Romany Pitfight

By Wolfboy

Claire gets called out by a tough Romanian fighter


I thought you were a real champion watching your matches on the internet, but then you lost your belt to that little girl and I can take you. Make no doubt although you are good, it’s doesn’t make you the toughest lightweight catfighter in Europe, because that’s me.

I challenge you to meet me here in Romania, where if you are woman enough to accept, I will prove to you that I am the toughest. I propose a simple fight; we will dig a pit out of the soil and fight in it, no holds barred until one gives up or is knocked out.

So are you prepared to put your reputation on the line, or are you scared to face a real tough woman?


That was the challenge that faced Claire following her surprise loss of her title against Kensi in the themed title fight. While she had beaten plenty of experienced woman in her career so far, it seemed to me that Carla presented a different challenge entirely. Carla held a significant height advantage over Claire at 5 feet 8 inches, and the tall, rangy fighter would look to use her reach to dominate Claire in any stand up exchanges. She only looked to take the fight to the ground when she was confident of inflicting telling damage on an opponent; then she would use any part of her body to inflict pain on her foes. She was not unbeatable as her record of 20 wins from 25 fights showed, but behind her beauty, the 28 year old was a brutal and effective fighter. I wasn’t convinced that Claire even with 14 matches behind her should accept such a limited rules challenge against an unknown fighter, but she was determined to defend her honour.

‘I’m not letting her talk to me like that Steve’ she told me finally. ‘I’ll fight her in her mud pit, and I’ll ram those words back down her throat!’

So that was it, challenge accepted and Claire and I had to arrange travel to get out to Romania to meet Carla for the match which would take place in the first week of September. I made sure, as best as I could, that Claire was as well prepared as possible for the challenge she would face. Her matches so far would probably be best described as catfight/wrestling; the match with Carla threatened to be more of a straight up fist fight, at least at first.

A few more discussions with Carla got the format agreed for the match. The pit would be dug out to a depth of 2 feet and then filled with 2 or 3 inches of soft earth to provide some initial padding of the floor. The pit would be 12 feet square; a small area for the fight. The attire for the match would be jeans, boots and bikini tops with sparring gloves being worn by both women. Nails would be long but unsharpened, hair would be worn loose. The fight itself was the simple part; anything goes with no breaks or time limit until one woman gave up or was knocked out for a count of ten.

So Claire and I arrived a few days later at Carla’s house for Claire to take on the challenge presented by the Romanian wildcat. A quick tour showed that the pit was already dug out in the garden, shielded from prying eyes by a large tent which completely surrounded it. With that, Carla led us back into the house, pointed us in the direction of a room to get changed in and said to Claire ‘fifteen minutes bitch, make sure your are ready; we start then’ then the blonde Romanian turned on her heel to go and prepare herself leaving me alone with Claire to try and get her ready for the fight.

Claire started to strip down to her chosen outfit for the match, replacing her jeans with a pair of skin tight jean/leggings, over which she wore a pair of flat heeled, knee length black boots. Her 34DD breasts were just about constrained by a tight, black string bikini top. Finally, on went the black sparring gloves, and Claire sat, calmly waiting to be called for the fight.

‘Remember, you’re going to need to start quickly Claire, and try and get her down into more of a wrestling fight if you can. She likes to fight standing up until she’s dished out some heavy punishment, down on the ground is where you have your best chance to beat her.’ I said, trying to make sure that Claire took the best tactical approach to the fight.

‘I will Steve’ Claire agreed ‘I’m going to try and get in close, get into her hair and force her down into the dirt. Once I’ve got her down, I think I’m stronger, and my thighs can get to work on her body. Don’t worry, I’m OK with the plan. I just want to get started now’ she told me.

Fortunately for Claire, she didn’t have to wait long before there was a knock at the door to signal that it was time for us to head out into the garden and get into the pit to take on Romania’s finest, Carla. As Claire and I ducked inside the large tent, I could see that Carla was already waiting impatiently in the pit for Claire. The tall tough woman struck a statuesque and impressive figure as she stood with her hands on her hips glowering at Claire as she stepped down into the pit. Clad in skin tight black jeans, a pair of black boots that were just below her knee, a black and white string bikini top and white sparring gloves, Carla looked ready to fight to me.

A referee stepped briefly into the pit, brought the two women together and gave them their final instructions before he climbed out, reminding both women that the fight was only over if one of them was knocked out or submitted. Then, as there were no other rules to enforce, the ref climbed out, shouted ‘Fight’ and the match was underway without any further fanfare as Carla immediately took advantage of their close proximity by slamming a hard fist into Claire’s stomach. Claire took that one well enough, ducked the attempted follow up to the jaw from the Romanian fighter, and pushing forward, Claire grabbed her in a waist lock, driving Carla back to a seated position on the edge of the pit only for Carla to lash out with a foot. It caught Claire squarely in the crotch and dropped her to her knees directly in front of Carla who took the opportunity to jab hard into Claire’s face sending her sprawling on her back in the dirt.

Claire scrambled clear of Carla, getting back to her feet while the confident looking Romanian woman looked to slowly stalk Claire to the other side of the pit where a hard looking three punch combination to the body quickly saw Claire dropped back to her knees. Against the low wall of the pit, there was nowhere for Claire to go as Carla quickly grabbed her in a front headlock; Claire responded by waist-locking Carla, until a hard elbow driven in between her shoulder blades weakened that grip and Carla dragged Claire to her feet. A knee into the body from Carla seemed to wind Claire before Carla almost disdainfully hurled Claire across the pit. Claire landed hard on her side, but was once again quick to scramble away before Carla could follow up her attack.

Confidently, Carla stood, arms outstretched, beckoning Claire forward as she taunted ‘Come on bitch; show me something before I grind your face into the dirt’

Her temper getting the better of her, Claire rushed forward, looking to tackle Carla to the ground, but once again the Romanian was a step ahead of Claire as she deftly side stepped the lunging attack before catching Claire with a hard punch to the ribs. Off balance, Claire let out a gasp of pain as she sprawled out in the dirt, and it seemed that Carla would make good her taunt as she first dropped a knee across Claire’s lower back before straddling her back and sinking both hands into Claire’s black hair as she looked to force Claire’s face down to the rough floor of the pit.

The prospect of having her face messed up by the dirt floor seemed to finally spur Claire into some effective action in the fight. Carla’s determined double handed hair pull had left her body unprotected for just long enough for Claire to catch her with a hard elbow into the side. That hurt Carla a little, but it took a second, harder elbow into the rib cage to force the tough catfighter off Claire. Carla rolled to the floor, clutching her side where the second elbow had hit her hard, and Claire got onto the attack as quickly as possible, aiming a kick at Carla’s apparently injured ribs. Carla blocked reasonably well with her arms, but had no defence as Claire used her hair to pull her upright and deliver a body slam, dropping the Romanian woman hard on the dirt floor.

Now Claire took a second to really gather herself before looking to launch into her nest attack as she aimed another kick at Carla’s prone body. The delay in attacking proved to be Claire’s undoing though as Carla was waiting on that move, grabbing Claire’s foot and sending her tumbling to the dirt floor as well. Both women got to their knees, trading punches to the body before Carla sunk into her bag of tricks to rock Claire with a head butt which stunned Claire before a right hand to the body put her on her back. She wasn’t down for long as Carla hauled her to her feet, this time using her tight black bikini top for leverage as she once again threw Claire across the pit. Of course, the string bikini top was not strong enough to withstand being used to throw Claire, and as Claire landed, I noticed that Carla was still holding onto the top. Quickly, Claire noticed that as well as Carla wrapped it around Claire’s neck and led her back into the centre of the pit before a knee lift to the chest sent Claire back down into the dirt.

Now Carla took a moment to throw Claire’s bikini top out of the pit, ensuring it wouldn’t be used against her, before going to Claire’s hair to bring her back upright again. Claire took a punch to the body, but surprised Carla by firing back with one of her own, a right hook that crashed off the Romanian fighter’s jaw, staggering her back on her heels as Claire lowered her shoulder and tackled Carla down to the ground. I hoped that this time, Claire would find a way to keep the fight on the ground for a little while as I thought that was probably her best chance of winning the fight; almost on cue, Claire wrapped Carla up in a rear body scissor and looked to also get a sleeper hold onto Carla. It was a shrewd move from Claire – we knew that Carla preferred to fight on her feet, slowly beating down her opponents, she was less keen on ground fighting. That didn’t mean she couldn’t handle herself on the ground though, tucking her chin in to prevent Claire from really sinking in the sleeper hold before sinking her nails into Claire’s jean clad thighs effectively to quickly find her way out of the scissor hold. Claire still grimly held onto her attempted sleeper hold, but as Carla slowly managed to turn her way into the hold, I sensed it was probably a mistake. Carla’s clubbing punches into Claire’s body confirmed my thoughts as the advantage in the match quickly turned from Claire to Carla.

Five hard punches landed unblocked into Claire’s ribcage before Claire looked to pull Carla into a breast smother to tie up her tough opponent. That also proved to be a mistake as Claire’s shriek of pain could attest to as Carla sunk her teeth into Claire’s DD breasts, and as Claire released the breast smother, Carla took the opportunity to slam a punch straight into her crotch, and I fancied that the fight was already beginning to near a conclusion. I think Carla sensed it to as she pulled Claire back to her feet before landing two body punches and finishing off with a kick straight to Claire’s crotch. The kick itself was a devastating blow, sending Claire to her knees as she clutched at the pain in her crotch; Carla was unmerciful though, sending a hard knee into Claire’s face to drop her on to her back before she stepped away from Claire.

‘Count the English bitch referee!’ Carla shouted as she took a seat on the side of the pit while the referee started to count.

The count had reached five before Claire had even started to stir, and I was far from sure she was going to beat the count, but as the count hit eight, she got her hands onto the opposite pit wall to the one Carla was sitting on and was able to haul herself upright. The ref waved Carla back in, and with Claire still having her back to the Romanian woman, Carla was able to surprise Claire with a hard kidney punch before spinning Claire round by the hair and unleashing a flurry of punches to the body which left Claire teetering on the brink of being dropped back to the floor even before Carla followed up with a crunching head butt which probably would have kept Claire down for the count this time.

Carla was leaving nothing to chance this time though, dropping down on top of Claire and pinning her arms to her side before unloading with a series of punches to the chest and shoulders which soon had Claire sobbing and on the verge of submitting. A slashing nail rake across Claire’s bare breasts drew a howl of pain before another series of punches quickly found Claire yelling ‘stop, stop, I submit, stop!’

Carla stopped punching, delighted that she had won the fight, but she leant in close to Claire to whisper to her ‘I told you I was the best, always remember that bitch!’ before she left Claire sobbing in the dirt.

It was a harsh lesson in fighting for Claire. She had accepted a challenge against a tough woman, travelling abroad to face her, and had given her plenty of trouble, but in the end, Carla had known too much for her. I hoped for my part, that with Claire slowly coming back on board with Emma now, that this might act as a bit of reminder to build her fights up slowly. She had let Carla’s taunts get to her a little, and paid the price for it in the Romanian mud.