Teacher Training Day

By Wolfboy

Elaine returns to action against a younger woman.

Elaine Smith, the school teacher turned catfighter had been desperate to find another match since her debut defeat to the tough Texan Toni. As her nominated manager, I’d taken on the task of finding her a new opponent; hopefully one that was a little more suited to Elaine’s level of catfight experience this time. My favoured opponent for her was a local woman, Molly O’Hara who had put together a record of 3 wins and 3 defeats in five catfights to date. Beatable but with the experience to provide Elaine a test at the very least I’d felt. Keen to fight, Elaine had accepted Molly as an opponent without too much consideration, and both women agreed to meet in a one submission, no time limit catfight in Debbie’s basement ring. Apart from closed fists to the face, all moves would be allowed as Elaine continued to look to challenge herself in tough fights. In contrast to the first fight she had been in with Toni, I had also got a referee in to keep control of the fight this time.

It was certainly a calmer, more confident Elaine that I had met in the spare bedroom that she would use as a changing room at Debbie’s. Dressed for battle, she wore black spandex booty shorts with a matching crop top, both embellished with three small white stars across the front. Her blonde hair, while still short had started to grow out a little and her finger and toe nails were painted in a deep matt purple shade. She certainly looked like a fit, beautiful woman who was ready to fight I thought. We had a few minutes to discuss tactics, which I took to remind her of what little we knew about Molly. ‘So we know that you both match up well in weight and height Elaine, so we can probably assume that you about as strong as each other’ I told her. ‘Tactically, watch her head scissors as that seems to be the basis of her favourite submission moves. Don’t forget it’s only a one submission fight though, so look to start quickly Elaine’ I advised.

‘I will do’ she replied before continuing ‘last time I was a bit overwhelmed at the start, but I know better what to expect this time. I’m prepared even better now too thanks to Emma’ Elaine smiled, ‘so I hope that I can beat her!’

It was definitely true that Emma had worked hard with Elaine following her first match, teaching her how to hurt a woman in a catfight in various situations, while showing her ways of preventing the same happening to her. Of course, it would still depend on Elaine’s ability to apply what she had learned in the rapidly changing environment of a competitive fight. She looked confident as we made our way to the basement ring to find Molly, being seconded by her sister Alex, already waiting in the ring for us. Also in the ring was our referee for the evening, Jackie, who was looking to call the fight to order quickly as she called both women together in the centre of the ring.

‘Ladies, you’re both here to catfight’ she began ‘and this is a one submission catfight with no time limit. Punched to the head are illegal, all other moves are legal. There will be no breaks until one of you submits or I consider on of you is unable to defend themselves. So, on my left with a record of 3 wins and 2 losses is Molly. Molly is 25 years old, 5 feet 6 inches tall and 145lbs measuring 34C-25-36.’ Wearing a simple white string bikini but with a long-sleeved fishnet crop top, Molly shook out her long black hair as she stretched in the corner and Jackie continued ‘her opponent on my right with one defeat from one fight is Elaine. Elaine is 43 years old, 5 feet 5 inches tall and 150lbs, measuring 36F-28-40. Ladies, if you’re both ready, come to the centre and let’s fight!’

Both women headed to the centre and in a flurry of activity, the fight was underway with Molly landing a glancing blow with an attempted kick to the body which Elaine brushed aside. Pushing through that, Elaine grabbed Molly’s hair before swiftly sweeping her legs from under her, dropping her to the mat in the centre of the ring. Elaine followed her down immediately, looking for the quick start and got herself into a sort of cross pin and breast smother position as she looked to dominate the early action. Elaine landed with a hard punch to Molly’s stomach causing the younger woman to groan with pain before the sexy school teacher latched her purple nails on to Molly’s right breast, starting to maul it through her bikini top. Molly squirmed, hooking a punch into Elaine’s side, ineffectively from her position beneath Elaine who continued to maul breast as she also tried to push her own breasts into Molly’s face. The younger woman tried again with a punch to the body, before reaching, she was able to get her hand inside Elaine’s booty shorts. Now Elaine groaned a little as Molly caught her in a crotch claw, but she refused to relinquish her position on top, preferring to keep her breasts planted in Molly’s face while the younger woman mauled her crotch. Two hard punches to the body from Elaine were the prelude to her attacking Molly’s breasts once more, pushing her crop top up high so that she had one less layer of clothing to attack through. Molly looked to keep up the crotch claw, but as Elaine warmed her breast with a stinging flat handed slap before putting her nails to good use on it once more, the black-haired fighter was forced to break the claw looking to prise Elaine’s hand off her instead.
As Molly’s hand grabbed hers, Elaine switched tactic, grabbing her opponent’s long black hair as she looked to rag her head around painfully. Molly responded in kind from beneath Elaine, grabbing her much shorter blonde hair, and it was ground catfighting of the most basic type now as both looked to control the other with hair pulling. Elaine again landed a punch to Molly’s stomach receiving one back in the ribs as the two continued to work hard down on the mats in the centre of the ring. The struggle continued, Elaine going back to working on Molly’s breast with one hand while keeping control of her with a grip of her hair with the other hand. Molly squirmed beneath her older opponent, seeming to be in some trouble, but she skilfully turned the tables on Elaine. Surprising the blonde, she grabbed her leg to roll her onto her back in a quick move, and finding herself sat high on Elaine’s chest, she was able to grab hair, pulling Elaine’s head painfully up from the mat. Her left hand was quick to find a target too, slipping inside Elaine’s booty shorts once more to apply another pussy maul. ‘Bitch!’ Elaine spat furiously at her young opponent, as the look of pain was etched firmly on her face, Elaine swung a right hand to catch Molly in the ribs, but the younger woman took it, maintaining her position as she looked to edge forwards towards a face sit.

Elaine knew that she couldn’t afford for that to happen, and she looked to defend, folding her arms across her ample chest to prevent Molly from moving further forward. Molly took that chance though, pushing her body weight onto Elaine’s arms as she tried to force them into position to choke the older woman. Fearing the ignominy of being choked out by her own arms, Elaine responded, ignoring the painful crotch maul applied by her opponent as she wriggled and bucked wildly, finally dislodging Molly for the time being. The black-haired fighter did keep control of Elaine by the hair though, her right hand wrapped in it as she forced Elaine to her feet before looking to slam her face into the corner post. Elaine was ready for that though, planting her foot on the post before throwing back an elbow into Molly’s body to break her attack. Now instead, Elaine grabbed at Molly’s hair to throw her face first into the corner post and as the younger woman toppled to the mat on her backside, it appeared Elaine finally had the better of the early exchanges.

Adjusting her booty shorts, Elaine attacked with a knee to the chest to push Molly on to her back. She wasn’t allowed to stay there for very long though as Elaine pulled her to her feet by the hair and backed her up into the ropes. A right hand to the stomach from Elaine was followed immediately by her whipping Molly into the opposite ropes. Inexperienced inside the ring environment, Molly careered back off the opposite ropes into a strong clothesline from Elaine that dropped her to the mats once more. Again now, Elaine dropped in that cross pin & breast smother position on the mats. Breasts pushed into Molly’s face as an arm around the back of the younger fighter’s head ensured no easy escape for her. Now Elaine went to the crotch, reaching down to pull Molly’s bikini bottoms into a wedgie before she realised that the simple tie-sides made them a simple target to remove. Quickly undoing the ties, she pushed the skimpy white briefs off her opponent who was just able to cross her legs as Elaine looked to clamp her hand down tight between her legs, frustrating the attempted claw hold. A game of cat and mouse ensued, Elaine probing for the crotch claw while Molly twisted desperately beneath her to defend. Then Elaine would slap at her thighs, rake her nails on them until Molly shifted again and Elaine would be back to looking for the crotch claw. Elaine punched the younger woman in the pit of the stomach once more before Molly proved she had claws of her own as she raked them down Elaine’s back. In response, Elaine went back to the breast attack as she continued to try to slowly smother and punish Molly into defeat. The younger woman had plenty of fight left in her though as she continued to fight hard from beneath Elaine. Both women landed with punches, drew shrieks from the other with their nails, but failed to find the dominant move to put the other away. Elaine was content to bide her time a little though, confident that her position on top, partly smothering Molly was taking its toll. Then she suddenly had to defend again as Molly was once again able to slip her hand inside those tight black booty shorts to apply another pussy maul.

Elaine cried out in surprise and pain as she felt Molly’s fingers enter her pussy once more, but she replied with a half a dozen hard right hands to the dark-haired fighters body to quickly force a break of that hold. Confident that she had the match back under control now, Elaine elected to bring Molly back to her feet before slipping a hand between her legs to lift and body slam the younger woman. It was a well delivered, powerful move, one that I was pretty sure Molly hadn’t been on the receiving end of before as well. Elaine wasn’t about t let her regain her senses after that one either, as she jumped up to deliver a leg drop across her chest down on the mat. Molly body shook on the mat with the impact of the leg drop, and it seemed that Elaine was starting to dominate the action as she pulled her opponent to her feet before hurling her hard into the corner post, following with a right hand to the body. Leaning into Molly in the corner, she grabbed her long hair to force her head back before looking to deliver a knee lift to the crotch. Molly blocked, taking the knee on her thigh though and she fired back with a chop across Elaine’s chest as she tried to fight out of the corner. Another right hand to the chest followed as Elaine seemed to be getting backed up, but a hard-driven knee lift to the body cut short Molly’s comeback before Elaine monkey flipped her to the mat in the centre of the ring.

Now once more, Elaine dropped into the cross pin and smother combination, this time scissoring Molly’s arm to prevent any more crotch attacks. Molly grabbed at Elaine’s short blonde hair, looking to use it to force her impressive breasts out of her face a little but as the sexy school teacher started to claw and punch at her body, it was clear she was in trouble. Molly would cross her legs, defending the crotch attack so Elaine would punch to the body before sinking her nails into the undersides of her breasts. When Molly looked to swing a knee at Elaine’s body, she would suddenly have to defend against the crotch claw, opening her body up to more attacks. Continuing to dominate, Elaine forced Molly’s white bikini top up to expose her breasts. Fearing a mauling breast attack, Molly looked to protect her breasts with her free arm and in doing so, she effectively sealed her fate in the match. Without the hand in her hair, Elaine was able to plant her breasts fully in Molly’s face now in a very effective smother hold which she added to quickly with a breast claw again.

Molly fought hard still, swinging a knee at the body of Elaine before bridging and looking to force Elaine off her, but the fighting teacher had her trapped well, her 150lbs riding high across Molly’s chest. Add to that the smothering effect of Elaine’s breasts and the burning pain of Elaine’s nails working her breasts over, and it was just a matter of time at this point I felt as long as Elaine stayed patient. Given the one submission rules, Molly continued to fight hard but a hard straight-fingered thrust to the breast followed by another claw hold drew cries of pain from the younger woman who was now well and truly trapped. As Elaine switched her assault to Molly’s sensitive nipples now, the cries of pain intensified, quickly also including a cry of ‘I submit!’ from the now defeated dark-haired fighter.

Elaine broke off her attack immediately, hugging Molly as she helped her up from the mat and handed her back her white bikini bottoms as well.

Elaine looked thrilled with her victory as she came back to our corner. ‘Good job!’ I told her ‘you really got on top of her from the start there!’

‘I know Steve; I felt so much more confident this time’ she gushed enthusiastically. ‘It was like I knew exactly what to do in there right from the start of the match. Emma’s training has been so good for me. I’m hooked now Steve, you have got to get me more matches now please!’ she told me.

‘I’m sure that can be arranged’ I told her, enjoying the fact that I had another enthusiastic catfighter as part of my apparently growing stable of fighters as I wondered who I could match the fighting blonde school teacher with next.