Return to the Beach

By Wolfboy

Emma meets Sara on the same stretch of gulf coast beach to settle who is the best bitch.

Four weeks to the day following Sara’s successful defence of the Hong Kong syndicate title, and Emma and I found ourselves back int the United States as the two arch rivals would meet once more in catfight action. As before, the match was to take place on the same stretch of secluded private beach on the Alabama coast that their first meeting had taken place on. The match would again be no holds barred with no time limit; this time though, there would be an unlimited number of submissions allowed until one woman verbally gave up the match. Unlike the first meeting, there would be no crowd in place, neither woman would be seconded either, just the two of them battling on the soft sands until there was a decisive victor.

Although both Danny (Sara’s manager) and myself would travel to the fight with our women, we would both remain in the beach huts that would be used as changing rooms. Neither of us would witness the action either in what was sure to be a brutal battle for superiority. With that in mind, I’ll have to hand over to Emma in a little while to describe the action, but first of all I should probably set the scene a little more I guess.

Emma’s first match with Sara here in Alabama had ultimately ended in defeat, falling victim to the domineering blonde as she lay pinned in the surf at the end of the match. Revenge to some degree had been Emma’s in the rematch held in a forest clearing on the Smythe grounds. A lucky kick to the crotch had put Emma suddenly in control of a match she had looked like losing; some cruel crotch and breast mauling had finished Sara off. That might have been it I suppose, though I suspect that the competitive edge between the two would have demanded at least one more match, as it was, the Hong Kong syndicate had made sure that match had taken place in perhaps the highest profile of their fights. Battling to a knockout in the confines of a Perspex walled squash court, Emma had been beaten down steadily over the course of the fight, ultimately losing to a right hand knockout punch after being sapped by Sara’s expert breast smother. A series of mind games from Sara had ensued, inviting Emma to watch her take on former opponent Kandy Yang, fighting both Claire and Debbie and then the two had fought for a fourth time in a Smythe mansion bedroom. Fighting angry, Emma had hurt Sara at times, but the blonde, the more controlled of the two fighters had again taken over as the fight progressed, this time smothering Emma for the knockout win. Even then it seemed that Sara had wanted to get under Emma’s skin, appearing in the Smythe Federation for a match. For her part, Emma too wanted more of Sara, she wanted to right the wrongs of her performances against the blonde. Good advice from an opponent, Helen Cook, had switched her on to ways of beating Sara, and a good run of wins against Kallie Harvey, Kat Cook, Helen, Amber Phillips, Noreen and then a former opponent of Sara’s, Shontelle Jackson had Emma going into the match confident at least. Would confidence be enough, or would it evaporate as soon as the set eyes on Sara once more?

The time had come to find that out now as I watched Emma change slowly into her outfit for the match, she was in shape, battle hardened after a tough series of opponents, curvy but powerful with feminine muscles in the right places. A cascade of auburn hair curled lightly to the middle of Emma’s back, her hair always worn long however much it seemed impractical for catfighting. As she adjusted the straps on her simple, white halter neck thong bikini, I thought that she looked ready for the battle she would surely face. I kissed her hard, and then without another word, Emma turned, heading for the door out of the beach hut….

So normally, I always feel a little nervous before a big fight. Edgy I guess, you know, like wondering what my opponent has in store for me, what I might be able to use on her, and so on. But as I walked out of that beach hut, I probably felt calmer that I had before 95% of my matches. You see this time, I knew Sara, knew what I was going to do to her, what she would try to do to me. And I knew I had her number this time! Walking through the sand dunes that back the little secluded beach, it’s almost like I’m going on a nice stroll to the beach for a day out. The weather is warm, but not unbearably so, no wind to speak of. Probably good weather for sun bathing, or maybe today, fighting. And then as I pass through a little gap in the dunes, there she is, the blonde bitch who I’ve fought with so little success in the past. Standing there, hands on hips, she stares right through me as I step on to the beach, unmoved by my presence it seems. I have to admit that she is a good match for me physically; an inch shorter, a few pounds lighter, she’s every bit as strong as me and she knows how to use all of that curvy body as a weapon in a catfight. But so do I, I remind myself as I walk up to her.
‘So, you came then cunt?’ Sara sneers at me. ‘I thought you’d be toom chicken shit after your last two beatings. You’re brave, I’ll give you that….’ She smirks at me.
‘Fuck you bitch!’ I shoot back as she stands there adjusting her scarlet bikini. ‘I’m ready for you and I’m going to make you beg me to stop this time blondie’
‘I’d love to see that, cunt!’ she fires back, moving forward to stand breast to breast with me on the beach. I feel the familiar rush, that tingle of excitement as our bodies touch for the first time; the thrill of combat to come sending an electric charge through both of our bodies I’m sure. Face to face now, noses almost touching as well, Sara re-emphasises her last insult ‘CUNT!’ she yells, straight in my face.

‘Fucking whore!’ I spit back at her as time seems to stand still there before, as if on an unseen signal, both of us are in each other’s hair, ripping and tearing at each other. I feel the burning sensation in my scalp as Sara’s fingers drag across it, knowing that she feels the exact same thing from my hands tangled in her blonde hair. I swing a knee at her, hoping for a pussy strike early in the match, she blocks it, my knee harmlessly catching her thigh instead. ‘Fuck’ I think to myself as caught off balance now, the grip Sara has of my hair puts me down in the soft sand. At least I think it’s soft enough until she bounces the back of my head off it twice. A little dazed, I manage to scissor her right leg, stopping her from moving up to pin me. The blonde knows she’s in charge though right now, forcing my right boob out of my halter top and I grit my teeth as she attacks, a punch, followed by a heavy-handed slap which she converts quickly to a mauling grab. I let out an involuntary gasp of pain as I feel her nails sinking into my tit; still held by the hair too, I start to look for a way out. Grabbing the bitch’s long blonde hair, I pull her down towards me and then with my free hand, deliver a right hand into her rib cage.

‘That all you’ve got cunt?’ she sneers at me as I swing again. By the third time one lands, she’s not looking quite so cocky though, and as my knuckles test her body once more, she’s suddenly looking to get away from me. It’s a minor victory though as she keeps her grip of my hair forcing me half upright and with my side exposed to her, I feel her knee crash hard into my ribs sending me sprawling into the sand. I roll quickly to the side, just feeling her toes brush against my body as I evade a follow up soccer kick to the body before I grab her ankle, bringing her down into the sand with me. Diving at the blonde bitch, we wrap hands in each other’s hair once more, rolling in the sand in a snarling, angry catball as we trade insults and hair pulling, looking for the advantage. I look for another knee to the pussy, this time more successfully as I roll Sara beneath me and look to set about pressing her body into the sand. A second knee helps me to quell any resistance she might be about to muster and then I’m all over her, legs spreading hers in a grapevine as I hammer at her ribs and belly with my fists, each meeting of knuckles and body drawing a little groan from her. I let out a moan of my own as I fell her tearing at my hair, her nails dragging across my scalp, but I pay her back in kind , nails dragging across her body before I dip my head forward, hungrily sinking my teeth into the tits that have caused me so many problems in previous fights.

‘Fucking cunt!’ she snarls at me as I move my head away from her quickly, not letting her grip my head to pull me into a smother. A hard slap cracks off my face, stinging my cheek before she rears a fist back before punching hard into my tits. ‘Blonde slut!’ I fire back along with a right hand just under the armpit that puts paid to that immediate resistance so I think, but she grabs at my boobs once more, nails and strong fingers mauling me as I hear myself cry out in pain. Replying in kind, I latch a hand on to each of her breasts, twisting and mauling hard as we both squeal and scream at each other through the pain. I use my position on top of Sara now, forgoing the grapevine totals as I try to bear down hard on her, working her tits over for all I’m worth. Lost in the moment though, convinced I’m gaining the upper hand, I expect Sara to grab my wrists as she releases my breasts, but no, she’s more cunning than that, instead slamming a right hand into my crotch. ‘Nnnnggghhhhhh!’ I groan as her knuckles crash into the front of my bikini; there’s no time to recover from that either as a second shot crashes home after the first, and then a slight bridge from Sara removes me from position on top of her. Rolling into the sand, I involuntarily reach for the pain between my thighs, a mistake I realise too late as the bitch is on me. A handful of hair brings me to my knees before a hard knee to the side of the head dazes me a little. The next thing I know, her hand is between my legs, me feet are pointing at the sky, and then I’m dropped hard in the sand in a body slam by the blonde who takes it up a gear looking to beat me down and take me out. She lands on top of me, knees landing on my chest as I gasp, winded from the impact. A handful of hair lifts me head from the sand, allowing her to crack slaps off both cheeks.

I grab for her free hand, hoping to stop the onslaught, but Sara brushes my attempt aside, slaps, then back hands me across the face, and then she’s in my hair, a double handful as she pulls my face tightly into her crotch. ‘Submit cunt?’ she asks as she tries to pussy smother me. I dig my feet into the sand, but the soft, loose surface gives me no purchase to bridge. Sara senses it too, shifting forward a little more, pushing her crotch harder on to my face, as she covers my nose and mouth an I know I’m in trouble for the first time in the match. It’s no time to panic, but that’s easier said than done when you’re trapped and struggling to breathe! I rake my nails down her thighs to no avail, swing a couple of ineffective punches at her body and then, go back to another ineffective attempt at a bridge.

‘Give up you worthless fuck!’ Sara taunts, crowing now that she has the upper hand, and given the pre-agreed rules of multiple submissions until one gives up the match, I agree, crying out a muffled ‘I give!’. It’s a risk I suppose, the blonde bitch could just keep smothering me and try to claim the quick win, but her ego won’t let her turn down the chance to punish me some more, so she lets me back to my feet before rushing me with a clotheslining that bowls me into the sand once more. Head spinning more than a little, I try to get my self together, but I’m suddenly gagging, struggling for breath as a soccer kick slams into my belly. The blonde bitch is all over me now as I desperately look to cover up, scrambling away if I can as a barrage of kicks and slaps rain down on me. Trapped on my back, Sara reaches over me to grab my auburn hair and once again I feel the burning pain in my scalp as she pulls hard now. I’m trapped in a seated position, head pulled painfully by Sara’s iron grip on my hair and the bitch looks to thread her foot between my legs for a crotch kick. Defending again, I take a swipe at her ankles, knocking her off balance a little. Again, she tries, and I block before, with her a little off balance, I strike back, raking a kick across her belly from my position on the floor.

The air is expelled from her lungs as she snarls ‘cunt!’ at me in a gasp of air as the heel of my foot sinks into her stomach a second time and she falls to the sand close to my feet. Hurting from the blonde bitch’s early attacks, now it’s my turn to attack, grabbing a shock of blonde hair before slapping at her body and breasts. Making sure to drag my nails cruelly across her skin as I do so. This is a catfight, and there’s no room for niceties against a bitch like Sara. She’s quick to recover too, her hand pulling on the front of my bikini, pulling it up into a wedgie that I quickly put to a stop with a series of slaps to her face, forcing her to cover up. Staying on her, I pull her to her feet by the hair, taking a punch to the stomach before delivering an uppercut to the jaw, sending her crumpling to the sand at my feet. The pace has been fast and there’s no time to let up as I stomp on her side, before diving down on top of her with a full body splash. I feel a satisfying weakening of the blonde beneath me as I crush her with my body and then slide my body into position to snap her legs wide open with a grapevine. ‘Give up bitch!’ I snarl in her face, not waiting for an answer before I treat to her a bit of her own medicine plunging my breasts in to her face in a tight breast smother. God knows I’ve spent enough time in her version of this hold; it might not be my best move, but a set of E cup breasts in your face can be a pretty effective weapon!

Still, I let out a bit of a cry as Sara’s nails sink into the side of my breasts, looking to force me off her. I respond to that, looking to spread her legs wider as I do so, and I can feel the blonde’s legs quivering as she tries to battle mine unsuccessfully. Grabbing both of her wrists now, I pin her firmly in the sand, breasts in her face and I settle in for the long haul with the breast smother. Helen’s advice to me suggested that she hates to submit to her own hold; that makes it a perfect move to punish her and wear her down I hope. Releasing one hand, I slip my right arms between our bodies, sliding it across her throat in a loose choke hold that adds to her predicament I think. Immediately though, I feel the bitch wrap her hand in my hair, looking to use it to pull my breasts out of her face. Perhaps a mistake on my part to go for the choke, but a quick and nasty rake of the eyes puts her back in her place as she cries out a muffled ‘fucking cheating bitch!’ as my breasts push squarely into her face once more.

‘Give up if you don’t like it slut!’ I remind her as my body slowly but surely starts to grind her into the beach again. I know that she won’t give up, not easily, not yet; the longer I get to punish her though, smother her with my tits, the better for me. I release one of her hands again, raking my nails down her side and thigh, but she fires back, slamming a fist into my ribs. ‘Ooooff!’ I let out as I feel her knuckles testing my body once more before I get back control of her hand again, pinning it above her head to the sand. Now she’d carrying all of my weight as I press down on her as hard as I can, tits in her face once more and I can feel her struggling even more for air now. But she still won’t give up, replying with a muffled ‘fuck off!’ when I ask her again. ‘All good by me bitch’ I think to myself, now convinced that Helen has hit on the perfect strategy for beating her. I’m happy to stay on top, patient, waiting for her to tire herself out as she tries to dig her heels into the sand in a futile attempt to buck me off.

‘I can’t breathe’ I hear the blonde bitch whining from beneath me.

‘Submit then you stupid slut! I remind her, grinding my breasts even more firmly into her face to make sure there’s no way out.

‘No, I won’t‘ I hear her reply as she tries once again to force her way out from under me. This time, I raise my body slightly, giving her hope before I drop back, slamming my belly into hers as I push her back into the sand. I don’t ask her again if she wants to give, I’m happy to let her reach that conclusion on her own. She’s not used to being caught in this position though, and not sure I won’t take the chance for the quick win myself, she tires herself some before finally blurting out ‘I submit!’

‘I thought so’ I sneer confidently in her face before carrying on with my attack, bringing her to her feet before delivering a straight punt to the crotch. Not letting her drop as I keep hold of her hair, I floor her with a hard clothesline instead, sending the blonde flying back into the sand. I’m on top and determined not to let it slip as I take up a position behind her before clubbing her across the shoulders with a double fisted blow to put her on her belly down in the sand. She’s an inviting target as I drop both of my knees into her lower back, her back instantly arching involuntarily in pain as she cries out from the impact and I wrap my arm tightly around her throat. Having spent two or three minutes getting smothered, the last thing she needs right now is a choke hold, believe me, I’ve been there.

Immediately both of her hands grab at my forearm around her throat, the nails digging into my skin. I’m quick to reply in kind though wrapping the fingers of my other hand in Sara’s blonde hair, digging my nails into her scalp as she lets out a strangled cry of pain. ‘Give it up bitch!’ I suggest as a I tighten my choke hold oblivious to her nails tearing at my forearm still. She’s not one for quitting though, I’ll give her that much as she simply doesn’t reply and instead she redoubles her frantic efforts to escape the choke hold. I think I finally have her as her hands pull away from my forearm, scrabbling at the sand; just in time I realise that she has a handful of sand that she throws at my face. Eyes shut to defend against that, I’m surprised as I feel the sharp pain of a back hand or maybe even an elbow to the face and suddenly I’m the one knocked into the sand, on my back as I try to regain my senses quickly. I feel her grab the front of my bikini top, wrenching it from my body with ease before grabbing two handfuls of my hair to haul me to my feet. I’ve barely stopped screaming at the bitch in protest when she sticks her foot in my belly and monkey flips me to the sand.

Catching a glimpse of the perfect blue sky, I wheel through the air, attempting to brace for the inevitable hard landing. ‘Oooooff!’ I groan as the air is driven from my body by the landing in the apparently not so soft sand. Instinctively I roll as I hit the sand though, narrowly avoiding a flying elbow drop as the blonde also lands hard in the sand of her own accord, and temporarily both winded, there is the briefest lull in the action as we both try to will our bodies back into the fight. I gather myself first, going to Sara’s hair as we both get to our knees, she responds cruelly, sinking her nails into the underside of my right boob as I let out a corresponding shriek of pain. ‘Cunt!’ she snarls at me as I twist her head and neck painfully by the hair. ‘Fucking slut!’ I respond as she twists my boob before sinking those nails back in sending shots of pain through my body; both on our knees down in the sand, the fight has become a war of attrition as we both look to punish and wear the other out. I’m getting the worst end of it though as she works my boob over pretty well causing me to cry out in pain. Looking to release her hair, I fire back with a right hand to the body, only catching her a glancing blow as she shifts cleverly and the bitch is quick to respond, her other hand closing around my throat in a tight choke. My protests about the boob maul are somewhat muffled as she tries to choke that second submission out of me, and I’m suddenly fading quickly from her powerful grip. In desperation, I push up her scarlet bikini top, exposing her impressive tits as well now as I snap an uppercut in to the underside of them, but to little effect as she takes it, telling me to ‘submit you little fucking pussy!’

I manage a strangled ‘fuck you!’ in defiance, but still trapped in the blonde bitch’s powerful choke hold, I’m in trouble. Getting ever more desperate, a moment of clarity comes into my thinking; she’s choking me with her right arm out straight, hand grasping my throat. It’s the same arm that her opponent had worked on so much during her recent title defence for the Hong Kong syndicate. On the verge of having to submit anyway, I chance it, swinging two powerful punches up into her armpit, and I succeed in breaking the choke now as she wrings her arm and shoulder in some pain. Unwisely now, she continues working on my tits for a moment and I strike again with a powerful forearm to the chest, knocking her back into the sand. I’m fast to get to my feet, but in no rush to get straight on top of her, cautious instead that she could catch me if I rush into her, so she gets back to her feet, removing her own partly dislodged bikini top as we rejoin the fight, both topless now.

The action has moves a little closer to the sea now, as we’re circling each other, half in and half out of the wetter, firmer sand where the surf has recently been. As we come together, both of us go for the same attack, two hands buried in each other’s long hair, tearing, pulling and ripping as we snarl insults and defiance in the others face. She shoots a knee into my body, taking my breath away and in a flash, I’m thrown down the beach, landing hard in the firm, wet sand now. It coats my body a little as I roll across it, mixing with the sweat, scratching lightly at my skin. There’s little time to recover either as Sara rushes in to aim a soccer kick at my body which I’m able to defend, catching her foot and using it to tip her to the sand. I lunge, grabbing her hair to make sure she stays down as I fold her right arm behind her head, pinned flat to the sand, I’m able to control that with the same hand that’s wrapped tightly in her golden blonde hair. Now I look to get control of her left hand which is currently scratching at my body. A couple of left hand punches to her armpit get her attention and then as I sink my nails into her breasts, she comes to me, grabbing for my hand to stop the tit torture, and I’m able to pin that one to the sand, sitting on her just below her breasts before shifting slightly to trap her arms beneath my knees.

‘Got you now bitch!’ I tell her gleefully as I start to rake her tits with my sharp nails.

‘Fuck you cunt!’ she snarls back defiantly, but she’s trapped pretty well and she knows it too as I hammer six hard punches into the armpit. I’m going to test how that shoulder feels, and the little grunt of pain each time my fist connects makes me think that the answer is probably ‘not so great’. Still, I don’t limit my attacks to her arm as I sink my nails back into her tits again as I invite her to ‘give the match slut?’

There’s defiance and pain in her eyes in equal measure, but no reply as I claw her armpit now, causing her to cry out in pain before I deliver a cross punch to her haw. It’s not my best ever punch, delivered a little awkwardly, but she’s not expecting it and dazed as she is by it, she doesn’t spot me rubbing my hand in the wet sand, coating my fingers before wrapping them around her right breast in a sandy breast maul that draws an instant shriek of anguish from Sara. Her cries of pain are music to my ears as they intensify when I start another sandy twist of her breast; it might not draw the submission from her, but there’s no question it’s softening her up. Breaking from the boob maul for a moment, I crash two punches into her armpit while I still have her right arm folded behind her head, torqued just enough to make each punch that little bit more effective. ‘Give up bitch?’ I ask her again, cutting short her reply with another sandy tit maul that leads to a cry of pain instead of her answer the question. I can tell that I’m hurting her now, but she’s tough to submit. I go back to the body now, punches to the breasts, the stomach, all looking to soften her up before I decide to bring her back to her feet once more.

That’s a bad move as it turns out as the blonde bitch rakes my eyes, taking me by surprise and following up with a right hand to the jaw dropping me to my knees. Blinking my eyes frantically, I just about get my arms up to block her thigh strike to the face, avoiding the worst of it although it still knocks me back into the sand. There’s little time to recover, Sara taking a handful of hair to force me to all fours before she drops to her own knees, elbow crashing into the back of the head and sending me a little dazed onto my belly in the sand. Immediately she’s on me again with a big splash across me lower back and then I feel her fingers lacing through my hair as she uses it to yank me back to my feet. ‘Bitch!’ I complain as my neck feels the strain from her hair pulling; that pain is followed quickly by the stinging pain of a back handed slap to the cheek and then she pushes hard on the back of my head, forcing my face into the wet sand as she tries to use it as an ally for a smothering attack. I turn my face on the way down, just enough to avoid the worst of it, but with my face pinned to the sand by a tight grip of my hair, the bitch slaps hard and often, punishing me and trying to force me to give up.

I cry out in frustration more than anything as I’m pinned there in the sand, The slaps sting, but they’re not going to force me to submit, not today. Sara knows that too I think, though it doesn’t diminish her enthusiasm as she hammers away; I can feel her legs trying to trap mine too, perhaps looking to spread me with an inverted grapevine. Fighting against that as best I can face down and ass up on the beach, I try to find anyway back into the fight again, managing to grab her blonde hair as it strays into my reach. I pull that as hard as I can while she succeeds in spreading me with the inverted grapevine and again we’re snarling and yelling insults and defiance at each other down in the sand. ‘Give up cunt?’ she asks me as her strong thighs keep me spread wide. ‘Fuck you, I’ll make you bald whore!’ I reply, hoping that’s clear enough for her on whether I’m going to submit to her as I yak hard on her hair once more hearing a little yelp of pain that makes me think I’m having an impact on her now. She decides against carrying on with the grapevine now, trying to bring me back to my feet and I realise this might be my chance. As she stands over me, I rise up slowly before slamming a punch straight up into the pussy. The look on her face shows me that she just didn’t see it coming even before the guttural groan of pain as she drops to her knees in front of me, both hands clutching her pussy.

A short headbutt to her chest sends her onto her back in the sand, but now I know that I have to take advantage, so tired and sore as I am, I’m straight over to her. Pulling her up by her long blonde hair, I shoot a knee hard up into her belly, looking to drive the air from her body. Holding her up now by the hair, I go for a second knee lift into the pussy; she’s defenceless to it and the howl of pain from her tells me that I’ve got her now as I allow her to crumple to the beach. Grabbing her by her blonde hair now, I drag her squealing down the beach towards the sea. I have plans for her, but first of all, I drive a knee into her ribs, making sure that she stays well under my control. Then we arrive at the edge of the sea where I pull her to her feet once move, sliding my hand between her thighs and lifting her, I body slam her there on the firm sand. There’s no real give in that surface I know, and she moans from the impact, rolling and clutching her side for the brief moments that I let her before pulling her back to her feet, lifting her again and this time delivering an across the knee backbreaker, before pushing her off my knee into the edge of the surf. The spray of the water hits my body, refreshingly cool as it kicks up from her impact in it. I know it won’t be refreshing her too much though this time as I drop down hard, straddling her as I let my butt crash into her belly.

Grabbing her hands now, I pin them to the sand above her head as a wave breaks gently across her body, her nipples stiffening involuntarily from the cool water. Dipping my head forward, I take one of those stiff nipples in my mouth, nipping at it with my teeth as she whines in protest now. That’s not my plan to finish her though and as I release her nipple from my mouth, I fight to wrap her legs up in a grapevine. She defends, legs lifted into the air looking to keep them out of my grasp, but it’s a waiting game now as I switch my grip so that I can keep both hands pinned firmly to the sand with just my right hand. With my left, I pull her scarlet coloured thong into a wedgie, pulling hard and as she starts to cry out from that, I push the thong down on to her thighs, leaving her fully exposed to a left handed pussy claw that immediately sees her legs drop and then I have her, legs controlled and slowly, surely spread by mine as I release that pussy claw. Another wave breaks against our bodies now, and I’m setting her up to finish her off as my legs win their battle with hers, a cry of pain escaping her lips as I spread her wide now, her legs suddenly giving up the fight.

‘You’re going out now slut!’ I spit in her face as I quickly wrap my arms behind her head and pull her face firmly into my breasts to show her my very own version of the super smother. Immediately, I feel the vibration of her attempts to breathe against the naked skin of my breasts, and I try to pull her face even further into my breasts, her nose and mouth covered firmly by my breasts. It’s simply a matter of time now I know as I maintain the hold while the cool water of the gulf continues to break against out intertwined bodies. I can feel as much as hear her continued moans and groans against my skin as she starts to fade in the smother now. She gets a hand free, groping for a target as she becomes increasingly desperate, scratching as my shoulders and back before hooking on to the waistband of my white bikini briefs. I grit my teeth as I feel the fabric starting to cut into me, determined not to be distracted by her attack, but I quickly feel the strength starting to go out of the attempt.
‘I submit!’ she blurts out, muffled by my boobs in her face, hoping to be turned loose.

‘Not today you bitch!’ I reply ‘you’re going out!’ I tell her as I keep my tits planted squarely in her face. Our bodies glisten in the late afternoon sun, a sheen of sweat and sea spray covering us as the struggle starts to come to an end.

‘No……’ I hear her moan now, but there’s no way out for her and it just takes a few more moments as I feel her start to go limp, the air starved from her by my smother hold, A couple more seconds just to make sure the bitch isn’t faking it, and then I climb off her, removing her thong fully as I drag her ass just clear of the surf. There is nobody about to witness the victory, but we both know the score as I turn on my heel, collect my white bikini top from further up the beach where she threw it during the fight.

It’s hard to describe the feeling I guess as I pick my way back through the sand dunes to the beach hut where I left Steve before the match. I’m not surprised that I won the match in many ways; I thought I had her number this time, but I’m elated that everything went perfectly to the plan we had hatched. Does it change anything I wonder to myself? Probably not; it doesn’t take away from the wins she’s had against me, but to finally dominate the blonde bitch in my own victory is satisfying to say the least. I enter the beach hut now, telling Steve to go tell Danny that he’d best go and retrieve his woman from the beach as I hang my bikini top on the back of the chair and sit down. Sore and tires from the match, I’m smiling as I think just how I beat Sara at her own game!