By Starr247742

The music was pumping and everyone at the party seemed to be having a good time. Everyone except Jamie. The athletic blonde was standing alone in one corner of the outdoor yard, surveying the scene. But her true focus was on her rival, Hannah. Jamie and Hannah had once been good friends, going almost everywhere together. They slept over many times and even had drunkenly flirted with each other. But all that changed when Hannah met her husband, Jack. As the couple became close, Jamie found herself without her BFF. She’d have to go to dinner alone as well as the movies because almost all of Hannah’s attention was now spent on her new beau. Then, it happened; Hannah announced she was pregnant.

That went over like a sack of bricks with Jamie. She supposed that a marriage was next for Hannah, who seemed deliriously happy. But at the root was another truth; she was jealous. Not for Jack ruining her friend but because he hadn’t given her the time of day. I’m better looking than Hannah, thought Jamie, a better cook and better in bed. What the hell was wrong with him. All these thoughts came rushing back to Jamie as she looked across the yard and stared daggers at her former friend. Hannah’s baby was at home with the babysitter and as usual, Jack was nearby.

It was then Jamie decided to take matters into her own hands. The blonde saw when Hannah went inside, leaving Jack alone near one of the buffet tables. Jamie sidled up to Jack and nudged him with her elbow, causing him to spill his drink on himself.

“Oh, my God!” exclaimed Jamie as she batted her eyelashes at the tall, dark and handsome specimen. “I’ve ruined your shirt. Let me help clean you up.” With that, Jamie grabbed a handful of napkins and began to dab at the wet spots that covered part of his chest and abdomen. As she wiped, the blonde let her hand linger a bit too long on Jack’s impressive muscles and six-pack abs. Still, he offered no resistance and seemed to relish the extra attention Jamie was giving him.

The aroused male was still smiling as Jamie ran her fingernails up his muscular arm before caressing his cheek. She then motioned for him to lean down and when he did, she began to whisper something in his ear. Whatever she said, seemed to light Jack up like a Christmas tree and that’s how he looked when Hannah returned from the house. A look of pure scorn came over the brunette’s face as she watched in horror as Jamie shamelessly flirted with her boyfriend.

“Damnit Jamie,” screeched Hannah as she came rushing over. “What the fuck?”

Jamie casually turned to her former BFF and smiled. “Well honey, since you’ve been so busy with the baby, you have completely ignored your responsibility. But I can take care of that for you.”

The smirk was still on Jamie’s face when Hannah abruptly reached out and slapped the blonde across the face. The blonde’s eyes widened in shock as the sting of the slap began to redden her cheek. But when Hannah went for another slap, Jamie blocked the blow and came back with a slap of her own. This quickly devolved into a bit of slapping and hair pulling until some at the party separated the two.

The scene pretty much put an end to the party early as several of the guests began to leave. A half hour later, only a half dozen people remained along with Hannah, Jack and Jamie; the blonde retreated into one corner of the yard still stewing. Finally, it boiled over and she made a beeline for Hannah. Coming face to face with her, the blonde issued her challenge.

“Han,” began a seething Jamie, “let’s just end this animosity right now. You and me, right here, right now. Winner gets whatever she wants, no questions asked. How about it?”

The brunette contemplated this as a sly smile came over her face. “Anything?”

“Anything,” replied Jamie, her hands on her hips defiantly.


“What’s wrong with right now?” asked Jamie as she looked over at Jack like a child would at a candy display.

“Fine by me,” retorted Hannah right before she reached out and raked her nails across Jamie’s face, leaving behind a red trail of scratches and temporarily blinding the blonde. Jamie stumbled backwards, surprised by the sneak attack and was easy pray for Hannah who then tripped her rival. Just as Jamie hit the ground, Hannah was on top of her. The brunette began swinging haymakers at the head of her nemesis. Luckily for Jamie, most of them were off target and looked worse than they were.

Despite the barrage, Jamie looked for her opening and in between haymakers, she found it. The blonde snaked out her right hand and grabbed the left breast of her attacker and squeezed for all she was worth. The sudden pain produced a loud yelp from Hannah as she tried to dislodge her rival’s hand to no avail. Finally, the brunette pitched onto her side and rolled away from Jamie, her chest now throbbing in pain. This allowed Jamie to finally get to her feet and head toward her prey.

With the fight going her way finally, Jamie stood over Hannah as the brunette crawled away on her hands and knees. As she did, Jamie sent a short but powerful punt into her ex-friend's ribs, flipping her onto her back. Hannah did her best to crawl backwards but Jamie stopped her in her tracks with thunderous kick to the brunette's crotch, eliciting a bloodcurdling scream from the battered brunette.

Overconfident, Jamie strode in only for Hannah to land a kick to the blonde's shin, hyperextending the joint and causing Jamie to crash to the grass next to her foe. Hannah, despite her battered condition, rolled over on top of Jamie and after grabbing both sides of her friend's head, began bashing the back of her skull against the ground. Finally, Hannah tired of that and looked around. It was then she spied it; the aluminum tub that housed the assortment of beers and ice.

Hannah stood up and with a double handful of Jamie's hair, dragged her former friend over to the tub, flipped her onto her stomach and then pushed her face underneath the water from the melted ice. Bubbles floated to the top as the blonde seemed intent on drowning her friend as several of the onlookers screamed at Hannah to stop before it was too late. However, the look in Hannah's eyes was wild and she clearly wanted her revenge.

With her strength draining and her being on the verge of being drowned to death, Jamie's hands reached into the watery ice and her hand found something; a bottle of beer. Somehow, she swung the new found weapon up and behind her, hoping to hit Hannah and dislodge her grip, but it did much more than that. Upon impact, the bottle opened up a huge gash over the brunette's left eye and sent her falling backwards. Jamie rolled out of the watery bin and sat back on her elbows as she hacked and coughed. Meanwhile, Hannah blinked wildly as blood poured from her wound and she had trouble seeing clearly as a result.

Jamie finally caught her breath and realized she still held the broken shaft of the bottle when an evil look came over her face, Switching hands, the blonde reached into the aluminum tub once more and came out with another bottle. She quickly scurried over to where Hannah was trying to rise and smashed the unbroken bottle across her foe's face. More blood poured from a new gash just across Hannah’s nose and right cheek as a look of pure terror came over her face.

The brunette put both hands up in front of her to ward off Jamie, but the blonde, still holding two broken bottlenecks slashed out and opened up her rival's hands, Now, nearly defenseless, Hannah could do nothing to stop Jamie from mounting her and placing the jagged weapons against her jaw and leaning in to whisper in her ear. A minute later, a terrified and sobbing Hannah screamed out her surrender.

Her adrenaline finally waning, Jamie staggered to her feet and tossed away her weapons as Jack knelt by his girlfriend, trying to comfort her. As he did, Jamie went inside the house and came back out with some antiseptic, gauze and tape along with her pocketbook. The blonde shoved Jack aside with her foot and knelt over the fearful Hannah. Instead of another attack, Jamie began cleaning the wounds which thankfully were not quite as bad as they looked originally. Once the blood was wiped away, the blonde tenderly bandaged up her former friend and looked into her eyes. A sinister smile came over her face as she reached inside her pocketbook and pulled out a collar and chain. Hannah’s eyes widened in fear once more as Jamie carefully placed the collar around the brunette’s neck and stood up. With the chain in one hand, she looked over at Jack who seemed one part aroused and one part disappointed.

“Sorry Jack,” chimed in Jamie as she tugged on the chain and started to lead Hannah away, “I wouldn’t fuck you with somebody else’s dick so you get to go home alone. Meanwhile, I’m going to teach you wife some new tricks. Who knows…….maybe she’ll still want to fuck you after I’m done.” Just before she headed inside, the blonde added, “but I wouldn’t count on it.”

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