Syndicate Title Match

By Wolfboy

Sara meets a tough Japanese fighter in defence of the Syndicate Title

We were awaiting Emma’s next showdown with her arch nemesis Sara, but before we could get to that match, there was the small matter of Sara defending her Hong Kong syndicate title. Sara had defended the title once since beating Emma to win the inaugural belt, beating New Zealander Penny Booth in a long, but ultimately one-sided battle. The super smother had eventually put paid to the New Zealander, but we fancied that Sara would find her next opponent to be a tougher proposition.

Japanese fitness model Mika Takuda would face off with Sara in an MMA cage in a private fight club in Hong Kong. Mika matched up well physically with Sara; Sara was curvier whereas Mika was a hard-bodied woman, but both were within a few pounds of each other’s weight. Mika had a background in MMA, having won a couple of amateur bouts before turning her hand to catfighting instead. Finding the more lenient rules to her liking, she had quickly amassed a record of 15 wins without tasting defeat. That record had brought the Japanese fighter to the attention of the Hong Kong syndicate who were anxious to find a worthy challenger for their champion. With the match being broadcast live over the internet on pay-per-view, Emma and I were able to settle down to watch the match from the comfort of our own home. Apart from the face we were hoping to pick up more hints on how to beat Sara, we also thought it would be a great fight, so we were both looking forward to the action.

The inside of the room was dark with lighting only on the cage itself and a spot light on the walkway to the cage for the fighters. The agreed rules for this title match were simple enough. It was to be a no time limit, no holds barred catfight with one submission to win it. If the match reached the 20 minute mark, there would be a two minute break in the action, and then the fight would continue without further breaks until a winner was declared. It was also agreed to be a topless catfight from the start with stripping of a fighters other clothing also permitted. First to enter the cage was the Japanese fighter Mika Takuda who wore a long white t-shirt over her fight attire until she reached the cage door where she stripped off to enter the cage topless. Her silky jet-black hair hung loosely around her shoulders as she stretched off in the cage. Her chosen outfit was a modified spandex catsuit, white spandex leggings with a stirrup foot and from the waist, just two spaghetti straps which crossed her body, framing her breasts perfectly. The skin-tight leggings accentuated Mika’s finely muscled legs too, and the young Japanese fighter looked like a powerful and dangerous woman as she waited for the appearance of the champion, Sara.
The blonde American kept her younger opponent waiting just that little while longer than was perhaps strictly necessary, allowing Mika’s nerves to build a little before a change in the lighting indicated that the champion was on her way to the cage. Unlike Mika, Sara walked to the ring topless, her outfit a little different to the Japanese fighter as she wore a pair of scarlet hotpants with matching fishnet hold up stockings. A flash of her hand revealed long, red painted nails that threatened to do plenty of damage to the young Japanese if she wasn’t right on her game.

The two women were joined in the cage by two other people, a female referee and a ring announcer who got things started straight away. ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, this contest is for the Hong Kong syndicate title and it is set for one submission with no time limit and no holds barred. Introducing first, from Japan, the challenger, Mika Takuda. She is 5 feet 9 inches tall, 156lbs and measures 36C-23-37 with a perfect 15 catfights, 15 wins record. Her opponent from America is the champion, Sara. Sara is 5 feet 9 inches tall, 161lbs and measures 38DD-26-38 with a catfighting record of 36 wins and 8 defeats.’

With that, the announcer left the cage, handing over to the referee who took the chance to issue her last instructions to the two women. Then with both back against the wall of the cage, a bell rang and Hong Kong title match was underway, Mika bouncing on her toes in the early going as she flicked jabs and graceful kicks at Sara who blocked and looked to stalk the Japanese woman around the cage. The first exchanges were fairly inconclusive until Mika flattened Sara’s right breast with a stiff left jab and as Sara reeled back a little, Mika rushed her back to the cage wall. A waist lock from Japanese woman allowed her to force Sara’s back into the cage before she looked to go after the body with two hard punches. Sara grimaced as she took them, feeling her opponent’s power for the first time, before she looked to fight back with an elbow to Mika’s hair, then going to the hair, she looked to pull her into a headlock. Mika was wise to that though, punching hard again to the body and then crotch and Sara was in some early trouble trapped against the cage wall. The Japanese fighter wasn’t in the mood to let up either at this point in the fight, grabbing Sara in a waist lock now before throwing her through the air in a kind of belly to belly suplex that put the blonde on her back briefly before a handful of hair was used to assist her back to her feet. Sara pounced as she rose under duress from Mika, testing her challenger’s body with a hard right hand to the stomach. Mika was stopped in her tracks for just long enough for Sara to gain her footing solidly and aim a straight punt to the crotch that now sent the Japanese woman reeling back to the cage wall.

Against the unforgiving cage, Mika braced her body for an assault from the blonde brawler, which arrived but not in the way the challenger had expected. Instead of fists and knees, Sara gracefully monkey flipped Mika, sending her spinning through the air and onto the mat hard. Mika rolled as she landed, attempting to get clear of Sara who quickly caught up with her, planting a kick into her side to leave her flat on her back in the centre of the cage. Sara immediately went to the hair, pulling Mika’s head and shoulders from the mat before stunning her with two forearms to the face. Allowing the Japanese woman to fall back to the mat, Sara fancied that she had her stunned enough to go for the big splash only to meet nothing but mat as Mika instinctively rolled clear. Now it was Sara who was down and winded as the hard-bodied Japanese fighter gathered herself to attack, grabbing a handful of Sara’s flowing blonde hair, using it to help her to her slam her face into the mat. With Sara face down on the mat now, Mika knelt on her back before pulling her right arm up into a painful armbar, planting one knee right in the joint to help her work the arm over as Sara cried out in pain. A cruel twist saw Mika add torque to the hold as Sara’s cries of pain intensified down on the mat as she writhed and squirmed beneath her oriental foe, looking to escape.

Mika was in control for now though, twisting Sara’s fingers back now before leaning forward to bite the blonde champions hand. Again, a cry of pain came from Sara as the Japanese fighter continued to work on her. Releasing the arm momentarily, Mile used Sara’s flowing blonde hair to slam her face to the mat once more before staying with the hair to bring Sara to her feet. A quick twist of the arm from Mika saw her maintain control, brushing off a right hand to the stomach from Sara as she continued to dominate this spell of the fight. Adding a second twist of the arm, she quickly fired two sharp uppercuts into the armpit before releasing the arm, and as the American fighter shook her arm, apparently trying to regain the feeling in it, Mika rushed her back into the wall of the cage. Sara’s back arched as she met the unforgiving wall of the cage hard; Mika’s right fist ploughed into the waistband of Sara’s hotpants immediately drawing a gasp before she was back into the hair, wrapping in the fingers of her left hand before she grasped the cage with it to trap Sara. Now the Japanese looked to punish her blonde foe once more, a short headbutt to the face stunning Sara before Mika leaned in, sinking her teeth into Sara’s right breast. Sara shrieked in pain and surprise from the molar mauling that she suddenly found herself on the receiving end of, and trapped against the wall of the cage, she looked to be in some trouble.

Responding in the only way she could see, the champion wrapped her strong arms around Mika’s head, accepting the bite would continue as she looked to force her face into the smothering pillow of her 38DD breasts. It was a war of attrition now, Sara still crying out as Mika’s teeth continued to punish her sensitive breasts, Mika starting to moan herself as well as the smother started to have some effect on her. A bigger impact on the Japanese fighter came from Sara’s right knee which crashed into her pussy twice as she inadvertently strayed into range, giving the champion a way out which she gratefully accepted. As the Japanese fighter fell onto her backside in front of Sara, the blonde wasted no time in lashing a kick across her chest to put her on her back before massaging her tender right breast. Mika stirred slowly off the mat, Sara waiting until the last moment to drop her again with an elbow across the back of the neck. Now Sara waited again, standing over the Japanese fighter, waiting for her to reach all fours. This time a straight kick to the side of the face dropped Mika again, leaving her woozy down on the mat as it appeared the tough blonde brawler now had the match back under control.

Sara wasn’t about to waste that position either I fancied as she hauled the Japanese woman to her feet by her jet-black hair before sliding a hand between her thighs and lifting her as if to slam her. Showing impressive strength though Sara instead ran the 156lb woman back into the cage before dropping her to the mat as she continued to attack. Sara immediately went back to the hair though, getting Mika to all fours before the Japanese fighter surprised her with a punch to the stomach. Sara rode the blow though, immediately catching her with a knee to the side of the head as she maintained control. Flat on her back, Mika took a heavy knee drop to the body now as Sara moved quickly into position for a reverse ‘69’ head scissors, her thighs wrapping tightly around Mika’s head as she crossed her fishnet clad legs at the ankles and began to squeeze hard. The blonde’s legs carried plenty of power, framing Mika’s head as the challenger began to moan in pain almost immediately. It was a position of control for Sara too as with Mika’s body exposed in front of her, she was quick to add a double breast claw to the hold, her long red nails going to work on Mika’s C cup breasts as the Japanese woman was forced to grit her teeth and take it. A howl of anguish escaped Mika’s lips as Sara cruelly dragged her nails across her breasts; in response the Japanese fighter bunched the back of Sara’s hotpants before forcing them in to a wedgie which had little effect it seemed as Sara flexed her powerful thighs once more, before continuing to work Mika’s breasts over.

Forced into a rethink, Mika now elected to slip Sara’s hotpants aside, trying to get a pussy claw on to the currently dominant champion, Sara slammed a right hand into Mika’s belly before a sudden widening of her eyes was followed by a pained shriek as it was apparent Mika had her in the claw hold now. Again there was a battle of wills, Sara switching back to work over Mika’s breasts again while the jet haired Japanese fighter continued to try and work the claw hold, her fingers probing Sara’s womanhood. It was apparent that neither woman could completely trap the other now, but Sara was first to move, catching Mika with two crotch punches which put paid to the Japanese fighter’s crotch claw. The champion quickly pulled Mika to her feet by the hair now, before delivering a head butt to send her challenger reeling in to the wall of the cage. Confidently Sara moved in, her fists cocked, ready to hammer the Japanese hard body only for a snap front kick to catch her in the pit of the stomach stopping her in her tracks. ‘Bitch!’ the stunned blonde mouthed as Mika slapped her face hard before switching her into the cage wall. Showing fast feet now, Mika delivered kicks to the inside of both of Sara’s thighs before, satisfied the kicks had spread Sara’s legs wide enough, she delivered a crunching knee lift to the crotch which almost lifted Sara’s feet from the floor of the cage.

A moan of pain came from the blonde as she slid down the wall of the cage, sitting with her back against it and vulnerable to an attack from Mika which the Japanese wasted no time in delivering; a knee strike to the breasts before she slid her leg up Sara’s body, forcing her chin across the champions throat, a handful of flowing blonde hair ensuring Sara could not easily get free. Now Mika leant her weight into Sara, looking to punish the impressive champion against the cage before a well-timed push from the blonde saw the challenger over balance landing on her backside on the mat. Still, the Japanese woman was quicker to her feet, Sara rising straight into a punishing front headlock / choke as Mika immediately leaned back to increase the pressure. Sara immediately recognised the danger of the situation, Mika using the hold to try and choke a submission out of the champion, and she responded, her fist repeatedly hammering into the young Japanese fighter’s body to force a break. Mika still kept control though, sending a right hand into Sara’s jaw before flooring her again with a knee lift to the body, and raising her hands, it was evident the Japanese challenger saw things going her way in the fight. It was certainly true that she had punished Sara at times so far, and she continued that, twisting the blonde’s arm into an arm bar before sending a kick into her armpit again. Concentrating her attack on the shoulder and arm once more, Mika pinned Sara’s arm to the mat before swinging her body into the air to drive her knee into the back of the shoulder. An effective move as Sara yelled out in pain from the impact as she found herself pulled from the canvas and lifted into an across the knee back breaker.

Confidently, Mika pushed Sara off her knee to the mat before rolling her onto her front to give her the chance to straddle her back. A camel clutch was swiftly and painfully applied by Mika, pulling Sara’s pained arms back across her knees before electing for a double handful of blonde hair to secure the hold. ‘Submit bitch?’ Mika enquired as Sara cried out her defiance of the hold; the jet haired Japanese fighter continuing to rip at Sara’s blonde hair as the punishment continued and the blonde refused to give up. Now Mika switched up to a more traditional camel clutch, both hands locked around Sara’s chin as she continued to pull back, punishing the American’s back. Looking to fight back now, Sara shifted slightly beneath the Japanese woman before quickly getting to all fours, I expected Mika to instantly drop Sara back to the mat again, but she didn’t and it proved to be a mistake as Sara demonstrated her strength, lifting Mika on her back as she got to her feet and Mika continued to cling desperately on to the chin lock. Sara wasted no effort now, simply falling back as soon as she got to her feet, driving Mika hard into the mat, and with the match just past the ten minute mark, both women lay, loosely entwined on the mat as they looked to regather themselves. Sara’s head lay across the crotch of her Japanese foe, and that was to the American’s advantage as she stirred first with a short sharp back headbutt to the crotch before getting to her feet holding a good fistful of Mika’s silky jet-black locks. The Japanese challenger was hauled to her own feet now, under protest as Sara went to the body with a right hand before unceremoniously throwing Mika across the cage.

As Mika slid to a halt against the wall of the cage, Sara was on her quickly with a baseball slide, her foot sinking into Mika’s tight abs as she looked to break down the well-toned, athletic fighter. Mika groaned, clutching at her stomach as Sara quickly grabbed her ankles, flipping her onto her stomach and into a boston crab. It was a good move from the blonde, surprising Mika with her wrestling skill as she found herself under pressure down on the mat. Sara had her trapped it seemed as Mika’s fingers grasped at the cage while Sara slipped her own fingers inside the Japanese woman’s tight spandex catsuit, probing for a crotch claw as she switched to a single leg boston crab. Mika cried out in pain as Sara’s fingers evidently found their target; the Japanese woman’s eyes betrayed her pain too as the camera zoomed in for a close up, but she was resourceful and determined. Using the cage, she hauled her upper body from the mat slightly, before explosively straightening her legs to send Sara flying face first to the mat.

Unhurt though, Sara bounced quickly to her feet, looking to close the gap on Mika only for the Japanese fighter to snap out a kick from the floor, catching Sara in the stomach. As she doubled over, another kick, up into her breasts, sent her sprawling on her back to the mat, giving Mika time to get to her feet now. The challenger wasted no time too as she looked to get back on top in the fight now, burying a hard kick in Sara’s side as the blonde made it to all fours. Rolled immediately onto her back, the powerful blonde found herself gasping for air as Mika’s heel crashed undefended into the pit of her stomach, and in a matter of seconds, the challenger was back on top. She was on top literally too, dropping into a reverse face sit as she looked to smother the fight out of Sara, her cute little ass grinding on the champions face. Mika wasn’t content with that move on its own though, grabbing Sara’s right arm and attempting to pull it into a phallic looking armbar against her body. The blonde was strong, resisting the armbar as best as she could as Mika leant in once more to bite her fingers before sinking her nails into Sara’s armpit as she looked to counter the champions power with cunning, dirty fighting.

Sara yelled out in a mixture of pain and determination as Mika’s nails tested her resolve, but the Japanese fighter was winning that battle as she slowly forced Sara’s right arm to increasingly painful positions. Securing the hold now, Mika pushed her hips forward drawing another shriek of agony from Sara who found herself pushed towards submission it seemed by the clever armbar and smother combination. Desperation drove Sara on though, she didn’t intend to end her title reign beneath the Japanese woman’s ass it seems as she swung her legs, managing to catch Mika in a surprise head scissor. Now the Japanese fighter found herself in some trouble too her head trapped between Sara’s powerful thighs. Mika held the upper hand though it seemed as, although forced to release the armbar, she still remained seated squarely on Sara’s face. Sara worked on her from beneath though, her thighs troubling Mika while she started to scratch and claw her challenger furiously as she hoped to escape. Mika climbed off her seat on the blonde’s face now, looking to break free with an elbow strike to the body, Sara grimaced but took it, and now with Mika off balance, another flex of the thighs sent her crashing to the mat on her side and still in Sara’s tight head scissors. Sara straightened her legs before clamping her right hand on to Mika’s left breast, crushing it between her fingers as her nails probed the Japanese woman’s sensitive flesh.

‘Aiiiiieeee!’ the challenger cried out as a smile crossed Sara’s lips now, suddenly satisfied that the fight was going her way now. ‘What’s the matter?’ Sara mocked ‘does it hurt?’ as she twisted Mika’s breast harshly once more to draw another pained cry out of her. Mika tried to roll onto Sara, looking to regain top position at least, but a crotch punch put paid to that, and now it was Sara instead who looked to gain the top position, rolling Mika onto her back before sitting high on her chest having released the scissor hold. Sara looked down at Mika’s face framed between her thighs before cruelly raking her eyes and looking up at the clock which stood at 15 minutes. Ample time to put Mika away before the break as she switched to a reverse face sit position of her own now. Butt smothering Mika effectively, Sara set about hammering the air from her toned opponent, rights and lefts bouncing off her stomach as the powerful blonde brawler softened her up. Abruptly breaking off from the stomach punches, Sara pushed herself off Mika, hands on her breasts as she did so before delivering a nasty knee drop to the crotch. Mika howled in pain, attempting to grab at the pain burning in her crotch only for Sara to pin her arms about her head as she moved in quickly to secure the grapevine. Now, breasts hovering tantalisingly above Mika’s anguished face, Sara had her foe precisely where she wanted her for the super smother. Wrapping her arms tightly around the back of Mika’s head, Sara dropped her breasts heavily into the challenger’s face and instantly the smother was tightly applied.

Mika’s heels dug hard into the mat despite the grapevine as she desperately looked for a way out. Time would not help her now; still 4 minutes remained to that twenty minute point and a potential break in the action. Sara’s DD breasts were pressed firmly into her face now, arms ensuring that her face remained precisely where Sara wanted it. Mika’s arms beat at the mat in frustration, then Sara’s body in the hope of escaping the hold, but Sara flexed her thighs again, her body slowly but surely overwhelming her hard-bodied rival.

Sensing the fight going out of Mika a little, Sara shifted her head so that she was talking straight into the jet haired fighter’s ear to ask her ‘submit or go out?’

There was no reply from Mika, non-audible anyway, but there was another flurry of activity from the challenger as her fists beat at Sara’s thighs once more to little avail. Grabbing the dominant blonde’s hotpants, she attempted a wedgie but again it was of little use against the smothering attack of Sara. Mika grew still beneath the big breasts of the champion; Sara leaned in again asking her ‘submit slut?’ before adding with menace ‘last chance’. And this time, it proved to be enough, the game Japanese fitness model admitting her defeat as she weakly tapped the mat, forcing Sara to break the hold as she gained the victory. The victorious blonde climbed slowly from her beaten foe, clearly favoring her right arm a little from Mika’s assorted arm locks. Sara was victorious though and would go in to the match with Emma now with the confidence of a successful title defence behind her. Could Emma handle the blonde belle this time, or would she find herself suffering another humiliation at the hands of her arch nemesis?