perhaps expecting Noreen to launch into a flurry of punches against the cage, but instead a nail rake to the stomach was followed by a monkey flip that left Emma flat on her back in the centre of the cage. If Emma was staring up at the lights, that view was rudely interrupted by Noreen who delivered a full body splash, winding Emma once more as she took full control of the match.

Noreen took up a full body pinning position, crotch to crotch with Emma as she spread her legs with a grapevine, pinned her hands to the mat above her head and then delivered a series of quick head butts to Emma’s breasts. Emma was in a tough position as she battled to free her arms only for Noreen to lift her body off Emma before dropping back onto her to drive her back into the mat. That put Emma back firmly under Noreen’s control as she shifted position to sit higher on Emma’s chest now before, wrapping both arms tightly around Emma’s head, she pulled her face into a breast smother. Emma struggled, immediately planting her feet in the mat and looking to bridge to force Noreen off her. Finding no success there, she hooked a punch into Noreen’s side, but the American fighter took that before lifting Emma’s head and shoulders from the mat. Plunging forward, she drove Emma back into the mat, the impact stunning her even before Noreen repeated it twice more. With Emma struggling now, Noreen had her it seemed, the breast smother one again firmly in place which she rode her 177lbs across Emma’s upper body. Once again, Emma fought against the hold, looking to bridge clear only for Noreen to once again plunge forward, taking the fight out of Emma for just long enough as she blurted out a slightly muffled ‘I submit!’

First blood, so to speak, to the tough American who went back to her corner looking satisfied with her work in round one. Emma took just a moment before heading back to our corner for the one minute break. ‘I’m fine’ she smiled as she sat down ‘she’d got me though, so I thought it was best to live to fight another day’ Emma told me.

As we’d agreed beforehand, I let Emma get on with the tactics herself, and it seemed to have worked OK as she made a confident start to the second round. Emma’s reach advantage saw her able to catch Noreen with a series of stiff jabs to the face and body. Noreen stepped in, delivering a hard hook to the body, but Emma caught her with a heavy cuffing slap to the side of the head as she failed to get clear in time, sending Noreen reeling into the cage. Emma rushed in, sensing that Noreen was a little stunned, and she landed a heavy barrage of three body punches before Noreen looked to clinch with her, still trapped against the cage. Emma reacted quickly, a handful of hair allowing her to bounce Noreen’s head off the cage before, with the curvy American a little stunned, she delivered a monkey flip of her own, sending Noreen crashing hard to the centre of the mats. Emma crashed down on Noreen with a leg drop landing hard across her breasts, drawing a moan of pain as it did so, and as she pulled her opponent from the mat by her jet black hair, the second fall looked to be under control early on. Emma slipped a hand between Noreen’s thighs, lifting her with ease to deliver a bodyslam in the centre of the cage. Noreen looked to roll onto her side down on the mat, but Emma grabbed both of her ankles, spreading her legs to deliver a cruel heel stomp to the crotch. As Noreen screamed out in pain, Emma showed no mercy as she turned her onto her stomach to secure a single leg boston crab. Leaning back, she put the pressure on the American fighter even before her fingers slipped inside her emerald green thong, adding a pussy claw to Noreen’s predicament. As she felt Emma’s fingers expertly probe her womanhood, Noreen was quick to cry out ‘I submit!’ and Emma released the punishing hold as she evened up the score in the fight.

Emma was quickly back in the corner after the quick second fall; she had caught Noreen early with the slap to the head and never really allowed her the chance to recover. I thought that the American fighter as a long way from done though, but Emma seemed to think that she had her now. At the start of the third round, Emma showed that confidence, rushing Noreen into the cage wall at the start of the round before delivering a hard right hand to the belly. Noreen groaned, but she was tough and fought back, blocking Emma’s attacks well before a well placed knee to the body forced Emma to back up. Now Noreen looked to go onto the attack, a right cross to the jaw followed by an open handed nail rake across the stomach as Emma suddenly found herself on the back foot, narrowly dodging a kick to the thigh as she skipped clear. The round settled down a little now, the fight held at range for a moment as both ladies slapped and kicked at each other. Neither was overly effective, both landing occasional blows that did little to trouble the other woman. Noreen grabbed for the hair, feeling the burning effect of Emma’s nails slashing across her breasts in return as she was forced off her. Then it was Emma’s turn to attack, grabbing Noreen’s black hair and bending her forward at the waist while she slapped and scratched at Noreen’s back. Emma looked to be on top, but Noreen slapped hard at her thighs, and as Emma lost a little control of Noreen’s hair, she shipped a knee to the pit of the stomach that rocked her back against the cage wall. Now Noreen went to the hair, pulling Emma forward at the waist and as she tried to defend against that, a kick straight to the crotch dropped her an her butt against the cage wall, moaning in pain as she clutched her pussy. Noreen dropped to her knees, looking to press home her advantage as she applied a straight forward double handed choke hold to Emma whose eyes went wide with shock as she felt the American fighter’s hands closing around her throat. She fired back, a right hand to Noreen’s stomach enough for force the break, but grabbing the hair, Noreen slammed the back of Emma’s head into the cage to regain control.

Emma found herself in a tough position now as Noreen straddled her legs before lacing the fingers of her left hand through Emma’s hair as she grabbed the cage. Effectively trapped, Emma let out a shriek of pain as Noreen sunk the nails of her right hand in to her right breast, pressing her body tightly into Emma’s to hold her firmly in place against the cage. Emma cried out in pain again as Noreen continued to work the breast maul, twisting Emma’s breast painfully as she looked for the submission. Emma tried to work free, but held by her auburn hair against the cage, her chances of escaping seemed limited. Noreen leant back momentarily, allowing herself room to deliver a stinging slap to the right breast, softening it up for more punishment as she immediately converted it back to the breast maul, leaning her body back hard into Emma. ‘Submit bitch?’ she asked as Emma let out a long and defiant cry of pain before replying ‘No!’ as she grabbed onto the waistband of Noreen’s thong, pulling it up sharply into a wedgie. Now the American woman let out a surprised cry of pain of her own as the thong cut into her pussy as Emma tried to fight back. Noreen kept her breast maul on, but released Emma’s hair as she grabbed Emma’s hand looking to ease the pain from the wedgie. That proved to be a mistake though as Emma was able to deliver a headbutt to Noreen’s chest sending her sprawling back off her to the mat.

Emma got back to her feet, massaging her tenderised breast as she looked to catch Noreen with a knee lift as she rose. The move was partly successful, catching Noreen in the chest, but the American caught Emma’s leg, trapping it against her body before a forearm to the breasts put Emma on her back. Noreen lunged for Emma immediately with an attempted flying full body splash, but Emma had her wits about her, raising her knees to catch her flush in the stomach. Noreen rolled to the mat, clearly winded, and Emma spotted her chance, climbing on top of the stricken American fighter and trapping her arms against her body as she trapped her in a perfect face sit. With her opponent winded, Emma wasted no time in hammering a hard double fisted blow deep into the pit of Noreen’s stomach. A second blow followed quickly, Noreen letting out a muffled groan from beneath Emma’s ass and pussy as she rode the older woman’s face. Continuing the attack now, Emma chose a double claw hold, one hand clawing at Noreen’s stomach while she applied a breast claw with the other hand. Her nails tested Noreen’s resilience now while she continued to suffer beneath the smothering effect of Emma’s face sitting.

‘Submit?’ Emma asked, not waiting for a reply before going back to deliver another hard, double fisted blow to the stomach. Noreen moaned again in pain, but seemed determined to hold on until Emma’s well applied double breast claw hold saw a change of mind with the American fighter quickly yelling out her submission. Now in the lead, Emma looked happy with how the match was going, but it was fair to say that Noreen had almost had her in that third fall until her attempted splash had gone wrong. Still it was a confident looking Emma who started the fourth fall landing a fast slap to Noreen’s face before looking to work the American woman’s body with kicks and punches as she steadily backed Noreen up to the wall of the cage. A double handful of hair saw Emma able to slam Noreen’s body against the cage wall, but she left herself open to attack as Noreen slammed to punches into her breasts, setting them swinging as a third punch landed to the jaw and put Emma on her backside on the mat.

She paid further for her careless defensive work too as Noreen slashed a kick across her chest, flattening her breasts against her body as it put her flat on her back on the mat. Noreen leant in, going to the hair and receiving a right hand to the stomach as she did so; an elbow smash to the back of Emma’s neck dropped her again though and Noreen went back to the hair to get Emma onto her feet. The American was a powerful woman, showing it as she lifted Emma off her feet in a rib cracking bear hug before as Emma showed signs of trying fight out of it, she ran her hard, back first in to the cage wall. Emma was back on the mat as Noreen caught her with a kick to the body that drew an audible gasp from Emma as the air left her body. Now Noreen reached down, grabbing the waistband of Emma’s pink g-string, pulling it up hard into a wedgie as she kept her pinned, face down on the mat with a well placed foot in the small of her back. It was tricky to work out if the shout of pain from Emma or the sound of a ripping g-string came first, but it was probably a little disappointing for Noreen as the skimpy g-string quickly came away in her hand. She hid the disappointment well though, stomping Emma’s lower back before grabbing a handful of hair to slam Emma’s face into the mat.

Now Noreen dropped down hard, landing across Emma’s lower back as she straddled it and immediately grabbed a handful of flowing auburn hair to pull her chest and face clear of the mat. A hard punch into the breasts punished Emma further before Noreen released the hair, tying Emma up in a full nelson instead before looking to roll her on to her side. I thought a body scissor might have been coming up, but instead, Noreen skilfully wrapped her right leg around Emma’s, using it to spread her painfully. Folding Emma’s arms up tighter now, she was able to secure a handful of hair, using it to effectively hold the full nelson in place with one hand. Emma shrieked out ‘aaaaggh……bitch!’ as she was spread and punished with the combination hold. Noreen had something else in store too, using her free hand to reach round and maul Emma’s right breast once more, drawing cries of pain from my wife who was fading in the combination hold and was forced to yell out ‘I give, I give!’ as Noreen evened up the score once more at 2-2. The match had been going for about twenty minutes now, and with both women feeling the pace a little, it seemed that the next fall could maybe be decisive as I felt both might use it as a chance to force a total submission now. Naked and a little frustrated at the result of the last round, Emma was determined to be the fighter setting the pace of the fight in round five. She was a little frustrated though as Noreen fought well on the back foot, rocking Emma’s head back a number of times with stiff jabs to the face as she strayed into range. Indeed, it was Noreen who seemed to be forcing the pace, backing Emma up slowly until, with Emma trapped against the cage, she unleashed a withering salvo of body punches. Emma blocked what she could with her arms tucked into her side in defence though, and as the pace of the attack slowed, a fast slap to Noreen’s face followed by a nasty nail rake across the breasts looked to have turned the tide in Emma’s favour. Roughly switching Noreen against the cage now with a handful of hair, Emma went to the body as well forcing Noreen to block some wide swinging punches before a straight knee to the body struck home, dropping Noreen to a knee.

Emma stepped in, trapping Noreen in that kneeling position with a front headlock only to quickly have to evade an attempted crotch claw from the resourceful American fighter who was far from out of the match just yet. Failing with the claw, Noreen settled for putting her nails to use raking them down Emma’s thighs, raising angry red furrows before Emma released the headlock and delivered a hard knee between the breasts that drove Noreen against the cage wall. Emma was all action now, pulling Noreen to her feet to deliver a shuddering body slam in the centre of the cage. Following up, Emma delivered an elbow drop across Noreen’s lower back before pulling her back to her feet to deliver a second, equally powerful bodyslam. Noreen was clearly in pain now but as Emma went in for a third slam, she showed that she wasn’t done yet, blocking the move and dropping Emma to the mat with a clubbing blow across the back. Emma just about scrambled clear of a wild kick down on the mat, but as she got back to her feet Noreen caught her with an uppercut to the jaw that sent her rocking back into the wall of the cage. Feeling the pace, Noreen still looked to attack perhaps sensing that this was her big chance to put Emma away. Again Noreen went to the body, landing two solid looking body shots to Emma’s stomach before leaning into her, one arms pressed across Emma’s throat while the other went for the breast claw, again drawing cries of protest from Emma. Emma responded though, hand wrapped in Noreen’s hair while she slammed punches into the American’s exposed ribs and back. Emma caught Noreen with a nasty blow to the kidneys, and as she felt the energy leave Noreen’s body for a moment, a well placed foot behind Noreen’s leg and a push to the chest sent her sprawling to the mat.

Emma was straight on to the attack now, delivering a knee drop across Noreen’s breasts before using a handful of hair to pull her into a choke hold as she slid her shin across Noreen’s throat. Noreen defended desperately, nails sunk into Emma’s calf as she clawed at the leg trying to get out of the hold. Emma delivered a back hand slap to Noreen’s face now before quickly switching tactics, getting behind Noreen to trap her in a rear body scissor, her heels grinding roughly in to the dark haired woman’s crotch as she latched both hands onto her opponent’s breasts. Noreen’s hands went to her breasts, looking to prise Emma off her, but Emma had the mauling claw holds sunk in deep, and as Noreen let out a cry of pain and frustration, Emma went to work on her. Powerful thighs were crushing Noreen’s body, but it was the sharp nails digging into her tender breasts that were really doing the damage now it seemed. Emma opened her legs momentarily, before snapping them shut again, slamming her heels into Noreen’s crotch once more as she did so. Once again, the pained cries of the tough American filled the room now as Emma continued to work her breasts over mercilessly, until she yelled out ‘I submit!’

‘The match?’ Emma enquired, keeping up the pressure on the combination maul and scissor hold. ‘Submit the match!’ Emma insisted.

‘No………I……never!’ Noreen cried out, perhaps looking to convince herself as much as anything.

‘The match bitch! Submit the match’ Emma told her again, cruelly, slowly raking her nails across Noreen’s breasts before sinking in the double claw hold once more, and now, Noreen was once again howling in pain on the mats.

‘Aaaggghh, Aaaaggggh! I submit, I submit!’ Noreen yelled out once more only for Emma to once again tell her to ‘submit the match!’
‘Yes, yes!’ Noreen hastily cries out as the pain in her breasts continued to intensify from Emma’s claw hold. ‘I submit the match, you win!’

Emma released her combination hold now, rolling Noreen on to her back for just long enough to break out a victory pose, standing naked, triumphant over her opponent with a foot placed between her breasts. Then Emma left the cage, leaving Noreen to lick her wounds down on the mat. I wasn’t sure that we had seen the last of Noreen as an opponent though. She ‘d provided the perfect warm up opponent for Emma as she waited for the chance to take on Sara once more. A tough match but one which Emma had ultimately been successful in was just about the perfect combination. Something about the ending of the match just made me think that Noreen might fancy another shot at Emma in the future. For now though, our focus moved entirely on to the rematch with Sara.