by Ivanako

Win, come on, win- the Nina cried as I tried to topple the girl with whom I was wrestling. Damn bitch squeezed me hard, but I did not stayed obliged to here. All around us other girls were cheering while she and I frantically fought for supremacy on the ground. We had turned, pulled hair, intertwine legs. Two pretty girls were beating each other while others watched and cheered.
I, dyed brunette, 170 cm tall and weighting 55 kg, athletic body, just a 5 minutes ago was standing in high heels and a red bikini while across from me stood a handsome light-skinned blonde my height in her blue bikini that covered a fraction of her hot body. Agreement on the rules has fallen even before that. Wrestling with the permissible pulling hair. In the beginning, we wanted to go until one does not surrender, but we were convinced that it is much better if match were to lasts half an hour and that the winner will be decided by more surenders. I agreed immediately. Even before the match I wanted to break that bitch , to pull all her hair and to show her how tough I am. And one party of me knew that she wanted to do the same to me. And that got me excited.
Minya, Anja come here- invited us Dragana which judged in this match. We stepped forward and met in the middle of the improvised arena and immediately started to push our chest . Face to face I was standing in front of an opponent and was preparing to jump at her any second and dive with all the strength my nails into her hair. By her a decisive expression I saw that the same thing come into her mind. Oh I was ready to give her a fierce fight, and to teach this bitch a lesson. No, I did not hate her for any reason. I simply watched her as my opponent, as someone with whom I will fight, and as such I wanted to see her on her knees.
What are you looking at me, slut? - Anja hissed in my face.
- You got a problem, bitch? - I replied.
- Not anything I can not beat -
- Try me bitch -
- Easy there kittens. You will have time to tear each other apart, but now just to remind you. Fight nice and honest, pulling hair is allowed, scratching, biting and hitting is not. And now march of each in to her corner and when I give the signal dig in.
The girls were distributed around the mat in order to better see the spectacle to be played in front of her eyes. I left my high heels to Nina and stepped out turning to Anja. She stood in her corner and looked at me furiously. I suppose that I watched her too the same way. It was clear that a fierce battle will follow in which these two kitty cats will violently beat each other. Oh, how I enjoyed the moment. My first fight in this club for big girls who want to have fun in the right way. I watched Anja and her belly, her fiery eyes, her blonde hair that will soon grab. I could not imagine a better girl for my first match.
Dragana headed toward the center of the arena, and we were all silent.All of us knew that it is starting. And soon. And at the first Dragana's sign for a match to begin can go I ran toward Anja, grabbing her by the hair. She did the same and now the two of us were pushing and pulling hair standing in middle of arena.
- Little cunt - I cursed
- Slut – Anja hissed while we both groaned in pain.
She was shaking my head in all directions and I did the same. Finally I put out my leg and tripped her. We both fell and continued to fight on the floor. We spun each other constantly fighting for the top. My scalp was burning. She was screaming while I grabed her hair. Around us girs were cheering and having fun, and I had just one thought on my mind how to fuck this lunatic.

Nina was regularly fighting at least once a month. She enjoyed it. They were not fights that occur when two girls argue about the guy. These were scheduled fight between a couple of girls who have realized to love the same thing. When I first saw Nina in action I knew that I want to be part of this team of gorgeous and fit girls . From a thought to be exchanging slaps with some bitch I become wet and excited. My wish was know to Nina and she introduce me to Anya who also wanted to have her match.
We were on the floor next to each other, holding for hair. Our wrestling match turned into a mere pulling from which none wanted to step down. We stuck to stalemate. Then we were interrupted and split by Dragana.
-Okay, pussycats, both of you are not go anywhere. Everyone in her corner and start over again. The tears came to our eyes as we were were preparing to stampede each other again. The pain I felt forced me to inflict even more pain to her. At no point did I think to surrender or withdraw.
Soon we received a sign to continue and once again we are launching like rocets on each other. There was no force to keep us. We groaned as we tried to put the other one on ground, but it all again ended up pulling out hair. I wished to slap her like never before, but I know other girls immediately stopped the fight, as this was not allowed to happen. And I did not wont this fight to be stopped, not until I defeat this bitch.That's why I pushed with all of my strength, trying to somehow trip her, but neither she backed down. I could feel every muscle of hers fighting against me. Finally we stood in the center of the improvised arena , bowed and clutching the hair. None could move. From wrestling there was nothing. And it became clear to me that we both keep trying to inflict pain to opponent instead of defending. And Dragana had to intervene again.
When I first saw Nina as she fights I was thrilled. Nina, my one year older cousin, was creating her name in the world of fitness trainers. Aerobic, tae bo, pump up... And now this handsome brunette exchanged slapps with a ravishing brunette in no worse fitness appearance. Wrestling, hairpulling, slapping, it was wonderful to watch these two beauties to try to beat each other by any means necessary. I knew then that I want that too. Nina was my idol. Sexy, fit, wild, smart...and she was always there for me. And then when she brought me to watch her fight at first I thought she is crazy mixed in to something dangerous, but was all fun. Two girls one winer and tons of excitement.
Dragana invited us to approach each other at the center of our arena.
-Kittens, it is clear that like this neither one will win. Rather than concentrate on wrestling the two of you just hairpull. I suggest you to either ban hair pulling or permission the full fight, therefore catfight, so slap , kick, wrestle each other , but make the other one surrender. Now consider this for a minute and tell me, whether we will continue gently or harshly.
My heart began to pound. Before the fight I thought and decided to wrestle because it seemed less violent, but now ... I just wanted to be as violent as I can. I watched Anja in the eye and said:
- Let's go to full fight, if this little girl here is not scared -
- You ask me if I am not scared you little bitch? -
- You, let's see if you dare ...
- Okay, come on, but you will cry ...
- Easy there girls, it is agreed. Rules are only open fist in the face, no biting, you can be kicked in the belly but not in head, you can roll around, pull hair, you can scratch but not on face and neck, is that clear? If either breaks this rules she is declared looser and will have to leave arena for tonight. Clear? -we nodded heads. -And now, each in their corner, and lets do this right.
The girls around us enthusiastically cheered. We were beautiful, and in a next moment we were to rush on each other and tear until one is finally defeated. I looked at Anja continuous and furiously and she did not take her eyes off me. As for me this was her first fight. And neither of us wanted to start with a defeat.
I could hardly wait for Dragana sign and again I rushed to Anja. We met in the middle of the arena and began with slaps. With my left hand I grabbed her hair and slapped her with my free right over her loins and face. My scalp was burning where she held me for hair and her hand was stroke and slapping me. I put my hand into a fist and punched her in the stomach, strong and quickly. She grabbed me by both hands, and now we have begun to fight for supremacy. I felt how strong she is and tried to make her feel the same. I twisted her to the left side and freed my hand instead of slap I gave her a fist right into her stomach, and for a moment I laughed, but then felt her fist as charges directly below my navel. I gave her a slap and a miss but Anja was accurate. And again, and again... As I lifted my arms in defense, my cheeks were stinging from the impact. Not wanting to retreet , at least not yet, I grabbed her by the hair and tried to bend her head down, but little bitch anticipated that and lunged at me. We were on the floor and began to intertwine and punch.
Slaps were applauding while we were striking. I hit her back, she hit my face, I slapped her breasts, she pounded on my ass ...
-Come on, beat her, win, win - shouted Nina. On the other side, I heard Maja cheering for her sister. Dragana was all the time around us, taking care that we do not to break any rules. I've somehow managed to free entangled leg and kick Anja in the stomach, pushing her away, but it hurted like hell because she was clinging to my hair.
- Kill the bitch, hit her - hurled fanatically Maja while Anja punched my stomach. It hurted horrible and I tried to reciprocate the favor. It was clear that we are both fiercely started fight and that none will not submit. We will fight to the end.
And the end is not in sight.
We stood up and tired from fight started to circle around each other. Eye to eye. I think we both enjoyed this part. Minya, Minya, Minya Nina was shouting. Anja , Anja, Anja, screamed Maja at other corner. She came with kick at me, but I step to side and send a fast slap to her face. She punched me in belly, and in no time we were so close that we started to wrestle trying to bring opponent to ground. Not even sure who feel first but now we were both on flore rolling.
I wish myself that I could see it. Two beautiful girls on the mat, frantically hitting each other while cheered around them by the girls witch soon themselves will be fighting.
At one moment I dominated the fight punching her abs, at next she had me defend my self covering my face from her slaps. On our knees struggling this time she pushed me away with her legs and we stood up again. There was no circling this time , as soon as our eyes locked we were all at it. Kicking, punching, slapping, cursing... She grabbed in me in a headlock , but I pinched her back. I pull her head down be she scratched my breasts. Tried to bring her down but she pulled me and I fell over her.
At this point, Anja tried to shift her legs over my head. I think she was hoping to catch me in a scissors and force me to surrender. Mistake, because I relied on my knees, and lifted her legs even if she held my hair.
Then I strongly rotated my body and struck her in the middle of stomach, she could not resist and yielded a grip that was holding me. Her back was fixed on the mat and her legs on my shoulders, I continued to hit her in ass with knee while I got up and she quickly backed down. Soon she found herself on the floor in front of me while I stood and kicked her.
She defended with hands and feets, and made another mistake. Tried to run away from me, turning on all fours, I was on top of her . Siting on her back in a second, and she found herself on the floor. I snatched her hair like a horse's tail and pulled so hard that he threw her head back. But there was no hope. I was sitting on her back, and rode her.
It made me so upset when she started pounding on the floor to to surrendered. I wanted to to inflict her more pain. But Dragana stood next to me, and the other girls were interfere and split us apart and Anja got away. She got away from my reach but I won.
What a feeling. All of me ached, and my heart was beating strong high. I bounced out of luck, I won ,won. I do not even know who were all the girls who were hugging me and rejoiced with me. Just through the thick hair of my friends I saw Anja crying and lying on her knees. I knew she was not hurt, but it was defeat she can not be so easily endure. We met and I was better. She will never forgive me.
Once again brunette won over blonde.
Ladies to the arena, Dragana called us again. I was on her left side , Anja on right as she hold us for hands. Time do declare winner. We stepped forward and meet face to face. Her green eyes towards mine black. I smiled at her, letting her know that I was better. And proud of it. Dragana raised my arms . Anja pushed me with her chest , and I pushed her back, soon girls stepped between us. And that was all for tonight. Next time we will see