Jada Fire vs. Gianna Michaels
By Starr247742

When the commercial break finished, the crowd was cheering as they were ready to see the main event of Wasteland, the last PPV of the year. The Jumbo Tron lit up as a video package started, replaying just what had led to this, sure to be, brutal match.

Two factions had been battling for control of the show, each trying to prove they were the superior group. However, the South Side Sistas were ruthless and had stopped at nothing to put several members of the rival Revolution out of action. The Sistas were led by Jada Fire, a five foot vicious wildcat who, despite her diminutive size, was a terror inside and out of the ring. Many was the opponent who would wind up bloodied or hospitalized or both after facing her.

She was supported by Monique, who was also the Lightweight Champion. The video showed the first salvo of the gang feud when Monique nearly killed Sheridan Love, a member of the Revolution during their title match. Thanks to some help from fellow Sista Skin Diamond, Monique had hit her Bombs Away [Avalanche Kneedrop to Throat] before she locked Love in her Siren’s Slaughter [Dragon Sleeper, Asiatic Spike combo] and the buxom beauty began to hemorrhage as blood flowed from her mouth and her oxygen supply was cut off.

The war continued when another member of the Sistas, Kristi Maxx obliterated Siri, another Revolution member after a hard hitting bout. Siri seemed about to upset the then undefeated Maxx when a pair of Sistas in the form of Ms. Yummy and Victoria Cakes, also known as the Ebony Eliminators, interfered following a referee bump. With the official out of the picture, after a pair of stereo headbutts, the large duo had hit their finisher, Total Elimination [Running Corner Body Avalanche followed by a Diving Splash] leaving her ripe for Kristi who then nailed Siri with a trio of her finisher, The Black Hole Driver [Package Piledriver]; the last of which was on a steel chair. Siri was left a bloody and twitching mess and is still out of action.

The Revolution got a measure of revenge when Angelina Castro and Sara Jay combined to lay Maxx out following a sloberknocker of a match she had with Castro. The Cuban bombshell managed to hit her finisher, the Castro Crusher [Lifting Double Underhook Facebuster] to secure the win. Post-match, Castro and Jay combined to nail Kristi with a version of her own finisher; piledriving the Amazon into the arena floor outside the ring. Maxx was stretchered out and Jada personally vowed revenge.

And revenge she got when she face Sara at the following PPV, The Last Stand, Fire sent two more of her group, Melissa Reed and Pheona Monroe to attack the blonde before the match even started. By the time they were finished, so was Sara pretty much; having been on the receiving end of Monroe’s PM Dawn [Delayed Brainbuster] on the stage and Reed’s Bayou Driver [Jumping Piledriver]. Left dazed and racked with spasms, Jay was easy pickings for Jada to get her back to the ring, bloody her with her infamous weapons and then finish off with the Mamba’s Kiss [Double Underhook Piledriver]. Fire made a statement as she hit Jay with the move four times before leaving. Still, The Black Mamba wasn’t finished with the Revolution.

At the next PPV, Jada had to face Angelina Castro, who had beaten the champion in a non-title match to each her chance to become champion and get some needed revenge for the Revolution. It looked as though she was going to do exactly that as the screen showed Castro having her way with Jada early in the match; throwing her from pillar to post and back again. Once more, it was another run-in from the Sista; this time from the tag team champions, Aryana Starr, Maserati and Jamaica Bandz aka The Downtown Posse.

The current champions had dethroned Ava Devine and Charlee Chase, two members of the Revolution and longest reigning tag champions in AWW. Their match had been an elimination match and with the help of the Ebony Eliminators, the Posse had disabled Chase halfway through the match when the blonde was stretchered to the back. This left Ava alone to basically face five women. The result wasn’t pretty as Devine was left a bloody, twitching match who is still out of action.

While Bandz took out the official, Aryana and Maserati nailed Angelina with stereo chair shots, aka the Con-Chair-to. The duo then destroyed the Cuban with their finisher, the Doomsday Death Drop [Aided Avalanche Piledriver]. The trio then left as Jada pulled the semi-conscious Latina up, locked her in the ropes, retrieved the chair and proceed to nail her with a half-dozen more chair shots that left Angelina a very, very bloody mess. It was only when the remaining healthy members of Revolution, Gianna Michaels, Jelena Jensen, Alexis Grace and Kelly Devine showed up that saved the Cuban from having her career ended.

The final clip showed Gianna from the past week when she attacked Jada during a match where she was obliterating another young newcomer. The red-haired Amazon brought a chair with her and proceeded to batter the champion before her stablemates made the save and dragged her out of the ring and away from further damage. After that, Jada demanded that Gianna get her ‘final’ title shot.

The video package finished and the lights in the arena went back up. As they did, the camera switched to the announcers table where Tera Patrick and Jenna Jameson were ready to call the match.

TERA: Well, we’ve finally reached the match we’ve been waiting for all evening. Jada Fire will be taking on the thorn in her side, Gianna Michaels.
JENNA: More like a gnat that has been buzzing around waiting to be smashed. Tonight, she will regret everything she’s done to Jada and will pay for it in blood.
TERA: Gianna wanted to get her hands on Jada so badly for what she’s done to Sara Jay and Angelina Castro, that she even agreed to make this a No Holds Barred, Iron Woman’s match; a stipulation that definitely plays into the sadistic ways of Jada Fire.
JENNA: Sara Jay and Angelina Castro both got what they deserved for daring to try to disrespect and embarrass the champion.
TERA: Deserved? Jada put Sara on the shelf with that brutal and bloody beating that left The Beast with several broken bones and facial injuries. And if it weren’t for Monique’s help, Angelina might just be wearing that world title that Jada holds around her waist.
JENNA: They’re losers, plain and simple……just like Gianna Michaels is about to be.
TERA: Well, this is the fourth time these women have locked up and the third time they faced each other for the A.W.W. World Championship and controversy has been a part of each match they’ve had.
JENNA: And still Jada has the title around her waist. Like I said; Gianna is a loser.
TERA: [sighs] Let’s just go up to Asia Carrera for the introductions.

ASIA CARRERA: This is a No Hold Barred, Iron Woman’s Match with a one hour time limit. It is for the A.W.W. Word Championship. Your referee is Trisha Paytas.

ASIA CARRERA: Introducing first, she is the reigning World Champion, standing five feet tall and weighing in at one hundred eighteen pounds. Accompanied to the ring by Monique, she is The Black Mamba, Jada Fire!

Jada emerges from the back with Monique alongside to a chorus of boos and jeers. The champion shot the audience a hateful look before she headed down the ramp towards the ring with her championship belt slung over her left shoulder and Monique in tow. The Evil Angel wore a red spandex halter top with matching fishnet cover, a black leather corset with silver buckles down the front and matching red spandex shorts that accentuated her ample posterior. Completing the outfit were thigh-high black leather boots with silver buckles down the sides, a red choker with sequins and black spandex forearm warmers.

The merciless ebony beauty reached the ring and slowly climbed inside as the abuse from the crowd continued. In response, Fire shot the audience a double bird which only served to incense the fans more. After conferring with Monique for a moment, a knowing sneer came across the face of the Black Mamba before she handed her title belt to referee Trisha Paytas. Eventually, the champion settled back against the turnbuckles opposite the steps she used to enter the ring and waited for her challenger to arrive.

ASIA: And her opponent, standing five feet eleven inches tall and weighing one hundered fifty pounds, she is the challenger, The Emerald City Vixen, Gianna Michaels.

Gianna Michaels emerged from backstage to a thunderous ovation from the crowd and headed down the ramp toward the ring. The red-haired Amazon wore a reinforced turquoise halter top with white trim and a silver clasp in front, matching shorts also with silver clasps along each side and knee high turquoise boots with wide, white laces. The challenger completed her outfit with white forearm wraps and a turquoise choker.

The redhead flashed her mischievous smile as she continued toward the ring; her gaze never leaving the dangerous champion inside the ring who stared daggers back at the woman who had given her so much grief recently. Michaels climbed onto the ring apron and slid between the ropes as the audience began to chant her name. Climbing to the second rope in her corner, Gianna raised her arms to pose for the crowd as another round of cheers erupted. At last, the Amazon jumped down and leaned against the corner turnbuckles behind her as she waited for Trisha Paytas to start the match. After raising the title belt over her head, Paytas handed the prized possession to the ring attendant and signaled for the opening bell.


Gianna started strong as Jada charged toward her challenger, but was caught with a big boot for her impatience. The blow spun Fire around for a second before she recovered and rushed towards Michaels again. This time, the red-haired Amazon caught her shorter foe, lifted her into the air and drove her into the canvas with a bone-rattling sidewalk slam. Big Red wasted no time and quickly covered the champion for the early pin attempt.



TERA: An early pin attempt by Gianna didn’t get the job done, but may have served notice to Jada about how hard this match is going to be.
JENNA: The champion may be smaller than that redheaded goof, but she is double tough and will soon show Michaels why she should never have taken this match.

A kickout by Jada interrupted the count before Gianna quickly got back to her feet, pulled The Evil Angel up and moved behind her to lock on a rear waistlock. The Emerald City Vixen then lifted her opponent into the and drove her into the canvas with a textbook belly to back suplex that left the ebony beauty stunned. Slowly, Fire struggled to her feet only for Michaels to embrace her and then land another suplex; this time of the belly to belly variety which left the champion moaning on the canvas momentarily.
The challenger again got to her feet quickly and pulled the stunned Fire up with her before she sent the Fire Dragon into the far ropes with an Irish whip. As Jada rebounded, Gianna caught the champion with a wicked bicycle kick that nearly took off the head of the Black Mamba. Once more, Michaels shot the lateral cover for the pin attempt.




At the last second, Jada managed to drape her leg over the bottom rope and force the match to continue.

TERA: Another pin attempt by Big Red. Slowly but surely, I believe she is imposing her will on the smaller champion and wearing her down.
JENNA: You can believe whatever you want, but when reality kicks in for Gianna, she’s going to be in for it.

Instead of being frustrated, the red-haired Amazon quickly continued her attack as she yanked the champion to her feet and laced into her with a series of European uppercuts that sent the ebony beauty stumbling back into the corner she had started the match from.

Gianna then leaned into her foe with a thunderous knife edged chop that resounded throughout the arena. Another pair of wicked knife edged chops followed, each elicited a squeal of pain from Fire. With Jada trapped in the corner, Michaels continued her assault with a series of back elbows to the jaw of the Fire Dragon; each blow snapped back the champion’s head and left her slumped in the corner against the ropes.

Finally, the Emerald City Vixen grabbed her foe by the wrist and went for an Irish whip only to reverse the move into a wicked short arm clothesline. Relentlessly, Michaels yanked the champion up only to repeat the move. The redhead swiftly repeated the maneuver a third time, sending the Black Mamba to the canvas in a daze.

The challenger stepped back and measured the Evil Angel as she struggled to stand. Just before Fire was upright, Gianna rushed forward and nailed her opponent with a sick looking running kneelift that jarred the champion’s back teeth and sent her to the canvas once more. Quickly, the red-haired Amazon shot the lateral press for the pin attempt.




This time, the count was interrupted as Monique reached inside the ring and pulled the referee onto the ring apron; the move prevented the third count to be made and a snarl of disgust to cross the face of the challenger.

TERA: Typical shady move by the champion’s partner-in-crime. That could have been an early end to the match.
JENNA: Gianna cannot complain since she knew what type of match this was from the start. Now, the nasty redhead is going to see what it means to cross The Boss.

Referee Paytas dropped to the arena floor to admonish the Motor City Mistress about her interference and as the two jaw-jacked with each other, Gianna climbed the near corner turnbuckles. Just as Monique finished and turned around, Big Red took flight from the top turnbuckle and crashed into the South Side Sista member with a wicked diving clothesline that sent the ebony beauty crashing against the ringside barricade with such force, she slid down the barrier onto her butt with a dazed look in her eyes.

Still incensed, Gianna yanked the dazed Sugar to her feet, grabbed her by the wrist and Irish-whipped her into the nearby steel steps; the impact slightly separated the metal structure and caused Monique to scream out her discomfort. Unfortunately for the Seattle native, she did not heed the warnings of the crowd and as she turned around, a recovered Jada landed a massive crotch punt that lifted the red-haired Amazon off her feet and caused her to sink to her knees in agony.

The champion continued her crotch assault as she grabbed her opponent’s ankles, parted her legs and landed a leaping headbutt into Gianna’s already throbbing privates; the move caused the red-haired Amazon to wail pitifully before she rolled onto her side and curled into a fetal ball while massaging her agony-ridden crotch.

TERA: More disgusting moves from the sadistic champion.
JENNA: Guess Gianna won’t be having any fun with that tonight. But she has yet to know what pain is.

While the challenger struggled to recover from Jada’s crotch busting tactics, the champion reached underneath the ring and pulled out a steel chair. The scary expression on Fire’s face spoke of bad intentions as she hovered behind the red-haired Amazon who finally staggered to her feet. But just as Gianna turned to face her opponent, Jada swung from her heels and smashed the unforgiving steel chair across the head of the Emerald City Vixen. Like a shot, Michaels collapsed face-first onto the thinly padded arena floor.

The damage was quickly evident as Gianna struggled to rise onto her hands and knees. Blood streamed off her face and onto the arena floor below, forming a crimson puddle. When Michaels managed to sit back on her haunches, blood poured from the gash caused by the chairshot and streamed down the face of Big Red covering her face, torso and arms in short order.

Jada moved in and continued her bloody assault as she yanked the unsteady redhead to her feet and landed a wicked headbutt that left the challenger on rubbery legs, held up only by Jada’s grip on her foe’s hair. A second headbutt connected and then a third one which seemed to open another wound over the right eye of the Emerald City Vixen. Fire then completed her carnage with a leaping headbutt that connected and caused a wad of crimson to fly into the air before a severely bloody Gianna crashed back to the arena floor.

JENNA: See what I meant? You don’t cross the boss.
TERA: Oh my God! Gianna has been busted open badly. The referee may have to step in and stop this as the challenger is losing a lot of blood.

With a handful of Gianna’s blood soaked tresses, Fire yanked the challenger off the arena floor and rolled her back into the ring. As the champion followed her prey inside, Michaels began crawling toward the opposite ropes, leaving a bloody trail as she went. But before the redhead could reach the ropes, The Black Mamba sat down on her foe’s back, tucked the Amazon’s arms over her legs and locked on a deep camel clutch.

The Boss wasted no time in increasing Gianna’s discomfort as she began to punish Big Red with The Backdraft [Deep Seated Camel Clutch with Forearm Smashes to the Face]. Each blow produced a splatter of crimson from the now helpless Amazon. Deftly, Jada reached into her boot and produced a two-pronged fork before she began digging the weapon into the wounds on Gianna’s head. Bloodcurdling screams came from the lips of the Seattle native as her boots beat a tattoo into the canvas.

JENNA: As I said, Gianna was going to regret disrespecting the champion.
TERA: Gianna doesn’t deserve to be disfigured and tortured this way.
JENNA: Oh, I beg to differ…..and so does Jada.

Fire finally rose from her seated position and with another handful of hair, yanked the bloodied Amazon to her right until she draped Michaels across the middle ropes on the side of the ring adjacent to the entrance ramp. As blood still dripped steadily from the wounds on her head, Gianna found herself threaded back over the top rope before Jada grabbed the challenger’s ankles and parted them.

With no warning, The Black Mamba showed why she was considered the most sadistic woman in the company as she landed a sickening Crotch Rocket [Rope Trap, Crotch Punt] that sent shockwaves of agony through Gianna’s privates. Fire quickly repeated the move as the impact caused Michaels to utter another bloodcurdling scream. With rapid succession, Jada repeated the move another four times; each elicited the same agony-ridden cry from the challenger while those in the crowd winced with each impact.

Finally, The Boss released her victim from the ropes and let the redhead collapse onto the canvas next to the ropes while she held her throbbing crotch and curled into another fetal ball. Again, the Evil Angel used a handful of Gianna’s crimson soaked tresses to pull Michaels on her back toward the center of the ring. With great effort, Jada yanked the Seattle native up and turned the redhead so she was facing the champion. Abruptly, The Black Mamba leapt into the air and nailed Gianna with The Urban Makeover [Double Knee Facebreaker]; the impact sending the Amazon flying backwards until she crashed into the mat back first.




Before Trisha could make the final count, the sadistic Fire yanked Gianna off the match and shook her head; the move forcing the bloody encounter to continue.

TERA: Oh, come on! Jada could have very well ended the match just now and made her point. Instead, she wants to completely destroy Gianna.
JENNA: Well, she’s off to a good start. Besides, the busybody has had this coming for somet time. Now, it’s time to pay the piper.

With a hateful look in her eyes, Jada moved to her opponent’s feet, grabbed her by the ankles and parted the legs of the Amazon. Abruptly, the champion leapt into the air and connected with a wicked headbutt to the crotch of the bloodied redhead. A sickening squeal escaped Gianna’s lips as her privates were set aflame with pain again. Fire immediately rose only to repeat the cunt busting maneuver once more.

As Michaels writhed on the canvas, Jada again stood only to leap into the air and drive a kneedrop into the same tenderized crotch of Big Red. As before, the Evil Angel stood back up only to hit another leaping kneedrop which left the Seattle native trembling in pain as her head shook back and forth. A third kneedrop followed almost immediately and left the Emerald City Vixen nearly delirious with pain as her cries morphed into one long wail.

The champion maintained her grip on Gianna’s ankles as she leapt into the air and came down with a leaping stomp to the same tenderized crotch of the red-haired Amazon. In a fevered state, Jada repeated the same leaping stomp again and again until she had landed a fourth blow. Finally, Fire released her grip and allowed blood-soaked beauty to curl into a fetal ball yet again as she clutched at her agonized privates and twitched as though an electrical current coursed through her body. A few seconds later, the champion nudged her opponent onto her back and placed a knee across the ample chest of the challenger for the arrogant pin.




Once more, Jada yanked her agonized and blood-soaked nemesis off the canvas, intent on causing further pain to the redhead.

TERA: This is becoming a travesty now. Twice, Jada could have put Gianna away but instead, seems to not only want to make an example of her, but gravely injure her as well.
JENNA: Remember the matches that Gianna interfered in? How about the time she knocked Jada out with a chair? Payback is a bitch and the champion is showing she’s a boss bitch. This will end only when Jada wants it to.

Jada stood up and trash talked at the challenger as she lay on her back and struggled to deal with her pain. Abruptly, the ebony grappler leapt into the air and came crashing down across the throat of the red-haired Amazon with a sick looking leaping legdrop that left Gianna clutching at her throat while she coughed violently. The Black Mamba wasted no time as she stood back up and headed toward the ropes opposite the entrance ramp. As she rebounded, Fire measured her supine foe before she leapt into the air and landed a frightening kneedrop to the bloodied forehead of the Jade Giant. The impact caused Michaels to convulse for a moment before she clutched at her head and began to roll back and forth on the canvas.

The sadistic champion continued her attack as she sat down behind the head of the blood soaked Amazon and locked on a headscissors. Fire then rolled Big Red onto her stomach while she maintained the hold. Suddenly, the veteran heel raised up and began to smash Gianna’s face into the canvas with a series of push-up facebusters; each impact caused the redhead’s arms and legs to splay wildly. Finally, after a half-dozen smashes, Jada relented and rolled away from her victim who lays motionless on the mat face down.

The Boss stood up and made a throat cutting gesture to the crowd before she grabbed a double handful of Gianna’s blood soaked tresses and pulled her off the mat. Fire locked on a standing headscissors as she bent the Amazon at the waist and hooked both her arm. With wink and a nod, the champion leapt into the air and drove the Emerald City Vixen into the canvas with her finisher, Crunch Time [Double Underhook Sit-Out Facebuster]. An audible sigh came from the crowd as Michaels landed and then failed to move again. This time, the Evil Angel rolled her foe onto her back and pressed both hands into Gianna’s breasts for the pin attempt.





ASIA CARRERA: The winner of the first fall by pinfall, Jada Fire!

Jada maintained her pressure on her opponent’s chest for several seconds before she finally stood up and retreated to her corner for the mandatory one minute break between falls. Meanwhile, Gianna remained motionless as her eyes fluttered, seeming to indicate she was drifting in and out of consciousness.

JENNA: There you have it; Gianna is finished. And considering we are only thirteen minutes into the match, I think this may be the last match that doofus will ever have.
TERA: Gianna hasn’t moved and could have a concussion thanks to that move. Add in her blood loss and Trisha may want to stop this match.
JENNA: The only way this match ends is with Gianna being carried out on a stretcher. Personally, I cannot wait to see that.
TERA: You are a heartless bitch.
JENNA: And so?


JENNA: Well, here we go; the beginning of the end for your dear, Gianna Michaaels.
TERA: Gianna hasn’t moved during the break and Jada couldn’t be happier.

Cockily, Jada strode from her corner until she stood over her victim with a sinister smile on her face. The champion grabbed two handfuls of Gianna’s hair and once more, lifted her off the mat with great effort. Fire secured a wristlock on the bloodied grappler as she sank to one knee with an agonized expression on her face. Suddenly, The Black Mamba landed a sick snap kick into the left breast of the challenger which elicited another squeal of pain. Another pair of snap kicks followed which caused Michaels to sink to both knees while her cries dictated her agony.

The Boss quickly abandoned her wristlock which allowed Big Red to cup her wounded mammary while she winced in pain. As she did, Fire headed for the ropes behind her and when she rebounded, landed a sick boot to the side of the head of The Emerald City Vixen. The impact flipped the red-haired Amazon onto her back with a glassy look in her eyes.

Again, the champion moved to the left side of supine Michaels before she knelt down and secured an armlock on the redhead’s left arm. As she tilted the blood soaked Amazon onto her right side, Jada began to drive fists into her exposed opponent’s side. Closed fist after closed fist crashed into the ribs, armpit and breast of the Jade Giant until Fire had completed her signature move, Straight To The Point [Kneeling armlock with multiple fists to the ribs, armpit and breast]. Each blow brought forth another cry of agony from the redhead as her legs twitched with each impact.

TERA: I know Gianna is famous for having an incredible threshold for pain, but coupled with her blood loss, I don’t know how much more she can take.
JENNA: I’d say about forty-three more minutes judging by the clock.

The sadistic champion abandoned her armlock on Gianna only to pull the devastated grappler to her feet and lock on a front facelock. Without warning, Fire dropped backwards, driving the challenger’s skull into the canvas with a textbook snap DDT. The move left Michaels twitching on the mat spasmodically as the Evil Angel rolled to her knees and looked on with glee.

Wasting no time, Jada again yanked her victim up and locked on another front facelock. This time, with a handful of Big Red’s shorts, the champion lifted her prey into the air and draped the red-haired Amazon’s legs over the top rope while she maintained the front facelock. Once more, the Fire Dragon acted suddenly and drove Gianna’s skull into the canvas once more, this time with a rope hung snap DDT that resounded throughout the arena and caused the crowd to utter a collective gasp as the brutality of the move. Still, Fire did not cover her opponent.

Instead, The Boss rolled to her feet and pulled her opponent up with her. The ebony grappler then secured an inverted facelock as she nodded to the crowd who began to jeer her with a chant of ‘ASSHOLE’. Yet again, the champion suddenly dropped down, driving the back of Gianna’s skull into the mat with an inverted DDT. Michaels barely had time to clutch at her head while her feet beat a tattoo into the canvas when Jada yanked her back up and reapplied the inverted facelock. Another handful of the Amazon’s shorts allowed Fire to lift her prey’s feet so that they were across the top rope. And as before, The Black Mamba drove the back of Big Red’s skull into the mat, this time with a rope hung inverted DDT that left the challenger twitching wildly before The Evil Angel made the cover.




Yet again, Jada yanked her opponent off the match and forced the fall to continue despite referee Paytas’ objections.

TERA: I think Jada had better hope that Gianna cannot get her second wind, because if she does, these false pin attempts may come back to haunt her.
JENNA: The champion has no worries there; Michaels is a wanna-be who is in for a long hospital stay.

The Fire Dragon pulled Michaels up to a sitting position and landed a wicked shoot kick to the back of the battered challenger. While the bloodied Amazon arched her back in pain, Jada popped to her feet and headed for the ropes behind her opponent. As she rebounded, Fire somersaulted over Gianna while she grabbed a double handful of hair and landed a running neck snap neckbreaker which sent shockwaves of pain through the neck of the Emerald City Vixen.

Michaels was given no time to recover as Jada quickly yanked her opponent back to her feet and locked on another front facelock. Slowly, The Boss turned into the challenger so that they were back to back while the neck of the red-haired Amazon rested on the shoulder of the ebony grappler. Abruptly, The Black Mamba dropped down to the match and nailed the bloodied warrior with a vicious hangman’s neckbreaker that again left the Jade Giant twitching violently on the canvas.

Jada played to the crowd as she nodded toward her downed opponent with a ‘thumbs up’ motion and then turned it over for a ‘thumbs down’, indicating she was ready to finish off Michaels. With great effort, the champion pulled Big Red off the mat and hoisted the redhead onto her shoulders with a fireman’s carry. With a clean jerk, Fire threw Gianna off her shoulders and down where the blood stained redhead landed neck first across the knee of the ebony sadist, completing her finisher, Kiss Of the Dragon [Death Valley Driver across Knee]. This time, The Black Mamba shot the lateral press while she hooked the leg of the Emerald City Vixen for the pin.





ASIA CARRERA: The winner of the second fall by pinfall, Jada Fire. Jada now leads two falls to none.

Fire stood up and as she did, Gianna rolled onto her stomach while she held her now throbbing neck. To add insult to injury, Jada pressed down on the back of the challenger’s neck before she stepped through and headed to her corner for the one minute respite.

JENNA: Well, Jada is pitching a shutout so far. I wonder just how many falls she will wind up with; it could be record setting.
TERA: Gianna is still twitching from that last move though it seems as though her blood flow may have abated. Still, she’s a mess.


Once more, Jada yanked her devastated opponent off the canvas, this time, scooping the Amazon up before she rudely deposited Michaels onto the mat near the corner she had just exited with a stiff scoop slam. The Boss took a few seconds to scream insults at the crowd before she exited the ring and climbed to the top rope. Fire basked in the moment for a second before she leapt off, ready to deliver her signature move, Falling From Heaven [Avalanche Kneedrop to Throat].

Unfortunately, the champion took a bit too long and as she came down, Gianna raised her boot just in time to strike the champion in the jaw; the impact nearly took the Boss’ head off and knocked the champion for a loop. Jada crashed to the mat like a bag of dirt while Michaels rolled toward the ropes parallel and to the right of the entrance ramp. Then, both women lay still on the canvas as they tried to regroup.

TERA: Finally! The champion took too long to preen and paid for it dearly.
JENNA: Don’t go counting your chickens just yet. Remember, Jada is champion for a reason; she’s tough as nail and always finds a way to come out on top.

Slowly, the victimized redhead began to use the ropes to get to her feet while Jada tried to shake off her spinning head as she rolled onto all fours and struggled to stand. Seconds ticked by as both women shakily made it to a vertical base. With rage in her eyes, the champion charged her opponent only for Gianna to raise her boot and again strike the Evil Angel directly in the jaw.

The impact spun the ebony grappler around like a top and sent her staggering away a few steps while Michaels wiped blood from her eyes and an expression of clarity replaced the glassy eyed one that was present on the face of the Jade Giant only moments before. Gianna moved behind the champion and waited for her to turn around. When she did, the Emerald City Vixen lifted her into the air, spun around and devastated her with Dropping The Dime [Lifting, Spinning Spinebuster Slam].

Now fueled by rage, the challenger yanked the staggered Fire off the canvas and scooped her up until she lay horizontally in the arms of the Jade Giant. As the red-haired Amazon carried her foe toward the center of the ring, Gianna abruptly dropped the champion’s down across her knee with a standard backbreaker. A guttural screech escaped the lips of the Evil Angel before Michaels repeated the maneuver; this time even more forcefully. Finally, Big Red spun around while she swung Jada’s legs out and planted her into the mat with a sick looking swinging side slam that echoed throughout the arena. The fan-favorite then rolled onto her opponent and hooked the leg for the count.




The champion managed to roll her shoulders off the canvas before Trisha could make the third count and the fall was forced to continue.

TERA: Close, but no cigar. Gianna must keep up the pressure if she wants to gain her first fall.
JENNA: She can’t; Gianna is not a closer. She better enjoy this while it lasts because in a few minutes, she’ll be back to screaming.

Gianna wiped more blood from her eyes and then looked around the ring as she finally noticed the various puddles and smears of crimson she has shed. The red-haired Amazon gritted her teeth as she stood up and pulled the staggered champion up with her. Michaels wrapped both hands around the throat of the Black Mamba before she lifted the grappler into the air. After holding Fire aloft for a few seconds, the Emerald City Vixen dropped down and drove the hated heel into the mat with a wicked sit-out chokebomb.

The Jade Giant rolled to her knees and stood rather than attempt another pin. As the bloodied redhead backed against the ropes by the entrance ramp, Monique interjected herself into the match again as she grabbed Michaels by the ankle in an attempt to prevent her from doing more damage to the champion.

Instead, Gianna reached over the ropes and grabbed a double handful of the tresses of the Motor City Murderess before she yanked the interloper up and onto the ring apron. A quick, short forearm allowed Michaels to lock on a front facelock. The challenger then spun into her foe and dropped down as she nailed Monique with The g.m.c. [Front Facelock Cutter]. The ropes added the move and sent the Mahogany Siren flying off the ring apron and down to the arena floor where she flipped head over heels until she came to rest face-down at the base of the entrance ramp.

TERA: It’s about time! Monique has basically made this a two-on-one match and Gianna finally had enough of her shenanigans.
JENNA: Michaels is really digging herself a deep grave now. Payback will be forthcoming.

The Emerald City Vixen turned around just as Jada struggled to her feet. Before the champion could steady herself, Michaels grabbed her opponent around the throat and lifted The Boss into the air. A second later, Gianna drove The Black Mamba’s back down across her knee with a sick looking chokeslam backbreaker. Not missing a beat, Big Red yanked her agonized foe back up and repeated the high impact move; the maneuver left the ebony grappler writhing on the mat in clear pain.

Taking a deep breath, The Jade Giant pressed her advantage as she yanked the stunned champion to her feet and wrapped her right hand around Fire’s throat. With a handful of the ebony grappler’s shorts, Gianna lifted her opponent into the air before she violently drove her back-first into the canvas with a resounding chokeslam. But the challenger never relinquished her grip as she jerked Jada back to her feet and repeated the maneuver as she completed her finisher, The Double D Slam [Back to Back Chokeslams]. Michaels dropped to the mat and covered the champion for the pin.





ASIA CARRERA: The winner of the third fall via pinfall, Gianna Michaels. Jada Fire now leads two falls to one.

A weary and bloodied Gianna rolled off her foe and sat back on her haunches as the referee raised her hand. Meanwhile, Jada lay on the canvas and stared up at the arena lights as the mandatory rest period between falls began.

TERA: Well, Gianna is back in this bout after a brutal and bloody attack from the champion.
JENNA: Michaels just got really lucky. Once Jada regroups, Gianna will be screaming once again.
TERA: Don’t be so sure, Jenna. Gianna’s ability to withstand punishment is legendary and she just showed what her superior strength can do. If her stamina holds up, Jada could be in for a rude awakening.


As the bell rang to begin the fourth fall, the People’s Champion made her way to her feet and headed toward the still downed champion. With a double handful of hair, Michaels yanked the Black Mamba to her feet, only to fall prey to a vicious eye rake which sent the red-haired Amazon stumbling back toward the ropes parallel to ramp and to its right. The still agonized Fire landed a stiff shot to kidneys of the challenger which sent her into the neutral corner nearest the ramp. Once there, Jada grabbed a double handful of hair and prepared to send the challenger face first into the top turnbuckle. Instead, Gianna blocked the move, reversed it and sent the skull of the ebony grappler into the turnbuckle.

The impact sent Fire stumbling away from the corner and into the center of the ring. Michaels followed and scooped the smaller grappler into her arms before she dropped Jada spine first down across her knee with a textbook pendulum backbreaker. Instead of releasing her pained opponent, Gianna repeated the pain inducing maneuver which elicited another howl of agony from the Evil Angel. However, once more, the challenger failed to release her prey.

Instead, the Emerald City Vixen maintained her grip for a moment before she fell backwards and drove Jada’s back into the canvas with a wicked fallaway slam that left the champion writhing on the mat near the opposite ropes. Gianna’s adrenaline kicked in as she quickly kipped back to her feet and pulled her foe into the center of the ring. The Jade Giant measured her opponent before she landed a stiff elbow drop into the small of Fire’s tenderized back. A second elbow drop followed before she gave the champion a double bird and landed a third elbow drop which produced a wail of pain from the Fire Dragon.

TERA: See? It’s starting. Gianna has gotten her second wind and is ready to pay Jada back for the savagery she endured.
JENNA: You keep forgetting that Michaels is still down by a fall so let’s not pop any champagne just yet.

Another handful of Fire’s tresses allowed Gianna to haul her opponent to her feet and lock on a full nelson. The red-haired Amazon used her superior size and strength to her advantage as she shook the ebony grappler back and forth before she lifted the Black Mamba into the air and drove her into the canvas with a full nelson slam that echoed throughout the arena and caused the champion to utter a cry of discomfort.

Once more, the Jade Giant yanked her foe to her feet before she spun Jada around and shoved her toward the ropes. When the ebony grappler rebounded, Gianna landed a stiff forearm smash to the small of Fire’s back. Before the Evil Angel could collapse, Michaels repeated the maneuver and allowed the pain ridden South Side Sista leader to drop to her knees. A heartbeat later, the Emerald City Vixen had hauled her opponent back up and hoisted the champion onto her shoulders, locking in an Argentine backbreaker.

Big Red moved into the center of the ring as she applied the torturous Argentine backbreaker, stretching Fire’s spine in a way nature never intended. Suddenly, Gianna dropped to her knees, completing the Argentine backbreaker drop which sent more shockwaves of agony through the back of the champion. Michaels spun around and rolled her opponent onto her back while she hooked the leg for the pin.




Just before Trisha could make the final count, a recovered Monique pulled the official from the ring yet again, which forced the match to continue.

TERA: Damn that Monique. She’s basically made this a handicap match and facing Jada alone is hard enough.
JENNA: I think you and the fans keep forgetting that this is a no holds barred, anything goes match. Gianna knew this from the start so she has no reason to bitch about it.

An irate Gianna immediately rolled out of the ring only to fall victim to a throat thrust from the Motor City Mistress. The maneuver allowed Monique to hit a spinning heel kick that spun the challenger around, but failed to take her off her feet. The smaller ebony grappler backed up a few steps before she rushed forward ready to deliver a running clothesline. Instead, Michaels ducked the blow, reached back and nailed the troublesome Monique with a reverse neckbreaker which left the Mahogany Vixen writhing on the arena floor in pain.

The Emerald City Vixen made it back to a vertical base before she reached down and scooped Monique off the thinly padded arena floor and locked on a front facelock. Michaels looked behind her toward the ringpost to the right of the arena ramp before she nodded to the cheering crowd. Abruptly, the red-haired Amazon lifted her victim into the air and swung her into the steel ringpost with a modified fireman’s carry facebuster. A howl of pain escaped the lips of the Motor City Mistress as her hip collided with the unforgiving steel structure as she crumpled to the arena floor in a writhing heap.

TERA: More justice for Gianna. Monique has had that coming since the beginning of the match.
JENNA: You think it’s fair that Gianna may have just maimed Monique? Now, who is the bloodthirsty one?

Michaels rolled back into the ring just as Jada made it back to her feet. The Jade Giant tackled the champion and ran Fire back-first into the corner the ebony grappler had begun the match from. The Emerald City Vixen imposed her will on her opponent as she laced into the Evil Angel with a series of stiff back elbows to the jaw of the champion. The red-haired Amazon then landed a thunderous European uppercut that rocked Jada and left her slumped in the corner.
The challenger wasted no time as she pulled the champion from the corner and landed a stiff kneelift which doubled over the ebony grappler. Big Red then grabbed her foe around the waist and flipped her into the air and onto her shoulders before she ran forward and drove Fire’s back into the turnbuckles with a sick looking turnbuckle powerbomb that left Jada crumpled in the corner twitching and moaning loudly.

Again, the bloodied Amazon pressed her advantage as she yanked the devastated champion from the corner and to her feet. Gianna locked on a guillotine choke while she simultaneously pulled Jada’s right arm behind her in a hammerlock. Without warning, the Emerald City Vixen dropped to the canvas, executing her signature move, The Redwood Crusher [Hammerlock, Guillotine Choke Drop]. The move elicited another cry of anguish from Fire before she collapsed onto the mat in pain.

Still, Gianna did not roll her foe over for the pin. Instead, she made a throat cutting gesture before she regained her vertical base and began to pull the champion off the canvas. The Jade Giant spun her dazed foe around and then whispered something into the ear of the Fire Dragon.

Gianna: Say goodnight Jada.

With that, Gianna hoisted the champion onto her shoulders with another Argentine backbreaker. A second later, the Emerald City Vixen drove her opponent into the canvas face-first with her finisher, Gianna’s Law [Argentine Backbreaker transitioned into an inverted Death Valley Driver]. Michaels quickly rolled the Black Mamba onto her back and hooked the near leg for the pin attempt.





ASIA CARRERA: Here is your winner of the fourth fall, Gianna Michaels. The match is now tied at two falls apiece.

Gianna rolled off the champion and crawled toward the corner in which she began the match while Jada lay on the match staring up at the lights.

TERA: Finally, we have a match again. Now, it’s anybody’s game and Gianna has momentum on her side.
JENNA: Gloat all you want. If Jada is as smart as I think she is, she has a contingency plan for this and Gianna will find out about it soon.

With Monique still laid out on the arena floor and Jada barely moving inside the ring, a thin smile came across the face of the bloodied Amazon.


As the fifth fall began, Michaels moved in front of the ropes by the entrance ramp and waved for her still stunned opponent to rise. With great effort, Jada began to comply as she rolled onto her hands and knees before she struggled to an upright position. Just as the Evil Angel made it up, Gianna bounced off the ropes behind her, leapt into the air and devastated the champion with a leaping clothesline that nearly took Fire’s head off. But before the challenger could follow up, three figures emerged from the back and headed down the ramp toward the ring. It was Ana Foxxx, Candace Von and Misty Stone.

TERA: C’mon. This is the contingency plan?
JENNA: All the great ones have one and now Gianna is about to find out why she’ll never get to be champion.

While Ana and Misty tended to the downed Monique, Candace immediately climbed onto the ring apron and began to trash talk her former friend. Carefully, the People’s Champion stood up and came face to face with Von before she tried to unload on the interloper with a looping right hand. Instead, the Bronx Bomber blocked the overhand right, grabbed the back of Gianna’s head and leapt down off the ring apron; the move slingshotted the red-haired Amazon’s throat off the top rope and sent her crashing to the mat.

Candylicious wasted no time as she reached underneath the bottom rope and pulled the stunned Seattle native onto the ring apron so that her torso was halfway off the edge of the ring. Von measured her target before she landed a stiff elbow strike to the throat of the challenger. Another strike followed before Candace landed a third one which sent Michaels off the apron and down to the arena floor.

As Foxxx and Stone helped the injured Monique up the ramp and to the back, Candace rolled Gianna onto her back and grabbed both of the redhead’s arms. Slowly, the Bronx Bomber lifted her foe off the arena floor before she drove challenger into the thinly padded concrete with a nasty curb stomp that seemed to take much of the fight out of the Emerald City Vixen.

The former best friend of Michaels then backed up to the edge of the entrance ramp and waited for the tormented Amazon to get up. Suddenly, the crowd rose to their feet as a figure rushed from the back and down the ramp. Candace was slow to respond and paid for it as she turned around just in time to be hit with the Crash Course [High Speed Spear] courtesy of the interloper; it was Jelena Jensen.

TERA: Yes! Jelena Jensen to the rescue.
JENNA: Those damned members of The Revolution. They just cannot stand the fact that they are all losers and the South Side Sistas are superior.
TERA: If you mean sadistic, sneaky cheaters, yeah….that’s a fair description of Jada and her allies.
JENNA: I’d love to see you say that to their faces. Then, maybe I’d get a new co-host who I can stand.

J.J. started to lean down to check on her friend Gianna when she saw Candace start to stir. The ebony grappler held her ribs as she struggled onto her hands and knees before finally she finally stood shakily upright. Jensen responded by driving a boot into the midsection of the Bronx Bomber which doubled her over. Jelena then locked on a front facelock and grabbed a handful of Von’s jeans before she lifted the statuesque ebony wrestler into the air. A few seconds ticked by before the brunette also known as Raven drove Von into the base of the entrance ramp with her finisher, The Jensen Jackhammer [Delayed Vertical Suplex Powerslam].

Raven made it back to her feet but ignored the cries of the audience until it was too late. A recovered Jada had moved behind Jensen and sent a wicked uppercut between the legs of the dark haired Amazon; the impact paralyzed J.J. with agony. This allowed Fire to lock on an inverted headlock a second before she drove Jensen’s skull into the arena floor with a nasty inverted DDT which left the brunette holding her head in agony while her feet beat a tattoo into the arena floor.

JENNA: Never count out The Boss.
TERA: Jelena paid attention to the crowd too late and just paid for it dearly.
JENNA: Oh, I think she’s got one more payment to make…watch.

The champion grabbed a double handful of raven tresses of J.J. and pulled her up the ramp past where Candace still lay. With a grimace on her face, the Black Mamba locked on a front facelock a second before she grabbed the left leg of Amazon and lifted her into the air. A moment later, Fire drove Jelena’s skull into the unforgiving ramp with a cradle DDT that left the City of Angels native twitching in agony.

JENNA: Goodnight Jelena and good riddance.
TERA: Jada and her brutality strike again.
JENNA: Now it’s time to get back to the task at hand; Gianna.

As if she were listening, Fire spun around in time to see the redhead stand up. With a focused look on her face, Jada marched up to the red-haired Amazon and promptly punted her between the legs; the move elicited a shriek from Michaels as she grabbed at her again agonized privates. Fire wasted no time as she grabbed another handful of the red tresses of the challenger and ran her toward the ringpost to the right of the entrance ramp. Gianna’s skull was bounced off the steel ringpost which caused her to spin around the corner and stagger a few steps before she face-planted on the arena floor.

When Jada yanked the dazed challenger off the arena floor, it showed that at least one of her wounds had reopened and blood again streamed down the face of Big Red. The revitalized champion pulled her prey toward the same ringpost before she once again bounced Gianna’s forehead off the metal. Fire attained the trifecta of smashes and then rolled the challenger back inside the ring. The Black Mamba paused for a moment before she reached underneath the ring apron and pulled out another steel chair. The Boss slid the weapon into the ring and then quickly rolled in behind it.

As the disoriented Gianna crawled across the mat, creating new smears of blood, the champion headed toward the corner she had started the match from. Trisha checked on the challenger and as she did, Jada used the opportunity to begin to unstring the cover for the top turnbuckle. When the ebony grappler had finally succeeded, she turned back toward Michaels with a crazed look in her eyes.

TERA: Uh-oh….Jada looks like she has lost it and is about to take it out on Gianna.
JENNA: Name me a better target. Gianna, here comes the pain.

Michaels had made it onto her hands and knees when the champion moved behind her and wrapped her arms around the waist of the Amazon. The Black Mamba tried to lift her opponent into the air wheelbarrow style, but was initially unable to. With a deep breath, Jada gritted her teeth and managed to accomplish her goal. A second later, Fire stepped forward and drove the challenger’s face into the exposed turnbuckle with her signature move, Here Comes The Boom [Wheelbarrow Facebuster onto Exposed Turnbuckle]. A splatter of blood flew off the face of the redhead as she staggered backwards a couple of steps before she fell like an axed redwood.

The maniacal look still lay across the face of the champion as she headed toward the ropes and kicked the steel chair toward the center of the ring. Finally satisfied it was in place, Fire stepped over to where Gianna still lay motionless. Again, a double handful of hair managed to get the challenger to a sitting position and then, with great effort, onto her hands and knees. With the chair directly behind her, Jada double underhooked both of the arms of bloodied redhead and lifted her upside down. The Black Mamba took two short steps backwards before she drove Gianna’s skull into the steel chair with her finisher, The Mamba’s Kiss [Double Underhook Piledriver].

TERA: Oh My God! I think Jada just killed Gianna.
JENNA: Now let’s see her come back from that.

Michaels’ legs splayed spasmodically as her eyes rolled back in their eyelids. Arrogantly, Jada knelt down, pressed a knee across the chest of the semi-conscious Amazon and ordered Trisha to make the count.





ASIA CARRERA: The winner of the fifth fall, Jada Fire! The champion now leads three falls to two.

As Gianna lay unmoving in the middle of the ring, Jada did a victory lap around the ring while talking trash at the nearly silent crowd. Finally, the champion retreated to her corner to await the bell for the start of the sixth fall.


Arrogantly, Jada stepped toward her downed foe and looked down at the unresponsive grappler. With a shake of her head, the champion placed a boot on the ample chest of Michaels and nodded for Trisha to make her count.





Gianna still lay semi-conscious on the canvas as the arrogant champion then paraded around the ring to the jeers of the crowd.

ASIA CARRERA: The winner of the sixth fall and now leading four falls to two, Jada Fire!
JENNA: Game, set and match. Goodbye you loser!
TERA: Jada has seemingly put an exclamation point on this match and there is still thirteen minutes left. This is such a sad end to the journey of the People’s Champion.
JENNA: The people need a better woman to get behind.

Trisha leaned over the motionless Michaels and tried to get a response from her, but to no avail. The official then lifted the Amazon’s left arm only to see it drop to the mat upon release. Paytas repeated the action and received the same result while a hush came over the crowd. When Trisha lifted Gianna’s limb a third time and released it, it fell halfway to the canvas before it stopped and the Emerald City Vixen opened her eyes. The crowd erupted and began chanting her name much to the chagrin of the champion. Trisha then motioned for the bell to start the seventh fall.


An incensed Jada rushed from her corner and began putting the boots to the supine Amazon. After over a half dozen stomps, the champion dropped butt first onto the chest of her opponent and began laying in looping right hands to the head of the Seattle native; each blow doing more damage to the wounds caused earlier in the bout. Despite this, a smile came across the face of challenger and she began to laugh despite her abuse. This reaction unnerved Fire so much that she dismounted her victim and took a step back as an incredulous expression crossed her face.

Reacting quickly, The Boss yanked Michaels off the canvas, scooped her into her arms and slammed her back to the mat perpendicular to the neutral corner farthest from the entrance ramp. The Evil Angel then exited the ring and began to climb to the top turnbuckle in that corner while the fans resumed the chant of ‘Gianna’.

Just as the champion was about to step onto the top rope and steady herself, Michaels sat straight up in Michael Myers fashion and rolled to her knees before she stumbled a few steps and collapsed across the ropes opposite the ramp. The vibration caused Jada to lose her balance and she collapsed crotch first across the turnbuckle connector. The impact sent shockwaves through the privates of the ebony grappler as she was paralyzed with pain.

TERA: Gianna still has some fight in her and Jada miscalculated badly, giving the challenger a chance to get back into this match.
JENNA: She’d better hurry then; the clock is ticking.

With Fire immobilized for the moment, Gianna climbed through the ropes and onto the ring apron. The bloodied Amazon used the ropes to steady herself as she headed toward the corner that the champion sat atop. Through her bloody visage, Michaels began to laugh as moved so that she was nearly back to back with Jada who suddenly realized the precarious position she was in. The Emerald City Vixen then reached back and grabbed The Boss underneath her arms and looked toward her target below.

TERA: Uh, Jenna….I think we better move.

The powerful Amazon lifted Jada off her perch and leapt off the ring before she drove the champion through the announcers table with a thunderous crucifix powerbomb that resounded throughout the arena and prompted the fans to begin a ‘HOLY SHIT’ chant. Fire lay in the rubble of the announcers table, twitching wildly while Michaels lay on the padded arena floor unmoving, but with an eerie smile on her face.

JENNA: Oh Fuck! I think Gianna just killed Jada.
TERA: This match has left the realm of sanity. Both women have subjected the other to the limits of pain and it’s still not over if either one can continue after that suicidal move.

Trisha exited the ring and went to check on the champion who had started to moan loudly while she writhed in agony. The official leaned in and asked Fire if she wanted to stop the match. Paytas had barely gotten the words out of her mouth when The Boss screeched “Fuck No”. Taken aback, the referee then stepped over to where Michaels lay and before she could say anything, the People’s Champion sat straight up with a grimaced smile on her face. The challenger then took a few deep breaths before she struggled to her feet.

With an unhinged look on her face, Michaels pulled her opponent from the table wreckage and led her over to the ring before she rolled the champion underneath the bottom rope and into the ring. After the challenger rolled in behind her, Big Red stood up and went to pull Fire up only for the dastardly heel to land a robust uppercut between her legs which dropped the challenger to her knees.

Somehow, Jada dredged up a reserve of strength and began to stand. The Boss pulled the kneeling redhead closer and then landed a stiff knee strike to the face of Michaels. But before she could follow up, Gianna landed her own low blow which doubled over the champion. The Jade Giant quickly stood up, locked on a standing headscissors and then hoisted Fire into the air before she deposited the Evil Angel into the mat with a release powerbomb that caused the Black Mamba to screech out her pain while she rolled onto her side while arching her back. However, the challenger was unable to follow up as she collapsed onto her posterior with a dazed look on her face.

JENNA: Ah-ha; Gianna is starting to run out of steam. Now we’ll see why Jada’s stamina and pain threshold will propel her to victory.
TERA: It does look like the early blood loss and punishment that Gianna suffered may be finally taking a toll on her. But since this is crunch time, we’ll see what she’s made of.

The Emerald City Vixen collapsed onto her back while the champion rolled onto her stomach and clutched at her damaged back. Seconds ticked by before Trisha began to count out both grapplers. At four, Jada began to crawl toward the ropes to the left of her corner while Michaels remained on her back. However, at seven, Gianna once again pulled an Undertaker-like sit up before she slowly got back to her feet. Meanwhile, the Boss had reached the ropes and made it to her knees before she used the top rope to regain an upright position.

It was when the Black Mamba turned around that Gianna stepped forward and booted her in the stomach which doubled over the dangerous heel. The grisly looking Amazon locked on a front facelock before she spun around and dropped the champion with her finisher, G.M.C. [Front Facelock Cutter]. The impact popped Fire into the air before she landed near the ropes and the challenger scrambled over to make the cover.




At the last second, Jada somehow realized her position in the ring and draped her leg over the bottom rope to prevent Gianna from winning the fall.

JENNA: See why Jada is such a great champion? She’s aware at all times where she is in the ring. Michaels dropped her too close to the ropes and just paid for her ignorance.
TERA: That was a definite miscalculation on Gianna’s part, but the People’s Champion still has Jada in a bad way.

The frustrated Amazon rolled off her opponent and stood up before she yanked Fire away from the ropes and toward the center of the ring. Michaels yanked the champion up to her feet and grabbed her by her wrist. Big Red began to Irish-whip Jada toward the corner where the redhead began the match from when she abruptly stopped in her tracks and reversed the direction of the whip. The Boss slammed back-first into the exposed turnbuckle of her corner and after she uttered a wail of agony, stumbled forward into a stiff boot to the stomach courtesy of the bloodied redhead.

Doubled over by the impact, Fire could offer no resistance as the Jade Giant locked on a standing headscissors before she wrapped her arms around the waist of the champion and flipped up into the air and onto her shoulders. With a handful of the champion’s shorts, the challenger added a bit of lift before she drove The Boss into the canvas with her move, Seattle Slew [Elevated Powerbomb]. Jada’s spine bounced off the mat and she arched her back as shockwaves of pain rippled throughout her body. Still, Gianna did not try to make the pin as she shook her head and made a breaking motion with both hands.

With great effort, the Jade Giant yanked the devastated champion off the mat and pulled her to an unsteady standing position. The Emerald City Vixen pulled her prey forward, bent her over and locked on a standing headscissors before she under-hooked both of Jada’s arms and grabbed the Boss behind her knees. After a deep breath, Gianna lifted Fire up until she was upside down and then dropped to the canvas, driving the Black Mamba’s skull into the mat with her finisher, Big Red’s Revenge [Cradle Piledriver]. The ebony grappler bounced off the mat like a pogo stick before she collapsed to the mat and Michaels crawled over and made the cover.

JENNA: Oh damn! This is not good for Jada.
TERA: That may be the understatement of the year. Gianna just obliterated Jada.





As Gianna rolled off her opponent, Jada began to spasmodically twitch while a slow, guttural moan escaped her lips.

ASIA CARRERA: The winner of the seventh fall, Gianna Michaels. The champion still leads four falls to three.

Fire’s twitching slowed before she finally became motionless. Meanwhile, Gianna struggled to her feet and stumbled back toward the corner she began the match from where she waited for the bell to start the next fall.

TERA: Gianna’s looking up at the clock, but she still has six minutes to even this match up and maybe pull out the victory.
JENNA: This is like something out of a nightmare for Jada. She’s in bad shape and now, time is not on her side.


The challenger sat slumped against the ropes in her corner as the potentially tying fall began, her blood flow finally stemmed, but the effects seemed to leave her spent. Meanwhile, Fire lay in the center of the ring, finally moving as she struggled to sit up. After taking a deep breath, Gianna exited her corner and headed toward her downed opponent when two figures emerged from the bag and sped down the ramp toward the ring. It was Diamond Jackson and Nyomi Banxxx.

TERA: Damn the South Side Sistas. This is exactly why Jada has held the title as long as she has; she’s never alone.
JENNA: Something wrong with that? It’s within the rules of this match so Gianna only has herself to blame for agreeing to the terms.

The duo slid into the ring behind the challenger who was slow to turn around. Gianna paid for that as Jackson and Banxxx began to hammer her with clubbing blows, which culminated in a set of stereo headbutts that dropped the Amazon to the canvas. While Diamond shoved referee Paytas into the far neutral corner, Nyomi pulled the weakened Michaels up, spun her around and locked on a full nelson. A second later, The Divine Ms. Banxxx drove Big Red’s skull into the canvas with her finisher, The Windy City Makeover [Full Nelson Facebuster].

Diamond then stepped forward and shook her head as if to say the move had been done incorrectly. The Diamond Doll then yanked the dazed Michaels off the mat and applied her own full nelson. Jackson nodded toward Banxxx before she too slammed Gianna’s skull into the mat with her signature move, The Priceless Makeover [Full Nelson Facebuster]. The move left the People’s Champion prone on the canvas near the ropes to the left of the ramp as her left leg still twitched.

The two members of the South Side Sistas congratulated each other with hi-fives as the crowd jumped to their face; a pair of figures raced down the ramp toward the ring. It was Kelly Devine and Alexis Grace.

TERA: It’s about time…the Revolution to the rescue.
JENNA: You want unfair? This certainly is; why can’t they just let Gianna stand on her own two feet?
TERA: Sauce for the goose, Jenna.

The two Revolution members slid into the ring and were immediately set upon by Jackson and Banxxx. As Diamond attacked Devine, Nyomi did the same to Grace; both heels landed clubbing blows to the fan favorites as they struggled to stand. In unison, the ebony heels Irish whipped the faces into the ropes opposite the ramp, ready to land stereo clotheslines. Instead, both Kelly and Alexis ducked beneath the attacks and headed for the opposite ropes. When The Big Red Machine rebounded, she slammed into the Queen of Diamonds with Devine Strikes [Spear]; the impact flipped Jackson like a top until she rolled out of the ring and crashed to the arena floor. Meanwhile, when The Graceful Angel rebounded, she went to the air and hit Banxxx with a Leaping Flying Clothesline that nearly took Nyomi’s head off.

Alexis had regained her feet and was waiting for Banxxx to do the same. When the ebony veteran finally did, she staggered backwards into the ropes opposite the ramp only for Novea to charge her. The Graceful Angel slammed into Nyomi with a clothesline that sent both women over the top rope and down to the arena floor. The ebony beauty had barely hit the floor when she popped back up and jumped over the ringside barricade in an attempt to escape her attacker. However, the dark-haired Amazon hurdled over the barricade and gave chase as both women disappeared into the crowd.

Meanwhile, Devine left the ring and grabbed the still stunned Jackson and hoisted her onto her shoulders ready to deliver her finisher, the Divine Driver [Samoan Driver]. Instead, Diamond shimmied off the redhead’s shoulder, landed on her feet and sped up the ramp to safety with Grace in hot pursuit.

TERA: And we’re back to just Gianna and Jada.
JENNA: Well, if Gianna wants that title, she has four minutes in which to pull off the impossible.
TERA: And it looks like she’s going to have to catch the champion if she wants to do that.

During the run-ins, Jada managed to roll onto the ring apron and drop to the arena floor. Once the interlopers had exited the ring, the champion began to head around the ring toward the ramp. It was then that Gianna rolled onto her back and sat straight up once more. The bloodied Amazon spied the fleeing Evil Angel and immediately rolled underneath the bottom rope to give pursuit.

With the head start, Fire made it to the stage just before Gianna could grab her. A second later, both women disappeared backstage as the crowd buzzed, wanting to know what was happening. Seconds ticked by as the fans became restless and some started another ‘Gianna’ chant. Then, without warning, part of the stage panels exploded as Jada crashed through it and rolled to a stop in the center of the stage. An enraged Big Red emerged through the new opening, her fist clenched as she advanced upon the battered and now bleeding champion.

Though the wound to her forehead was nowhere near as severe as the one Gianna had, blood did stream down the face of The Boss as she struggled to get to her feet. Once she did, Michaels caught her with a wicked right hand that sent her stumbling backwards down the ramp toward the ring. Another heavy duty right followed and finally a third which sent the Black Mamba crashing to her ass where she rolled end over end until she reached the bottom of the ramp.

TERA: Gianna is feeling it now and so are the fans. She’s on the verge of getting her payback and there is nobody to help Jada now.
JENNA: C’mon, Jada…..just a couple minutes more and you’ll have shown the world how great you are compared to that stiff.
TERA: That so-called stiff seems like she’s focused and ready to close the deal.

The Emerald City Vixen advanced on her prey, grabbed a handful of the champion’s tresses and ran her forward before she rolled the bloodied Black Mamba back into the ring. Michaels immediately slid in behind her opponent and stood up before she stepped toward the now pleading ebony grappler. With the Fire Dragon on her knees, Gianna once more grabbed a handful of Jada’s hair, only for the champion to land yet another uppercut between the legs of the red-haired Amazon which stopped the Amazon in her tracks.

Jada wiped the blood from her eyes before she jumped to her feet and applied a double eye gouge to the challenger. Effectively blinded, Michaels swung wildly, hoping to nail Fire with a roundhouse right, but the Boss simply dropped beneath the blow and landed one more uppercut between Gianna’s legs. The impact elicited a bloodcurdling howl from the redhead before she dropped to the canvas quivering while she clutched at her throbbing crotch. When the champion finally stood up, everyone could see why the blow was so devastating to Gianna; Jada had her signature brass knuckles on her right hand.

TERA: Where the hell did she get those?
JENNA: Does it matter? Gianna is down for the count.
TERA: Well, with little more than a couple minutes left, all Fire has to do is run out the clock.
JENNA: Not the Boss’ styles, dear. She’s about to pulverize the wannabe champion and put the skank in her rear view mirror.

The Boss stood up and began to strut around the ring while Michaels still lay on the mat in extreme pain. Finally, the champion stopped her preening and yanked the agonized Amazon up with a handful of hair before she laced into her with a stiff headbutt. Though Gianna began to collapse, Fire prevented it with the same handful of hair before she landed a second headbutt. A third headbutt effectively left the People’s Champion out on her feet and ripe for the completion of Jada’s moveset, Bling Bling [Multiple headbutts finishing with a leaping headbutt]. The moves dropped the challenger like a brick near the corner Jada began the match from.

With Big Red on the mat, Fire once again preened for the disapproving crowd. Finally, she flipped off the fans and climbed her corner until she sat on the top turnbuckle. Taking time to scream at the fans on either side of her, The Boss gave the thumbs down to her opponent after she motioned a throat cutting gesture. Unfortunately, Jada’s playing to the crowd immediately came back to haunt her as Gianna suddenly sat up and jumped to her feet. With an enraged look on her face, the Emerald City Vixen leapt into the air and landed a sick looking uppercut that staggered the Boss so much, the champion’s grip on the brass knuckles faltered and they flew off her hand and into the crowd.

The People’s Champion immediately followed up as she backed into the corner and crouched down between the legs of the stunned Fire. After she draped the stunned champion’s legs over her shoulders, Michaels then reached up to grab the ebony heel around the back of her neck. Next, the Amazon stood straight up and stepped away from the corner. As the match timer hit fifteen, Gianna drove the Boss into the canvas with her finisher, The Michaels Driver [Electric Chair Driver]. The Emerald City Vixen then hooked her foe’s legs and waited for Trisha to make the count.





The match clock read four seconds as the Emerald City Vixen rolled off her opponent and Fire lay twitching on the mat next to her.

ASIA CARRERA: The winner of the eighth fall is Gianna Michaels. The match is now tied at four falls apiece.
TERA: Yes! We are all tied up. What do you have to say about that Jenna?
JENNA: Big Deal. The match is now tied which means it’s a draw. No celebration for Gianna and the Boss keeps her title.


Both women lay unmoving next to each other, totally spent. The crowd counted down the remaining seconds aloud with no response from the competitors.


ASIA CARRERA: This match is tied with each wrestler having won four falls. Therefore, the match is a-

Before Asia could finish, the familiar music of General Manager Carmen Electra came across the arena speakers and the General Manager emerged from backstage.

CARMEN ELECTRA: Hold on a second Asia. We’ve had a spectacular night so far and I’m sure the fans would not be happy with a draw as a result of this match. Since this is supposed to be an Iron Woman Match, I believe we must make it a true Iron Woman Match. So, we will now have a sudden death, final fall. The winner of this fall will claim the A.W.W. World Championship.

The crowd broke into thunderous applause as Jada shook her head no furiously and Gianna mouthed a ‘thank you’. Slowly, the People’s Champion staggered back into her corner and slumped against the turnbuckles while an irate Jada finally stood up and shook the ropes violently while shaking her head in denial.

CARMEN ELECTRA: Sorry, but my decision is final. Good Luck and may the best woman win. Ring the bell timekeeper.


Slowly, the two women headed toward the center of the ring until they were face to face. As Gianna looked down at the shorter champion, Jada became animated and began to trash talk the Amazon. After several insults, Fire landed a stinging slap across the cheek of the bloodied redhead. Quickly, the Jade Giant responded in kind with a resounding slap that prompted the crowd to utter a collective ‘Oooh’.

The Boss responded with another slap that produced an enraged glare from the challenger who then laced into the ebony grappler with a stinging right hand. Jada fired back with a right hand of her own only for Gianna to land a staggering right that caused the champion to stagger back a step. When The Black Mamba stepped forward to return the favor, the blow was blocked and Michaels unloaded on Fire with another vicious right hand that sent the sadistic heel staggering back toward the ropes opposite the entrance ramp.

Several more right hands from the Emerald City Vixen followed until Fire was backed against the ropes. Gianna swiftly reached out, grabbed her opponent by the wrist and Irish whipped her into the opposite ropes. However, when Michaels telegraphed a back bodydrop, she paid for it dearly as Jada put on brakes and hit the challenger with a facebreaker knee smash that spun the red-haired Amazon around.

TERA: A costly mistake by Gianna there.
JENNA: You mean a predictable mistake. Don’t you get it? Jada is simply the superior wrestler and she’s about to close the deal.

As the staggered Michaels spun around to face her opponent, Jada hit her nemesis with an uppercut throat thrust and then, another punt to Gianna’s privates. The attack left the battered Amazon gagging on the mat while she held her throbbing crotch. Fire wasted no time in her attack as she grabbed the People’s Champion by her ankles, parted her legs and leapt into the air to land a leaping kneedrop that sent a torrent of pain through the crotch of the redhead and left her legs twitching as though she had been electrocuted.

With Gianna holding her privates, Jada stood up and moved up parallel to the head of the redhead. The Evil Angel leapt into the air and came down across the throat of Michaels with a wicked legdrop that had the Emerald City Vixen rolling back and forth on the canvas, gagging as she struggled to breathe. However, Fire was not in a forgiving mood as she bounced off the ropes behind her and landed a leaping headbutt to the agonized Amazon which caused a new flow of crimson from the earlier wounds to the redhead.

Mercilessly, Fire yanked the tormented Amazon off the canvas and locked on a front facelock. The champion made another throat cutting gesture before she placed one of her legs over the left arm of the challenger and drove her skull into the canvas with a nasty looking Scissored DDT that flipped Gianna onto her back and allowed Jada to roll over and make the cover.




To Jada’s shock, Michaels managed to roll her shoulder off the canvas before she turned onto her left side, forcing the match to continue.

TERA: That’s the heart of a champion, refusing to lose.
JENNA: That’s a masochist who simply wants to be punished some more because she knows she doesn’t deserve the title.

An enraged Fire popped back to her feet and then landed a pair of still stomps to the back of the agony-ridden and bloodied redhead. The Boss then rolled Michaels onto her stomach and after playing to the crowd for a few seconds, locked in her finisher, Jada’s Fire [Leg Trap Smothering Camel Clutch]. Gianna’s eyes widened in fear as her oxygen supply was cut off and her back was bent to degrees it was never intended.

Seconds ticked by and as they did, Gianna furiously tried to dislodge the champion’s grip but to no avail. The challenger’s objections began to slow, but so too did Jada’s grip, thanks to the blood on her victim’s face. Just before it seemed as though the Emerald City Vixen was about to pass out, the Fire Dragon’s grip faltered and Michaels crashed to the mat in a heap.

TERA: That was too close for comfort. Gianna has to do something quickly and prevent Jada from reapplying that hold or she done for.
JENNA: She’s done for anyway. Jada has gotten her second wind and that means we’re only seconds away from the inevitable.

Undeterred, the Black Mamba again tried to reapply her finisher only for Gianna to begin to struggle against her attacker’s grip. When Michaels managed to free one of her legs from the champion’s grip, Fire abandoned her plan, pulled the challenger up to a kneeling position and locked on a reverse chinlock instead. Fire’s command was short-lived as Big Red rose up slightly, placed her hands behind the head of The Boss and dropped to the canvas, hitting Jada with a stiff jawbreaker that freed her from the grip of the ebony grappler.

Before Jada could recover, Gianna popped up, grabbed her opponent around the waist and lifted her into the air before she deposited the champion crotch-first across her knee with a painful reverse atomic drop. The move paralyzed Fire enough so that the challenger could spin the Evil Angel around and lock on a double chicken wing and lift the smaller Fire into the air. A second later, Michaels drove The Boss into the mat face-first with Sit-Out Chickenwing Facebuster. However, instead of pinning her stunned foe, Gianna stood up and hovered behind the stunned grappler.

When the champion finally staggered to her feet, the Emerald City Vixen moved in, grabbed her prey and locked in her finisher, The Emerald City Clutch [Crossface Chickenwing]. A frantic look of panic came over the face of The Boss as she struggled against the grip of her larger opponent and tried to fight out of the deadly hold. Unable to break the hold, Jada began to inch her way toward the ropes to the left of her corner. Little by little she made progress until she was only inches from her goal.

JENNA: Just a few more inches and Gianna’s last hope goes up in smoke.
TERA: Perhaps, but that Facebuster took a lot out of the champion and this hold has to be draining the last reserves of stamina Jada has.
JENNA: Keep thinking that all you want, but it won’t save Gianna in the long run.

Just as Fire was about to reach the top rope, Gianna released the hold, spun the champion around, grabbed her around the throat and lifted her into the air and stepped toward the center of the ring before she drove the ebony grappler into the mat with a massive chokeslam. The challenger wasted no time as she yanked Jada off the canvas, lifted her into the air and repeated move, completing her signature move, The Double D Slam [Back-to-Back Chokeslams] a second time in the match.

Again, Gianna hovered behind her devastated opponent. But this time, for a second, it seemed as though the bloodied and battered Amazon was spent; her legs seeming to become unsteady. Instead, the Emerald City dropped to her knees and pulled her foe to a sitting position before she reapplied her finisher, The Emerald City Clutch [Crossface Chickenwing]. Again, The Boss frantically tried to break the hold but was unable to. Once more the champion tried to inch her way toward the ropes, but Michaels simply leaned backwards which prevented any progress. Finally, after nearly twenty more seconds, the pain became unbearable and Jada tapped out to the delight of the crowd.


Gianna released her nemesis while she collapsed back-first to the canvas and closed her eyes, her body totally spent but her heart filled with joy as she finally accomplished what she had set out to do.

ASIA CARRERA: Here is your winner…..and new A.W.W. World Champion, the Emerald City Vixen, Gianna Michaels!!!

The other members of the Revolution; Jelena Jensen, Kelly Devine and Alexis Grace rushed into the ring and lifted the battered and bloodied new champion up and embraced her as Paytas handed Michaels the championship belt. As Gianna strapped it around her waist, Jada staggered from the ring and glared at her rival before she stumbled up the ramp. The now former champ nodded, knowing that the war between them was far from over.

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