Tough musclemom
by AC

My mom is very ordinary and not strong at all, but I have a friend whose mum is unbelievable! This happened a few years ago, when I was 20. I got an urgent phone call one day from a friend of mine at the gym, telling me a mutual friend’s mom was there showing off her muscles! Apparently she was taking on the local men and he said I should get there as quick as possible.

It sounded like fun, so I dropped everything and got there about 15 minutes later. And it certainly was worth the time… The woman was our friend Liam’s mom, and she had a pretty big crowd around her by the time I got there. I remember Liam talking about her a few times when we are school together, mentioning she was into bodybuilding or something and a bit of a freak, but I’d never seen her before. Well, I saw her now!

She was parading around in the middle of a group of 20-something men wearing only a pair of light grey bike shorts. Nothing else at all! I’m not sure how the gym let her get away with it, but she must have been like that for a while and it seemed to be good for business! I discovered later that Liam’s mom was 40 years old. She was quite tall, and amazingly muscular. She really had a man’s body – solidly muscled all over. Her legs were like tree trunks, and her hips were narrow and tight. Her ass was almost tight enough to be a man’s – perhaps when she was younger she carried no fat there at all – but now there was just the hint of femininity starting to creep in. The light coloured bike shorts certainly left nothing to the imagination, and her pussy bulged out impressively.

Her upper body was almost tank-like, with broad shoulders and thick pecs. Her breasts were natural and impressive for a woman her age – quite large but relatively firm. Her nipples were darkish with larger than average areolas. No one could have guessed from her body that she’d had two children, and she was clearly very proud indeed of her physique. She was walking around, shoulders back to push out her chest, challenging the men around her to a fight!

I knew a few of the guys in the gym, and I quickly got up to speed. Apparently she’d had some friendly strength tests with a younger guy working out, and had ended up wrestling – and winning easily. Another guy had then challenged her to a fight and he’d lost too. Now she seemed to be high on the adrenaline of beating men half her age and having them staring at her semi-naked body. She wasn’t stunningly beautiful, but she wasn’t bad for a 40-year old. She had long, wavy dark brown hair, and quite a feminine face despite her muscled frame. It was obvious how much she was loving the attention from the young men, some of who were topless too. She was challenging them, taunting them, as she walked around with every eye on her body:
“What’s the matter, boys? Too scared to take on a woman? Not strong enough?” And here she flexed her right arm. The muscle was rock hard, though it didn’t bulge into a ball or anything. There were comments from the guys, some taunts and laughs, but she just went on walking around, playing up to them.
“Come on – who’s going to take me on?” She stopped in front of one of the most muscular men there. He stood up straight and just looked at her – he was actually slightly taller than her. “You look like a strong lad,” she crowed, “think you can take down a woman?” He said nothing, and she put her hand on his large left pec. A few of his mates yelled out to him to have a go. Liam’s mom was getting almost sensual now, perhaps turned on a bit by this muscular young man, and her own bravado. “Have you ever seen a woman like me before? Do you want to see if you can beat me? Come on – I’ll even give you a free body hit to start.”

That made everyone sit up, and there was a bit of a gasp. The man, who had said nothing so far, opened his mouth now. “You’ll give me a free punch at your body?”
“Yep,” she said confidently. “Anywhere you like in my upper body.” She was standing to her full height now, right in front of him, her chest pushed so far out her breasts were almost touching him. She looked down as she said it. “Punch me wherever you like – I’ll still beat you.”
The man opposite her was obviously taken aback, but tried to recover himself. “A proper punch, anywhere? Are you sure?”
“I’m tough” was her simple response. “Are you gonna take up my challenge – we’ll see how tough you are.”
There was a chorus of encouragement for the man now; so many people wanted to see what would happen. He couldn’t say no now. “Okay, but it’s not my fault if you get hurt.”
She stepped back into the middle of the circle, and he followed her. As we all watched breathlessly, the 40 year old muscle woman stood up and presented her chest proudly for the punch that surely would target her most sensitive female tissue. “I’m going to punch you hard,” warned the man.
“Let’s see how hard you can punch then, little boy,” she taunted, “You’ve got a couple of pretty big targets to aim for.” She looked down as she said this, and certainly her nipples presented decent sized bullseyes – they seemed to have got even darker during the verbal exchange.

Liam’s mom stood ready, and her challenger bunched a fist, and suddenly with no more warning his muscular arm shot out and his fist slammed into her left breast. It probably wasn’t a direct hit on the nipple, but it certainly went straight into her boob, making a solid thudding sound as it hit the muscular pec behind. For a normal woman the blow might have broken a rib – he certainly made good on his promise to hit her hard – but Liam’s mom was obviously flexing her pecs, and the thick muscles absorbed the power effectively.

Still, the blow crushed her tit, and she cried out and doubled over briefly. Only for a moment though. Her hand went to her chest, then off again as she straightened up, looked straight at him defiantly and said, “Not bad.” The audience was amazed and clearly impressed. When the blow had landed there’s had been gasps, particularly from the handful of women watching. But now there were claps and cheers, and Liam’s mom looked around and pushed back her shoulders to show off her mammaries as proudly as ever. Her left breast had an obvious red mark where the punch had landed, but she didn’t rub it or show any other sign of pain.
“Now we fight,” she said to her assailant, “Let’s see how strong you are.”

He needed no more encouragement, and the two of them jumped at each other, looking for a good wrestling hold. But the wrestling didn’t last for long. Liam’s mom wasn’t really a wrestler, and the man wasn’t a wrestler at all. He tried to use brute force to subdue her, and they were quite evenly matched. It was amazing to watch them rolling around, the 40 year old woman’s breasts being flung around and her muscular shoulders and back bulging as she struggled to show off to the assembled boys.

The boys got their first opportunity to be really impressed when she made a misjudgement and ended up with a piece of gym equipment on her. The fight was away from the weights area of the gym and in the gymnastics area. The man had thrown Liam’s mom against a vault, winding her in the side. As she fell, he pushed the vault over on top of her. It was obviously very heavy, and she ended up on her back having the hard padded top fall on top of her midriff. It would have winded her, but almost immediately she pushed up with her hips, and every person watching was looking at the same thing – even her opponent stopped for a moment to stare at the bulge between her legs. The vault was heavy, and pushing it up with her hips from the floor would have taken unbelievable leg strength. She was obviously straining, but the vault rose up as her huge legs strained. Even more incredible though was the huge mound of her pussy in the bike shorts has it pushed upwards.

The man fighting her watched for a moment, then took the opportunity to bunch his fist once more and smash it into her groin. The effect surprised everyone – except perhaps a woman nearby to me. It turned out one of the women there was a close friend of Liam’s mom. The punch elicited not much more than a grunt from the 40 year old woman, and her legs wavered only the tiniest bit as the vault continued to rise. She was obviously in a vulnerable position now, but it was clear she wanted to show off. I heard to woman next to me say to someone near her “She’s as hard as rock between her legs.” And the man fighting her found this out too a moment later. After the lack of effect of her first punch, he punched her again, and again, then again – every time right in her middle of her bulging crotch. Three punches in a row would take any woman down, but Liam’s mom hardly flinched as she finished lifting the vault, and with a final triumphant roar and a muscular flick of her torso, threw it off her body.

The man didn’t wait for the crowd to applaud though – he jumped on top of her and forced her onto her back once more. Liam’s mom pushed up with her arms, and even out the side of her body as they were, she still held his weight back, giving an amazing view of her upper body strength. Then she flicked him off with her legs and in one clever movement kicked him in the stomach. This seemed to surprise and wind her opponent, and she got back on her feet and kicked him again. She did this a few more times, and he was doubled over, struggling to breathe. She got down to his level to crush him, but suddenly he was on her – his apparent distress had obviously been a trick, and now he had the ascendancy again.

Even though he obviously wasn’t a wrestler, the man seemed to know an impressive hold move. Without realising how it had happened, Liam’s mom suddenly found herself with her arms locked behind her. As he pulled her to her feet, we got an amazing view of the 40 year-old woman’s unprotected front as she struggled to free her arms. Her muscles bulged out across her shoulders and chest as she strained to escape the iron hold, but to her shock she couldn’t break it.
“What’s the matter woman – are you too weak?” taunted her captor, causing Liam’s mom to redouble her efforts. Now they were both straining – I thought I could see veins starting to show across her chest as she poured all of her power into her upper body, and the line between her chest muscles and her breasts was now very clearly shown. There was nowhere to hide her femininity now, with the exact size of her tits clearly seen by everyone. Her left breast was slightly bigger than her right one, and they seemed just slightly saggier now – although that may have been because her pecs looked so much more taut. Her tits were probably not as big as I’d thought originally – maybe a B cup rather than a C, but they looked amazing, and her large areolas seemed to have got darker still. Her chest and shoulders looked rock hard now, but the hold was so effective that even her amazing strength couldn’t help her.

The two combatants were over by the balance beam now, and as they struggled they started to fall. The man took the opportunity to push Liam’s mom towards the beam, and with a more successful result than he could have hoped for. He forced her fall onto the end of the beam, and she slammed into it chest-first. With no arms to break her fall, her left breast took the full force, eliciting a cry of pain from the big woman. But there was worse to come, as the man now held her against the corner of the beam, pushing her into it and grinding her mammary into the hard wood. It looked like her huge nipple was bearing the brunt of it too.

Liam’s mom was obviously a very tough woman, but the pain would have been excruciating and even she struggled to take it. She didn’t scream though, and held it together amazingly well, perhaps trying to impress the audience with how tough she was. But her face contorted, her eyes widened, and she was crying out with whimpering, gasping moans as her tit was mashed into the balance beam. It didn’t last long (though probably felt longer to her), but after a few seconds she fell all the way to the floor, and in the process finally broke the hold on her arms. The man tried to grab her, but even in her agonising pain she managed to jump back to stand again on equal terms.

As she stood, breathing heavily, the damage to her breast was very visible – it was very red and bruised. It must have hurt like hell, and she couldn’t stop herself cradling her left tit with her hand briefly, wincing as she did so. But then the fight was on again, the man sensing he had her on the ropes. He went for her chest whenever he could now, with punches or knees. She got in some good blows to him too, but when he connected with her left breast the pain seemed to disable her for a moment. In another clever move, he managed to throw her body at one point, and she hit the balance beam, stunning her for a moment. He used this opportunity to swing her around into the beam with more force, crashing it into her solar plexus.

Even with her incredible wall of muscle, Liam’s mom was winded by the impact, and her opponent now took the opportunity to do something truly awe-inspiring. As the muscular woman was on the floor trying to recover, instead to pinning her down he grabbed her lower body and lifted her up. This was high risk if she recovered quickly, and must have been difficult as she would have been very heavy – but he was certainly a strong man. Now he held her upside-down around her midriff. She was clearly disoriented, upside-down, her huge legs open and her female organ bulging out between her legs. The man wasted no time – he knew he didn’t have long. With a grunt of effort, he raised the 40 year old muscle woman as high as he could, and slammed her bulging crotch down on end of the balance beam.

There had been a few gasps from the audience during the fight already, but nothing like the gasp of shock, dismay and amazement that greeted this move – a couple of the women watching even screamed. Liam’s mom smashed onto the beam with a loud thud, taking the full force of the blow on her mighty pussy. She gave a yell on impact, followed by a more feminine cry as the man let go and she fell to ground. It really was a huge hit, and there was a moment of silence as everyone waited to see if she was okay. For a moment she was on the ground, her hands between her legs, then she was on all fours, breathing deeply. Even her opponent was waiting now, giving her time, and she looked magnificent – her almost naked muscular body, tits hanging down, struggling to compose herself.

Then she stood up, first shakily, then defiantly, taking her hand from your groin and showing she was still in one piece. The audience was relieved, and obviously impressed. Liam’s mom looked over at her friend and said, “I’m fine.” Then looked back at her opponent and said, “I’ve got a pussy made of steel – I can take it. Come on, let’s go!” And the fight was back on.

He should have won easily from there. Her female parts had taken a battering and he should have finished her off easily. But she seemed to fight harder now, and rise above the pain. He still went for her tits, even landed a couple of good blows, but she gritted her teeth and hit him back. She got him in a couple of good pins, threw him around a few times, and started to wear him down. His last real moment of success came when she jumped on him against a piece of gym equipment and he managed to roll it onto her leg, pinning it, then roll over her pushing her onto her back. For a moment her legs were spread wide open, and the audience got a clear view of her female organ, now swollen and showing a hint of a crack as her legs stretched wide. The man took the chance to knee her right in her groin – not the hardest knee in the world, but a solid contact in an area she had taken a lot of damage and which was open and vulnerable.

It obviously hurt her a lot, but again she quickly rose above the pain and got back to the fight. She was in the zone now and not going to lose to him. And she didn’t. A minute later she had swung him to the ground, twisted his muscular arm behind him and stood on his back until her could take no more. For the young buck it was a humiliating submission, losing to a woman in front of so many of his peers. The crowd cheered with genuine respect for Liam’s mom – and she was obviously exhilarated by the result, not only because she won but because she proved to them all what an incredibly tough woman she was.

She was almost flaunting her body at the younger men now, flexing her biceps, pushing out her battered and bruised chest. The group started to break up, but I joined a lot of people who just wanted to be around Liam’s mom for a bit longer. Accolades and admiration came from everywhere. One guy asked her to flex her chest, and she happily obliged with an amazing crab pose which clearly showed every muscle and her incredible breasts. Her friend asked how she was feeling, including “Are you okay between your legs?” To which Liam’s mom replied, “I’m great. My vagina is indestructible!” And to back this up she hit herself fiercely in her crotch, giving a grunt as she hit.

I wasn’t far away, and I surprised myself a bit by speaking up – “That’s impossible – no woman could take any more.” Liam’s mom came across to me straight away.
“You think I can’t take any more? I’m not some soft little girl like your friends. I’m a woman.” And she certainly was! Standing in front of me I was shocked by the sheer power coming from her, the hard muscle that seemed to cover every part of her body. I was struck dumb.
“Come on then – I’ll take you on in a groin punching competition if you think I can’t take any more. You can have two punches to my one – and you can go first.” I didn’t know what to say, I felt intimidated. She smelt blood now. “Come on – I’ll even make it easy for you.” And she lay on her back and spread open her legs as far as she could. It should have been a positon of submission, of extreme female vulnerability. But somehow Liam’s mom made it a position of power, her huge organ bulging against the bike shorts and leaving little to the imagination. And I couldn’t take up the challenge, humiliated even in my short interaction with this unbelievable woman.